Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Name Change on Delta Ticket

Passengers have to change their names on the flight tickets for various purposes. Whether it be a misspelling or a change of initials, the Delta Airlines name change policy provides for it all. Flying with the correct name on the ticket is a legal requirement for all passengers traveling with this airline. Delta understands the importance of name correction and thus, facilitates many different options to do so. It tries to protect the interests of its customers by expediting the procedure. Hence, you do not have to fret in the instance of requesting a change. In this regard, clear comprehension of this policy’s regulations can prove to be essential. 

Defining Delta Airlines Name Change Policy 

This is a policy that governs the name change regulations. To be able to change the name on Delta Airlines tickets, all travelers must meet the conditions given by this policy. It also regulates when and how you can change your name, the several methods to do it, etc. You will be able to effortlessly alter your name by following the procedure given under this policy. 

Travelers will have to satisfy certain conditions to get an allowance to change their names on the tickets. Given below are some of these: 

  • The airline permits last name changes mainly resulting from marriage or a divorce. 
  • Passengers can be permitted to change their nicknames to legal names on the ticket and boarding pass. 
  • You are free to change your Delta Airlines middle name on the ticket without altering the last one. 
  • Simple additions to the name without any change can also be made by the passenger under this policy. 

Note: If you wish to change your Delta Airlines name for other reasons, then you can contact the airline directly. 

Policy to Change Middle Name on Delta Ticket

Sometimes, a traveler may wish to inquire whether or not the middle name is needed on the plane ticket. As per the middle name policy, filing it is not mandatory. You can ask for your middle name to be written on the ticket but it should be correctly mentioned. When it is added on the flight ticket and not correct, a traveler may be required to change middle name on Delta ticket. In such instances, the first name and the last name may not be affected. 

Delta Airlines Name Change After Marriage 

When a flyer travels with the Delta but under a different name, a legal dilemma arises. This circumstance may happen when there is a name mismatch due to marriage. It can be the most common scenario among women. After marriage, the airline may allow you to alter your name details on the ticket. To use Delta Airlines name change marriage, you may need some legal documents that confirm your marriage. Sometimes, you may wish to modify your name before getting married, in such cases, you should first have it legally altered. Following that, you can contact the airline and request an appropriate alteration of the name on the ticket. 

Delta Change Name of Passenger Completely

It cannot be possible for Delta change name of passenger on the ticket completely. The passengers may not be permitted to transfer their full name details to another person under the name change policy. You can modify your last name due to marriage or divorce but not your entire name on the flight ticket. However, when a flyer may wish to alter his or her complete name on the ticket, he or she may need to cancel his or her travel ticket first and purchase a new one with the updated correct name. 

Delta Name Correction Policy

In certain instances, when a traveler is reserving a flight, he/she may create a typing error while entering his/her details. With the Delta Airlines name correction policy, you can remove such an error from your name. Usually, for tickets to domestic, as well as international locations, this policy is applicable.

This policy can work through these guidelines:

  • You can request a correction online in case of minor spelling errors. 
  • A passenger can correct an inverted name according to the policy.
  • Under the policy, Delta Airlines name correction on tickets for both first and last names is available. 

Ways to Change Your Name on Delta Airlines Ticket 

In an attempt to cater to the different requirements of the passengers, this US carrier has put forward several ways to allow some name changes. The Delta Airlines name change policy includes online as well as offline procedures. In addition to this, you can use these methods to make corrections in your name as well. 

The following are the 3 main ways in which you can either change or correct the information of your name on the ticket: 

  • Through visiting the Delta official site 
  • Via the Delta customer care 
  • Using the airport kiosk 

Note: You can immediately correct your misspelled name on Delta Airlines ticket after reservation through the first two options. 

Method 1: Delta Name Change Using the Airline’s Website

Opting for the online name change procedure can be beneficial in the case of long-haul or international flights. This is because it helps you to easily access the Delta Airlines change passenger name option thus, helping in saving time. Additionally, this method is best for modifying spelling errors as it ensures authenticity. 

