JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy

Being aware of the JetBlue flight cancellation policy is important to learn how to discontinue tickets. It further helps form awareness regarding the fees and penalties applicable. Furthermore, provisions such as free reversals, reimbursement, waivers, etc., can be learned. Help amidst bad weather, death, and such events is also clarified.

Which JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy Rules Should You Follow?

This policy defines the following rules to apply for revoking a ticket:

  • One can revoke refundable tickets whenever one requires.
  • Non-refundable bookings must be undone before take-off.
  • You can make voluntary reversals, susceptible to:
    • The terms of your fare
    • “Contract of Carriage” by this airline
  • Federal Government tickets can be revoked and refunded at any hour, when eligible.
  • Flights can be discontinued due to reasons involving but not limited to:
    • Schedule modifications
    • Bad health
    • Personal events
    • Accidents

In the above situations, documents may not be required to undo bookings.

For TrueBlue Ticket Holders

When this program has been opted for, the applicable conditions include:

  • Unflown parts can be reversed online.
  • If involving roundtrips, aside from single legs, then they can be discontinued.
  • When feasible, booking a ticket again is permitted for every segment.

Restrictions Observed

Keep in mind these restrictions to understand when this policy doesn’t work:

  • Providing seats with other operators isn’t possible, under the JetBlue cancellation policy.
  • Certain provisions are not given for cancelled flights from/to Canada with origins in:
    • European Union
    • The United Kingdom
  • Ticket values get forfeited during no-shows.

What are JetBlue COVID Cancellation Policy Terms?

Concerning the pandemic, this airline’s policy can support reversals, in sync with such terms:

  • You can undo flight tickets without any costs applicable.
  • The JetBlue cancellation policy for COVID-19 serves fares other than Blue Basic.
  • In this regard, use the website to manage bookings.
  • Or, get in touch with your agency in the case of an indirect reservation.
  • Those with JetBlue Vacations can call the airline for help.
  • Even when one gets the coronavirus, this policy can work.
  • In addition to the above, the rules related to fares will apply.

How to Cancel JetBlue Flight Tickets?

JetBlue’s website, phone numbers, etc., are the official mediums through which reversals can be made.

Option 1: Using “Manage Trips”

The JetBlue cancelation policy for online reversals can be exercised from the website, using these directions:

  • Make certain that you are on the website of “JetBlue”.
  • Hit the option for “Manage Trips”.
  • Give your surname.
  • Then add the confirmation code related to your flight.
  • Now, you can press the “Continue” option.
  • Find an option that helps you cancel your ticket.
  • Then follow the appearing directions to manage bookings on JetBlue.
  • Lastly, wait for a confirmation of your registered details.

Additionally, you may use Apple Business Chat and Google Business Manager to discontinue tickets.

Limitations Linked to Online Cancellations

Before you opt for revoking tickets online or using the web, go through these limitations, under the JetBlue online cancellation policy.

  • You shouldn’t have a booking containing another city for a return journey than the outgoing one.
  • It should also not comprise the need for a special service.
  • The payment for this ticket shouldn’t be made using:
    • Vouchers given by this carrier
    • Travel certificates
  • Check the terms for these on the website of this airline to learn the restrictions:
    • TrueBlue
    • Reservations with “Cash + Points”

Option 3: For the Vacations Package

Assuming that you hold a JetBlue Vacations booking, you can get help on the call to undo the same.

  • For this, kindly dial: 1-844-JB-VACAY (528-2229).
  • Convey to an agent that your booking has to be revoked.
  • Provide the required details.
  • Then perform the instructions as given to you on the call.

Option 4: For Third-Party Bookings

Given that you booked a ticket indirectly, to undo it, this information will help:

  • One will have to get in touch with the site/agency through which tickets were booked.
  • Or else, by signing in on this carrier’s site, trips can be managed.
  • Additionally, one can call the carrier for paid cancellations costing $50.

Is the JetBlue 24 Hour Cancellation Policy Provided?

A policy is provided by this carrier. It is vital for twenty-four-hour or same-day reversals.

