­Eva Air Baggage Policy

Being well versed with the airline’s baggage allowance and guidelines allows the passengers to make informed decisions and enjoy all the free facilities, and exclusive services associated with the policy for a fun travel experience.

Eva Airlines baggage allowance is a perfect amalgamation of the key details, restrictions, and facilities for its service members to foster a wholesome journey.

Here is a comprehensive rundown of the Eva air baggage policy.

What is Eva Air baggage allowance Policy?

Eva Air Baggage Policy dedicates various provisions and features for checked and unchecked baggage while traveling under domestic and Eva Air international baggage allowance for a better travel experience.

Here are the key guidelines associated with the Eva Air Baggage Policy –

  • The airline specifies free baggage allowance for items as long as they are within the size and weight dimensions offered by the airline.
  • Baggage fee – If the passengers wish to carry more than the permitted limit on the free baggage, the required Eva air baggage fee may apply.
  • Above 70 lbs (32 kg): Eva Air recommends that passengers repack and cautiously package large baggage above 32 kg (70 lbs) to avoid damage or mishandling at the airport.
  • Reservation Office – Make sure to contact Eva’s air reservation office 48 hours before the scheduled flight time under specific circumstances. The circumstances include –
    • If the passenger is carrying individual 10 pieces of checked luggage.
    • The weight of the item is between 32 kg (70 lbs) and 45 kg (100 lbs) and there are difficulties in repackaging and handling the item.
  • Special items – Passengers must refer to the special items and prohibited items list to follow the instructions while carrying such items.
  • Special Baggage – It is mandatory to provide photos of the special baggage items before and after packing them at the Reservation office.
    • Keep note that once the special baggage items are approved, the excess baggage charges may apply.
  • Aviation Safety – Turn off the devices (Avoid sleep or airplane mode) for aviation safety and prevent intentional and unintentional activation of devices.
    • Passengers who violate or refuse to follow the airline guidelines must pay a penalty as decided by local government offices.
  • Entry refusal – Eva Air reserves the right to refuse entry of oversized and overweight items if it may pose harm or inconvenience to other passengers.
  • Cargo – Baggage above the linear dimensions 292 cm (115 inches) must be delivered as cargo.
  • Location specific – There may be airport or/ and location-specific guidelines for carrying special items like mobility aids, sports equipment, and other items.
  • Baggage safety – It is recommended to avoid the use of complicated, light, poorly ventilated, poor-density materials, and unsecured designs to ensure the safety of the baggage.
    • The airline may not be responsible for damage, loss, or delay in the shipment of baggage, perishable items, and goods if they are not packed adequately or are loosely secured.
    • The damage may be caused by other liquids, perishable goods, and fragile items.
  • Responsibility of some items – Eva Air states that the responsibility for the items listed below depends on the respective destination/departure airport country’s International air rules including Eva Air extra baggage fee international-
    • Money, Silverware, Jewelry
    • Medical support devices like Orthodontics
    • Business/personal documents, Optics, Keys, Negotiable papers, Blueprints, Business samples, Paintings/works of Art, Securities, Publications, Business equipment
    • Sound reproduction equipment
    • Manuscripts, Spirit books
    • Artistic items, Heirlooms, Artifacts, Collectibles, Irreplaceable items, Photographs, Antiques

NOTE – Head to the website “General Information for Free Baggage” section to find more details and names of the items.

  • Baggage rules – Accessories from the baggage like a hook or outer strap must be kept aside from the baggage before checking in.
    • The baggage must be tagged to the right destination and flight number and name at the airport check in counter.
    • Make sure that the baggage receipt for the number of baggage and the description of checked baggage is identical.
  • Smoking – Eva Air does not condone smoking on any of its flights.
  • Alcoholic Beverage Service – Travelers cannot bring alcoholic beverages on the flight including those purchased at the airport.
    • Fliers can enjoy a complimentary drinks facility from the airline.

What is the Eva Air Baggage allowance for carry-on baggage?

Eva airline carry on baggage allowance may provide diverse guidelines for the items allowed to be carried by the passengers.

