JetBlue Name Change Policy

The JetBlue Airlines name change policy allows passengers to request name change/correction to have a hassle-free travel experience. As per the rule, passengers are barred from boarding the flight if their name does not match what appears in their passport or any valid government-issued photo ID.

Consequently, it may be simpler to alter or amend the details if you are aware of the key rules under this policy. In this policy, we will understand all the guidelines to change names on JetBlue flight tickets, the fees associated with the name correction, and more.

JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy

Guidelines Under JetBlue Name Correction Policy

To complete a name correction, the following criteria must be met –

  • All flight segments on the itinerary must be operated by JetBlue.
  • The airline allows only one name correction. Any additional name correction is considered as a name change and is subject to JetBlue name change policy.
  • When it comes to name correction, no changes to the travel dates and fare classes are permitted.
  • Minor name corrections i.e up to 3 characters are permitted. The name on the ticket must match the passport/government-issued ID.
  • The date of birth and gender cannot be corrected in conjunction with the name correction.
  • No name correction is allowed after the JetBlue web check-in.

Types of Requests Under JetBlue Name Correction

Passengers can request the misspelling correction or alter the name under legal compulsions. Let’s understand what types of name corrections JetBlue airlines allow –

First/Middle/Last Name – Passengers can request the name correction up to 3 letters to their first name, middle name or last name, as per the JetBlue Name change policy. In this case, the airlines will update the PNR with the correct name.

Nickname to Legal name – Passengers can replace the nickname with the correct name mentioned on their passport or government-issued ID.

Inverted name – At the time of flight booking, if passengers inserted the name in the wrong order, they can ask the JetBlue airline’s representative to make the correction.

Adding the middle name – Middle names are required for travel if they are added to the passport. As per the JetBlue name change policy, they must be presented in the correct order.

Adding an additional last name – The original surname must be kept the same, but you may add something to it to match the customer’s name as it appears in their passport.

Please note – In all the aforementioned cases, passengers are required to pay the reissue fees, if the flight segment is not available in the original class of service. Subject to availability, tickets may be issued in the higher class of service. JetBlue name change fee would be applicable.

Name correction under legal requirements – passengers can also correct names due to marriage, divorce, or adoption. In this case, passengers need to produce the legal document for validation.

Mid-travel name correction – According to the aforementioned misspelling and new legal name requirements, mid-travel corrections are allowed. This only applies, If an error in the name was made and it wasn’t fixed before the first leg of the journey.

Note: – JetBlue’s name correction policy permits any adjustment as long as the date of birth and gender stay the same in order to match the customer’s government-issued ID or passport.

How to Request Name Correction On JetBlue Flight Ticket?

There are numerous ways to use the “JetBlue change name on ticket” feature, including changing it online. There are also offline choices accessible. You can complete any of these whenever it’s convenient:

  • Through the JetBlue Airways main website
  • Calling JetBlue Customer Service Phone Number
  • JetBlue mobile app

You must follow different requirements on each of these parameters in order to use the JetBlue name change feature. However, they provide a quick and easy way to change your names.

Note: – Before making a name change, refer to the JetBlue flight change policy to understand how reissuance of the ticket works.

Method 1: JetBlue Change Name Online via the Website

While trying to go for the JetBlue name change on the reservation procedure, with this method, you will be able to do so from the convenience of your desktop.

JetBlue Official Website
Manage Trip- JetBlue Airline
Update Data- JetBlue Airline
  • Visit
  • Navigate to the JetBlue Manage Booking tab.
  • Enter the Confirmation Code and Last Name to proceed.
  • Now, select your trip and click on the “Modify” option.
  • Use theJetBlue change name online option to select the name.
  • Make the necessary changes here and submit any legal documents as well if necessary.
  • Complete your change form and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Confirm your changes by making the payment.
  • Print your new boarding pass with the new and correct details.

Note: – In the case of JetBlue name change due to marriage, you can follow the same steps for the online procedure. However, the airline offers you a special waiver code. Additionally, you may also need to submit specific legal documents as proof of your marriage, divorce, or adoption, as the case may be.

Method 2: Change Name on JetBlue Flight Tickets with Customer Care

Some passengers may prefer calling to complete the JetBlue name change on the ticket. In such circumstances, you are free to contact the agents of this airline. Moreover, it is also reliable as the officials themselves personally take care of your requirements.

Upon connecting, your call may be transferred to an assistant agent as per your requirement.

  • Inform the JetBlue officials of your name change request.
  • Mention the type of change and the reason for correction.
  • For a JetBlue name change on the reservation, he/she will ask you about your booking information.

