Eurowings Pet Policy

Airlines like Eurowings make the travel experience memorable and comfortable by offering special allowances and facilities for passengers who wish to carry their fur companions on the airline.

Eurowings Pet Policy defines crucial details to be taken into account related to the well-being of your animal, understanding which animals are permitted, the latest requirements, etc.

You can refer to theEurowings airlines Pet policy and understand the necessary provisions. Consider the following conditions, regulations, and restrictions to travel hassle-free.

What is Eurowings Pet Policy at a glance?

Take a look at the Eurowings Pet Policy briefly to make your pet travel experience flexible and friendly. Keep note that –

eurowings pet policy
  • Weight limit – Eurowings airline transports dogs and cats with a weight limit of up to 8 kg.
  • Type of Animals – Small animals like cats and dogs can only travel in the cabin.
  • Flights Permitted – Travelers can travel with their pets primarily on short and medium-haul flights.
    • If you wish to carry your pet on long-haul flights, connect with the airline passengers’ assistance team for necessary guidance.
  • It is mandatory to follow the Veterinary and health requirements and abide by the specific country guidelines for Eurowings pet travel.
  • Travelers must check the guidelines laid by the airline for pet booking, or connect with the Veterinary office, or the Border Control Point for more details.
  • Things to Keep in Mind for Passengers – It is the responsibility of the passengers to be well-versed with the following information before booking the pet reservation. These include –
    • Export and Import regulations and guidelines of the departure country, during transit, and the Arrival country
    • Valid animal welfare guidelines for pets and pet travel on the aircraft
    • Take into account the vital travel documents for pet travel
  • Restricted Breeds – Eurowings airline does not permit some dog breeds i.e. fighting dogs on the airline due to safety reasons and as per legislations and classifications of the transit airport. The dog breeds include –
    • Staffordshire Bull Terriers
    • Pit Bulls
  • Number of Pets Permitted – According to the Eurowings Pet Policy, a passenger can carry only one dog or cat in the cabin with them on the flight i.e. one pet per flier and per bag.
  • Country-Specific Regulations – Due to the entry and exit regulations in flights to and from Ireland and the United Kingdom, Eurowings pet in cabin pet policy states pets are not permitted.
    • Travelers must contact the airline or respective country regulatory bodies for special rules for the travel of assistance dogs.
    • Carriage of pets in a cabin is also not permitted to and from Dubai flights. However, service dogs are exempted from this rule.
  • Eurowings Airline reserves the right to refuse pet travel if the mentioned travel requirements and country-specific regulations are not met.

What are the Eurowings pet travel requirements to allow transportation?

Travelers must follow the below-mentioned travel requirements including the crate dimensions, form requirement, and age requirement for the pets on travel –

  • Pet Form – Make sure to complete the Pet form including details like age, condition, crate dimensions, breed, size of pet, etc.
    • The completed form must be submitted at the Eurowings check in counter to facilitate the pet travel facility.
  • Crate Specifications – The pets must be transported in a bite-proof, close, ventilated, and waterproof case with air-permeable holes.
    • The airline only accepts soft-sided containers, not hard-sided containers.
    • The pet container must follow the airline guidelines and be accepted by Eurowings Airlines.
    • The pet container must not go beyond the size dimensions – 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm.
    • The pet container must be large enough to allow pets to stand upright, sit, turn around, and lie down comfortably in their natural position.
  • Age Requirement – The pet must be less than 12 weeks old to be able to travel as per the Aviation guidelines and Animal Welfare rules.
  • When the Eurowings airline airport personnel confirms that the requirements are met, a Eurowings pet in cabin Baggage Label is allocated at the airline check in counter.

What are the tips for the well-being of pets with Eurowings Airline?

The pet owner must observe the given requirements to avoid pet refusal at the check in counter due to aggressive and bad behavior.

Eurowings Airline specifies the following regulations and tips to facilitate a comfortable experience for the pet and other passengers –

  • Related to Pet Container – Ensure your pet is used to the crate or pet container dimensions and conditions before the travel begins.
    • It can be done by placing the pet in the container multiple times, slowly increasing the duration, and rewarding pets to foster calm behavior.
  • Medication/ Sedatives – Travelers can sedate or medicate the pet before traveling on the flight if the pet feels anxiety or nervousness before or throughout the flight.
    • The effects and reactions of sedatives or medications are unforeseen.
    • Speak with your certified veterinarian and consider its effect on the flight including circulation problems.
  • It is advised to place your pet’s favorite toy or any object with familiarity in the pet container to calm the pet and keep it relaxed through the journey.
  • Never give any heavy meals or excessive water to your companion right before the flight time.
    • You can provide it with light meals or treats with a little water.
  • Ensure to reach the origin airport with enough time to complete check in, security screening, and other processes before getting on board the flight.
  • Carry the health records, travel documents, health certificates, Vaccination reports, etc. at the airport counter for verification.

