Air Transat Name Change Policy

When deciding to fly, the name on the ticket should comply with your legal name. There can be no room for errors. Therefore, the Air Transat name change or correction policy ensures to help in matters relating to misspellings. This is important to avail a safe and secure journey in terms of legal issues. Although spelling mistakes are common, this airline facilitates smooth correction. Irrespective of the purpose of the name modification, you can access all the features of name alteration. Hence, having comprehensive knowledge of this policy can help you easily utilize its features and benefits. 

Explaining the Air Transat Name Change Policy 

This is a policy that determines the extent to which modifications are allowed on this carrier. It also mentions the important rules that you have to obey to alter your name on the ticket. Now, it is very important to know that the airline does not permit full name changes. 

This means that you will not be able to change your first names, middle names, or even last names completely. However, it allows the modification of the Air Transat misspelled name. Passengers can correct the errors in the characters and other spelling mistakes. Thus, alteration of names is allowed in terms of name corrections and not whole name changes on Air Transat. 

Note: If your legal name has been changed due to marriage or divorce, then you will then be allowed to modify your name on the ticket. In such a case, the submission of legal documents and certificates becomes important. 

Conditions to Follow for Air Transat Name Correction/Change 

It is important to meet the eligibility requirements set by the Air Transat name change/correction policy. These regulations vary depending on the extent and type of your correction, the time of requesting it, and sometimes, the nature of your flight. 

  • Before your flight departs, you can make simple corrections to your information on the ticket. 
  • An alteration in the name, up to 3 characters, is allowed by the airline. These corrections can be in the first, middle, or last names or all of them combined. 
  • Modifications can be made in accordance with the name mentioned in the US DoT. 
  • You will have to alter your name on your existing PNR. For complete name changes, you may have to buy a new ticket. 
  • Sometimes, a specific time can be given within which passengers will have to conduct modifications. You can check the airline’s site for this period. 
  • In special circumstances, for availing of name changes, the carrier will need you to submit documents to such effects.
  • For new updates in these conditions relating to name modification, checking the airline’s website from time to time is recommended.

Note: In certain instances, the type of your seat can also influence the speed of your name modification process. Selecting the best seats as per the Air Transat seat selection policy can aid in the easy completion of this procedure. 

Methods for Air Transat Change Name on Ticket

The airline provides different methods to alter the Air Transat wrong name on ticket. You can choose the option you find most suitable after weighing the extent of your change. The carrier offers both online and offline methods to cater to the varying demands of the customers. The time of your request can also determine the method you ought to prefer. 

Hence, it can be advantageous to make your choice after considering all the potential options like: 

  • Through the website 
  • With calling service 
  • At the airport desk 

Note: As a flier, it is essential that you opt for the most befitting option while changing name on Air Transat tickets. Although all these methods offer the same level of privacy and security, the pace of the correction process might differ. However, all of the above-mentioned ways ensure a smooth and absolute name alteration. 

Method 1: Altering Name through the Website 

By using the online website, you can save time and carry out the name change/correction process independently. This site will enable you to use the Air Transat change passenger name facility. Passengers will have to log in to the website, enter their information, and request a name correction. 

For a detailed description of the online procedure, you can refer to the steps given below: 

  • Open your web browser. 
  • Type the link “”. 
  • Log in to the site. 
  • On the home page, you will see the “Manage My Booking” icon on the top right of your screen. Click on it. 
  • Via the new page, you will have to submit your flight details and other personal information. These comprise: 
    • “Passenger First Name”
    • “Last Name”
    • “Confirmation Number”
    • “Departure Date”
  • Upon entering your details, proceed by clicking on the “Continue” button.
  • Your booking will now be retrieved and you can select the reservation on whose ticket you want to modify the name. 
  • Use the Air Transat ticket name change option to correct your errors. 
  • Follow the other instructions given on the screen to complete the process. 
  • You may have to pay some additional charges for name alteration.
  • Once you receive a confirmation email adhering to your correct name, you can print your boarding pass. 

It is better to edit your name immediately after you find the typos or other mistakes. Waiting till the last moment can prove to be troublesome in case of online modifications. 

Note: Passengers can use this official Air Transat site for other purposes as well. You can change or cancel flights, check-in, select or change seats and view the baggage policy through this website. 