  • Under this, to be eligible for free reversals:
    • There should be a minimum of 7 days before departure.
    • Twenty-four hours are available for revoking, starting from the booking time.
    • You need to undo the complete trip.
  • Refunds will be given as per the fare bought.
  • You can also hold your paid reservations for 24 hours to get full money back.
  • The above conditions are effective in the case of group bookings too.
  • Whether or not tickets are refundable, help is provided through this framework.

Reversing Tickets within Twenty-Four Hours

In these 3 ways, the JetBlue cancellation policy for 24 hours can help reverse tickets:

Option 1: By Calling

Call this airline using the information given below:

LocationPhone Number
The US1-800-538-2583
Cuba800 52583
The UK08-082349058

Note: More contact numbers can be obtained from JetBlue’s website.

Option 2: With Social Media

With an active presence across the following, you can request same-day reversals with this airline:


Option 3: Via the Site

You can opt for using “Manage Trips” available on the website of the operator to undo a booking.

Who Cannot Use the 24-Hour Cancellation Policy of JetBlue?

Those having JetBlue Vacations bookings can’t use this policy. Aside from same-day management, this framework is limited.

What are the JetBlue Cancellation Fee Policy Terms?

In general, the following terms guide the policy for cancellation charges:

  • These factors are responsible for influencing discontinuation costs:
    • The mode used in this process
    • Route
  • For some international trips, no costs are required.
  • When having refundable bookings, confirm from JetBlue whether fees are to be paid.
  • $75 is charged for same-day cancellations for some tickets except for Blue Extra.

When Fares are Non-refundable

As per the JetBlue cancellation fee policy for non-refundable tickets, a charge can apply:

  • According to the travel date
  • Based on the fare
  • To get credits worth $200 for Blue Basic at the charge of (£150)
  • For every person who is a part of a booking

For Blue Basic

The costs for revoking Blue Basic are:

$100For flights within Central/North America
$200Other locations

Fare-Wise Fees

When involving some fares, charges are usually not required, especially for:

  • Blue
  • Mint
  • Blue Plus

Charges for Using the Service

Service-related costs are to be paid depending on how you revoke tickets, indicates the JetBlue cancellations policy:

  • A service cost of $25 will apply when calling the carrier.
  • This facility is free when used online.

Issuance of Fee Waivers

In some scenarios, fee waivers are given:

  • Provided that this carrier revokes a trip, it can give waivers for fees.
  • Using this, revocations and flight changes on JetBlue are possible without fees.
  • Utilize “Manage Trips” to apply any waivers.
  • You may also connect with this airline for help using this benefit.

What is JetBlue Flight Cancellation Refund Policy?

A refund policy has been made to help fliers apply for money back for tickets and additional services. It serves refundable as well as non-refundable ticket holders.

Eligibility Criteria

Importantly, the eligibility of a passenger should be cleared prior to using the JetBlue cancellation refund policy.

  • Depending on your ticket, you can qualify for money-back.
  • Those with refundable bookings are also eligible.

Policy for Refundable Tickets

Provided that you have purchased a refundable ticket, these provisions can be obtained:

  • When a fare is refundable:
    • The refund is given in full.
    • It is credited to the primary payment mode.
    • The amount is added to “JetBlue Travel Bank” when canceling after take-off.
    • Such an amount remains valid for a year after it is issued.
  • Credits in this bank are useful for:
    • Future reservations
    • For submitting cancellation charges

For Bookings Used Partially

One may wish to cancel a part of a journey. The refund guidelines in this scenario are:

  • Travelers can reverse the remaining journeys when:
    • The trips are refundable.
    • Money-back will be the same as the 1-way cost for the reversed part.
  • Even when the remaining journey is with another carrier, the above applies.

In the Case of Combined Tickets

These can include tickets that are refundable and not refundable. The terms of the refund and revocation policies will be available according to the fare type for every leg of a journey.

When Canceling Non-refundable Reservations

The conditions relating to refunds when a fare is not refundable are:

  • If a balance is left after reversing, it is credited to “JetBlue Travel Bank”.
  • When any waivers were used during the reservation, they won’t be refunded.