What is the Eurowings pet in Cabin policy for Service Animals?

Passengers with physical, hearing, visual, and cognitive disabilities can take the assistance of service animals i.e. Service dogs without any additional charges. Keep note that –

eurowings pet in cabin policy
  • Pets Permitted – Only one assistance dog per applicable per passenger on the flight (Not available for flights from and to the US).
  • Country-wise regulation – Travelers must keep into account the special regulations for assistance dogs in Ireland and the United Kingdom.
  • SVAn animals – Recognized assistance dogs popularly SVAN animals or guide dogs can travel on all flights handled by Eurowings.
  • Timeline – You can register for assistance dog service by mentioning the size, age, and breed via email within 72 hours before the flight departure time.
  • Assistance dogs – Fully trained assistance dogs for passengers with disabilities include Diabetic alert dogs, Guide dogs for the blind, Epilepsy dogs, and Signal dogs.  Eurowings airline allows trained assistance dogs to travel in the cabin.

Note: Therapy dogs and emotional support dogs (Emotional Support Animals/ESAN) are not considered Assistance dogs and must follow the carriage of pets’ conditions.

What are the requirements for the transport of Assistance dogs?

The following requirements must be met by the airline regarding the transportation of assistance dogs in the cabin –

  • The assistance dogs must be at least four months of age.
  • Assistance dogs cannot sit on the passenger seat and must be seated in front of the passenger’s seat with a leash tied/ attached to the seat belt.
  • The dogs must be well-trained to behave and obey the pet owner in a public setting.
    • Some of the misbehavior include growling, barking, running, and jumping at people or other animals.
  • The service dog is not permitted to defecate at the boarding gate or cabin, or cause concerns related to hygiene and health concerns.
  • Service dogs must be secured with a harness rather than a collar.
  • The travelers may carry a leash and a muzzle for certain circumstances to account for other travelers on the flight.

NOTE – If the conditions are not met properly, the airline reserves the right to refuse service animal transportation.

What are the required documents for Eurowings transportation of service dogs?

Eurowings Airline must receive the following documents from the passengers to conduct a safe travel experience for service dogs –

  • Travelers’ written confirmation stating that the dog meets the travel and safety requirements
  • Training certificate from a certified service/ assistance dog training facility accredited by International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), Assistance Dogs International (ADI), etc. 
  • Training certificate from any other certified service dog training facility

How to add a pet to your reservation under Eurowings pet in policy?

Eurowings simplifies the process to request a Pet reservation in the booking using reservation methods like Eurowings official website or Call center.

Take a look at how to request Eurowings pet booking using applicable methods.

How to request Eurowings Pet booking online?

Head to the official website and follow the steps given below for Eurowings Pet policy –

  • You can add your pet at the time of booking by following the on-screen instructions and opting for “Additional Services” in the third step during booking a reservation.
  • Or You can add the pet to the existing reservation via “My Trips”.
  • Choose “My Trip” from the main menu, then select “Manage Booking” and further select “Book Ad-ons”.
Eurowings Pet ticket book through manage booking
The original source of this screenshot is Eurowings.
  • Ways to log in – There are three ways to log in to your flight details and register to add a pet to your reservation –
    • With myEurowings Account information using access information
    • With a six-digit booking code
    • For travelers who booked via tour operators like Alltours, AIDA, TUI, Schauinslandreisen, or DER Touristik
  • For “With myEurowings”-
    • Choose type – Private customer, Travel agencies, or Corporate customer.
    • Enter the email address, user name, and the password.
    • Click on “Log in” to access flight details.
Eurowings Pet booking online With myEurowings
From the main website of Eurowings, this screenshot is taken.
  • For “With booking code” – Booking code is available on the booking confirmation email using –
    • Enter the booking code and the surname.
    • Submit the request by clicking “Add Services” to access flights.
Eurowings Booked pet ticket with booking code
Via the Eurowings, this screenshot has been referenced.
  • For travelers who booked via tour operators
    • Enter the Operation number of your tour operator and the surname of the passenger.
    • Opt for “Display Booking” to retrieve flight booking.
Eurowings Booked ticket for pet via tour operatorsas
The screenshot is sourced from the Eurowings website.
  • Choose the desired flights. Edit the booking by adding a pet like a dog or a cat to the booking.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and submit the details related to breed, size, weight dimensions, etc.
  • Complete the “Contact form” with all the necessary details and submit the travel and health documents for your pet.
  • Pay the applicable pet fee to confirm the pet reservation.
  • The airline will confirm the details and issue an updated booking confirmation email/ receipt.

