Aeromexico Name Change Policy

Flying entails many conditions, one of which is to have the correct name on your ticket. Any reservations involving spelling errors on the name will not be accepted by airlines. Therefore, in order to save passengers from this trouble, Aeromexico has determined a name change policy. This Aeromexico name change policy assists travelers in making name changes and corrections. As a flyer, you ought to go through this policy before your ticket reservation. Understanding the rules and regulations mentioned under this policy can make your journey simpler.

Rules to be Followed Under the AeroMexico Name Change Policy 

It is important to understand that this policy facilitates name corrections rather than whole name changes of the passenger. Therefore, as per the Aeromexico name correction policy, you can only make modifications to your name but you cannot change your entire name. Similarly, only minor alterations are allowed on the first and last names of the traveler. The airline prohibits ticket transfers, hence this restriction applies when you make changes to your name. 

When you want to easily access the Aeromexico name change on ticket option, you will have to follow specific rules and regulations. These rules help the authorities to protect the privacy of the passengers while still ensuring the smooth processing of your name corrections. Hence, obeying these rules is extremely important for passengers traveling with this carrier. 

Given below are some of the main conditions of name correction on Aeromexico Airlines: 

  • All the domestic and international flight tickets booked with this airline directly will be eligible for name modifications. 
  • In case you have accidentally entered your first name in place of the last name or vice versa, you will be allowed to modify it. 
  • Changes to your surname or given name can be made after marriage or divorce. For this, you will have to submit your marriage certificate to the carrier. 
  • Correction of the Aeromexico misspelled name will be permitted only when 2 characters are wrong in any part of the traveler’s name. 
  • The name correction feature will not be available for any reservation made just 4 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • You will be restricted from modifying your ticket twice. Therefore, check for all the errors carefully during the first modification itself. 
  • Name corrections in the ticket do not include gender or styling changes. To make such alterations, you will have to follow another procedure different from that of the name change. 
  • For your name change request to be accepted, you will have to provide the following documents: 
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Passport 
  • Voter ID Card given by Mexico INE 
  • Passengers with multi-destination flight tickets will not be allowed to make any kind of modifications to their tickets. 

Note: Bookings made through travel agencies or Basic Rate segments are not qualified for ticket corrections under the Aeromexico name change policy. 

Methods To Change/Correct Name On Aeromexico 

This airline offers two different methods of making a name change. These include the online and offline options. You can choose the best Aeromexico name change option as per your expertise. While the online option is more suitable for those well versed with the use of technology, the offline options suit travelers wanting quick changes. However, both of these methods are efficient and will help you to make the necessary modifications to your name. 

Method 1: Online Name Modification On Aeromexico 

To use the Aeromexico change name on ticket online option, you will have to visit the official site of the carrier. This online process will get completed in just a few minutes and is not time-consuming. Moreover, it is best suitable to make changes to international flight tickets by the use of this method. It is available to customers 24 hours a day. 

To modify your name online, you will have to retrieve your reservation in the manage booking section. The step-by-step online procedure of modifying your name is detailed below: 

  • Open your browser and go to the official site of the Aeromexico airlines through the address “”. 
  • On the homepage of the site, you will find a panel of tabs on the top. From this panel, select the “My Trips” tab. 
  • A drop-down dialogue box titled “Manage Your Trip” will be opened. 
  • You will have to enter your flight details like your reservation number or ticket number and reference code. 
  • You will also have to submit your details like the passenger’s last name. 
  • After correctly entering the required information on the website, click on the arrow given on the right. 
  • Your reservation will now be retrieved. Select the ticket on which you wish to correct your name. 
  • Follow the on-screen directions and use the Aeromexico change ticket name option to correct your name. 
  • Save your alterations and pay the name change fee, if required. 
  • You may receive a confirmation mail regarding your successful name change after the process is completed.

As per the Aeromexico name correction policy, members of the flyer will have to submit their number to this program to change their names on the ticket. 

Tip: In case you do not know your reservation or ticket number, you can use the “find your reservation” option on the site to get your ticket number. 

Method 2: Offline Name Modification On Aeromexico 

The offline method of name modification is most suitable when you want to change your first or last name. This method is also best for changing your Aeromexico middle name. When you wish to go through with the offline process at Aeromexico, you will have to contact their customer care agents. Since the agents themselves take care of your issues directly, you will be in good hands and the name change process will be completed smoothly. 