For validation, the agent can ask you to provide legal documents, certificates, passports, or flight tickets via mail.

Method 3 – Change Name on JetBlue Tickets via Mobile App

One of the easier online modes to change your name is through the mobile app. Any passenger can use this app to change the name on a JetBlue ticket.

Passengers will first need to download this app. You can find it either on Play Store/App Store or any other site as the airline mentions. Do the following –

  • Sign in on JetBlue on the app.
  • Then find the “JetBlue Manage Booking” option.
  • Provide details about your booking like passenger name, ticket number to access your flight, etc.
  • You will now be given the option to choose the change you want to make whether it is for flights, names, or seats.
  • Given the scenario, select the “Change Name” option.
  • Now, make necessary JetBlue name changes or corrections.
  • Continue as per the directions given and confirm your changes.

Fee for Name Change/Correction on JetBlue Airlines

This carrier permits name change only once per ticket, and is subject to JetBlue name change fee.

  • Holders of the Blue Basic seats can pay a fee of about $100. This might extend to $200 on flights traveling to other than the US, Central America, or Mexico.
  • Passengers of other cabins like Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Mint, and Refundable seats can pay fare differences. This is to make any kind of changes to the names on their tickets.
  • On the tickets within the prices range of $150 and $199, the fee may go up to $150.
  • An additional fee of $50 may apply to passengers who make their changes offline. This extra fee works like a service charge.

In the instance of a JetBlue name change due to marriage/adoption, the cost can vary. This is according to the time of the request.

Note: – On certain tickets, passengers will not need to make an additional payment. This is usually the case when the change has the support of government-aided documents, subject to some conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the JetBlue name change policy?

This is a simple policy that aims to help customers who wish to change the names on their flight tickets. Name changes are permitted due to legal considerations or under typo/misspelling error.

2. Can you change the name on a JetBlue ticket?

Yes. You will be eligible to change your name on the JetBlue ticket given that it has been directly purchased via airline.

3. How to change the name on the JetBlue ticket?

You can visit the official JetBlue site and use the “My Trips” option to change your name. Otherwise, contacting customer care is also a viable way. For further assistance, you can utilize theairline’s customer service to request the JetBlue name change.

4. Does JetBlue allow passenger name change?

Yes. Passengers can change the name on a JetBlue ticket through different methods. If you have a hard time navigating to the airline’s website, always contact customer care.

5. Does it cost to change the name on JetBlue?

As per the JetBlue name change policy, passengers are liable to pay additional fees to change their ticket names. This fee varies depending on different factors. It usually starts at $100 and can include fare differences at times.nclude fare differences at times.

6. How to change name on JetBlue ticket online?

Firstly, you can use the website of JetBlue on which the “My Trips” tab will specifically be of use. The second method involves the use of the mobile app featured by the carrier. For quick help, you can share your name change/correction on social media.

7. Can you change passenger name on JetBlue?

A passenger’s name cannot be completely changed on a ticket of JetBlue flights. The airline, under any circumstances, does not transfer the ownership of the ticket from one passenger to another, as per JetBlue name change policy.

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Stephen M. Bernard
Stephen M. Bernard
2 years ago

As I was traveling for the first time with JetBlue. For some reason, my name on the ticket had been wrongly written. At that time I didn’t know how to change name on JetBlue tickets Online. But I tried and it happened too. But why does it consumes more of my time.

2 years ago

Most of the time, when I travel, my name is wrong on the flight ticket. Earlier the agent would book it. So I had to change name on JetBlue ticket. I have done the process many times. But this time, my name is completely wrong. So I requested the airline to change my full name. But they denied and for this, I had to cancel my flight and rebook my other flight.

2 years ago

It so happened that my brother was very excited to travel. But suddenly he realized that the name on the plane ticket was not correct. So he wanted to make Jetblue change name online because he was sure that identification would go wrong otherwise. he started trying the online process but in between the site was not responding. He was very disappointed. Finally, we have to call the airline about our issue.

Mary J.
Mary J.
2 years ago

When I was surfing the internet and found the jetBlue name correction policy. By referring, there were many methods for name correction. It was good to know that the airline has different methods for name correction. But on the other hand, the passengers become confused regarding which method is authorized and easy to follow. Please can you please mention which one is best for the passengers??

Michael carbon
Michael carbon
1 year ago

Our group of friends and I were going on a trip abroad for the first time. We had booked our tickets one day before the departure time. And one of my friend’s names has been entered wrong. We all decided to do the Jetblue name change process by calling the customer care representative of the airline. We had called but the response was not correct. I think because of the rush at the airport, the network was also not clear. Please improve your services.