Latam Airlines Name Change Policy

Latam Airlines Name Change Policy

For a variety of reasons, a traveler has to change or correct the name on the ticket. It includes misspelling or changes due to marriage or divorce. When you travel with the incorrect name, it may result in the cancellation of your flight or any other trouble. The Latam Airlines name change policy is made to rectify these errors in the proper form. Your ticket name should be verified according to your original documents. In case, when it is not verified, you can follow the guidelines of the policy for doing the needful.

Defining Latam Airlines Name Change Policy

The Latam Airlines name change policy is a straightforward regulation designed to assist travelers to change the name on the ticket. It also governs how and when you can alter your name on the flight ticket. However, it is possible that it won’t lead to full renaming. But it allows minor changes as per the policy. 

Terms and Conditions of Latam Airlines Name Change

Passengers of Latam Airlines are permitted to make essential name alterations by following the rules and regulations. Some of the name alteration terms and conditions are described below:

  • The name of the ticket and the original documents should be matched with each other.
  • It is required that adjustments will be made within 24 hours of the ticket being purchased. 
  • Travelers must have to double-check the ticket’s details while making a reservation, as per the Latam Airlines name change policy.
  • After the divorce or marriage of a traveler, he or she can alter his or her surname on the ticket. For that, a passenger will have to give the relevant proof to the airlines.

When you seek a name alteration in the ticket with the airline, you have to carefully observe all the terms and conditions listed above. Sometimes, you may have a major issue regarding the name alteration. For this, you can contact the airline service department. In that event, the officials can assist you in changing your name. 

Latam Name Correction Policy

At times, by mistake, errors are created in the name. You can make corrections to certain characters to the ticket name. For name correction, you must provide the documents as well as a letter requesting the name correction. Also note that as per the Latam Airlines name correction policy, modifications cannot be done when the error appears in both documents and the name in the ticket.

Rules and Regulations of Latam Airlines Name Correction

Latam Airlines follows the rules provided in the rule book when it comes to changing the name. According to the Latam name correction policy, when a name is entered incorrectly, the airline will make an instant correction. 

Some more situations are given below in which you might be able to make corrections:

  • Only once, you can make corrections in your name.
  • Modifications are applicable to those tickets which are partially used or unused.
  • The actual ticket must be kept during the name correction process.
  • In the original passenger name record, the correction will remain unchanged.
  • For the legal name modification relating to the omissions of initial name or last name, supporting paperwork is required.
  • Once the paperwork is complete, you can request name correction through different methods provided by the airlines.

Different Procedures for Name Change/Correction on Latam

The Latam Airlines name change policy offers a variety of name alteration methods to meet the needs of different passengers. You can alter or modify your name through an online method inclusive of using the site. Further, the contact center is available for customer service. Similarly, through social media, you can connect with the airline and solve your issue. Or else, the airline provides the flier with the service of creating a case. From that source, he or she can alter the name.

Method 1: Name Change through Website

The Latam name change policy allows making changes through the online procedure at any moment. In this method, you only need to visit the official website of Latam Airlines. After that, on the main page, an option to manage your trip is available for the name change process. Further, it will request specific information from you. Once you provide all the details, the name change request will go ahead.

  • To begin the name change or correction procedure, you will have to visit “”.
  • On the homepage of the website, on the upper side, “My Trips” option is visible. Click on it.
  • You will have the option of “Manage Your Trips”. Select that.
  • After that, you will be on the next page. There, you will have to type your registered email and tap on “Send”. 
  • Further, fill in all the needed information and continue with that.
  • Next, you will have the “Edit” button available to make your changes or corrections.
  • At that time, you can alter your name as per the Latam Airlines name change policy.
  • It will ask you the fees if applicable for changes or corrections.
  • At last, you will have to wait for the confirmation email.

Note: You will need to submit legal documents when you are changing your name due to marriage or divorce. Or else, when you are correcting your name, the original identity has to be submitted at that time. 

Method 2: Alteration of Details via Contact Center

Many times, passengers prefer calling when they need additional guidance for name change procedures. Through calling, the officials personally connect with the customers. Only if you have purchased a ticket from Latam Airlines, then you will be allowed to do the procedure. For the legal name change procedure, you must produce some documentation regarding it which will be informed on call.

  • First, navigate to the official website of the airline.
  • On the homepage of the website, you may find the “Help Center” on the upper side. Choose that button.
  • Then you will be on the next page. You can scroll down. an option is available called “Changes and Refunds”. You will have to select that.
  • Further, on the left side of the page, you will find the “Changes” feature. Click on that.
  • After this, you will have many options visible on the page. You will have to choose “How do I change the name of a passenger on my ticket”.
  • Next, you will be able to see the “Contact Center” in pink color. Click on that tab for the further Latam Airlines name change procedure to be completed.

