Finnair Name Change Policy

Name change requests are most commonly made in case of any spelling errors and last name additions on the flight ticket. Finnair facilitates such flight modifications through its specially designed name change policy. The Finnair name change policy assists its passengers who wish to alter their names on their flight tickets. It also facilitates name corrections and additions. There are specific rules according to which this name change policy operates. Therefore, before flying with this carrier, it is essential to know and comprehend all the important regulations of this policy. This will prove to be beneficial and efficient to travel without any hassle. 

Terms of the Finnair Name Change Policy

When you want to correctly use the change name on Finnair flight feature, you have to follow some specific rules set by the airline. These conditions ensure that the name change process is completed smoothly by the passenger. Also, these rules act as guidelines to the authorities so that they can avoid any problems while processing your request. 

The following are the main rules given under the name change policy of this carrier: 

  • All kinds of reservations made to every class of service will be eligible for making name changes considering that the booking is made directly via official sources. 
  • The name on your ticket must match that on your passport. You will not be allowed to fly when you do not meet this condition stated by the airline. 
  • You can change your name after marriage or divorce as well. However, for this, you will be required to submit a few documents and certificates as proof to the air carrier. 
  • In case you have more than one first name, you can submit only that while booking your ticket. 
  • Change passenger name Finnair option will only be available on some tickets. You can check the airline’s official site to know your eligibility for making online modifications. 
  • The ownership of the ticket cannot be transferred to anybody else by the carrier. Travelers will also not be allowed to transfer the ownership of their ticket to another passenger by completely changing the name on their reservation. 
  • You will be required to pay a certain fee for using the name change feature on this airline. These fees can include service charges as well. 
  • The rules of this policy apply to all classes of service and every ticket fare irrespective of the flight itinerary and destination of travel. 
  • Sometimes, certain characters on your ticket can be shown as  ‘ä’ or ‘ö’. In such a case, it is not necessary for you to change your name. These characters are accepted by the airline and you can proceed with your flight without any worry. 

Note: These basic guidelines of the Finnair flight name change policy can get updated frequently. To stay up to date with these guidelines, you can check the online site of the carrier. You may also get in touch with the customer care agents through the toll-free number given on the website. 

Methods to Change Name on Finnair Flight

This airline offers two various methods through which the passengers can modify their names on the ticket. While one is the online option, the other is the traditional offline method. The procedure to access and utilize each of these methods is different. To access the Finnair flight name change method through the online method, you will have to visit the main site of the carrier. Whereas, under the offline option, you will have to contact the customer care service of this carrier. You can also reach the help desk of this airline in case of last-minute name changes. The charges for each of these options can also vary.

The complete details about the working of each of these options are explained below. 

Method 1: Online Finnair Flight Name Change

The online change name on Finnair flight feature will only be available on certain tickets. Third-party bookings made through travel agencies are not qualified to access this option. Such limited accessibility helps to reduce the traffic toward the official page. This will in turn make the online process simpler and more efficient. Additionally, passengers can save time by choosing the online method. 

To correct or change the name on the ticket, customers will be required to fill out the details in the “Manage Booking” section. The following points explain how to access this section: 

Step 1: The main link to the official site of the Finnair Airline will have to be opened.

Step 2: The “Manage” tab will be situated on the top of the first page on this site. Go to this tab. 

Step 3: Now, a redirection will be processed and the “Manage Booking” section will be opened. 

Step 4: You will be needed to provide general information about the passenger like the “Family Name”. After this, certain details regarding your reservation like “Booking Reference” will also have to be provided. 

Step 5: In order to continue the process, tap on the “Search” button on your screen. 

Step 6: The flight you have booked will now be available for viewing. Choose the correct reservation on which the name has to be corrected or changed. 

Step 7: From here, you can follow the directions that will be displayed on your page. Use the Finnair change name on ticket option to make the necessary alterations. 

Step 8: You can seal your modifications through the payment of the required name change fee. Make the payment only if it is asked. 

Step 9: To know if your name has been successfully changed, you can check the confirmation mail that will be sent to your respective e-mail address. 

In case you have any queries regarding the online feature of the Finnair name change policy, you can use the “Chat” option given on the site. This option can be found in the bottom right corner of the website. 