Method 2: Altering Name via Call 

Passengers can connect with the airline’s agents in case of any trouble in any matter. For contacting them, you can use the customer care service. As per the Air Transat name correction policy, the customer care officials will be available 24 hours and seven days a week. 

The following number can be used to reach the customer care unit of Air Transat: 

  • 1-877-872-6728 (Customer helpdesk number)

Once you connect with the agents, tell them the reason for your call. They may transfer you to another department for name correction. Then you will be asked about your flight details. Provide all the necessary information including the passenger’s full name, e-ticket number, and booking reference. You will then have to make the officials aware of your Air Transat misspelled name on the ticket. Simultaneously, give your correct name as well for it to be altered. 

The agent will soon initiate the process of modifying your incorrect name. It can take about a few hours or a couple of days for this procedure to be completed. Once it is done, you will immediately receive a confirmation email on the id registered with the airline. Download your new boarding pass and print your ticket. 

Note: This method can be preferred in case of major corrections. Also, it is a great way to perform modifications at the last moment. 

Method 3: Altering Name at the Airport Centre 

An easy way to access the option of Air Transat flight name change is at the airport help desk. It is considered to be the most dependable method as the officials directly supervise your changes. Travelers can request both minor and major modifications at this help desk. Apart from name corrections, this center also guides in other issues regarding flight changes, check-in, and boarding. 

Get to the airport center well in advance of your departure. Inform the agents here of your requirement regarding name modification. Tell them the reason for such a correction as well. Submit all the details as asked by the agents. This can include information about your flight and other personal particulars as well. You may also be required to submit legal documents in case of changes to such effect as: 

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Any identity proof, or 
  • Government-issued passport 

The agent will then scrutinize the provided details. He/she will proceed further if no legal trouble is found. The process to alter your information will soon be commenced. In the case of minor corrections, it might not take long to complete the alteration. 

After a while, your Air Transat’s wrong name on the ticket will be edited. You will be issued a revised ticket with the correct name and information. Obtain your boarding pass and pay any charges, should they be needed by the airline. 

Note: It might be a hassle to request a name correction right before your flight’s departure. The airport help desk may also be crowded sometimes which can add to the delay. Hence, it is recommended that you request a modification a few hours in advance. This can ensure the success of the correction. 

Air Transat Name Change Fee

As per the name correction or change policy, service charges are usually required by the airline. However, there might be some exceptions based on the nature of your correction. For simple edits of up to 3 characters, you do not have to pay any additional charges. You can conduct such minor modifications for free. For major alterations, you may be required to pay the Air Transat name change fee

This fee mainly depends on: 

  • Fare type 
  • Type of seat 
  • Departure destination 
  • Time of request 
  • Extent of correction 

Since the amount/fee keeps varying frequently, you will have to visit the carrier’s official site for the latest information. After evaluating all the factors mentioned above, your name correction fee will be determined. One more method to know this particular amount is by contacting customer service. The agents will provide you with all the information regarding the charges. 

The Air Transat name change policy is convenient to follow. It meets the demands of different customers. You can correct your name as and when you need to without any trouble. It is simple to use and easy to follow as well. Hence, you need not worry if you have to modify your name on Air Transat owing to its inclusive policy.

Air Transat Name Change Policy FAQs

1. Does Air Transat allow changing names on tickets?

Whole name changes are not permitted under the Air Transat name correction policy. Air Transat allows name corrections on the tickets. You can modify your name in case of misspellings, errors, and other legal circumstances. You may alter only up to 3 characters.

2. What is the Air Transat Name Correction policy?

This policy of Air Transat determines the allowance of name corrections. It mentions the various rules that the passengers have to follow for accessing such modifications. It also decides the eligibility criteria for the detail’s corrections. Additionally, the different methods to alter your name are given under this policy.

3. How much does it cost to change the name on an Air Transat flight?

In case of minor corrections up to 3 letters, no change fee is imposed by the airline. For other modifications, you might be needed to pay the Air Transat name change fee. This fee is not constant and varies based on your seat type and travel destination. You can find more information about the fee on the Air Transat website.

4. How to correct Air Transat’s wrong name on a ticket?

To correct your Air Transat’s wrong name on the ticket, you can use the airline’s official site. Find the “Manage My Booking” section and enter your details. Retrieve your reservation and you can now make the needed corrections. Otherwise, you can also connect with the airlines’ agents via customer care to request a modification.

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