Latam Airlines Name Change Policy

When there are mistakes in name, Latam Airlines name change policy permits passengers to make amendments to their names. According to the rules, it is always necessary to have the name on the flight ticket that exactly matches with the government-issued photo ID. Along with the passenger’s travel paperwork, the airline ticket must be deemed accurate.

Similar to the above, the Latam airlines will offer all pertinent guidelines, terms and conditions, name change fees, and navigational instructions in this page to assist passengers in submitting their name change requests.

What are the Rules associated with Latam Airlines Name Change Request?

The aforementioned request must be submitted up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure, and there is a non-refundable airline change fee associated with it, per Latam Airlines name change policy.

  • Only 1 Latam name change request is permitted per passenger per flight booking.
  • The unused or partially used Latam bookings are subject to the name correction
  • For a legal name change, omission, or addition of a middle name/last name/first name, supporting identification documents must be produced.
  • The Latam Fidelidade Award Bookings are not eligible for the name change request.
  • The new reservation must always be created with the new ticket number and the Booking Reference once the Latam name change request has been approved.
  • The unused portion of the trip is covered by the name change request. On the day of issuance, the full flight itinerary would be rebooked at the revised rate. Therefore, the Latam name change fee and fare difference would be charged.
  • The change to the travel date, time, or destination is not covered under the name change. To know more, refer to Latam Airlines flight change policy.

With Latam Airlines, what kind of name changes may you ask for?

Passengers can ask for a variety of name corrections, including spelling errors, names that are reversed, the first and last names being omitted or added, legal name changes, and more.

Incorrect spelling of the last, middle, or first name – The passenger must call the Latam Airlines if the flight ticket has a spelling error. The aforementioned request can be subject to the applicable fare difference and the Latam name change fee. For example,

MAXWELL in place of MAXWEL (Correction: MAXWELL)

Last Name/Inverted Name – The airlines will only correct a wrong name after receiving valid travel documentation. The request would only be honored over the phone. The applicable fare difference and the Latam name change fee would be assessed. For example –


Name Field Reversed – According to IATA standards, the airline’s Global Distribution System (GDS) issues the tickets in the order of Last Name and First Name. The information on the reservation portal must match the information on the travel document for the airline to honor it. There would just be a 250 USD name change charge. Only international flight bookings are subject to the aforementioned request. For example –

SMITH STEVE to be corrected as STEVE SMITH

First name omitted or added – Passengers can request the addition or deletion of their first name only after submitting a legal identity certificate. The applicable fare difference and the name change fee are the responsibility of the passengers. The aforementioned request only applies to overseas flights. For example –


Added or Omitted Last Name – Only after submitting a valid form of identification can passengers apply to change their last name. The applicable fare difference and the name change cost are the passengers’ liability. The aforementioned request only applies to international flights. For example –


Duplication of first and last names – Latam Airlines will remove any duplicate entries for a passenger’s First Name or Last Name upon request. The aforementioned request is valid for both domestic and international flights. The reissued ticket would be charged the name change fee and the fare difference.

Changing your first or last name for legal reasons – The airlines accept the request if a change in the first name, middle name, or last name results from a marriage or divorce decree that occurs between the time of booking the flight and the scheduled departure. For international flights, passengers must present a passport, and for local flights, a government-issued photo ID. Passengers would need to pay any necessary name change fees and fare difference.

Latam Airlines Name Correction – Passengers can ask for name suffixes and prefixes to be added or removed, but they must ensure that the name on the passport or photo ID matches exactly. No reissued tickets would be given out. Only name change fees would be charged for both domestic and international flights.

Correction for the Passenger Type – Passengers may change from adult to child tickets. Passengers need to submit a copy of their passport or government-issued picture ID. It is regarded as an exemption for name correction. By reissuing the ticket and charging a name change fee, the aforementioned request is fulfilled. The applicable fare differential would also be charged.

How to Make a Latam Name Change Request?

Latam Airlines accepts requests for name changes online from passengers. To do this, they can head on to the organization’s website. Additionally, passengers can request Latam name change over the phone.

Method 1: Latam Name Change Online

Simply go to the airline’s website and make all the necessary modifications through the Ticket Change Inquiry section. Both the mandatory charge and the additional fare must be paid. You will get an email confirmation with the proper passenger name after the changes are approved.


The screenshot above is taken from Latam Airlines official website.

To alter your name online, simply follow these instructions:

  • To begin the name change or correction procedure, you will have to visit “”.
  • On the homepage of the website, on the upper side, “My Trips” option is visible. Click on it.
  • You will have the option of “Manage Your Trips”. Select that.
  • After that, you will be on the next page. There, you will have to type your registered email and tap on “Send”. 
  • Further, fill in all the needed information and continue with that.
  • Next, you will have the “Edit” button available to make your changes or corrections.
  • At that time, you can alter your name as per theLatam Airlines name change policy.
  • It will ask you the fees if applicable for changes or corrections.
  • At last, you will have to wait for the confirmation email.

Method 2 – Latam Name Change Over the Phone

Passengers can easily make the request for a name change over the phone by speaking to the airline’s representative. You will receive assistance with this request from one of the LATAM flight executives. Passengers can use a debit or credit card to pay the requisite fee over the phone.

Latam Name Change Fee

You are free to alter your name within 24 hours.  For correcting spelling mistakes in this personal information, there may be a fee. Additionally, after the specified time period, you can be required to pay a fee for situations like inverted and absent names.

According to the Latam Airlines name change policy, the change penalty would be applicable and would be based on the following circumstances:

Name change requestsDomestic change fee (in USD)Fare DifferenceInternational change fee (in USD)Fare Difference
Spelling mistakes200Yes250Yes
Inverted NamesNot permittedNot applicable250Yes
Inverted Name FieldNot permittedNot applicable250Yes
Omitted First NameNot permittedNot applicable250Yes
Omitted Last NameNot permittedNot applicable250Yes
First and Last Name Duplicity200Yes250Yes
Legal Name Change200Yes250Yes
Name Correction by adding suffixes or prefixes200Yes250Yes
Modify Passenger Type200Yes250Yes

The last thing you want is to have an embarrassing name error at a work function. This guide will help you avoid it by outlining the steps you need to take to ensure your name isn’t misspelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Latam name change policy?

The guidelines for changing names are outlined in the Latam name change policy. It enables numerous scenarios for updating or altering your name. The rules also outline the documentation that must be presented in order to change it.

What is Latam name correction policy?

A traveler can correct name errors under the Latam name correction policy. It  can be used to fix typos or names that were misspelled.

How much does it cost to correct/change names on Latam Airlines?

It will be free of charge if you update or correct your name within 24 hours of buying the tickets. After that, a service fee of a certain amount must be paid when the time limit is exceeded. The name change fee ranges between 200 and 250 USD, depending on the request type.

Does Latam Airlines allow name change?

You may indeed alter your name. The airline allows minor alterations. The ticket’s name cannot be changed in its entirety. You must cancel your airline ticket if you want to change the person whose name i

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