Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Allegiant Air Name Change

The Allegiant Air name change tends to the needs of the passengers who want to alter their personal information after reservation. This alteration can be in the form of name changes and corrections. The need for these can arise from misspellings, legal changes, and simple mistakes. Some travelers might want to invert their first and middle names. Besides, last name additions are also often requested by newly married citizens.

Irrespective of the purpose for change, it becomes important to know the correction policy of Allegiant Airlines. This knowledge can help in easy modifications on your ticket at your convenience. 

Overview of Allegiant Change Name Policy

According to the name change policy, it is mandatory for all travelers to fly with an accurate legal name on their ticket. For this, they will have to make necessary changes to their names in case of errors. Thus, to enable such actions, the carrier provides its customers with the Allegiant change passenger name policy. This option allows the passengers to modify their flight information without any trouble. You can access this feature for name changes due to marriage, adoption, and divorce. Inverted names can also be amended with this option.

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

Misspelled details can be usual when reserving a flight on this carrier. Apart from completely incorrect names, spelling errors too can result in inaccuracy. As the Allegiant Airlines name correction policy is made, you get the chance to make your details fully correct. You can make edits to the characters. The policy easily enables minor edits. When major errors exist in the name, you can connect with Allegiant to check for the flexibility.

Regulations for Allegiant Change Name on Ticket

A definite set of regulations are determined by this policy which makes the passenger eligible for the name change on a ticket. You are obliged to meet these conditions if you want to access the feature. In addition to these requirements, this policy informs the customers about the various available options to use the feature. The method to use each option and its benefits are also highlighted under this policy. 

With respect to the Allegiant name change guidelines, the following are the main conditions for alteration on the airline’s tickets: 

  • Corrections to the name are allowed on tickets that have been directly purchased with this carrier. 
  • You can make both minor and major edits to your information based on your requirements. For major changes, cancellation and rebooking of tickets can be necessary. 
  • Transfer of tickets from one flier to the other for the name change is not permitted. You will have to cancel your reservation if the need for transfer occurs. 
  • Passengers will be under a legal responsibility to provide necessary certificates, if required, to confirm alterations. 
  • Modifying your information on the same day of booking is possible. 

Please Note: You can change name on Allegiant Airlines ticket up to 7 days before the official take-off of your scheduled flight. 

Different Ways to Change Name on Allegiant Airlines 

It might not be possible for different passengers to use the same method to carry on the name change. For this reason, this carrier extends various methods to use the Allegiant Air name change option. Travelers who find the electronic methods easier can utilize the online options like using the website. If you prefer a conventional way to go through with this process, you can use the offline methods including a visit to the airport or call customer care. 

All of these options are designed to provide utmost guidance to the customers while changing their information. You can simply follow their designated rules and initiate the correction process. 

Note: The type of preferred Allegiant name change method can mainly depend on the nature of your modification, whether minor or major. 

Method 1: With Website

Most travelers try to make their changes online, owing to the guaranteed authenticity of this method. It is not only time-efficient but also flexible. With this option, you will be able to commence the Allegiant Air name change process from anywhere and at any time as the website remains available at all hours. To change your name online, you will have to sign in to the official site of the airline. This site facilitates simple name changes. You can request corrections as well through this site. 

  • Firstly, log in to your account after you open the link “”. This will redirect you to the main page of Allegiant Airlines. 
  • On the upper right corner of the home page, you will have the “Manage Trip” tab. Click on it. 
  • This tab will take you to a new page where you have to submit your details. These include “Passenger First Name”, “Passenger Last Name” and “Booking Confirmation or Itinerary”.

Please Note: You can also use your e-mail or debit and credit card numbers to enter your flight information. 

  • Next, go ahead by selecting the “Find My Trip” option.
  • You will now be able to view a list of reservations. From this, select the flight on which you wish to perform the necessary modification. 
  • Use the Allegiant change name option to make corrections to your name and other information. 
  • Wait for the official confirmation from the airline upon which you can print a new ticket with the modified name. 

In case your request for a name change does not immediately go through, the airline will update your status via SMS or email. You can then re-initiate the process when the site becomes open for name changes based on these updates. 

Note: The other viable online options to use the Allegiant change name on ticket feature include live chats, bots, and other such chat boxes. Otherwise, you can directly email your concerns to the airline. 

Conditions to Change Name Online on Allegiant Airlines 

In case you decide to opt for the online Allegiant name change method, you may have to meet certain conditions with respect to letters, spellings, etc. This obligation ensures the smooth processing of your modifications. By obeying these requirements, you can also avoid delays in the process. 

The following are some of such main regulations for the online method through the website: 

  • Only minor changes can be permitted through the site like spelling errors or slight inversions. 
  • In the instance of 1 ticket, you can change up to only 4 letters in the name. 
  • For major corrections, you might need to re-book your reservation online. 
  • In accordance with the option of Allegiant change name on ticket, online submission of legal documents can be necessary. This is true especially in the case of changes resulting from marriage. 
  • Passengers will be allowed to change their name online immediately after booking a ticket. 