Note: Besides this, the airline has an offline method too. According to this method, you will get customer support service that connects via the airport. There, your query will be solved by the officials of the airline. Keep in mind that before traveling to the airport, you need to keep supportive documents with you.

Method 3: By Creating a Case

The airline has made different options for Latam name change. One of the options available is that you can change or correct your name by creating a case. You can solve many requests there including name alteration or modification. You just have to find the option on the official site and mention the details of your request. 

To know the further procedure, please read below:

  • Open the link given here:
  • In this link, you will have the button known as “Create a Case”. Tap on it.
  • On the next page, you will find the option “I want to make a request”. Click on that.
  • Now, enter your “Email ID” in the blank space. One category feature is also available. In that, select the “Travel Documentation” option.
  • After this, press “Continue”.
  • Here, you will have to provide your details as per the questions asked.
  • Type your “Reservation Code” and “Flight Date”.
  • Next, give your personal details such as “Name”, “Last Name”, “Country of Residence”, “Type of Document”, and “ID Number”.
  • Then you have to write your case regarding Latam Airlines name change or correction.
  • Thereafter, attach the file of your documents.
  • Then click on the “I Accept” option
  • At last, tap on the “Send” button for further procedure.
  • You will have to wait till the name is changed or corrected.

Method 4: Alter Name by Using Social Media

Nowadays, social media is used by people for resolving concerns like name-related errors. This airline has also provided a service with which you can change your name through social media. On the website, you will get the option of “Contact with us”. Here, you can have various media options available. You can choose the media according to your convenience. Further, contact the airlines for the Latam name change or correction procedure.

  • Initially, you have to go to the link mentioned below:
  • Once the link is loaded, scroll down the homepage.
  • On the lower right side, you will find a “Contact with us” option.
  • There, you will get a variety of social media options such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Youtube”, “Instagram”, and “Linkedin”.
  • You can select any one option from these. It will show the prompts to let you go ahead with further procedures.
  • Through social media, contact the airline and solve your query regarding name correction/modification.

Latam Airlines Name Change or Correction Fees

Latam Airlines maintains its fares to provide maximum convenience to its passengers. Generally, the airline does not charge a fee for small name modification. When you report a problem after booking your ticket within 24 hours, the service is completely free of cost. 

Meanwhile, travelers may be required to pay certain charges in some circumstances. The Latam name change fee is largely dependent on the class of service, airport location, request timing, and ticket type. On the basis of these factors, the name change fee is decided. 

The name alteration fee may change from time to time. Thus, a passenger should call the airline for the most up-to-date details on the fee. Or else, you can also visit the website of the airlines.

Note: Avoiding last-minute alterations may also permit you to save money on the name modification cost.

Alterations and corrections of names have become a requirement for traveling with no identification problems. In this regard, the Latam Airlines name change policy covers all areas of modifications. It simplifies name changes by providing a wide range of features and procedures. Therefore, your identification can be easily done and you can fly with no issues.

Latam Airlines Name Change Policy FAQs

1. How to change What is Latam name change policy?

The Latam name change policy lays out the rules for altering names. It supports a variety of situations for changing or editing your name. The guidelines also specify the paperwork that must be submitted for changing it. It reveals the cost of a name change at the time of alteration. The major goal of this policy is to make it as easy as possible for the passengers to modify the names on the ticket.

2. What is Latam name correction policy?

The name correction policy assists a traveler in fixing name inaccuracies. The Latam name correction policy can be used to correct misspelled details, rearrangement, and other issues. This policy permits minor corrections in the ticket name. In addition, as per this policy, you must give the paperwork and request a letter of name correction.

3. How much does it cost to change/correct name on Latam Airlines?

Generally, the Latam name change fee is not applicable to minor corrections. In case, you change or correct your name within 24 hours of purchasing the tickets, it will be free of cost. When the time limit is crossed after that, some amount is to be paid as a service fee. However, the fee structure depends on some factors. Such factors are location, timing, type of ticket, etc.

4. Does Latam Airlines allow name change?

Yes, you can change your name as per the Latam name change policy. Minor changes are permitted by the airline. You cannot alter the entire name on the ticket. In case you want to transfer your ticket name to someone else, you have to cancel the flight ticket. Later you may book it again with the new passenger name.

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