Mode/Timeframe for Refunds

As per the JetBlue cancellation policy for refunds, the duration and sources of receiving are:

TypeCredited ToDuration/Assistance
TrueBlue pointsTrueBlue accountInstant
For extra servicesIn the original mode7-10 working days
Credit (Travel Bank)Travel BankInstant
Partner flights (JetBlue or others)Given open tickets when possible
Codeshare trips with othersUsually provided with open tickets
For a refundable ticketWithin 7-10 days (business) in the primary mode of paying

Constraints of the Refund Policy

A few restrictions, observed under the refund policy, are:

  • When revoking tickets before departure, these fees aren’t given back:
    • Seat
    • Baggage
  • Service costs can’t be refunded.
  • Taxes for traveling internationally are usually non-refundable

Is there a JetBlue Mosaic Cancellation Policy?

According to the cancellation policy of JetBlue for Mosaic members, revocations can be made whether on the day of the booking or later on.

Note: To learn the terms for ARC and BSP agencies, check the website of this airline.

Regarding Fees for Mosaic Travelers:

In some cases, fees apply but free cancellations are given otherwise.

  • Free reversals are not supported for Blue Basic (non-refundable) tickets.
  • Others can make alterations at zero costs.
  • You can infer the cost to cancel them during the process or by contacting this carrier.
  • Only same-day revocations can be made for free.

For Refunds

The important terms for money-back are:

  • Refunds aren’t credited to the primary modes used to pay for fares.
  • Extra facilities are refunded when revoked prior to departure.

Can You Access the JetBlue Cancellation Policy for Military Personnel?

Military and government fares are available with this operator. To access the JetBlue cancellation policy for military for such fares, the following should be understood:

  • It is simple to cancel such tickets.
  • One can do so without any penalties.

For MIL Tickets

MIL or Military Leisure Travel tickets get certain provisions via this policy.

  • For ticket holders, the reversal facility is functional.
  • Some provisions are available for the immediate members of the family of holders.
  • The standard terms of the cancellation fees apply.

Refunds Under this Policy

Alongside discontinuing fares, you should be aware of the terms to get your money:

  • It is allowed to get the complete value of a refund.
  • Since the fare is eligible for money-back, the standard refund policy applies too.
  • MIL tickets are not refundable.

Is there a JetBlue Cancellation Policy for Death in Family/Deceased Passengers?

Certain aspects of this policy are useful during death-related events.

  • The following are served through this policy:
    • Travelers
    • Their immediate members such as:
MotherSpouseGreat grandparents
ChildrenGrandparentsGreat grandchildren
Those related by lawStep-parentsStep-children
Step-relatives/siblingsOther such members 
  • To use this framework, these are required:
    • Presenting the death certification’s copy
    • Giving other relevant documents for funeral/obituary
    • Submitting the same in 14 days of the reversal
  • The carrier can help even those with third-party reservations.
  • Rebooking is allowed due to death-related reasons.

Provision of Refunds

In synchronization with the JetBlue cancellation policy for death in family, these provisions are provided:

  • Refunds are given, following the death of a passenger/co-traveler.
  • They are usually in the form of credits.
  • It can account for other waivers.

Covering Health Concerns

This policy can also be useful for those who cancel tickets due to poor health conditions.

  • One can expect to receive money for reservations that are refundable.
  • For non-refundable ones, tickets are left open for later utilization until a year.

Is there a JetBlue Policy for Cancelled Flights?

The JetBlue cancelled flight policy is given amidst some conditions with the following terms:

  • Restoring flights once revoked may not be possible.
  • For add-ons via third parties that are affected, directly connect with them.

Reasons Pertaining to Revocations

JetBlue may require canceling your flight because of:

  • Weather troubles
  • JetBlue flight delays for a long duration
  • Force Majeure
  • Political scenarios, wars, etc.
  • Natural disasters
  • Overbooking
  • Due to the government rules

Notifying Passengers amidst Revocations

The functioning of the JetBlue flight cancellation policy involves sending notifications post confirmations.

