Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Unaccompanied minors are young kids traveling alone without a parent or other responsible adult. Numerous airlines offer a service to help these kids get from their starting point to their destinations.

Therefore, the Lufthansa unaccompanied minor policy has been created to provide the finest services for young children flying alone.

You must be aware of specific rules and limitations before making a flight reservation. This policy also includes other things like the fees charged and the documentation needed.

Lufthansa Rules for Unaccompanied Minors

Keeping the unaccompanied minors Lufthansa policy in mind, there are several rules and regulations made. These rules and regulations have been developed to facilitate a smooth onboarding experience for minors.

As per the policy, all children who are above 5 years old can travel with parents/guardians or as unaccompanied on this carrier.

However, before booking a flight for your minor on this airline, here are some things that you should be aware of:

  • The children traveling as unaccompanied on this carrier must have all the relevant documents handy. This applies to both the arrival origin and the departure destination.
  • When an unattended minor is reserved on the last flight itinerary on an international flight, no service is offered for connecting flights. Whereas if the planned flight is the sole one leaving from the starting point or connection point, the exemption will be made, under the Lufthansa unaccompanied minor international policy.
  • Pets are not permitted to fly with minors who are planning to travel alone.
  • If an unplanned travel delay occurs, the parent will be requested to accept rebooking.
  • When the kid becomes extremely unwell while traveling, medical personnel will be alerted.
  • The airline restricts the necessity to 10 seats every trip in order to protect children’s safe and secure environment, according to the unaccompanied minors Lufthansa policy.
  • If the flight is likely to be delayed due to weather or other circumstances, Lufthansa will not accommodate the unaccompanied kids on the flight. 

Age Criteria under Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The young travelers whose ages are between 5-12 years old are generally considered as minors to travel by air. Parents or legal guardians can choose to reserve a seat for their children by adhering to the below-mentioned conditions set by the airline.

  • The Lufthansa policy unaccompanied minor service does not permit any child below 5 years of age to travel as a minor.
  • Only children whose ages fall in the range of 5-12 years old can use the unaccompanied minor service of this carrier.
  • However, Lufthansa unaccompanied minor age above 12 and less than 17 years old are not required to book their tickets under the unaccompanied minor service of this operator.

Lufthansa Airlines Checklist and Requirements for Minors

There are certain requirements when the children wish to fly alone by air or the parents may require them to travel by themselves. These requirements have been made by the carrier to ensure the utmost safety of the children during the flight. The first and foremost requirement by the parent or legal guardian of the child is to fill out the Lufthansa unaccompanied minor form. 

Look out at other requirements in order to board your child safely on this carrier.

Reserving a Flight for Minors at Lufthansa Airlines

When it comes to reserving a seat for your minor on this airline, make sure to book through a valid source. This can be done by contacting the customer care team of Lufthansa Airlines. However, to enjoy the unaccompanied minor service of this carrier, you must reserve your child’s ticket at least 24 hours before the departure. 

Other guidelines related to the unaccompanied minor service Lufthansa are as given below:

  • It is advised that you pay the required amount of fees to the airline at the time you book a seat for the unaccompanied minor on the flight. However, you may also make the payment of the fees up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • As per the policy, if you cancel your service of the unaccompanied to travel on this airline, you need to contact the customer care to receive Lufthansa unaccompanied minor fee refund.
  • You can also order a meal for your minor up to 24 hours before the departure flight.
  • In the event of a flight disruption, the air carrier may require the contact details of the parents or guardians of the child.
  • In case you retrieve your minor booking through an online process, you need to update your ” Manage Booking” section on the website. You also need to fill in the Lufthansa unaccompanied minor age after revoking your flight.
  • To do this, you need to visit the website and hit on the “Edit Contact” tab to update your information.

Check-in for Minors at Lufthansa Airlines

Every air carrier asks for the check-in for the minor either online or at the airport. It is best that you go for the online check-in process for your child. Please make sure that you fill out the Lufthansa unaccompanied minor form in advance to avoid any hassle during your child’s journey.

Here is how you can check-in for your minor through an online procedure:

  • Complete the process of checking in through visiting the website of this airline i.e.
  • You can also contact the airline at +1 (800) 645-3880 for checking in through the air officials.
  • However, you can call the air officials only upto 24 hours before the departure of your flight.
  • You can also visit the airport and complete the check-in procedure as per the Lufthansa unaccompanied minor policy.
  • You should reach the airport premises at least 2 hours before your flight takes off.
  • Your kid will be escorted by a Lufthansa employee from the check-in desk till they enter the flight.
  • Many airports allow you to walk with your Lufthansa unaccompanied minor international all the way to the boarding gate. Upon submission of a current passport and following TSA clearance, Lufthansa can provide you with a gate pass for flights departing from US destinations.
  • A flight attendant greets and attends to minors when they board the aircraft and while they are in flight. Children who are flying unaccompanied on the aircraft are given special seats that are close to the airline staff so they are able to help right away.
  • The airline staff will deliver your child to a Lufthansa worker who will bring them to visit the specified person once they arrive at their final destination. However, the parents must sign a Lufthansa unaccompanied minor form to avail this service.
  • Your child’s pick-up individual must present an official identity to the airline’s staff.
  • Before giving your kid to the individual picking them up, a Lufthansa staff will verify their identity by requesting for a valid identification card and cross-referencing it with the information provided at the airport of departure.

