Southwest Flight Delay Compensation

There can be some instances wherein your airline might have canceled or delayed your flight. In such instances, you should not panic as every airline has set out some rules related to providing compensation to their passengers. When you are traveling with Southwest Airlines, you might face delays in the flights due to some technical issues or a bad weather problem. In such situations, Southwest flight delay compensation gives its passengers the option to rebook the next flight or go for other helpful facilities.

How to Get Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation?

The flyers of Southwest Airlines can receive compensation when the flights get canceled by the provider due to extreme delays. The passengers can claim the compensation via both online and offline methods. Generally, the customers of this airline prefer to compensate for their tickets via the online method as a faster approach. However, those who require personal guidance with respect to Southwest compensation for delayed flights can go for the offline protocols too.

Method 1: Southwest Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Using the Website 

Airlines are not required to give customers flight compensation in the United States if their jet arrives late or does not arrive at all. Whenever a flight is fully booked and passengers have rejected entry involuntarily, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) has created precise criteria that airlines must follow. Apart from this, there are no federal laws specifying how much (or even if) airlines must compensate customers for overbooked flights. Accordingly, you can confirm whether you qualify for compensation and use Southwest’s website to claim it online.

Here is what you need to do when going for a Southwest flight delayed compensation online:

  • Go to the official webpage of Southwest Airlines ““.
  • You will have an option of “Manage Reservation”. Select it.
  • Then, in order to receive the reimbursement or compensation, you must fill out a request for a return flight or follow the instructions provided on-screen.
  • The website can request information such as the flight number, passenger name, and so on. Fill in the blanks as completely as possible.
  • Wait for an answer from the airline after you’ve submitted your claim for compensation.
  • Also, notify your credit card company of your plan to file a refund within the given timeframe.
  • To file a claim for Southwest Airlines flight delay compensation, fill out the relevant documentation.
  • Make photocopies of the claim form and supporting documents for your records.
  • Submit the signed copy, along with any supporting paperwork, within the required time frame.
  • Kindly wait for a call from the airline executives. If they ask you some questions about your booking, then please provide them with the relevant information. This will help them in moving ahead to process the amount.

Method 2: Flight Delay Compensation on Southwest Airlines Using the Airlines App

Assuming that your flight is delayed, redirected, or canceled, Southwest Airlines will assist you in rebooking the next scheduled flight. Or, it can opt for refunding the unused portion of your ticket. Southwest’s service representatives are authorized to assist you with lodgings at no extra cost in only certain situations. This will include overnight accommodation at a neighboring hotel and overland transit to get you anywhere.

You can check if you are eligible for compensation using the Southwest app. Here are some steps to go for Southwest flight delay compensation via this application:

  • Launch the app and click “Look Up Reservation” from the interface.
  • When you utilize your points to complete your transaction, you can also obtain these details by logging into your fast rewards page. 
  • Simply navigate to your reservation. 
  • Enter the passenger’s name and flight reference number to see whether there are any refunded amounts available.
  • Should you notice that your name has been incorrectly added on the current ticket, then you can get it fixed. After the Southwest name change on ticket is successful, you can continue with the next step.
  • Then select the applicable refund which will be applied to the credit card you employed to purchase your ticket.

Method 3: Southwest Compensation for Delayed Flight Via Customer Service

Flyers may be paid forward for their future journeys if the airline delays a flight because of weather issues or other factors. The compensation can be obtained by contacting Southwest Airlines’ customer service department. The customer service representative will first inquire about the cause of your application for flight delay compensation at US Southwest.

He or she will next confirm the reimbursement claim after learning that the aircraft was delayed by the carrier. The flyer will be advised of the amount paid or any other benefit granted by Southwest Airlines after the process has been completed. Southwest’s customer support department can be reached at +1-877-805-0998.

Tips to Follow before Claiming Southwest Flight Delay Compensation

When filing a claim for Southwest Airlines flight delay compensation, make sure to clarify at the airport. This will be inclusive of how long your flight is likely to be late and, if it hasn’t already been reported, then what caused the delay or cancellation. In addition, the following tips are also suggested:

  • You should also keep your documentation safe, such as your boarding pass and airline reservation. While you’re waiting, make sure to ask for food and drinks. 
  • In case necessary, request lodging and transportation to and from the airports until your flight is scheduled to depart. This is extremely critical for overnight waits.

What Can You Receive as South Flight Delay Compensation?

Travelers can seek Southwest delayed flight compensation under the airline’s 1-hour delay policy. So to say, they can make a claim when their trips are late by 1 hour and receive a reasonable remuneration based on the duration of the delay. 

If a Southwest flight is canceled or delayed for more than 90 minutes, customers are provided with the accompanying compensation:

  • Rebooking on a different Southwest flight
  • A $100 travel coupon which can be spent on a future reservation
  • The refund for your airline ticket that was delayed or canceled

When the flyers are not provided with the next flight within 2 hours at Southwest, the following rules will apply:

  • The amount of the travel voucher given to the flyers would rise up to $300.
  • Customers who need the Southwest flight delay compensation shall be put into the “Priority Standby” case.
  • If the passenger’s subsequent Southwest flight arrives more than two hours beyond the planned scheduled departure, then the price of the travel coupon will jump to $1350, along with the cost of the previous ticket.

Note: You can also visit the airport personally and ask for compensation or a refund in case your flight gets delayed.

Rules of Southwest Flight Delay Compensation

Southwest Airlines may delay your flight for reasons that are not under the team’s control such as weather problems, technical faults, etc. However, when this airline cancels the flight by itself, it provides the customers with some compensation. There may be some rules that apply while claiming compensation by the airline. One of the rules is that Southwest Airlines is not eligible to rebook you on another competitor’s booking. 

