British Airways Name Change Policy

Travelers may not be permitted to fly with British when the name on the ticket does not perfectly fit with the one on their authorized papers. As per the British Airways name change policy, it accepts name alteration claims that require a significant amount of time and cost. With the adjustments made, you can travel with the airline and produce correct identification when needed.

A Brief Note on British Airways Name Change Policy

On British Airways, the name change policy is a feature for ensuring that your details are correctly mentioned. It needs the actual legal papers to do the name alteration process. Name change claims are only accepted on the flights of British Airways. 

British Airways Name Correction Policy

A passenger can correct his or her incorrect spelling as per the British Airways name correction policy. The minor and major spelling errors can be rectified on the ticket. This policy allows you to do the corrections in your middle name, last name, as well as in your first name. You just have to follow the proper guidelines of the policy before correcting your name.

Terms and Conditions to Change Name on British Airways

The British Airways name change or correction policy may lay out some rules to follow when updating or editing your name on the ticket. When flights are scheduled and managed by British Airways, the majority of spelling errors in the name will be rectified without any charge. 

Here are some main considerations to examine when seeking a name change or correction:

  • Only a few characters can be changed in the entire name on the ticket.
  • Furthermore, you may not seek a name change, as well as corrections, when your flight segment is booked with the executive membership travel points.  
  • The passenger may not be able to switch his or her ticket to the name of another person.
  • In case of a marriage or divorce, you can change or correct your name on the ticket. To verify the request due to divorce or marriage, some legal documentation must be attached to make a name change request. 
  • Approximately 5 to 6 hours prior to the planned flight time is British Airways change passenger name permitted.
  • It is expected that you should be requested to show documentation to back up your name alteration.
  • E-tickets may not be altered or updated when you correct the name in the API.
  • Once the tickets are purchased through a broker, then only the broker can make modifications in the name.
  • You can also alter your name directly with the airline on one condition that the tickets should be purchased through the airline only. 
  • Sometimes, there may be a situation where flights are not accessible in the same category. So for that reason, the greater available service class and the fare standards must be retained. There may also be price differences.
  • Birthdate, gender, and additions may not be recognized in the British Airways name change policy.
  • In case, when the alterations are of more than 3 characters, you can contact the airline. 
  • Travelers on British Airways must renew the ticket after finishing the claim of name alteration because they will be rescheduled with the same class or the one which is available at that time. 

It is important that your name appears accurately in the document to complete the operator’s processes. Addressing the criteria is especially vital for the British Airways seat selection. The name change, as well as the correction policy, covers a variety of issues. It will be better for you to carry out the purpose with the correct information. 

Note: Additionally, you can contact the airline for urgent assistance during your name change process. 

Methods of British Airways Name Change

There are several methods of modification of the name. Travelers can do the modifications to their name online through the British Airways official website. Furthermore, travelers can alter their names by calling the carrier. Moreover, there is a facility for the British Airways change passenger name option through the platform of social media. Alternatively, you can go to the airport and modify your name as per the requirement. 

Method 1: Modification of the Name via Social Media

Currently, the passengers mostly prefer to resolve their queries such as alteration of the name due to mistakes or any other reasons. The carrier also offers a service of social media where you can modify or edit your name with ease. On the website, various social media options are available. On the basis of social media websites, the British Airways name change or the correction procedure can be done.

  • Please open your web browser and navigate to the link given below:
  • Scroll down to the homepage of the website. Here, you may find several options for social media, such as “Instagram”, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, as well as “LinkedIn”.
  • You can choose any one from the given list.
  • By clicking on one feature of the social media, you can write your issue regarding the British Airways change ticket name. 
  • Next, you may provide some documents through the media for the verification of your name. 
  • The fees may be asked by the airline.
  • Once you provide the documents and make this payment, your name alteration or adjustment will go further for the procedure.
  • Lastly, you may have to wait for a response from the airline.

Method 2: Online Alterations

The British Airways change name on flight ticket procedure has to be done by visiting the official website of the airline. Once you have opened the site, you can select the Manage option for the editing or modifying of your name on the ticket. For the further process, the website needs relevant information about the passenger. 

  • First, please go to ““.
  • On the front page of the site, you may find the “Manage” option. Click on it. 
  • Here, you will be needed to input your booking details regarding the British Airways change name on ticket. It includes your “Booking Reference” and your “Last Name”.
  • Next, select the appropriate booking for which you want to modify your name on the ticket. 
  • Make sure that you use the exact name as the one is in your identity. 
  • After alteration of name, you have to double-check the details you mentioned. 
  • You may provide some documents for the verification of your name.
  • Following that, you must pay a service fee, if required. 
  • Once you pay the fees, the procedure will go ahead for name correction or changes. 
  • Finally, the airline will send you a confirmation email with the amended information on the ticket. 

Method 3: Change Name Through Call

Some may choose to change passenger name on British Airways flight over the phone. When this option is selected to modify or edit your name, the carrier will assist you directly. The airline has provided the customer care helpline number for the passengers. The contact number is as follows:

  • 1 (800) 247-9297

You will have to dial this customer care center number for the name change or correction procedure. Once the operator connects with you on call, you can request for the alteration of the name on the ticket. When your name is eligible for the modification, the agent may ask you for the original documents. When you are done with this, you may have to pay the necessary fees for the name change or correction process. In the end, wait for the authentication to be received from the airline. 