Note: The legal guardians or parents of the children should stay at the premises of the airport. This is because in case the flight gets canceled at the last-minute, they can take their child back.

What Documents Are Required for Unaccompanied Minor Service on Lufthansa Airlines?

Under the unaccompanied policy of this air carrier, you should bring the below-mentioned documents to let the child fly alone on Lufthansa Airlines:

  • Boarding Pass
  • E-ticket or printed ticket
  • A government-issued ID proof 
  • All travel documents such as birth certificate, visa, vaccination report, etc.
  • The filled out unaccompanied minor form. In case you don’t know how to fill out Lufthansa unaccompanied minor service form, kindly visit the website or contact the airline.
  • Fee receipt
  • A valid identification proof the parent or guardian of the minor

The name on the documents provided by the airline must match the information available on your additional papers, forms, or certifications. On noticing any issues in your name, opt for Lufthansa name correction on tickets. The boarding of your child will then be hassle-free.

Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Prices

Every air carrier charges some fees to carry unaccompanied children on board. This fee is levied from the parent, guardian, or any individual who is booking the ticket on the behalf of the minor. Lufthansa unaccompanied minor fee can be charged in addition to the ticket fare.

These fees can be considered as a service charge by the airline. This fee applies to the children as per their destination.

Here is a table showing Lufthansa unaccompanied minor price as per the routes:

Route or Destination Minor Fees Charged in USD 
Within Switzerland, Australia, and Germany95
Europe including routes within Switzerland, Australia, and Germany 95
North Africa, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan 105
Central Africa, The Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Iran, Qatar, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait130
International flights to US East Coast, India, Canada East Coast, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Maldives, and Angola 140
Intercontinental long-haul flights to US West Coast, South America, Canada West Coast, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Seychelles, and South Africa 170

Among very few air carriers, Lufthansa unaccompanied minor policy lets your child fly alone with the best services possible on flight. You should make a request to the airline to avail this unaccompanied minor service prior to booking your flight.

Also, you should fill out the and sign the required forms online or at the airport to ensure a safe travel experience for your child. With everything followed properly, your minor will enjoy the service of flying alone on this carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fill out Lufthansa unaccompanied minor service form?

The Lufthansa unaccompanied minor form can ask for details relating to a child and his/her parent. If the parent is not flying with the minor, then the information of the custodian will be needed. Likewise, you will have to fill in the basic information as well as review it for accuracy.

What is the unaccompanied minor fee Lufthansa for international flights?

International destinations such as India, Maldives, and Kenya are covered by this German airline. For children who are flying alone, USD 140 is the fee to be paid. This Lufthansa unaccompanied minor price may be subject to changes that can be inferred after connecting with this carrier.

Can I get a refund for unaccompanied minor fee on Lufthansa?

Upon canceling a flight for your kid, you can contact Lufthansa to ask for a refund. The air carrier can then guide you about receiving back the unaccompanied minor fee as well. In case the option is available, then you will be able to get it.

Is there an unaccompanied minors international flights Lufthansa policy?

An international policy for unaccompanied minors on flights of Lufthansa can be found. It ensures that a lone kid is able to travel from the current country to another one under the supervision of the airline’s representative. Assistance shall be available to the child throughout the international flight.

How strict are the Lufthansa rules for unaccompanied minors?

Since it does not believe in compromising the comfort of a child on a trip, this German carrier can be particular about its unaccompanied minor policy. Catering to this, its rules are not highly strict but simple to follow. You need to adhere to all its procedures and submit the required documents. On Lufthansa unaccompanied minor policy shall then have no issues in using the policy.

Will Lufthansa allow minors to travel unaccompanied?

Provided that a child is above the age of 5 and is carrying no pets, Lufthansa will allow her/him to fly with it. The consent of a guardian, mother, or father will be essential. In addition, every document requested by the air operator must be presented.

How old do you have to be to fly alone on Lufthansa?

5 years is the minimum Lufthansa unaccompanied minor age to travel solo. Also, only with the approval of an authorized elderly person, such as a child’s parents, will the airline let him or her fly. During the pandemic, this airline may restrict flying operations for minors or make changes to the said rule.

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