Name Change on JetBlue Ticket online

JetBlue Name Change Policy

The JetBlue Airlines name change policy is available for help in several instances wherein the modification is essential for this information. While booking your flight tickets, you may tend to make errors in your name. It might be a simple misspelling or an inverted name. Sometimes, it is also possible that you will have to change your whole name due to reasons such as marriage, divorce, and other legal cases. In other cases, you may need to make an addition to your name. The policy aids the needs of various customers in these instances. Hence, knowing the main regulations under this policy can make it easier to change/correct the details. 

Rules for JetBlue Airlines Name Change 

All airlines may determine different policies to connect with their customers. Similarly, this carrier has given a definite policy to change names on JetBlue flights. This is a policy that determines various conditions. You need to maintain them while changing your name. It guides the travelers on the numerous methods to alter it on the ticket. Not only for this, but it is also facilitating name correction. It helps the customers in correcting their spelling errors, characters, or middle names. 

For you to change name on JetBlue flight tickets without any hassle, you will have to obey certain important conditions. Regarded as essential rules, these are applicable for first name, middle name, as well as last name-related concerns.

  • Passengers who directly purchase the tickets with JetBlue or its associates are eligible for changing or correcting the details after reservation. 
  • You will have to make your changes to the original PNR of the reservation. Or, you may add a new booking with a renewed Passenger Name Record. 
  • Only one reissue of the ticket is acceptable. Hence, passengers must be cautious of their changes. For this reason, it will also be suggested to review the changed details well before submitting them again.
  • Travelers will have to submit their “NAMECART” number while making a change on a ticket. 
  • It will be necessary to produce any important documents to process the JetBlue name change on the ticket. These documents may be government-verified, hence, proving the authenticity of the information.
  • The policy allows you to change family names, modify nicknames, add middle names, combine first names or include last names. 
  • You can change the details in case of marriage, adoption, and divorce. 

Note: It is essential for the flyers to make name changes well in advance as per the name change JetBlue policy. 

JetBlue Name Correction Policy and its Terms

Name corrections are entertained by this airline under its policy. The carrier is of the view that when bookings are made or tickets are printed, errors may occur in the details. All of these details need to be correctly produced at the time of flying. Among all, a passenger’s name is of utmost importance. That is why the JetBlue Name correction policy enables them to easily make amends.

While you decide to make use of this policy, please be aware of its terms as well. The most important ones are included here:

  • Name corrections are made in terms of characters. The character limit can be confirmed by connecting with the airline. The exact limit may vary as per the part of the complete name that you wish to correct.
  • This policy cannot be used with the intent to book tickets with incorrect details and transfer them to someone else later. An intent like this one is not acknowledged by the airline. Hence, it may result in unlikely consequences.
  • A JetBlue name correction fee may be applicable. This will again be based on the number of characters you wish to correct. Or, it can be determined by the part of your name.

How to Change Name on JetBlue Ticket Online?

There are several ways to utilize the ‘JetBlue change name on ticket option such as altering it through the online method. Offline options are also available. This carrier aims to cater to the needs of different customers by the introduction of these methods. You can go through with any of these options at your convenience:

  • Through the JetBlue Airways main website 
  • By connecting with customer care 
  • Using the JetBlue mobile app 
  • Opting for live chat
  • Preferring social media platforms used by the carrier

On each of these options, you will have to adhere to various conditions to access the JetBlue name change feature. Nevertheless, they offer a simple yet effective means of altering your names. 

Note: You can use these methods for changing as well as correcting your names. The process to correct the misspellings can be similar to that of changing your complete name. 

Method 1: JetBlue Change Name Online via the Website 

While trying to go for the JetBlue name change on the reservation procedure, with this method, you will be able to do so at any hour. This can also assist you in case of quick name corrections. In order to change it online, you can visit the JetBlue website. Check My Trips where you can find your particulars and edit them.

  • Open your web browser and visit the official site of JetBlue Airlines through the link “”. 
  • Here, on the homepage, locate the section with the title “My Trips”. 
  • You will now be on a page where you have to provide your reservation details. These include: “Confirmation Code” and “Last Name”. 
  • Upon submitting the necessary details, go ahead by clicking on the “Find Flight” button. This will retrieve your booking. 
  • Now, select your trip and click on the “Modify” option. 
  • Use the JetBlue change name online option to select the name. 
  • Make the necessary changes here and submit any legal documents as well if necessary. 
  • Complete your change form and submit it. Click on the “Continue” button. 
  • Confirm your changes by making the payment as the airline mentions. 
  • Print your new boarding pass with the new and correct details. 

In the case of JetBlue name change due to marriage, you can follow the same steps for the online procedure. However, you will have to give a special waiver code. Additionally, you may also need to submit specific legal documents as proof of your marriage, divorce, or adoption, as the case may be.  

Note: To avoid any kind of delays, avoid such changes at the last minute. This can be a hindrance, especially in the case of long-haul flights. 

Conditions to Change Name Online on JetBlue Airlines 

The online option can be available only to passengers who comply with certain regulations. These include following the character limits under the JetBlue ticket name change policy. Moreover, since the online process mainly suits minor changes, it becomes essential to meet these requirements to avoid trouble. 