To reach the customer care service of Aeromexico, dial the following number: 

  • +1 800 855 474 
  • Once you connect with the agents, let them know the reason for your call and inform them about the errors in your name. 
  • Provide your flight details and personal information as asked by the authorities. 
  • You will also have to submit your passport or other legal documents when required by the carrier. 
  • Upon scrutinizing your details, the agents will soon begin the modification procedure as per the rules of the policy. 
  • Pay the required Aeromexico name change fee, if any. 
  • Confirm your changes on the confirmation email at your registered address. 

Note: The toll-free numbers for the Netherlands and Great Britain are different. You can find these numbers on the official online site of this airline. 

Name Change Fee On Aeromexico Airlines 

This airline does not charge a change fee for doing name corrections involving only 2 characters. Passengers’ first names, last names, and surnames can also be changed for free. However, when you want to modify your name at the very last minute, you will have to pay the Aeromexico name change fee. This fee can usually be charged on domestic flights. It can range anywhere from USD 30 to USD 50 according to the time of the request. Other than this, travelers will be subject to no additional costs for requesting name corrections. Extra fees do not apply even on flights to and from the USA and Canada. 

You may connect with the airline authorities to know the actual amount of the name change fee on last-minute requests. 

Bottom Line 

The Aeromexico name change policy caters to different types of passengers. It helps the travelers make modifications and corrections to their names irrespective of the reason. Under this policy, additional charges for name changes are rarely charged. Therefore, this airline makes name modification accessible, simple and affordable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I correct spelling mistakes on Aeromexico tickets?

Yes, the Aeromexico name correction policy allows passengers to correct spelling errors in their names. You can correct up to 2 letters in any part of your name on the ticket. You can make your name correction online on the official website of the airline or offline through the customer care service.

How to correct the Aeromexico ticket name online?

To correct your ticket name online at Aeromexico Airlines, go to its official site. Here, find the “Manage Booking” section under the “My Trips” tab. Enter your reference code and the last name. When your reservation is retrieved by the airline, use the Aeromexico change name on ticket option to correct your name online.

Can I book a ticket without a middle name on Aeromexico?

This airline does not make submission of middle names mandatory while making a name change. While booking your ticket, you will find the Aeromexico middle name section to be optional. So you can book your ticket with or without entering your middle name.

What documents are needed to change Aeromexico legal name?

If you wish to change your name on the Aeromexico ticket because it has been legally changed due to marriage, you will have to submit your marriage certificate. Even for legal name changes resulting from a divorce, you need to submit your divorce certificate and passport.

What happens if I enter the wrong name on Aeromexico?

If you have entered a wrong or misspelled name during a reservation on Aeromexico, you will be given the chance to correct it. You can rectify your Aeromexico misspelled name when your reservation has been made directly with the airline. Or else, you have to cancel and rebook your ticket.

What is the Aeromexico name correction fee?

Unless you have requested your name correction at the last-minute, you can do it for free. In case of a last-minute request, you will have to pay an Aeromexico name change fee of about USD 30 or 50.

How to change name on flight ticket, Aeromexico offline?

You can contact customer care to correct your name offline on Aeromexico. Dial the toll-free number given on the online site. Inform the agents about your error and then submit the necessary details to the airline. Pay the change fee and your name modification will soon get completed.

Can I change my name on the Aeromexico ticket?

This airline does not allow passengers to change their entire names on the ticket. You can only correct your Aeromexico wrong name or misspelled name. Other than this, complete name changes are not permitted since they result in ticket transfers which are prohibited on this airline.

What happens if an Aeromexico flight booked with maiden name passport in married name?

Your name on the ticket and the passport should match while booking a ticket on Aeromexico Airlines. Hence, if your flight has been booked with your maiden name and your passport has your married name, you will have to change your name on the ticket. For this, contact the customer care service and request them for making a name change.

Can I change my last name on Aeromexico?

Yes, the Aeromexico change ticket name option allows the passengers to change their last name. You can also swap your first and last names if you wish. You will have to provide a valid reason for making such a request and submit the necessary documents to the operator accordingly as well.

How to use Aeromexico change ticket name feature?

You can use this feature of Aeromexico air company via online or offline procedures. For the former, go to the online site and open the manage booking section. Enter your details here and you will be able to use this feature. For the latter, reach out to customer care through the toll-free number.

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