Other rules related to the Southwest Airlines delayed flight compensation are as mentioned below:

  • According to the air passenger humanitarian law, not all flights that are delayed are eligible for benefits from Southwest Airlines.
  • Flight delays caused by the airline, when leaving from an EU airport, are reimbursed. If your flight originated in a non-EU country, then EC 261 will not compensate you.
  • Another important exemption is that when the flight was canceled due to unusual conditions, which are events beyond the airline’s control, reimbursement may be denied. Extreme storms, medical emergencies, malicious attacks, political instability, and airport staff strikes are all examples of the same.
  • Travelers whose flights have been canceled or delayed at Southwest are not reimbursed for accommodations, food, and compensation for missed activities.
  • Customers who buy non-refundable reservations are not subject to a refund except when the airline promises to offer one or cancels or significantly alters a flight’s itinerary.
  • Passengers traveling from European airports can only register for a Southwest delayed flight compensation. This is in accordance with the airline’s restrictions.
  • When a passenger’s plane was late for more than 3 hours, he or she may be liable for a flight compensation of $700, under European law.

Southwest Delay Flight Compensation Amount

For passengers, the Southwest flight delay compensation is regulated and defined. It is put forth that in case your flight is delayed or canceled by more than 3 hours at the destination, you will be rewarded with a certain amount. This is also based on the distance.

  • You will get 250€ for trips that are limited to more than 1,500 kilometers.
  • It is possible to receive 400€ for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers.
  • 600€ is given for flights over 3,500 kilometers.
  • A compensated amount of 600€ is provided for trips between Europe and the United States that are greater than 3,500 kilometers. 

Note: There is only one exception to the above-said. When the delay at your destination is between 3 and 4 hours, the carrier is allowed to cut the compensation completely.

How will You be Notified if Southwest Airlines Delays Your Flight?

In order to get Southwest compensation for delayed flights, you need to be aware of the situation as soon as possible. Any of the modifications will be notified to travelers via an automatic system within 30 minutes of the carrier being notified itself. Given that you do not check out, you will be contacted by text, phone, or email, based on the method you choose when making your appointment. Even at the airport, the carrier will make every attempt to alert passengers of any changes to their aircraft’s status, including the displayed flight details within its control and boarding gates. 

Note: When you did not enter your contact details at the time of booking your overseas ticket, you will not be eligible to receive automatic notifications.

Southwest will offer you alternative non-stop services, as a part of Southwest compensation for delayed flights. You can approve or pick one within 14 days of your initial departure date. Or, you can reschedule your trip without penalty and claim a refund to the form of payment you chose to book your ticket. Refunds that are payable are processed promptly in accordance with the terms of your payment type and the rules that apply to it.

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

Southwest Airlines has a refund policy in place that covers both refundable and non-refundable flights. Importantly, because the flights and fares vary, the policy also differs. It is also worth noting that a traveler can only receive a refund after the cancellation process has been completed and approved by Southwest.

Refund Policy Rules for Southwest Airlines

You must follow some rules given that you intend to receive a flight delay compensation at Southwest Airlines. They will be implemented according to the nature of the ticket, whether it is refundable or non-refundable.

According to Southwest’s refund policy, a flier must first identify the rules listed below before submitting a refund request:

For Refundable Tickets:

Tickets purchased under the following conditions are refundable:

  • Tickets for Business Select
  • Tickets that are easily available in case of few reservations are to be made
  • You must revoke the reservation at least 10 minutes before the specified departure time.
  • After that, you will be able to get your refund. It will be sent in the same manner that the ticket was purchased.
  • In addition to money, you can also use “Travel Funds” as a refund alternative, in accordance with Southwest flight delay compensation.

For Non-Refundable Tickets:

  • Non-refundable reservations can usually be reversed for a refund within 24 hours.
  • Each ticket’s price can be refunded during twenty-four hours.
  • This money can be used as a “Travel Fund” or as a reimbursement.
  • If you seek a refund on a non-refundable reservation, then you must adhere to the rules of the no-show policy.

Delays in flights can land passengers into trouble or discomfort. These delays can generally happen due to weather changes and faults in air operations. Southwest understands the concern of its passengers and, hence, it has initiated a compensation for them. By implying all the rules and regulations stated above, the travelers can get the benefits of Southwest Airlines flight delay compensation with ease.

Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation FAQs

Does Southwest compensate for delayed flights?

Yes, Southwest Airlines compensates its passengers for delayed flights. However, the Southwest flight delay compensation may depend upon the duration and distance of the trip. You can also be entitled to a benefit from its other compensation methods like free food, refreshments during the halt, and also a hotel stay if the delays are generally longer than 5 hours.

Does Southwest give compensation for delayed/canceled flights? If yes, how much?

Travelers can get compensation when their flight gets delayed or canceled by Southwest. These delays can occur due to unavoidable circumstances. Depending upon the distance covered, Southwest flight delayed compensation can be received. When the distance covered is more than 1500 kilometers, you might get 250€. Similarly, for the distance between 1500-3500 kilometers, you may receive 400€. Above 3500 kilometers’ distance, you can be compensated with 600€.

How to get compensation for delayed flight Southwest?

There are several options for travelers to claim their compensation at Southwest Airlines. They can go for flight delay Southwest compensation either via online or offline methods. For the online method, the traveler needs to log in to his/her account on the official website of the airline and then can select the “Manage Reservation” feature. Or else, the traveler can call the airline and ask the air representative for the same. The passengers can also reach the airport and claim their compensation by themselves.

Does southwest compensate for cancelled flights?

Yes, Southwest Airlines compensates its passengers for cancelled flights. These cancellations can occur due to unavoidable circumstances. The passengers can claim the cancellations compensation via both online and offline methods.

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