The following are such important requirements: 

  • Only single letter changes or corrections can be done online. 
  • You can make alterations only to your name. Changes in dates, cabin classes, or itinerary codes may not be acceptable. 
  • While correcting the name on your reservation, you cannot change your date of birth. Changes in DOB are inclusive in these changes or corrections. 
  • You may wish to cancel your reservation and purchase a new one with the correct details. Then you will need to buy the ticket for the same class online. 

Note: Keep in mind to secure all your reservation data during the JetBlue change name online process. It might be useful during cross-confirmation by the airline. 

Method 2: Change Name on JetBlue Flight Tickets with Customer Care 

Some passengers may prefer offline modes like calling to complete the JetBlue name change on the ticket. In such circumstances, you are free to contact the agents of this airline. Moreover, it is also reliable as the officials themselves personally take care of your requirements. 

To connect with the JetBlue personnel, you can use the below contact number: 

  • +1-800-538-2583 (Reservation Desk/Toll-free)

Note: For name changes on tickets, go with the customer care number for better aid. 

This offline method is usually preferable for major corrections. Changes in middle or last names can also be done on call. Now, with these numbers, you can easily contact the agents. Upon connecting, your call may be transferred to an assistant agent as per your requirement. Then clearly inform the officials of your need. Mention the type of change and the reason for correction. For a JetBlue name change on the reservation, he/she will ask you about your booking information. Make sure to carefully tell the person all these details. 

For confirmation, the agent can ask you to provide legal documents, certificates, passports, or flight tickets via mail. After the acquisition of all these documents, you can change your name on the ticket. 

Note: You can use this offline method for requesting JetBlue change name on tickets for international flights. However, you might need to pay additional service charges. 

Method 3: Change Name on JetBlue Tickets via Mobile App 

One of the easier online modes to change your name is through the mobile app. The JetBlue application contains all the information about its flights, fees, itineraries, and other important details. Any passenger can use this app to change the name on a JetBlue ticket. It guides the traveler throughout the process and even answers his/her queries. 

Customers will first need to download this app. You can find it either on Play Store/App Store or any other site as the airline mentions. Then by signing in, you can move ahead with the method. For greater clarity, the following can help you learn how to change name on JetBlue ticket online:

Note: Some of you may have any queries while using this app for name change. You can utilize the in-app assistance tools. 

  • Initially sign in on JetBlue on the app. 
  • Then find the “JetBlue Manage Booking” option. 
  • Provide details about your booking like passenger name, ticket number to access your flight, etc. 
  • You will now be given the option to choose the change you want to make whether it is for flights, names, or seats. Given the scenario, select the “Change Name” option. 
  • Now, make necessary JetBlue name changes or corrections by following the on-screen prompts. 
  • Continue as per the directions given and confirm your changes. Request a new boarding pass with your correct name, when possible. 

Note: Using this mobile option can introduce you to various benefits. These include discounts, preferences, or easy availability of flight information. Hence, this method is usually regarded as the most dependable to change names on JetBlue flights. 

Method 4: Live Chat for JetBlue Change Name on Ticket

There can certainly be some users who can benefit from the live chat option of this airline. It is of use in several instances. When you want to modify your name as well, you can avail of this option. To start the process to change name on JetBlue flight tickets, you can go to the carrier’s website. Scroll to the bottom of this site. Here, you need to tap on Contact Us. Soon after, you will find multiple options to connect with the carrier and resolve your concerns. 

Tip: Prior to using this method, it is important that you remain signed in to your account on the website.

You need to pick the live chat option. As you enter its window, you can mention your concern. Following this, the chatbox will ask you to update your profile’s details. For this, it will also provide you with a link. Tap on this link. Via this, you should be able to update your information including the name.

Note: You may possibly find a way to update your account’s name as well via this link.

Method 5: Change Name on JetBlue Tickets through Social Media

This air operator has given its fliers an additional way of connecting online by using social media. With this option, it is easier for a passenger to write his or her query and share it. Interestingly, the airline’s team remains active most of the time. Thus, as compared to several other methods for JetBlue change name on ticket, this one can assure you quicker results.

To know which social media platforms the airline is active on, please run its main site. Come to the Contact Us page. At its bottom, you will find all the platforms via which you can reach the carrier online. On a suitable platform, you can write your name change or correction query. Tagging the official account of the airline will be a necessary step. Soon after a response is received, you can continue with the directions given by JetBlue. In a stipulated time period, you will be able to get the details amended or changed when possible.

JetBlue Change Passenger Name

It is understandable that in certain instances, you may be unable to travel. However, someone known to you may wish to travel via the same ticket and be comfortable with the schedule. Despite some of the reasons being genuine, this airline may not entertain such requests. Therefore, a complete JetBlue change passenger name may not be feasible.

In a situation like this one, however, you can use other options depending on whether or not they are suitable. Chiefly, you can cancel your ticket and apply for a refund. Then you can initiate the process of booking a fresh ticket. For this one, you can mention the name of the new passenger. In this way, the former passenger’s name will be completely changed a new one’s will be added.