Follow the information given below to grasp the key details of the Eva air carry on baggage policy.

eva air carry on baggage allowance

General Guidelines for Carry on Baggage with Eva Air – Here are the necessary guidelines for carry on baggage –

  • Hand baggage must fit under the passenger seat and must not slide sideways into the aisle.
  • Make sure the hand baggage does not hinder the movement of other passengers across, from, or to the aisle.
  • Hand luggage stored in overhead spaces/ bins must fit securely and flight attendants must be able to close the bins without force and hassle-free.
  • Keep in mind that the hand luggage items must not fall off the overhead area when the doors are opened in any case.
  • Hand luggage must comply with the size and weight restrictions and must be stored properly, otherwise, additional charges may apply to overweight or oversized hand baggage.
  • Passengers are not permitted to keep their hand luggage on their lap.
  • The airline closet is not available to store passengers’ hand luggage.
  • Some airlines have limited aircraft storage capacity and the size capacity for hand luggage may differ. (Especially in the case of A321s)
  • If the hand luggage can not fit under the passenger’s seat or into the overhead bin, it must be transported as checked baggage or as air cargo.

What are the guidelines for Eva Hand Carry Baggage Number and Regulations?

 If you are carrying a piece of hand luggage, keep the following details handy and enjoy the free hand-carry luggage-

  • Dimensions – Each hand-carry baggage must be equal to or smaller than 9 x 14 x 22in or 23 x 36 x 56cm.
    • Or the overall size dimensions must not exceed 45 inches or 115 cm.
  • Ensure that the regulations for personal items are different from those for hand luggage.
  • Measurement Test Unit tool – Passengers can opt for the Measurement Test Unit tool present at the boarding lounges and check in counters to help the passengers meet the prerequisites.
  • Overweight or oversize hand-carry luggage must be checked in as cargo or checked baggage to avoid carriage refusal.
  • Eva air carry on baggage allowance for Some Eva Members – Here is a general rundown for passengers with special fare type conditions –
Fare TypeHand Luggage Allowance
Economy Class/ Premium Economy● Can carry one piece of hand carry luggage
Allowed weight – 15 lbs or 7 kgs
Premium Laurel/ Royal Laurel/Business Class● Can carry 2 pieces of hand carry items
Allowed weight – 15 lbs or 7 kgs

What are the Eva Guidelines associated with carrying on Item or Personal Item?

Here are the guidelines for personal items –

  • Dimensions – 40 x 30 x 10cm /16 x 12 x 4in or total unbent dimensions of 80cm/32in or smaller (Specific to some airports).
  • Number allowed – Each passenger can carry one personal item for free for all fare-type classes.
  • The maximum permitted dimensions include handles, side pockets, and wheels.
  • Laptops – laptops with a thin satchel bag can be carried as personal items.
    • However, if you are carrying your laptop in a bigger laptop bag, it is considered hand-carry baggage.
  • Items that exceed the maximum allowed dimension of 80 cm or 32 inches must be carried as standard hand baggage and requires check in for the personal item or hand-carry luggage item.
  • Some hand luggage items that may require check in include a laptop computer, briefcase, camera case, limited quantity of duty-free items, purse, or a small backpack.
  • The qualified personal items must fit under the passenger’s seat or in a closed overhead bin.
  • Travelers can carry small bags on their waists or shoulders after following safety guidelines and fastening seat belts.
  • The free personal items placed in the seat pockets must be placed within the vertical line marked from the seat at the back.
    • It should not fall or stick out the aisle.
  • If you use portable electronic devices like personal air purifying devices, humidifiers, etc. with no medical purpose, you must comply with hand luggage restrictions.
  • Electronic devices that emit vapors, odor, or incense are prohibited on Eva air.
  • Travelers cannot keep the unapproved devices at any part of the flight or seat including seat belt extensions and knee defenders.

What are Eva Air carry on baggage guidelines regarding Travel Gadgets?

When carrying items like Plane Pal, bed box, Fly Tot, etc., and other related products follow the given guidelines –

  • The gadgets must not be operated or used during the airline landing, take off, or taxiing.
    • It should not be used on the exit seats and across the aisle on board.
    • Must not hamper the comfort of other passengers or pose a problem for them.
    • It is not allowed for two passengers to use two or more bed boxes side by side to lie down.
    • Gadgets must not hamper the aircraft equipment, facilities, or onboard personnel.
    • While traveling with items like a bed box, it must not make other passengers’ movement difficult and must be used on window seats or inner seats on the center row.
    • You must contact the airline to arrange required seats, if applicable for some electronic devices.
    • There may be airport location-specific, Eva air check in baggage weight, size, and quantity-based hand luggage regulations for electronic devices.
    • Refer to the official website for more guidelines related to travel gadgets for children, Eva Air unaccompanied minors, and infants.

