Air France Name Change Policy

When it comes to changing their name mid-flight or correcting an error on their ticket, Air France name change policy gives passengers a sense of assurance. The procedure is simple and costs only a small amount.

This post will go through all the rules for name changes, including how to ask for a change of name, what kinds of requests you can make while doing so, and much more.

Rules Under Air France Passenger Name Change Request

Under Air France change passengers name request. passengers can correct their first name, last name, middle name, or any combination of those three. Add to that –

  • Flight tickets are not transferable; hence the airline prohibits name changes to a different passenger once the reservation is ticketed.
  • Name change requests are only accepted under legal considerations such as name change due to marriage, divorce or any other legal reasons.
  • Passengers must seek a flight cancellation in order to transfer ownership of the ticket, then book a new flight with the new passenger’s information. Read the Air France cancellation policy to learn more about the said guidelines.
  • When making reservations and purchasing tickets, passengers must enter their full first and last names exactly as they appear in their passports.
  • While middle names and titles are not necessary for travel within Europe, if they are included on the ticket, they must be shown in the same sequence as they are on the passport or government-issued photo ID.
  • For flights to and from destinations outside of Europe, the request must be made up to 24 hours prior to departure.
  • The name change/correction request must be made up to four hours before departure for travel within France.
  • Any legal name change resulting from a marriage or divorce needs to be supported by paperwork. These supporting documents include:
  • Marriage certificates
  • Court order or legal affidavit for divorce
  • Legal affidavit for name change
  • All other modifications, such as date of birth, title, and gender, would not be considered as part of the name change.
  • For flights under a codeshare agreement, the airline prohibits name changes or corrections.
  • No name changes are allowed after check-in. Read the Air France check-in policy to learn more about the criteria.

What Types of Requests are Accepted Under Air France Name Change?

Air France name change policy accepts the following changes under the name correction/changes –

  • Title correction – If you find an erroneous title while making a reservation, it can be altered to match the passenger’s passport. The ticket would be reissued, subject to availability. You can charge the fare difference and the name change cost.
  • Correction of first or middle name – The passenger’s first and middle names may be changed to match the passport. The fare difference and the Air France name change fee must be charged.
  • Last name correction – Only the last name that appears on the passport or official photo ID may be corrected, and it may only be changed by a maximum of three characters. The Air France Manage Booking area allows you to make a name adjustment request. There will be a name correction fee and a fare difference.
  • Addition of a last name – You may add a second last name to match the passenger’s name as it appears on their passport. However, in this case, no changes to the first name is allowed. There will just be a name correction fee.
  • Correct the inverted name – The first and last names should be changed to match the order on the person’s passport or other official photo ID. There will only be one charge for name correction.
  • Air France name change marriage – Passengers flying with Air France can correct or alter their name due to marriage. The request is applicable mid-travel. Passengers need to present the following documents –
  • Legal affidavit or certificate of marriage
  • Passport or government issued photo ID
  • Booking confirmation

How to request a Name Change on an Air France Flight Ticket?

Passengers must check their flight reservation on the airline’s website in order to change a typographical error in the first and/or last name. They must dial the airline’s customer service hotline in order to modify the name under legal consideration.

Air France change ticket name online – By accessing the airline’s manage booking section, passengers can submit an Air France name change request. There can be a change fee and a fare difference. To request the name correction online, follow these steps:


The screenshot above is taken from official website.

  • Go to and select the “My Booking” tab.
  • In the appropriate field, enter the PNR for the reservation and the passenger’s last name.
  • Pick the name of the passenger who has to be corrected.
  • Then, enter the correct title in the required field. Pay the required fee.
  • The airline will send the confirmation email with the amended passenger’s name after the payment procedure is complete.

Air France change ticket name over the phone – Passengers can also call the airline and the representative to have their names corrected. However, you can also contact an airline to seek the legal name changes resulting from marriage, divorce, etc. A name change fee will be charged in addition to the fare difference.

customer care number
I want to change my booking
Managing My Booking

The above screenshot was taken from the official website.

Correction of Names on Air France Flight Reservation

The first name, middle name, surname name, title, or PTC may be corrected due to a spelling error, as per Air France name correction policy. Additionally –

  • Any AF flight ticket with a stock number beginning with 057 is eligible for this service, independent of the cabin class.
  • Flight tickets must be re-issued for each name correction request.
  • Only one name correction requested is permitted per passenger per booking.
  • Passengers must present supporting documentation, such as a passport or government-issued photo ID, at the time of name adjustment.

Name Change Fee

The airline levies a different price for the name correction and the name change in accordance with the Air France name change policy. The cost varies depending on the fare type and service class.

FaresEconomy BasicEconomy OptiEconomy FlexiBiz SaverBizBiz Plus
Cabin ClassEconomyEconomyEconomyBusinessBusinessBusiness
Name Change Fee (in USD)Not AvailableNot Available20015010055
Name Correction Fee (in USD)Not AvailableNot Available200150100Free

Last but not the least, Air France’s name change policy makes it easy to do so, and also ensures that you won’t end up paying more than what you should. You just have to make sure that you place the request must at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Air France name change fee?

The name change or correction fee is applicable in certain circumstances. The name change fee ranges between 100 USD to 200 USD. It varies with the class of service. The name correction fee is low in comparision ot the name change request.

How do I change passenger names on Air France?

Air France passengers can change their names by contacting the airline. Passengers can explain their situation to the airline carrier and provide the necessary information for name changes or corrections.

How do I correct Air France wrong name on tickets?

There are various ways to change the name on your ticket. A passenger has the option of making the modifications offline or online. You need to provide the accurate information for the name correction for that.

How to change name after marriage on Air France?

In such circumstances, the passenger must provide the airline with a copy of their marriage certificate. Air France name change fee would be applicable.

Can You change name on an Air France flight ticket?

You can alter your name on the ticket. The airline policy is now known to be flexible, so you can easily change your name.

How to change last name on Air France flights?

Open the Air France website first. You can then log in using your account information. Enter the relevant information. The last name should be provided in accordance with the passenger’s ID.

Does Air France require a middle name on tickets?

Passengers may first need to cancel and rebook their tickets if they want to add their middle name after making the reservation.

What is the Air France name correction policy?

Minor spelling changes to the middle name, surname name, and initial name are permitted under this regulation. The Air France name correction request must be limited to 3 characters on the first name, middle name, and last name.

How does Air France name change policy work?

Name change requests offer flexibility to the passengers who choose to change or correct their name. However, the policy may need legal documentation for permission if the passengers wish to alter their name as a result of marriage or divorce.

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