For this, you simply have to visit Delta’s official site and use the My Trips tab to change your name. An in-detail description of the steps of this process are as mentioned below:

  • Type in the link “” to navigate to the official site of this airline. 
  • On the list of tabs given on the Home page, you will find the “My Trips” section. 
  • Here, provide all the details including “Confirmation Number”, “First Name” and “Last Name” to find your reservation. 

Note: You can also use your “Credit Card” or “Ticket Number” in place of the “Confirmation Number” while retrieving your booking. 

  • Continue by clicking on the arrow icon. This will provide you with complete information about your reservation. 
  • Now, find the flight ticket on which you wish to change your name and select the “Edit” option.
  • You should now be on a window that will allow you to make changes in the personal details of your ticket. 
  • On this page, you will have to select the Delta Airlines name change” option. 
  • Make the necessary changes and corrections to your name using this option now. 
  • Make sure to confirm your changes and print a fresh ticket showing the new/correct name. 

Note: To change your name due to marriage, you can follow the same procedure. Select the “Delta Airlines Name Change Marriage” option. 

Conditions to Change Name Online on Delta Airlines 

While trying to change your information on the ticket, you must comply with certain conditions. One of these is that the purchase of the ticket should be from the carrier. Its beginning number should have 006.

It becomes necessary to meet these requirements as well to be able to change Delta Airlines correct name on the ticket

  • A traveler can change spelling corrections to his or her name involving more than 3 letters online. 
  • Passengers can change only their Delta Airlines name and not their personal information as per the policy. 
  • In addition to your name, you can also alter your date of birth and gender online. 
  • To rectify mistakes in the first and middle names, you may reissue a new ticket.
  • You can claim only 1 reissue of the ticket on a name change. 

Note: Sometimes, it may take time to complete the process. Hence, making these changes well in advance is an excellent way to avoid the last-minute hassle. 

Method 2: Delta Change Name on Ticket Via Phone Call

Some travelers may find it relatively easier to solve their queries by connecting with the officials directly. In such a case, you can opt to change name on Delta Airlines ticket through a phone call. For this, the passengers are given the option to reach the agents at their toll-free or customer care number. The number given by the airline are as follows: 

  • Customer care number: 1-844-673-0381

For requesting name changes or corrections, you can call this customer care service as it provides special attention. You can initiate changes or corrections of more than 3 letters through a call.

Upon reaching the agent, you have to provide your reservation details which include the PNR or e-ticket number. The agent will then ask you about the number of letters you want to change, the reason for doing so, and other relevant details. If you require, you can mail your identification certificate and passport to the airline for necessary confirmation. 

Upon the provision of all the rightful information, the agent will proceed with the Delta Airlines name change process. Try to stay on the call until your name change request receives confirmation. Otherwise, you can also request a confirmation email on your registered ID. 

Note: When flying with the subsidiaries of Delta Airlines, you can make name changes on tickets by connecting with customer care. This also applies when traveling on specific flights and itineraries available on the carrier’s official site. 

Delta SkyMiles Name Change via Phone Call 

SkyMiles is a loyalty program by Delta offering a range of benefits to the customers. It extends many awards to frequent flyers. You may claim these awards to book tickets at low prices and upgrade for free. Hence, being a part of the SkyMiles program you can make changes to the name on your ticket in a short time. 

To avail of the Delta Airlines SkyMiles name change feature, you can contact the number 1-800-323-2323. This is the SkyMiles department that specifically deals with queries about this program. However, in case of emergencies or any inquiry, you are free to contact the regular customer care number to change this detail on your SkyMiles ticket. 

The airline’s executives will get back to you soon after to dial these numbers. Give them the details of your SkyMiles account and the type of Delta SkyMiles name change or correction. For name changes, you will have to authorize some court documents. They can include marriage or divorce certificates, court orders, or any other legal document verifying the change. 

Note: It is important to change the misspelled name on the airline ticket on Delta. This is because it is legally essential for the name in your SkyMiles account to be similar to the name in your identification certificate. 

Method 3: Name Correction on Ticket At Airport Kiosks 

The Delta Airlines name change policy provides for name correction at the airport kiosk. An airport kiosk is a simple self-service device through which you can alter your name on the reservation. Not only this, you can check-in, upgrade and make other payments via this machine as well. The kiosks are available at various airports. If you happen to face any kind of difficulty while using this machine, then you can immediately seek the assistance of the airport officials. 

