Aegean Airlines Name Change Policy

The Aegean Airlines name change or correction policy can cater to the needs of travelers who want to amend their details after making a booking. It includes alterations like modifications or corrections of the passengers’ names on the tickets. The typos, errors, and legal alterations can all lead to the requirement for modification of the name. 

What is Aegean Airlines Name Change Policy?

When there are any inaccuracies in the name on the flight ticket, a flyer will have to change it. The Aegean Airlines name change policy is a set of rules that guides the passengers to fly with a proper name on their tickets. The traveler can alter his or her details using this feature and ensure that they are fully correct. 

Similarly, this feature can also be used for marriage and divorce-related instances. For such reasons, the airline can help you to update details on the tickets. 

There can be some types of name changes by the passengers traveling with this airline which are as mentioned below:

  • A passenger can make the changes when the reservation was made using the married surname rather than the maiden surname.
  • Sometimes, the passengers can have many names and they may wish to add the other name because the first one would have been submitted at the time of booking. In such cases, Aegean Airlines name change can be made on the ticket.
  • If there is a mix-up between your surname and your first name, then you can modify it. 
  • In any other incidence of surname and the initial name, the mistake done in the ticket should be examined by the flyer and can be changed as per the requirements. 

Note: When a name containing more than three letters has to be changed for domestic tickets, you can include a specialized request with the proper name in PNR.

Aegean Airlines Name Correction Policy 

When booking a flight with Aegean Airlines, having misspelled names is normal. Typo mistakes can also cause inaccuracies in the air ticket. For correcting the name on the ticket, Aegean Airlines name correction policy is enacted. It includes minor corrections of the name by editing the characters. If it comes to huge issues in the name on the ticket, then you might contact the airline to see whether the change is flexible or not. 

Conditions for Name Change or Correction Policy of Aegean

Even though the airline may easily allow for a variety of alterations and corrections, it has conditions that the visitors should follow. By following all the conditions of the airline, it can assist the passengers with the seamless implementation of the modifications. As per the conditions, Aegean Airlines change passenger name can be allowed on the ticket up to a few characters only.  

The following are the additional conditions of the policy:

  • For a name change or a correction, a traveler must book all the tickets with Aegean Airlines directly.
  • The passenger name on the ticket and the original document’s name should be identical.
  • Due to the personal nature of the ticket and booking, Aegean Airlines does not accept the entire name change. 
  • Before creating a new passenger name record, you must not cancel your PNR with the incorrect name on the ticket. In addition, the revised PNR must include all special services. 
  • Sometimes, synchronized difficulties may arise when the name change or correction is executed within the same PNR. So as per the Aegean Airlines name change policy, every time, a new PNR can be produced. 
  • For partially utilized tickets, a passenger can change his or her name. 
  • There is no rebooking cost when there are no other changes except the change in the name to the booking and the schedule continues the same. 

Different Procedures for Modification of Name on Aegean

There can be instances when the flyer’s preferences may differ. For the Aegean change passenger name on the tickets, there are various procedures to make it easier for all the travelers. One of the methods is that you can modify your name by contacting the customer care center. Furthermore, by using social media apps, you can alter the name on the ticket. Or else, you can also send an email to the airline regarding your issue of name correction or change.  

Method 1: Modify Name by Using Customer Care Number

When passengers require Aegean Airlines name change or correction, they opt for calling methods frequently. The officials directly connect with the travelers over the call. For contacting the customer care center, you will have to follow some steps. You may visit the website to find the customer care number. 

  • You will have to open the link “”.
  • After directing to the website, scroll down the home page of the website. At the bottom, you can look for the “Help and Contact” option. Select it.
  • On the next page, you may find the “Contact Numbers” features. Click on it.
  • Now, you will have to choose your country from the drop-down menu.
  • You can get the contact number of the customer care center, as per your country.

Next, you can contact the customer centers and request for the Aegean change passenger name. Further, you may be requested to produce an identity for proceeding with the name change or correction procedure. 

Moreover, the service fees, as given in Aegean Airlines name change policy, may also have to be paid for the correction of your name. Once you pay the fees and provide the required documents, the operator can go further with the name alteration process. Later, you may receive a confirmation message regarding the correction of your accurate name on the ticket. 

