Emirates Airline Name Change Policy

Emirates Airline Name Change on ticket

When booking tickets in a hurry or at the last minute, it might be possible that you enter incorrect information. This can result in mistakes. They can be in the form of spelling errors in the name or mixing up of first and last names. In all such cases, the Emirates airline name change policy permits modifications. It allows you to fly with the right name that matches your government ID. It is immensely helpful as it steers you away from any kind of legal trouble. Hence, understanding the operation and conditions of this policy is extremely important when flying with this airline. 

Explaining Emirates Name Change Policy 

This policy gives the major regulations that are to be followed during name alterations. The Emirates name policy allows both changes and corrections. However, it draws a difference between these two with the application of different rules. 

  • Emirates Name Correction Policy: Under this policy, passengers can perform minor corrections to their name on the ticket. This usually applies in the instance of misspellings and errors in the characters of your information. The main condition for name correction is that you will have to request it before the official departure of your flight. The airline does not allow modifications during the course of the journey as per this policy. 
  • Emirates Change of Name: Your name might get changed after marriage or divorce. It is in such circumstances that this policy applies. You will be able to change your first, middle, or last name due to these legal changes. You can request such a legal modification anytime throughout your journey. The only requirement can be the submission of documents that support such legal alterations. 

Note: Emirates Airlines can permit name modifications to any extent but it does not allow the transfer of tickets. You can only change your name but not shift the ownership of your reservation to another passenger. 

Conditions to Change/Correct Name on Emirates Airlines 

For accessing the Emirates change of name or correction feature, you will have to pay heed to its conditions. Meeting this eligibility criterion ensures a successful name modification. Additionally, they also help in maintaining your privacy and security. 

The following are the main rules to be followed while changing your name on Emirates flight tickets: 

  • Emirates allows a name alteration on the reservations made directly with the airline.
  • You can change or correct your name on the existing PNR. However, after the name change is finalized, you will not be allowed to transfer to a new PNR. 
  • Passengers can modify their names only up to 4 characters. These characters can be in the first, middle, and last names, or all of them combined but not each one separately. 
  • If you want to change the complete name of the passenger, then you will have to buy a new ticket. It will come with the new passenger name. 
  • Shuffling of Emirates first name, last name, etc., will only be permitted under legal issues like marriage, adoption, or divorce. 
  • Travelers who have purchased their tickets through the Emirates Skywards Frequent Flier Rewards are not eligible for a name change. They can only correct their names up to 4 letters but not modify it completely. 
  • In instances wherein your name is incorrect on several flight segments, you can cancel your reservation and claim a refund. 
  • The name on your Emirates ticket should be an exact match with the name on any government-issued id or your passport. You will not be permitted to fly if your name does not match.

Note: Sometimes, these rules can vary based on your travel destination and seat type. For these rules, the Emirates seat selection policy should be understood. 

Types of Name Change on Emirates Tickets

The airline allows name corrections and changes to varying extents. Also, you can modify any part of your name depending on the type of error. There can be certain implications for each type of name alteration. The following are the main types under the Emirates Airline name change policy and certain implications to know: 

  • Emirates Middle Name Policy: This policy facilitates the addition or elimination of the middle name. Also, it is not mandatory for travelers to enter their middle names during reservations. But if you wish to modify your already entered detail, then you can do so by paying a change fee. 
  • First Name Change: Travelers will only be allowed to alter their first name when it is due to legal reasons. You will have to submit sufficient proof in the form of certificates to request such a change. Additional charges can apply in case of fare differences. 
  • Title and Prefix Change on Emirates: You can add a title, prefix, or suffix to your name after reservation. The title should be similar to that on your passport provided by the government. Hence, you will also need to provide your passport. A fee may be required in the case of domestic flights. 
  • Legal Name Change: Legal name changes include modifications resulting from marriage, divorce, and adoption. The airline also supports court-ordered changes. The fee may depend on the extent of the required modification. 

Note: Request your modifications well in advance to avoid hassle during any of the above-mentioned changes. 

When can You Change Your Name on Emirates? 

You can use the Emirates change passenger name option in different instances. Depending on the type of modification, you can request it before or after the issuance of the carrier’s ticket. The following are the main criteria for such changes. 

  • Before the Ticket Gets Issued: Prior to the time your ticket is issued, you can only correct your name. This can be done in the middle, first, and last names. Besides name correction, you can also alter your date of birth and passenger type code before the issuance. Any kind of additions and eliminations to infant names can also be done. 
  • Name Change After Ticket is Issued: After the issuance of your ticket, you can get the chance to change your name on the reservation. Legal modifications can also be performed only after the ticket is issued. Additionally, travelers can add titles, prefixes, and suffixes. 

Note: Before requesting a modification under the Emirates airline name change policy, it is important to check your eligibility. 