What is the checked baggage allowance for Eva Air Airlines?

Eva Airlines have updated their checked baggage allowance and permitted passengers to carry the items as checked baggage for free based on the date of ticket issue.

What are the general guidelines for Eva Air Checked Baggage by Routes?

Here are the general guidelines laid down by the airline for the passenger’s convenience –

eva air checked baggage allowance
  • The free checked baggage allowance is applicable on all routes with EVA/ UNI Air or MSC (Most Significant Carrier) international routes.
  • The number of baggage and the weight allowance of the baggage depends on the fare type selected by the passengers.
  • If the checked baggage exceeds the minimum allowed free baggage allowance in terms of the size, weight, or number of items; applicable excess baggage charges are applicable.
  • Individual free baggage allowance is applicable on the itinerary involving separate tickets.

What is the Free checked baggage allowance offered by Eva Air?

The free baggage allowance based on the fare type when applying Eva/ UNI Air family fare is presented below –

  • For Long Haul Flights – If you are traveling from/ to  –
Fare Type TicketConditions
Royal Laurel / Premium Laurel / Business- Up, Basic, Standard tickets2 pieces, 32kg(70lbs) each
Premium Economy – Up, Basic, Standard tickets2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
EconomyUp, Basic, Standard Tickets – 2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
Discount Tickets – 1 piece, 23kg(50lbs)
  • For Short Haul Flights – If you are traveling within Asia, follow the given free baggage allowance –
Fare Type TicketConditions
Royal Laurel / Premium Laurel / Business- Up, Basic, Standard tickets2 pieces, 32kg(70lbs) each
Premium Economy – Up, Basic, Standard tickets2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
EconomyUp, Basic, Standard Tickets – 2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
Discount Tickets – 1 piece, 23kg(50lbs)

What are the Special Guidelines laid by Eva air checked baggage for Eva/ Uni Fare?

Following baggage allowances are applicable in the given cases –

  • Infants who are not entitled to a seat for all classes and routes- 1 piece of baggage allowance is allowed and must follow the same baggage allowance guidelines specified for adult traveling classes.
  • Dimensions – The sum of the three dimensions for Eva air checked baggage size must not exceed 158 cm (62 inches).

What is the Free Eva air baggage allowance Applied on the Basis of Cabin?

Follow the given free baggage allowance depending on Cabin class other than the above-mentioned Eva/ UNI Air fare type family –

eva air extra baggage fee international
  • For Long Haul Flights – Free Baggage Allowance for a journey across Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US is as follows –
Fare Type TicketConditions
Royal Laurel / Premium Laurel / Business2 pieces, 32kg(70lbs) each
Premium Economy2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
Economy2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
  • For Short Haul Flights – Free Baggage allowance for flights operating within Asia is given below –
Fare Type TicketConditions
Royal Laurel / Premium Laurel / Business2 pieces, 32kg(70lbs) each
Premium Economy2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each
Economy2 pieces, 23kg(50lbs) each

What are the Special Guidelines laid by Eva air checked baggage for different cabin classes?

Here are the special guidelines to keep in mind with respect to the free baggage allowance applied by cabin class –

  • For infants on all classes and routes – They cannot avail of a separate Eva air seat selection.
    • One piece of Infant baggage is permitted per child following the same weight allowance as adult bags.
  • Free bag allowance for short-duration flights for Infinity MileageLands award tickets Economy – 2 pieces, 50 lbs or 23 kgs each, and the sum of three dimensions of each piece must not go beyond – 62 inches or 158 cms in Eva Airlines check in baggage size.
  • For Group Reservations – Free baggage allowance for Group tickets is as follows –
Type of FlightsApplicable Eva air free baggage allowance
For short-haul flights● 1 piece of bag
● Weight allowed – 50 lbs or 23 kgs
● Sum of three dimensions should not exceed – 62 inches or 158 cms
For long-haul flights● 2 pieces of bags
● Weight allowed – 50 lbs or 23 kgs
● Sum of three dimensions should not exceed – 62 inches or 158 cms

NOTE – Head to the official website for special provisions related to checked bags additional requirements.

What are the Excess Baggage Guidelines for Eva Air Airlines?