  • Passengers will receive notifications through:
    • Emails
    • Calls
    • Display systems
    • Announcements at airports
    • Texts
  • After receiving confirmation, in 30 minutes, it can share notifications.

What does the JetBlue Cancellation Policy for Compensation Indicate?

For compensation, this policy indicates what can be expected when flights cannot operate. This policy is based on the “Contract of Carriage” of the carrier, especially “Section 37”.

For Confirmed Bookings:

Those who had confirmed bookings but were discontinued by this carrier can:

  • Fly for no charge on another flight, according to the JetBlue free cancellation policy.
  • Obtain “Travel Bank credits”.
  • Seek refunds in the mode of payment used primarily.
  • Opt for rebooking in 2 hours.
  • If there are 4 hours prior to take-off, get reimbursement as per the “Customer Bill of Rights”.

Involving Connecting Trips:

Possibly, when the flights are extremely late, you may miss transit reservations. In these cases, this airline can help modify the connecting trip.

Due to Weather:

The JetBlue flight cancellation policy, due to weather-based disruptions, can:

  • Offer waivers when possible
  • Help in providing refunds in the original source
  • Given the option to book trips again
  • For help abroad amidst poor weather, given the option of booking trips one more time

When Situations are Controllable:

In relation to reversals, some factors are controllable. Due to these:

  • The airline may be unable to adjust a passenger on a flight within a few days.
  • Then it can give hotel stays nearby.
  • Or, it can:
    • Compensate as per the receipts shown in 10 days and expenses rendered.
    • Give accommodation for the night.
  • Until the next day, when a flight isn’t provided, the above-listed options apply.
  • If a flight is given but causes a 3-hour delay in arrival than intended, one can get:
    • A $12 food voucher or a meal
    • Compensation for expenses/receipts shown within ten days
  • In other instances, the carrier may:
    • Offer to rebook without any charge.
    • Or, initiate a refund.
  • When another flight isn’t found in 1 hour, credits are given as follows:
In 4 hours of a bookingCredits worth $50
Post the original departureCredits equivalent to $100

Involving the UK, EU, Guadeloupe, and Canada:

When your confirmed flight’s origin is the UK, EU, or Guadeloupe and it is headed from or to Canada, you can receive benefits as per the following:

  • EC Regulation 261/2004
  • Canadian Traveler Rights
  • Regulation UK 261

Limitations of the Compensation Policy

The key limitations of the reimbursement policy are:

  • During Force Majeure, it may not work effectively.
  • Amidst uncontrollable situations where JetBlue is not at fault, it won’t be accountable.

Does the JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy Allow Rebooking?

Rebooking is one of the services provided by the JetBlue cancel flight policy. Using this, either you or the airline can book a trip again on another flight.

  • When this airline revokes your trip, rebook it at no cost.
  • Or, book a high-fare flight but this can include charges.
  • To rebook:
    • Use “Manage Trips” provided on this airline’s website.
    • Or, get in touch with its team.
    • In the process, provide your:
      • The date of your trip
      • Confirmation number
      • The number of your flight
      • Other personal details
  • When the airline rebooks you, use the following to check the itinerary:
    • “JetBlue – Book & Manage Trips” mobile application
    • “Manage Trips” on the website

All things considered; you can reverse flights using this policy in varying instances. It defines the rules for most situations. With their application, even refunds and reimbursements can be claimed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a JetBlue COVID cancellation policy?

To help revoke tickets, a COVID-19 policy has been made.

What is the JetBlue cancelation policy?

It is more like a framework that lists the terms for reversing tickets in various instances.

How to use the JetBlue Vacations cancellation policy?

For cancelling a JetBlue Vacations trip using this policy, you can call the carrier.

What is the JetBlue Basic cancellation policy?

Blue Basic tickets can be canceled through this policy and refunds can be given in the form of credits.

Is there a JetBlue Award ticket cancellation policy?

Award tickets are bought via TrueBlue points. For one-way bookings, reversals can be allowed through this policy.

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