To use this Chatbot feature, go through the following points:

  • Click on the “Chat” icon given on your screen. 
  • Select the “Chat with us” option from the given list of tabs. 
  • A new dialogue box will now be prompted on your screen.
  • Here, you will have to provide your information. Carefully, enter all the details as asked by the chatbot assistant. 
  • Then, as per the replies given by the chatbot, you can ask your query regarding how to make a name change. Usually, all the details will be explained. If not, the bot will let you know another way to resolve your questions. 

Overall, this artificial chatbot is a viable alternative to solve all your flight booking-related queries without putting in much time. 

Method 2: Offline Name Change On Finnair 

The offline mode of name change is generally the most preferred option by the flyers. This is the quickest way to perform any kind of modifications to your reservation. Also, it is extremely simple since the airline agents themselves process your request on your behalf. Therefore, most fliers prefer this mode of change passenger name Finnair option both on domestic and international flights. For getting in touch with the airline agents, you will have to call its customer care number. This number is different for various regions. 

To know the correct number specific to your region, you can follow the given steps: 

  • Go to the official site of the airline through the aforementioned link. 
  • Scroll down a little on the homepage. Here you can find the “Customer Care” section. Select the “ContactUs” option from this page. 
  • A new page will now be opened. Scroll further on this page to navigate the “Call our customer service center” section. Click on it. 
  • Here, you will find different contact numbers. You can dial the number applicable to your region in order to access the Finnair change name on ticket option. 

Once the call goes through and you connect with the agents, you should:

  • Inform the agents that you wish to change the name on your ticket. 
  • Submit the required flight details like your flight booking number and personal information like the passenger’s full name. 
  • Then, let them know the mistakes in your name so that they can make the necessary corrections. In case of last name changes/additions, submit your marriage or divorce certificate as proof to the carrier. 
  • Make the payment for the change fee as required under the Finnair name change policy. 
  • Upon the completion of your modification, the airline agents will confirm your changes. 

Apart from these name changes, the customer care service can be used for processing various other requests like flight changes and cancellations. 

Name Change Fees on Finnair Flight

This airline imposes a certain fee when you change or correct your name on the ticket. This fee includes both service charges and a separate change fee. The separate fee or penalty for name change will be informed at the time of processing your request. 

The service charges for utilizing the Finnair flight name change option are as follows: 

  • A fee of USD 25 will be payable for making name corrections. 
  • Passengers will be subject to pay a fee of USD 400 in case of name changes. 

Note: The fee for name modification varies as per the departure and the arrival destination. 

The Bottom Line 

The Finnair name change policy makes it easy and simple for fliers to modify their names on their flight tickets. It facilitates both name corrections and changes. The variety of options provided makes it suitable for different kinds of passengers. The name modification feature on this airline is affordable as well due to the minimal amount charged. Hence, you can refer to this policy as and when you need to make alterations to your Finnair tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Finnair allow name changes?

Yes, the Finnair flight name change allows name changes and corrections to your ticket. You can modify your name in case of any spelling errors or if you wish to make additions to your last name resulting from marriage or divorce. You will be allowed to make these changes after paying a certain fee as a service charge to the carrier.

How to change passenger name Finnair online?

To change your name online on this airline, you just need to open its official site. Here, find the “Manage Booking” section and enter the necessary flight details and personal information. Follow the on-screen instructions as guided to make the required modifications to your name. Complete the process by paying the name change fee through the available payment options. You will get a confirmation mail regarding your updated name change at the end.

How to change name on Finnair flight offline?

For the offline mode of name modification, you must connect with the customer care service of the carrier. You can find the valid contact number on the “Contact Us” page of the online site. Make your name change request and submit the required details. Pay the necessary charges and complete the modification procedure.

What is the name change fee on Finnair Airlines?

The name alteration fee on Finnair constitutes both service charges and change penalties. Generally, the service fee for name corrections is about USD 25. Whereas, you will be charged a fee of USD 400 to access the Finnair change name on ticket option. However, this fee can vary based on your arrival and departure destination.

What is the Finnair name change policy?

This policy highlights all the important rules and regulations that relate to name changes and corrections. The different methods to modify your name, the eligibility of your tickets, and the types of changes are also highlighted under this policy. Additionally, the fee charged for name corrections is also disclosed as well.

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