Note: When you receive a confirmation email from the official, the process of changing or correcting your name on the British Airways flight ticket is complete. If you do not receive the mail of confirmation, then you can again contact the airline. 

Method 4: Modify Name at the Airport

Visiting the airport to update the name on your ticket is also an option. For modifying your name on the ticket, a passenger must get to the preferred airport. Next, you will have to visit the ticket desk for the inquiry of alteration of the name on the ticket. The officials will direct you to the main counter for the modification of the name. There, you can share your concern with the officials regarding the change name British Airways request. 

Further, you can provide the basic information. This detail can include your entire name, passport, ticket number, etc. When any additional documentation is required to modify the name on the flight ticket, the airline will notify you. You can proceed with the procedure once you have provided all of the required paperwork. 

If the name change fees are due, then the officials may ask you to make a payment. Later, you may receive a confirmation of the correct name on the ticket.

British Airways Name Change Price

Sometimes, the price duty or any cost may apply during the process of the name change on the flight ticket and the price difference is paid by the traveler. For that, travelers can alter their middle, last, or first name or a mix of them after asking for the price details. In certain situations, a new passenger name record and the flight ticket should also be renewed in a service class that is the same as or better than the one that is already accessible. When there is a fee, it will be applied. 

British Airways name change price can be $150 when the modification claim is done within 24 hours of booking. A cost of $250 can be charged after the 24 hours of purchase date. Minor edits on name change may be free of charge on British Airways. Generally, the fees of the name change or correction on the ticket can vary as per the situation.

Change Name Procedure for British Airways Executive Club

In British Airways, the reward program is called the Executive Club. To avail of that, an account has to be made. It can be completely free of cost to join the club. In case the passengers travel with British Airways, at that time, these rewards points are credited to the Executive Club account. 

A benefit of this club is that name change can be facilitated with ease. Sometimes, the member may want to alter his or her name due to marriage. In such cases, he/she may show the legal evidence to back up the claim, under the British Airways name change policy. 

Some of the processes you have to follow for the editing or modification of the name are as listed below:

  • First, you can access the British Airways profile by logging in.
  • Once you log in, please complete the details in the form for name change or correction on the flight ticket.
  • The following is the information you may have to provide to the airline:
  1. Several identification details 
  2. A certificate of marriage and other official documents
  3. 1 photocopy of your identity with the correct name written on it 

Note: Your travel awards may not be applied to your Executive Club profile, as long as the name through which you purchase your ticket does not equal the name as shown in the profile. 

To Summarize
British Airways may try to give its customers great service. You can purchase the flight ticket with it and take advantage of the simply accessible British Airways name change policy. This policy is known for adhering to the rules. With it, it can be easier to make alterations to your name on this carrier. You may simply assure that your personal details stay accurate if you follow the name change or correction policy, as given here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you change passenger name on British Airways flight?

It is not permitted to change the entire name of a passenger on British Airways. The airline does not allow you to transfer your name to another individual. However, if you want to change passenger name on British Airways flight, you must cancel your flight and then reserve a new one.

2. How to correct misspelled name on British Airways airline tickets?

You can correct the name on your ticket by calling the airline’s customer care department. On call, you can request the misspelled name correction on the flight ticket. Furthermore, you may provide your identity proof to the agent for initiating the process. Once you are done submitting it, the agent can move forward with the procedure of correcting your name.

3. How much does it cost to change name on British Airways?

British Airways name change price depends on some factors or situations. The cost may be $150 if you modify your name within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. When you alter your name on the ticket after 24 hours of booking, you may have to pay $250.

4. How to change the name on British Airways ticket?

On British tickets, the name of the traveler can be changed in different ways. A flyer can alter his or her name using the website of the airline. There, you will find the Manage option. By selecting it, you may add your details regarding the name change.

5. Does British Airways allow name correction on tickets?

As per the British Airways name correction policy, you may correct your name on the ticket. It includes misspelling, basic errors, etc. The airline allows you to correct up to a few characters in your name.

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9 months ago

Many time reserved the flight with British. This time by mistake submitted the wrong details. But I know how to change name on british Airways. The online Measures are fine. Sad that it takes around 45 minutes to one hour to complete the method. Can you please tell me if any other online way is available with fewer steps? Like if I’m just close to checking in.

Sofia Marry
Sofia Marry
8 months ago

Had been trying for a long time to seek how to British Airways change passenger name while I was not near the airprot. The airline has provided the customer card number for the customers but i m hoping that there won’t be a long queue. Waiting for a name change might be inconvenient at times. 

Johns Pet
Johns Pet
8 months ago

I had to head to London in an emergency. But my last name on the ticket was entered wrong. Then Called the airline for the name change. The name was changed on time. But they were not Supposed to charge a british Airways name change price as I changed my name within 24 Hours i think. didn’t Understand and I think Policy is changing from time to time.