Air India Name Change Policy

Air India Name Change Policy

As per the law, passengers are obliged to fly with the correct and apt names on tickets. You are legally required to correct any errors made in your name during flight reservations. Keeping this rule in view, Air India has determined a firm name change policy. The Air India name change policy allows travelers to change and correct their personal details as per their requirements. It facilitates all kinds of name modifications, thus, being immensely beneficial. Therefore, you will be able to make necessary changes to your name by comprehending this policy.

Rules to Change/Correct Name on Air India 

For properly utilizing the Air India ticket name change feature, you will have to adhere to the rules given by the airline. These rules make the process simple for both the authorities and passengers. The rules also restrict bookings made under the wrong names. 

Given below are the main regulations of name modification on this airline: 

  • Corrections to your name can only be done before the official issuance of the ticket. Once the reservation is confirmed and the ticket is issued, you cannot make any alterations. In this case, the only option available as per the Air India name correction policy is cancellation and rebooking. 
  • For domestic travel, the name on your ticket can match the name on your passport, voter ID, driving license, or any other identity proof. For international travel, the ticket name must exactly match the name on the passport. 
  • A valid reason must be provided by travelers for modifying their names. 
  • All the reservations made with the airline directly will be eligible for name corrections. 
  • Air India name change fee can be charged for name corrections and alterations. This fee can vary in accordance with the change introduced.
  • Restrictions may apply in case of full name changes. 
  • Fully unutilized tickets can be qualified for ticket transfers. 
  • Modifications can only be made to the tickets purchased with cash or credit. 
  • Certain limitations can apply to tickets bought with airline points. Therefore, before changing anything on the same, connect with the airline’s team.

Note: Sometimes, the rules for doing name change Air India ticket can vary based on the arrival destinations. For the latest updates, you can connect with the airline. 

Air India Name Change Procedures

To make it easier for its passengers to correct their names, this airline offers different methods to go through this process. These procedures include online and offline options. You can select the option best suitable to you as per your needs. Both of these methods facilitate easy processing of Air India name change. The operating procedure of these options is explained as follows. 

Method 1: Name Modification via Air India Website 

The online method of name modification can be carried out with the help of the change passenger name Air India feature. This is both convenient and efficient. It also ensures the security of the passengers by not compromising their privacy. The site will be available for use 24 hours a day. 

Under this process, you will have to visit the “Manage Booking” section on the homepage of the site and enter your details. The complete Air India ticket name correction online procedure is described below: 

  • Firstly, open your browser and go to the official Air India site. For this, you can type in the address “”. 
  • Scroll a little further on the homepage of the site to find the “Manage Booking” section. Click on it. 
  • Here, to retrieve your booking, enter your “Booking Reference Number” and “Last Name”. 
  • Next, continue by clicking on the “Submit” button given to the right. 
  • When your reservation is visible, select the flight on which you want to correct your name. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and select the change passenger name Air India option to edit your name. 
  • Make the necessary changes and finish the process by paying the change fee, if required. 
  • You may get a confirmation email to your registered address. 

Tip: It is important for you to know that Air India is an exceptional carrier. It can facilitate a complete passenger name change. Therefore, using the method added above, you can try modifying your name in this way as well.

For reservations made through travel agents, the online Air India name change procedure may not be a viable option. You can request your travel agents to connect with the airline for any modifications. 

Method 2: Name Modification by Contacting Air India Customer Care

One of the easiest methods of offline name alteration is reaching out to customer care agents. The airline’s agents will help you in understanding the guidelines of the Air India name change policy and give you the required directions. Further, this method is time-efficient as well. 

In order to connect to the customer care center, you can dial the number 1888-634-1407. 

Should the call not go through, then you can find the toll-free number based on your region in the “Contact Us” section of the online site. The toll-free numbers vary for different countries. 

Upon reaching the airline authorities, here is what you need to do:

  • Tell the agents about the errors in your name. You will be required to provide a justifiable reason for making the Air India ticket name change request. 
  • The agents may ask you to submit your flight details like booking number and PNR. Personal information like the full name of the passenger may also have to be provided. 
  • Also, submit your passport, identity proof, or any other legal document. Giving the same will be vital in case of legal changes. 
  • Once the agent is satisfied with the scrutiny, he or she will initiate the procedure as per the Air India name correction policy. 
  • If necessary, then make the payment of the change fee. 
  • Your name will soon be edited and you will receive a confirmation mail or an SMS. 