To change your Delta Airlines name using this, please follow these instructions: 

  • Open the device and log in to your account through the official website of the airline.
  • Submit either your SkyMiles, confirmation or e-ticket number. 
  • Open your trip details and follow the on-screen directions to go to the change name option. 
  • Correct or change name on Delta ticket, using this feature.
  • Print your new boarding pass with a fresh name. 

Using the airport kiosk is quite simple and it also saves the customers from the trouble of going through a long process. Moreover, it is precise and effective. Though being the least used method, kiosks are flexible and dependable. 

Note: Before using the airport kiosk, be sure if you can change your Delta Airlines middle name through it. These regulations vary with itineraries and the travel destination. Hence, visit the Delta main site to find more information. 

Method 4: Use Social Media to Change Name on Delta Ticket

Delta Airlines can be reached via social media too when a passenger has a problem or a question, such as for a name change. A passenger can easily change name on Delta ticket by heading to the official social networking platform. To find the social media pages, you will have to navigate Delta’s official site. You may get the social networking pages there. After you have opened your preferred social media page, you can make the modification or rectification to your details that will be printed on your flight ticket. 

  • The first step is to access Delta’s official website.
  • On the front page of the site, scroll down, you may find the social media pages. It may include “Facebook”, as well as “Twitter”.
  • For the Delta change name on ticket, you can choose what is most convincing to you. 
  • After you have chosen your preferred social media page, you may be able to share your query about the alteration of the name on the ticket. 
  • Soon, the airline may respond to the passenger. 
  • Later, you may provide some paperwork for the verification of the personal information to the airline. 
  • Post providing your documents, an agent may ask for the fees when needed.
  • Once you make the payment, you may receive a confirmation message of the modifications of the name on the plane ticket.

Consequences of Traveling with Incorrect Name

Sometimes, the passengers can be impatient. In such circumstances, they may provide some incorrect information. For that reason, the frequent need for Delta change name on tickets may arise. When the details on the flight ticket cannot be correct, the passengers may face identification errors. It is recommended that a passenger do not type in a rush.

Here are some more consequences below:

  • Make sure that you cannot write your name on the ticket wrong while booking; otherwise, you may get into trouble with a delay in the flight. 
  • A passenger’s travel plans can be affected due to the incorrect information provided on the plane ticket. 
  • Moreover, when the personal details are printed incorrectly, as soon as possible, a passenger can make the Delta name change correctly to avoid the cancellation of a flight.

Note: Before reserving a flight ticket, a flyer should check the details twice to minimize or prevent these consequences. 

Delta Name Change Fees 

Passengers will be liable to pay a Delta Airlines name change fee when correcting the name. You must note that it is free to change the name as long as you do it within 24 hours of booking your reservation. After this, you will have to pay a fee. This sum can vary anywhere between $75 and $500. Various factors can influence this variation in fee synch as: 

  • The flight itinerary
  • The number of characters you want to alter
  • Purpose of change – marriage, divorce, or misspelling 
  • Type of ticket fare of the passenger 
  • The arrival destination 

Hence, for Delta name change without paying any extra fee, you will have to not exceed the 24-hour limit. Moreover, you can avail of discounts on the charges by opting for an early change. For any last-minute emergencies, you will be under the obligation to make this payment. 

Note: Under the Delta Airlines name change and correction policy, the change fee for the SkyMiles members can also be more or less the same. However, these members can enjoy certain discounts under specific conditions. 

Points to Note before Opting for Name Change on Delta 

The airline does not allow its passengers to fly with wrong details or misspellings on their names. As per the T.S.A. guidelines, this detail on the flight ticket should match your government name. Hence, it is important to fly with Delta Airlines correct name on the ticket. In this regard, the following are some more points you can consider before changing the detail: 

  • To change your middle name on the ticket, you will have to submit the OSI message along with the PNR number. 
  • You can make an addition to the last name without changing it through the PNR number. 
  • If you wish to change your name on flights to and from China and India, then you may contact the customer care of the airline. 
  • In the instance of name correction for the second time on the same ticket, request for a second reissue of the ticket. 