Modifying your personal information online can be extremely beneficial especially for frequent fliers. Through the online method, you can change flights, cancel reservations, and shift seats as well. Hence, it is a viable option to make any kind of changes to your flight. 

Note: You can access the Allegiant Air change name on ticket feature online till 24 hours before the departure of your flight. 

Method 2: Using the Customer Care Service 

Offline changes are simple, comprehensive, and easy to process since the airline initiates them. For this type of convectional Allegiant Air name change, you can seek assistance from the customer care department. This method can be preferred mostly for significant changes like modification of the full last name and shifting of first names. 

You can contact Allegiant Airlines: 

  • +1 702- 505-8888 (Reservation Number) 

Once you connect with the agent via customer care, you can request a name change. For this process to be initiated, you will have to submit a few of your details. They may include information about your flight number, confirmation code, and the  e-ticket number. Mentioning the reason for the required modification is also mandatory. Whether it be for divorce or adoption, the nature of your change can impact the name change procedure. 

The agent will then confirm your details, upon which he/she will start processing your Allegiant name change request. During this process, the airline may require you to mail them important certificates supporting your reason for the change. Especially in the case of marriages and divorces, the provision of these documents assumes higher importance. 

Please Note: Ensure to inform the agents whether you want to opt for a name change or correction. The process for correction can be slightly different from that of the former. 

ALLways Rewards Name Change Via Phone Call

ALLways Rewards is an exclusive program offered to the frequent fliers of this carrier. The members of it are eligible for rewards and points. These rewards are one of the most beneficial ways to buy tickets or make changes as they help in cost reduction. As a member of the ALLways Rewards program, you can go for Allegiant Air name change via phone call. 

You can contact the reservation number given above to reach the ALLways department. AS soon as the call gets through, you can say “ALLways Rewards” in case of automated prompts. Otherwise, if you happen to connect with an agent, then you can directly request a name change by providing your account details. Follow along as the agent explains the policy and makes your changes accordingly.  

Method 3: Changing Name at the Airport

In some instances, the most dependable way to change your name is at the airport. You can choose this method if you require to modify your details before boarding. You can also visit your nearest airport 1 or 2 days before your flight to correct the name on the ticket. 

The Allegiant name change at the airport will be personally supervised by the officials. Go to the help center or the reservation counter and put forward your requests for modification/correction. Bring along your legal documents and certificates as it may be necessary to submit them. Here, inform the officials why you would want to opt for a name change. Provide them with all the important particulars and request instant alteration. 

The officials will soon complete the procedure. They might issue a new boarding pass with the corrected name. Confirm your details and pay any fee, should it be required. 

Please Note: Avoid seeking last-minute changes at the airport as your request might not go through immediately. You are recommended to visit the airport at least 1 day before your departure. 

Fee/Charges for Name Changes & Corrections on Allegiant 

Allegiant Air aims to offer affordable services to its customers. Hence, it keeps its costs low and fares cheap. In this regard, this carrier does not charge fees for name changes in case of minor modifications. As per the Allegiant Air name change policy, you can modify your information without any additional cost for small changes. This is applicable within the period of 7 days from your initial booking. 

For major alterations, however, you will be required to pay some amount. This fee can start at $75 for a one-way ticket. These charges can vary based on the type of seats and the nature of your trip. The costs are usually low and may not exceed a certain limit. 

Please Note: Assuming that you want to avail of Allegiant name change at low costs, then you can try processing your modification well in advance. 

With Allegiant, you can effortlessly change and correct your name in most instances. It offers one of the most efficient and inclusive policies for this. It tries to make the Allegiant name change feature available to everyone by imposing affordable costs. Hence, you can use this feature when you require it without any hassle.

Allegiant Air Name Change FAQs

1. Can I change the name on my Allegiant ticket?

You can be eligible to change name on Allegiant Airlines ticket subject to some regulations. You can do so after your reservation or at the time of booking. Different online and offline options can be utilized for initiating a name change. You can use the method suitable to you as per your needs.

2. Can you change the passenger name on Allegiant Air?

Travelers will be given the online option to change the name on this carrier. Allegiant understands that due to various factors, errors may be made in this particular detail of the passenger. Hence, you can access the Allegiant change passenger name option and make all the necessary modifications to your information. For this option, you can visit the official site of the airline.

3. How to change the name on Allegiant Air?

To make name changes/corrections on this airline, you can use its main site. Log in to the site and go to the “My Trip” section to change the name. Otherwise, you can connect with the customer care agents via a phone call. Another plausible option is by visiting the airport where you can request name corrections directly.

4. How much does it cost to change the name on Allegiant Air tickets?

A passenger may not have to pay any charges for minor Allegiant change name on ticket. This depends on the time after the booking. Any major change can demand that you pay nearly $75. However, the fee can alter or become high as per the airline.

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