Emirates Name Change Procedure

As part of its Emirates name correction and change policy, the airline extends various methods for modification. The main reason for the airline to facilitate different options is to meet the demands of different customers. Given below are the main ways to change or correct your name: 

  • Online through the website 
  • Offline via the customer care number 

Method 1: Online Name Change 

The online method of Emirates ticket name change is the most used option for modification. It is fast and reliable, owing to the 24-hour availability. Travelers themselves can change their names under this method. For this, you will have to utilize the official site of the airline. It can mainly be preferred for requesting name corrections. This is because minor edits are processed quickly through the website. 

  • You will first have to access the link “www.emirates.com”. 
  • On the home page of this site, you will find the “Manage Booking/Check-in” section. Click on it. 
  • Here, you will be required to enter your reservation details. These can include “Passenger Last Name” and “Booking Reference”. 
  • Upon entering the details, select the “Manage Booking” option given on the right. 
  • This will retrieve your booking. Select the reservation on whose ticket you wish to modify your information. 
  • You can now use the Emirates change name option to correct or alter your name. 
  • Follow the directions given on the screen to complete the process. 
  • In the end, use the payment options to pay the change fee, when required by the airline. 
  • Confirm your changed name on the ticket sent to your email and print the boarding pass. 

While using the online method, it is better to request changes at least 24 hours before the departure of your flight. It might become troublesome to edit information at the very last moment. 

Note: Make sure to carefully enter the corrections while modifying the name. The airline might restrict the number of changes, hence, be cautious while changing this detail after reservation. 

Method 2: Offline Name Modification 

This method involves calling the customer care of Emirates to request your modifications. This method can prove to be useful in case of major name changes and legal alterations. It is also the most secure way of correcting the wrong name on Emirates tickets. 

The airline officials directly supervise your changes. For this, dial the following numbers to connect with the customer care agents and request your name change: 

  • +1 800 777 399

Once you reach the agents, you can follow the given steps to request name modification: 

  • Tell the officials the purpose of your call, whether name change or name correction. 
  • You will be asked to give information about your flight and other personal credentials too. Provide details regarding your flight number, booking reference, full name, and e-ticket number. 
  • Once the agents retrieve your booking, they will ask you about the error in your name. Mention the error, whether a spelling mistake or a legal change. 
  • Inform the agents of your correct name. In case you wish to add or delete first and last names due to marriage and divorce, you will have to submit legal certificates. 
  • Upon receiving complete details regarding the modification, the agents will begin changing names on Emirates flights
  • It might take a few hours to get the confirmation email after the passenger’s name has been altered. 

Note: You will have to contact customer care at least 2 hours before the flight’s departure for the name change to be processed. 

Emirates Name Change Cost

The airline allows you to correct your name and the fee applicable is as per the itinerary. When you make a direct booking, the fee can be USD30. This is not applicable for locations like Brazil, UK, and India.

In the UK, GBP10 is asked for in the case of a direct booking. For Brazil, no Emirates name change fee is found. This is when the original and sale points are in Brazil. For India as well, you may not have to submit a cost when the same country is the sale point.

The Emirates airline name change policy is tremendously beneficial. It saves you from the trouble of mismatched names on tickets. The options to change the name are easy to use. A simple procedure will allow you to modify your name at your convenience, Therefore, you can use this policy, as and when necessary, based on your requirements.

Emirates Airline Name Change Policy FAQs

1. Can I change passenger name on Emirates tickets?

As per the Emirates airline name change policy, you can make corrections. You can also change the passenger name on the ticket, subject to a few conditions. You can edit your first, middle, and last names in case of errors or legal changes. However, you will not be allowed to transfer your ticket to a new passenger.

2. How to correct wrong name on Emirates ticket?

To edit the wrong name on Emirates ticket, you can use the site of the carrier. Log in to the account on it. Then go to the “Manage Booking” section. Key in your details here and retrieve your booking. Follow the on-screen instructions and correct your name. Otherwise, you can connect with the officials via call and request a modification.

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Rylan Bennet
Rylan Bennet
3 months ago

I want to enquire about Emirates First name last name change policy. I have official chnged my complete name as I adopted Christian religion but I booked my ticket before that which still has my old name on it. I want to change my first name and last name both so that no issue arises later on while boarding.

Knox Schultz
Knox Schultz
3 months ago

What is the way for Emirates name change on ticket on the occasion of marriage. I booked a vacation trip 3 months in advance to Paris for myself and at that time my last name was my maiden name and now I have legally changed my name in all my documents except my ticket.

Mary M. Williams
Mary M. Williams
2 months ago

Emirates tickets were already so expensive and now emirates ticket name change have become just as costly. Is there any way to change name for free like it is 24-hours for cancellation? I have booked a ticket for a friend whose name I entered wrong, how can I change it without paying hefty fee? It has been less than 24 hours.