Tip: It is best to avoid waiting till the last moment to make your modifications. This is because the Air India name change is only allowed before the issuance of the ticket. 

Name Change/Correction Fee On Air India 

According to the Air India name change policy, travelers will be allowed to make one free change to their tickets. This change can be made to the date, flight, name, or booking code of your reservation. Once you make this free change, you will be charged for further modifications. 

It is also significant to note that the airline can allow you to make minor name corrections for free. This means that based on your reason and time of the request, you may have to pay a change fee. Sometimes, differences in charges may also apply. The only way to know the actual amount of the Air India name change fee is by contacting the airline. You can reach out to it at its customer care or toll-free number. 

Bottom Line 

This airline provides absolute convenience to its customers in terms of name correction. It facilitates Air India ticket name correction online and offline, thus, ensuring convenience to travelers. By allowing name modifications free of charge, the quality of service is further enhanced. Overall, you can refer to this policy for guidance as and when you require it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change passenger name in flight ticket Air India?

The change passenger name Air India option allows modifications but only before the ticket is issued. You can make minor corrections to your name in case of spelling errors. Last name and first name modifications are also facilitated by the airline in case of legal changes, marriages, and divorces. 

How to correct name in Air India tickets?

You can modify your name on this airline through both online and offline procedures. For the online Air India ticket name correction, you will have to visit the official site of the carrier. Enter your details here and follow the on-screen instructions to edit your name. For the offline process, you may connect with the customer care center. 

Can I change name in Air India ticket after check-in?

The airline allows you to make changes to your name only before check-in. That means once your ticket is issued, you cannot use the name change Air India ticket option. Therefore, you can avoid these last-minute restrictions by modifying your name as early as possible, especially before your boarding pass is issued. 

What documents should I submit for a name change in Air India flight ticket?

To access the Air India change passenger name feature on domestic flights, you will have to provide your passport, voter ID, and aadhar card. In the case of international travel, the submission of your passport is essential. If you wish to alter your name due to other legal reasons like marriage, then you may have to provide your marriage certificate. 

How much does it cost for Air India passenger name correction?

As per the rules of the Air India change name on ticket policy, you can make minor corrections for free. A change fee may be charged when you have requested a name modification at the last moment. Further, this fee also depends on the reason for the change. The name correction rules of some international destinations may also affect these charges. For finding out the exact charges, please contact Air India.

Can I book tickets with my Air India middle name missing?

Yes, on this airline, bookings can be made without a middle name. Further, on Air India no last name reservations can be made as well. Passengers with only a single name are allowed to book tickets without any trouble. In this case, you will simply have to repeat your single name in all fields like the “Surname” and “Given Name” while booking your ticket. 

How to change name in Air India flight ticket online?

To modify your name online, go to the site “” Find the “Manage Booking” section on the home page. Provide your details here and continue with the Air India name change procedure by clicking on the “Submit” option. Now, select the name change option and make the required modifications. Also pay the change fee, if necessary. 

How to change name in flight ticket Air India offline?

For the offline name correction process, contact customer care at the number 1888-634-1407. You can also find other toll-free numbers on the “Contact Us” page of the site. Inform the agents about your need to change the name on the ticket. Submit the necessary documents asked by the airline. The name modification process will soon be completed by the authorities. 

How to change passenger name in Air India on reservations made through travel agents?

Usually, only bookings made with the airline will be eligible for direct modifications. Therefore, you can ask your travel agent to put forward your name change requests to the airline online. Considering that the online option does not work, then you can reach out to customer care to know how to change name in Air India ticket on third-party bookings. 

How to edit name in Air India ticket for free?

To avoid paying additional fees for minor name changes, you will have to provide a valid reason for your request. You should also try and modify your name well in advance of the flight’s departure to avoid change fees. Despite this, you may be required to pay service charges for major modifications. 

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