The excess baggage fee charged by Eva Airlines is bifurcated into charges for Taiwan and into five zones. The five zones include –

eva air extra baggage fee international
  • Zone 1 – China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Macau, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Singapore, and Thailand
  • Zone 2- Oceania including Australia and New Zealand, Micronesia including Palau and Guam, Taiwan, and Asia and Russia excluding Zone 1 country
  • Zone 3- Los Angeles International Airport, YVR, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, SFO, Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL), and the Middle East
  • Zone 4 – North America excluding Zone 3 and Europe including Africa and Turkey
  • Zone 5 – South and Central America

Charges – The excess baggage charges are as follows-

Locations/ ZonesTaiwanZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Taiwan to –140 USD170 USD200 USD230 USD260 USD
Zone 1 140 USD160 USD200 USD230 USD250 USD260 USD
Zone 2170 USD200 USD230 USD250 USD260 USD270 USD
Zone 3200 USD230 USD250 USD260 USD270 USD280 USD
Zone 4230 USD250 USD260 USD270 USD280 USD290 USD
Zone 5260 USD260 USD270 USD280 USD290 USD300 USD

NOTE – Head to the official website for exceptions and special baggage charges for some locations.

What is the Eva Air additional Baggage Fee?

The Eva Air extra baggage allowance fee may account for the charges for overweight and oversized fees.

For the Overweight fee – The fee for overweight baggage is given below –

Weight LimitExtra baggage fee
Between 50 lbs or 23 kgs and 70 lbs (32 kgs)0.5 piece of excess baggage fee is applicable
Between 70 lbs (32 kg) and 100 lbs (45 kg)3 pieces of excess baggage fee is applicable
Beyond 100 lbs (45 kg)Must be delivered as cargo only

For Oversized baggage – If you are carrying oversized items, here is the Eva air overweight baggage fee applicable.

DimensionsExtra Baggage Fee
Between 62 in (158 cm) and 80 in (203 cm)1 piece of excess baggage fee is applicable
Between 80 in (203 cm) and 115 in (292 cm)2 pieces of excess baggage fee is applicable
Beyond 115 in (292 cm)Can only be transported as Cargo

Excess baggage for special members – The Excess or extra baggage allowance for Eva Air special members. Keep note –

  • Infinity MileageLands Silver – Extra baggage is applicable only for Infinity MileageLands Silver card members when traveling on UNI/EVA-operated international flights and not domestic flights.
    • The extra baggage allowance is not available for other partner carriers.
  • Here is a rundown with details regarding Eva Air excess baggage fee allowance for various Eva member groups –
Eva Air MembersFree Excess Baggage Allowance
Infinity MileageLands Diamond Card/Silver Card/Gold Card● 1 piece of item, weight depends on the cabin class booked Economy/ Premium
● Economy – 50 lbs or 32 kgs
● Business Class/ Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel – 70 lbs or 32 kgs
Star Alliance Gold members with Eva Air other partner airlines● 1 piece of item permitted, weight depends on the cabin class booked
● Economy/ Premium Economy – 50 lbs or 32 kgs
● Business Class/ Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel – 70 lbs or 32 kgs
● Applicable for – reservations made on Eva air for International flights handled by Eva Air.
● Also applicable for Star Alliance partner flights.
Star Alliance Gold members with Eva Air and other partner airlines● Excess Baggage Allowance is not allowed

What is the Eva Baggage Allowance for Non-Standard items/ Special Items?

Eva Airways Baggage allowance guidelines permit passengers to carry special items as carry on luggage. Take a look at the details below –

Special Items Permitted as Carry on Baggage – If the items are not applicable as check in baggage, they can be allowed as hand baggage and carried under the seat or overhead area.

Keep note that if the luggage cannot be placed in the overhead bin or under the seat, additional charges may apply and it will be carried as a cabin bag.