Method 2: By Emailing the Airline

It can be easy for a passenger when he or she chooses to do the Aegean Airlines name change through the email service. It might not get you instant changes or corrections but it is an authorized method. 

In this method, your personal information may remain secure and confidential. You can mail the airline regarding your issue by opening the official website of the airline. There, you can find the email address of the airline and can write your query through email. 

To proceed, you must follow some directives described below:

  • Please go to the site “”.
  • On the homepage of the website, at the top, you may find the “Help and Contact” option. You will have to click on it.
  • Scroll down on the next page. You can see the “Email” tab. Press on that feature.
  • Next, you will have to provide some personal details for the Aegean Airlines change name on ticket.
  • First, you will have to fill in your personal details in the spaces given on that page. It includes “Title”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email Address”, as well as “Frequent Flyer Number”.
  • Further, you can select the subject regarding your issue, such as “Type of Communication”, and “Category”. Fill both the sections as per your requirement.
  • Moreover, fill in the “Contact Information” like “Street”, “City”, “Country”, “Postal Code”, “Country Code”, as well as “Phone Number”.
  • Once you provide this information, you will have to select your flight details. It may include “Airline”, “Flight Number”, “Flight Date”, “Class of Service”, and “Booking Reference”.
  • Then you will have to add your “Bank Details” in the columns.
  • Furthermore, you can write your query in the given box. Please mention your “Subject” as Aegean change passenger name.
  • Next, in the “Message” box, you can share your concern.
  • Once you write your issue, you may provide some documents regarding the verification of the name on the ticket.
  • Post that, you can attach all the paperwork. Look at the “Would you like to receive a response?” message. Then, you can click on the “Yes” button and go further.
  • You will have the “Send” tab. Click on it.
  • Later, wait for the response of the airline for the name change or correction on the flight ticket. 

Method 3: Name Change or Correct via Social Media App

For many reasons, passengers prefer to connect with the airline through a social media app. It may include assistance for problems like the modification or editing of the name on the flight ticket. On its website, the airline has offered social media apps through which you can connect with it for the Aegean Airlines name change or correction on the ticket. There, you can request for the alteration of the name and wait for the carrier to respond. 

More steps are given for the modification of the name as stated below:

  • Kindly, go to the official website of Aegean Airlines.
  • On the website, you can see the “Help and Contact” feature. Tap on it.
  • Coming to the next page, you can have the option of a social media app, such as “Messenger”, “Twitter”, “Facebook”, as well as “Instagram”.
  • You can select the app according to your choice for the purpose of the Aegean Airlines change name on ticket. 
  • There, you can share your issue of alteration of the name. 
  • Later, you may have to supply your documents for the verification of the name on the ticket. 
  • Furthermore, you may have to pay the fees if any.
  • In the end, wait for the confirmation of the name change or correction from the airline.

Name Alteration or Edit Fees

Usually, you may have to pay the fees, under the Aegean Airlines name change policy. However, it can depend on the nature and time of modification or correction of the name on the flight ticket. 

For a ticket that has been initially printed in Y/class, you may have to pay the charge of 100 EUR. If the ticket is in K/class, then it has a price value of 80 EUR. 

As the fees can change regularly, you will need to check the operator’s official website for the most up-to-date details. Or else, for instant information on the fee, you can contact the airline. 

On a Final Note
The Aegean Airlines name change policy is simple to follow for the passengers, who want to alter or edit their names on the ticket. It also provides numerous alternatives for the modification of the name. Hence, when your name is printed wrongly on your ticket, you need not be concerned about fixing it. You may get the best benefit from this name change or correction policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Aegean Airlines allow change name on ticket?

Yes, a passenger can change his or her name on the flight ticket. However, you cannot change your full name on the ticket, as per the policy. In case of a divorce or marriage, you may alter your last full name.

2. What is Aegean Airlines name change policy?

The rules for changing the details of the name on the flight ticket are determined by the Aegean Airlines name change policy. It is made to let the passengers change their names and correct them in case they are misspelled. You may present some documents to change or correct one’s name according to the policy guidelines.

3. How to change passenger’s name on Aegean Airlines?

By using a social media app/medium, Aegean Airlines change passenger names on the ticket is done with ease. On the official website of the airline, a passenger may get the various social media platforms for modification of name. You can choose any one media from which you can share your concern and alter your details. Later, you may provide paperwork for the purpose.

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