Fee for Name Change/Correction on JetBlue Airlines 

This carrier permits free name change only once per ticket. Should you want to change your name more than once, then you will have to pay the JetBlue name change fee. You may pay it even in case of numerous spelling corrections. This charge depends on several factors starting from the type of seat you reserve to the arrival destination of the flier. The demand conditions may also influence the changes in it. However, the average fee by this airline can be: 

  • Holders of the Blue Basic seats can pay a fee of about $100. This might extend to $200 on flights traveling to other than the US, Central America, or Mexico. 
  • Passengers of other cabins like Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Mint, and Refundable seats can pay fare differences. This is to make any kind of changes to the names on their tickets. 
  • On the tickets within the prices range of $150 and $199, the fee may go up to $150. 
  • An additional fee of $50 may apply to passengers who make their changes offline. This extra fee works like a service charge. 
  • In the instance of a JetBlue name change due to marriage/adoption, the cost can vary. This is according to the time of the request. 

Note: On certain tickets, passengers will not need to make an additional payment. This is usually the case when the change has the support of government-aided documents, subject to some conditions. 

Members of the exclusive JetBlue programs like TrueBlue can enjoy some cost waiver benefits

To Sum up
It is important that you fly with the correct name. Hence, this carrier with its JetBlue name change policy puts its best foot forward in servicing the customers. It tries to facilitate a smooth procedure by providing different options that are easily accessible when the name has to be changed or corrected. Furthermore, it ensures name correction as well to additionally help its passengers.

JetBlue Name Change/Correction Policy FAQs

1. What is the JetBlue name change policy?

This is a simple policy that aims to help customers who wish to change the names on their flight tickets. It mentions different ways to correct your name both online and offline. This policy establishes the main conditions for name change/correction. The fee to be paid for the modification is also determined by these conditions.

2. Can you change the name on a JetBlue ticket?

You will be eligible to change your name on the JetBlue ticket given that it has been directly purchased via this airline. You can also make necessary corrections to your name in the instance of spelling errors. Changing the name after reservation is an important service by this carrier.

3. How to change the name on the JetBlue ticket?

Passengers can change the name on a JetBlue ticket through different methods that function with and without the internet. You can visit the official JetBlue site and use the “My Trips” option to change your name. Otherwise, contacting customer care is also a viable way. For further assistance, you can utilize the JetBlue mobile app to change this information.

4. Does JetBlue allow passenger name change?

This carrier allows its passengers to change their names at their convenience. To access the JetBlue passenger name change option, you may log in to its main site. Here, you will find the feature to correct or alter it.

5. Does it cost to change the name on JetBlue?

As per the JetBlue name change policy, it may be required of the fliers to pay additional fees to change their ticket names. This fee varies depending on different factors. It usually starts at $100 and can include fare differences at times.

6. How to change name on JetBlue ticket online?

For online name changes on tickets, you have at least 3 methods to employ. Firstly, you can use the website of JetBlue on which the “My Trips” tab will specifically be of use. The second method involves the use of the mobile app featured by the carrier. For quick help, you can consider tagging the airline on a name change request-related concern shared by you on social media. Make sure that you use the platform on which the airline is active.

7. Can you change passenger name on JetBlue?

A passenger’s name can be completely changed on a ticket of JetBlue flights. However, for this to happen, it is essential that you book a new reservation. The former one can be cancelled since it will not be required by the former customer. Other than this, the complete name change on an existing ticket may not be allowed as of now.

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Stephen M. Bernard
Stephen M. Bernard
7 months ago

As I was traveling for the first time with JetBlue. For some reason, my name on the ticket had been wrongly written. At that time I didn’t know how to change name on JetBlue tickets Online. But I tried and it happened too. But why does it consumes more of my time.

7 months ago

Most of the time, when I travel, my name is wrong on the flight ticket. Earlier the agent would book it. So I had to change name on JetBlue ticket. I have done the process many times. But this time, my name is completely wrong. So I requested the airline to change my full name. But they denied and for this, I had to cancel my flight and rebook my other flight.

7 months ago

It so happened that my brother was very excited to travel. But suddenly he realized that the name on the plane ticket was not correct. So he wanted to make Jetblue change name online because he was sure that identification would go wrong otherwise. he started trying the online process but in between the site was not responding. He was very disappointed. Finally, we have to call the airline about our issue.

Mary J.
Mary J.
6 months ago

When I was surfing the internet and found the jetBlue name correction policy. By referring, there were many methods for name correction. It was good to know that the airline has different methods for name correction. But on the other hand, the passengers become confused regarding which method is authorized and easy to follow. Please can you please mention which one is best for the passengers??

Michael carbon
Michael carbon
6 months ago

Our group of friends and I were going on a trip abroad for the first time. We had booked our tickets one day before the departure time. And one of my friend’s names has been entered wrong. We all decided to do the Jetblue name change process by calling the customer care representative of the airline. We had called but the response was not correct. I think because of the rush at the airport, the network was also not clear. Please improve your services.