Here are the details on the special items to be carried as hand baggage-

Infant Carrying Basket or Fully Collapsible Stroller, CARES Harness, Car Seat, Pushchair● One small collapsible stroller is allowed in the overhead bin if space permits.
● Stroller accessories and accompanying items must be removed to avoid loss and damage.
● NOTE- Large strollers must be carried as checked baggage.
Infant necessities and other travel accessories● Items like feeding bottles, food, diapers, etc. are allowed on board.
● Maximum Eva airline baggage weight – 5 kg
Walking stick/ Crutches/ Prosthetic Devices/ Assistive Devices/ Braces/ Wheelchairs● Can be carried as hand luggage on board.
● Allowed disabled passengers.
Medical types of equipment/ Supplies like Transplanted Organs and Blood● Mandatory to provide a non-infectious certificate from a recognized clinical laboratory.
Scriptures/ Urns in Non-Square Shapes● Items that can be placed under the seat or in the overhead area without falling, blocking the exit, or moving are permitted.
● Are only allowed as Eva air cabin baggage allowance if they are stored properly in strong boxes.
Musical Instruments● Musical instruments must not interfere with movement in the aisle, or obstruct passenger’s view of emergency signs.
● Only aisle seats behind the partition are available for musical instruments on seats.
● Items like Cello, if accepted as cabin baggage must not obstruct the walkway to emergency exits.
Bulky Baggage Items● Items that do not fit in the overhead bins or under the seats as cabin cabbage.
Valuable Items● Items like cash, jewelry, cameras, cell phones, portable electronic devices, expense or other finance-related documents, and other valuables are allowed to carry as personal items/ Eva air carry on baggage allowance.
● Such items can be stored under the seat or in the overhead bins.

What are Eva Air guidelines for other Non-Standard Items such as checked baggage?

Take a look at the following table of guidelines for non-standard items like Portable electronic devices, small vehicles powered by Lithium batteries, etc.  –

Non-Standard ItemsGuidelines
Portable Electronic Devices and Spare Batteries● Includes – Watch, Laptop, Cellular Phone, Video, Drone, etc.
● As checked baggage – Unintentional activation, switching off, and protection from damage must be held.
● A watt-hour rating less or equal to 100Wh – 15 PEDs and/or 20 spare batteries allowed
Small Vehicles Powered by Lithium-ion Batteries● Small vehicles like solo wheels, hoverboards, electric skateboards, mini-segways, etc. are not permitted as they use lithium batteries.
Lighters and matches● When traveling to/ across/ from the USA, common lighter is allowed, whereas torch lighters are restricted.
● Flights from China, Philippines, and Macau – Matches and all lighters are prohibited
Smart Baggage● Smart Baggage with Integrated Lithium Batteries and/or Electronics will be prohibited if the watt-hour rating of the lithium battery exceeds 160Wh.
● It can be carried as carry-on and checked baggage by abiding by the regulations mentioned on the website.
Liquids/Aerosols/Gels (LAGs) Restrictions● Liquids, gels, and Aerosols can only be carried in cabin baggage.
● Containers with volumes equal to or less than 100 ml each allowed
● One plastic bag per traveler allowed
Medications and special dietary requirements like baby formula● Allowed in cabin baggage
● Must be declared to the security staff at the time of check in
● Travelers with prescription medications must provide documentation like doctor prescriptions, ID proofs
Duty-free purchases● Same guidelines as that of Liquids, Gels, and Aerosols.
● It is advisable to purchase items like liquids, Aerosols, and gels after security checkpoints.
Others● To carry chemical raw materials/ substances, prepare the safety data sheet (SDS) to get approval from the airline and prove they are safe.
● Must be packed in original factory packaging.
● Separately or self-packed chemical substances are not allowed.
● Airline staff must be informed at least 48 hours before the flight.
● Dangerous items like knives, scissors, sports goods, etc. can only be carried as checked baggage.
● Sporting pistols, Munitions, and revolvers are allowed as checked bag items.
● From/ to Macau and Hong Kong – Compressed spray gas, Adjustable billies, stun guns, etc.

NOTE – Head to the website for more information on the above-mentioned items.

What are baggage restrictions and the items not allowed on Board with Eva Air?

Eva Airlines baggage policy does not allow some items to be transported as carry-on bags or checked bags. You can find the necessary details below –

  • Country-Specific – Prohibited items include those restricted by the regulations and restrictions laid by travel itinerary countries.
    • When traveling to/ from the USA, specify the hazardous/ dangerous goods do not violate US Federal Law.
  • It also includes items not suitable for carriage due to the Eva air baggage allowance size, type, category, and quantity weight of the goods.
  • Live animals except for rabbits, dogs, cats, and service animals

What Dangerous goods are not permitted as Eva carry on and checked baggage?

The following table reflects dangerous goods must not be carried on the flight as they may endanger people, properties, and aircraft.