Note: Special rules may apply for “Secured Flight Passengers” under the Delta Airlines name change policy. For further information, visit the main site of this carrier. 

Delta gives various options to its customers for changing or correcting their names. It offers utmost guidance and helps them throughout the procedure. Delta Airlines name change policy acts in the best interests of the customers. Hence, as you require, you can make use of it for a quick effect.

Delta Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy FAQs

How to change a name on Delta airline ticket?

Some passengers may find it easier to change name on Delta ticket by using the social media platform. In such instances, you may get the social media pages from the main site of the airline. As per your preference, you can select any of the pages and mention your issue over there. Further, you may provide some paperwork for the verification purposes needed by the airline. Later, on the completion of the process, you may get the message of a successful modification of the name on the plane ticket.

How to change name on Delta ticket?

A traveler can modify his or her personal information on the ticket by an online process. To begin the process of Delta change name on the ticket, please go to the airline’s official website. Choose the “My Trip” feature. Next, you may have to provide some information regarding your reservation. Further, you may have to click on the “Edit” button for doing the name changes. You can use this option to make necessary modifications to your name. Later you may receive a confirmation of alteration of the name on the ticket.

How to change a name on Delta flight?

According to the name change policy, it may not be allowed to modify your name once you have boarded your flight. If you want more information regarding this, then you can contact the airline.

How to change name on Delta?

There are various ways for Delta name change on the ticket. A passenger can update his or her details online, through social media, as well as offline too. In both cases, you only need to provide your accurate information for the modification of the name on the ticket. The name alteration should be done following the name change policy.

How to change middle name on Delta ticket?

Under Delta Airlines policy, the middle name may not be mandatory. However, if it is added and is inaccurate, you can change middle name on Delta ticket by visiting the airport. There, you may provide the documents to the officials for verification. Sometimes, you may have to pay a fee regarding the change you need on the ticket. Later, the procedure can be done quickly by the official website of the airline.

Does Delta Airlines allow change name on ticket?

Yes, a passenger can modify his or her details on the ticket as per the policy. You can alter the name up to a few letters. Hence, basic changes can be allowed.

How to change name on Delta SkyMiles?

On Delta Airlines change name SkyMiles can be done through a calling method. A passenger-only has to dial 1-800-323-2323. By contacting this number, the official will connect with you. For the modification of the name, you should give the necessary information to the agent. This may include SkyMiles account information as well as Delta SkyMiles name change type. Furthermore, he or she can make the alterations for you as per your name change. Hence, once the incorrect details have been updated, you may receive an email notification for the same.

Can you change the name on a plane ticket Delta?

A passenger cannot alter his or her name on the plane ticket at Delta. This is because when you are flying with the delta airlines flight, you are not allowed to transfer your ticket to any other person.

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Eric M.
Eric M.
5 months ago

My cousin was in a hurry and he made a mistake in his name. Because of his mistake, I had to request for the delta change name on ticket. But in his name, more characters had to be corrected. However, in the airline’s norm, a maximum 3-character limit was allowed. So we have to cancel the ticket and rebook again with the correct name. Could you please add more character limits?? By adding more letter limits, the passengers become flexible to change their names on the flight ticket.

Kristy B.
Kristy B.
5 months ago

I had booked my ticket from the airline on call. I have given each and every piece of information correctly. Then also the airline mentioned my name wrong on the ticket even then. For such reasons, I had to go through the Delta Airlines name change process. I had done this process within 24 hours so I did not need to pay the fees. Otherwise, when I changed my name after this limit, I had to pay the name-changing fee because of the airline’s fault.

Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin
4 months ago

We had reserved a flight ticket a week before our marriage. After marriage, my name has been changed and I refer to the Delta airlines name change marriage policy. The policy helps me out in every situation. I y changed my name by producing the correct documents which took some time. I guess without the documents one cannot be eligible for the name change process.

Latay Criss
Latay Criss
4 months ago

Generally, as per the airline’ terms and conditions, a middle name is not necessary, I wanted to add my middle name. By adding it I saw that it was incorrect. Later I had to change middle name on Delta ticket. So I started the process but I was asked for too many details regarding the ticket and for that, I was stuck in that procedure. Next time, I will double-check and then enter all the information.