How to add a pet via Eurowings airline over the phone?

Eurowings airline allows travelers to add their pets to the booking reservation by contacting the airline over the phone by following the given steps –

  • Head to the official Eurowings website and click on “Information” from the main menu.
  • Click “News”. You will be directed to a new page. Opt for “Customer Support” from the available options.
Eurowings Contact Us Information
The authorized website of Eurowings is the source of this screenshot.
  • You can use the available sources from the Customer Support Page or scroll down to the “Contact form” option.
Eurowings Contact Us Support
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Eurowings.
  • Enter the first name, last name, email, Booking code, Miles and More membership number (if available), Select the topic – Booking of Additional services, and category – Traveling with animals.
  • Enter your message regarding a Pet reservation and submit the necessary documents and click “Submit Request”.
  • The customer support staff will revert back to you and proceed with the further process of pet fee submission, verification, etc.
  • You can also contact the airline via the Eurowings call center at +49 (0)221 599 882 22 between 06:00 h and 24:00 h (CET).

How to connect with Eurowings via Social Media for Queries?

Eurowings Airline is available on a variety of platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to connect with the passengers directly, share updates, flight news releases, and address queries.

You can also get details regarding Eurowings baggage, pet restrictions, pet travel tips, etc. via social media portals.

Here are some of the popular Eurowings social media portals –

Social Media PortalsSocial Media Profile Links

NOTE – You can connect with Eurowings Youtube and Tiktok channels for tips, tutorials, and airline processes.

What is the Eurowings Pet Fee for travel?

Passengers who wish to carry Eurowings pets on board must pay the applicable Eurowings Pet fee for in-cabin pet travel for dogs and cats, as specified.

  • Guidelines – Keep note of the following details –
    • The pet fee depends on the route and the destination airport chosen by the passenger.
    • The airline permits passengers to carry their assistance or service dogs at no additional costs.
    • The pet fee may include service charges and taxes.
  • Eurowings Pet Fee – 60 USD (Head to the official website for accurate Pet fees in different denominations)

Note: If you cancel your Eurowings flight, you may have to pay another charge, subject to a few conditions.

You can use the aforementioned aspects and details regarding Eurowings Pet Policy to plan your next journey with your furry companions. The flexible and pet friendly guidelines propagate safer journeys and experiences during the flight.

You can also contact Eurowings airline via available methods to address issues and concerns related to pet travel or other aspects of travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Eurowings Airlines allow pets in cabin?

Yes, Eurowings permit passengers to carry small animals like dogs and cats in the cabin.

What are the travel requirements for pet travel in Eurowings?

Ensure to submit health certificates, training certificates for assistance dogs, crate dimensions, entry-exit permits, and vaccination records for pet travel.

How much does it cost to fly a pet with Eurowings Airline?

It may cost 60 USD for pet travel with Eurowings airline.

Is Eurowings Airlines pet friendly?

Yes, Eurowings airline is pet friendly and provides an excellent environment to carry small pets and service dogs in the cabin.

What types of animals are allowed to travel with Eurowings Airlines?

You can carry dogs, cats, and service animals like dogs in the cabin on the flight.

Is there a weight limit for pets traveling in the cabin with Eurowings Airlines?

Yes, Eurowings airline does not allow pets above 8 kgs to travel on the aircraft.

Are there any breed restrictions for pets flying with Eurowings Airlines?

Fighting dog breeds like Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Pit Bulls are not allowed on the flight due to safety reasons and some country regulations.

Are there any restrictions on the number of pets allowed per passenger on Eurowings Airlines?

Yes, the airline allows you to carry only one pet per baggage per passenger on the flight.

How can I book a flight for my pet on Eurowings Airlines?

You can book a pet reservation with Eurowings Airlines by contacting them over the phone or via the “My Trips” section online.

Does Eurowings Airlines provide any special facilities for service animals?

Yes, Service dogs can travel at no additional charges on Eurowings flights and are allowed to travel in the cabin on flights to and from Ireland, the UK, and Dubai, unlike other pets.

Can I carry my 14-week-old dog on a Eurowings flight?

Yes, the minimum age limit is 12 weeks old for the pets to travel via Eurowings. Thus, a 14-week-old dog can travel without issues.

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