Type of ItemsItems Included
Compressed gassesAcetylene, oxygen bottles, canned butane, scuba oxygen bottles, aqualung cylinders, paint in spray cans, etc.
CorrosivesAlkalis, mercury, and devices with it, acids, wet-cell batteries, etc.
ExplosivesFirecrackers, ammunition, fireworks, flares, and Munitions
Oxidizing materialsPeroxides, Bleaching powder, and more
Poisons and infectious substancesArsenic, insecticides, weed-killers, etc.
Dangerous articlesAsbestos, magnetized material, irritating materials (such as tear gas, tasers, and stun guns)
MiscellaneousRadioactive materials, Briefcases, and Attached cases with alarm devices installed

NOTE – Head to the official website for a list of other dangerous goods prohibited on Eva Air.

What are the guidelines for receiving support in case of delayed, damaged, or lost baggage?

For passengers who do not receive the luggage at the destination, the airline offers various provisions for their convenience.

Here are the details regarding the Eva Air support facilities for lost, delayed, and damaged baggage.

  • Baggage tracing – You can trace your baggage using the Global tracing systems offered by the airline.
    • If the baggage is missing for more than 5 days, the airline provides Baggage Claim/Inventory Form to fill up.
    • The airline will guide, locate the bag and process compensation, if any.
  • Baggage Damage – Connect with the airport staff for any bag damage during the flight.
    • The airline will repair the bag and return it back to the traveler.
    • If the fliers notice damage on the luggage after exiting the Bag claim area, Eva Air requires relevant documents to process the request.
    • Eva Air is not liable for damages like defects in bag materials due to aging, minor cuts, dents, scuffs, protruding parts like wheels/name tags/covers/straps, damage due to overpacking/ under packing, etc.
  • Baggage Claims – Travelers can report to the Ground handling agent or local airport office if their checked bag is delayed, damaged, or lost – Partially or wholly.
    • Complete the form offered by the airline and submit the necessary documents.
    • Duration to claim partially damaged or lost bag – Must be submitted within seven days from the day of bag retrieval by the traveler.
    • Duration to claim delayed or lost bags – Must be submitted within 21 days from the day of bag retrieval by the traveler.

What is the compensation offered for lost or damaged baggage with Eva Air?

Eva Air does not disclose specific compensation amounts to the passengers. Travelers can consider the following details –

  • For Eva air checked baggage allowance – The airline’s liability for checked delayed or lost checked baggage depends on the convention handling international travel.
    • Conventions like the Montreal Convention and Warsaw Convention, and Eva air terms of carriage are responsible for determining the compensation.
  • For carry on baggage – Carry on baggage is the items carried by the traveler in the aircraft cabin and remains in their custody. Thus –
    • The airline is not liable for any damage or loss unless it is incurred due to their negligence.

Eva Air Baggage Policy establishes clear and robust guidelines, rules, restrictions, and regulations for travelers to carry out their travel itineraries without worrying about their bags and additional items. You can also contact the airline for any queries or special requests via social media, over the phone, or via online means, if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my checked bag is over 50 lbs of Eva air?

The passengers can pay the excess charges applicable for the baggage if it exceeds the minimum allowance.

What are the baggage dimensions for Checked baggage at Eva Air?

The airline allows baggage with linear dimensions not more than 62 inches or 158 cm to be carried as checked baggage.

Is Eva Air Strict with checked baggage size?

Yes, the airline is strict with its baggage size dimensions and reserves the right to refuse carriage.

Can I carry alcohol on Eva Air?

No, the airline does not permit fliers to bring alcohol on the flight, even if bought at the airport.

What items are not allowed in checked baggage on Eva Air?

Some of the items not allowed as checked baggage include Compressed gasses, Corrosives, Oxidizing materials, Poisons, infectious substances, Explosives, and Radioactive materials.

Can I carry a guitar on Eva Air?

Yes, you can carry a guitar on Eva Air as cabin baggage if it does not disturb the walking path toward emergency exits or on the aisle.

Can I carry musical instruments on Eva Air?

Yes, you can use musical instruments on the Eva flight as long as it does not interfere with the passenger’s movement in the aisle and follow the given instructions.

What is the weight allowed for check-in baggage for Eva Air?

You can carry up to 50 lbs or 23 kg for the majority of the cabin class and fare types as checked baggage on the flight.

Can I take 2 carry-on bags on Eva Air?

Premium Laurel/ Royal Laurel/Business Class can carry 2 hand baggage with them on the aircraft.

What is the weight limit for carry-on baggage on Eva Air?

The weight limit for hand luggage/ carry on baggage is 15 lbs or 7 kg.

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