LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy

LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy

It may happen that sometimes while purchasing an air ticket, people may make mistakes in entering the information. This can be in the case of a wrong or a misspelled name too. Hence, LOT Polish Airlines name change policy helps you to correct your names on the ticket without any hassle. By adhering to its rules and guidelines, you can make quick changes to your name on the ticket. Also, you can know the fees in this policy associated with the name change to make the process easier.

Rules and Guidelines of the LOT Polish Airlines Name Correction Policy

Name correction is a very important thing while flying by air. Your ticket, boarding pass, and your passport should contain the same name to board the flight. Hence, this carrier has set up some basic rules and guidelines for correcting your name quickly. 

Here are some of the rules and regulations/guidelines stated by the LOT Polish Airlines name change on ticket feature:

  • On this air carrier, you can make several name changes on the ticket to your first, middle, and last name. However, please keep in mind that you can only make these changes up to 3 characters on your name.
  • These changes can include correcting the prefix or suffix of the name. You can also modify the LOT Polish Airlines name format on the ticket. For example, if you want to add your first name in place of the last one, you can do so with the help of this policy.
  • In case both your first and last names have been reversed, then also you can quickly change them by utilizing this policy.
  • You need to make sure that the above-mentioned changes are done 24 hours after the booking purchase has been made. In this case, no extra service fees would be applied.
  • When you want to prevent any additional fees on the name change on your ticket, ensure that you reserve it 7 days before departure.
  • In case your name has been changed legally before the departure of your flight, then as per the LOT Polish Airlines name change policy, no fees will be levied.
  • You must get in contact with the third-party agent when you have booked your reservation tickets with him/her. The air carrier may be responsible for allocating you certain small name changes.
  • You need to submit the relevant documents to the airline if you want to change your surname on the booking ticket.
  • Last but not the least, when you want to alter your name post-marriage, you can do it by an online method. It can be done by visiting the main website of the airline. 
  • For making changes in your name after a marriage or divorce, you need to submit the necessary certificate and other paperwork to the carrier.

Quick-Note: These rules and regulations of the LOT Polish Airlines name correction policy may get modified from time to time. Hence, it is necessary to visit the official website of Lot Polish to know the recent updates.

Methods to Modify or Correct Names on LOT Polish Airlines Ticket

Passengers can need the name alteration on their tickets at varying times after reservation. For their needs, this airline has come up with two methods to change its name. These consist of online as well as offline methods. Both of these methods can provide great aid to the flyers in terms of the name change.

The procedure for initiating the online and offline methods under the LOT Polish Airlines name change on the ticket facility is as mentioned below:

Method 1: LOT Polish Online Facility for Name Change

Passengers can easily modify their names using the online facility provided by the airline. This facility has been developed for the easy management of the name change. Flyers can take the benefit of utilizing the online name change feature from anywhere in the world. As per the LOT Polish Airlines name change policy, this online feature is great to use by international travelers.

To make amendments to your name utilizing the online facility, you need to follow certain steps. By using these steps given below, you can make several alterations to your name on the ticket.

  • You need to open your internet browser by using your laptop or a mobile phone.
  • Go to the official website of LOT Polish Airlines i.e. www.lot.com
  • A home page will be opened as you navigate the website. There you will see multiple tabs appearing on the screen. 
  • Select the “Manage Booking” option. 
  • You need to fill in some details like your last name and the booking reference number.
  • Select the flight of your choice to make the name change on the ticket.
  • You need to hit the “alter option” to make several modifications to the reservation. This can be first, middle, or last name changes.
  • Under the LOT Polish Airlines name correction policy, adding a middle name is not necessary. However, if you want to make sure that appears on your ticket, you can change it.
  • Change your part of name according to the instructions shown on the screen.
  • You may be required to submit some valid documents to the carrier. Remember that your name should match on the passport as well as other IDs.
  • In case of a marriage or divorce name change, submit the relevant certificates for the purpose of verification by the air company.
  • It may happen that you need to pay some fees to the carrier for saving these name changes.
  • Pay the service fees to the carrier for the modification of LOT Polish Airlines name format, if any.
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation regarding your name modification. Now, you can save the updated name and log out from the website.

Quick-Note: You can only change any part of the name up to 3 letters or characters. If you wish to change your entire name on the reservation ticket, kindly connect with the third-party agent from whom you may have booked your flight or the airline representatives.

Method 2: Offline Facility for LOT Polish Name Change

Few flyers of this airline may not feel convenient enough to use the online feature of the name change policy set by the carrier. For the easy traveling of those passengers, the Lot Polish Airlines name change policy offline method has been made. 

This process allows the visitors to make name changes through the air agents present for the airline. The department of customer care can be accessed by the flyers 24 hours a day seven days a week. This way the flyers can be at ease if they have mentioned their names incorrectly on the ticket.

To connect with the staff of this LOT Polish Airlines, you can dial the general toll-free number +48 22 577 77 55. This is the general contact number of this carrier. It also possesses different phone numbers set for different regions. 

You can also know the phone number of the customer care center of this operator by navigating to its website. According to the LOT Polish Airlines name correction policy, you need to visit the “Contact Us” page option. A new tab will get you redirected to the contact details of varying regions. You can select your region of choice and connect with the air authorities.

Once your call gets through, you need to follow these instructions:

  • You need to state to the flight person your reason for calling the customer care department. Inform them that you need to modify your name in case you have misspelled it.
  • Let them know that you wish to change the LOT Polish Airlines name format if your name has been reversed.
  • You will then be required to submit certain details to the airline. This can be your flight number, reference number, last name, etc.
  • In case you need to change your name because of the marriage or divorce purpose, inform the air agent. He/she might ask you to pay general fees. Also, you are required to submit a valid certificate as proof to the airline.
  • After making the payment for the required name changes, you need to ask for the updated name ticket.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you including your newly formed ticket with your modified name on it.

LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Fees

On any air carrier, when you are making certain name changes, you will be imposed a certain amount of fees. These fees can vary based on the itinerary you wish to travel. However, you can be saved from getting extra fees charged on making your name changes. This can be done after 24 hours after making a reservation booking with this carrier. 

When you make a modification request within 24 hours of booking a ticket, no LOT Polish Airlines name change fees will be charged. According to this policy, however, you can be charged anywhere between $100-250 when you want to continue with your name change after 24 hours of making a flight ticket booking.

In a Nutshell,
When you have misspelled your name in a hurry, it is possible to correct it using the LOT Polish Airlines name change policy. This policy has helped many flyers to amend their names for a hassle-free flying experience. Also, the easy-to-follow rules of this carrier make it ideal for the flyer to make several modifications to their name on the ticket. Hence, comprehending this policy can be extremely useful for flying with your correctly printed ticket names.

FAQs- LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy

Does LOT Polish Airlines allow name correction?

Yes, the LOT Polish Airlines name correction policy facilitates certain alterations in the name. Only up to three characters in the name can be corrected. These modifications can be made in any part of the passenger’s title like the first, middle, and last names. The name corrections can be made either through online or offline options.

What is the LOT Polish Airlines name format?

The airline requires the passengers to enter their first, middle, and last names on the ticket. However, the main requirement is that the name format of the traveler’s passport must match that of their ticket. In case of a difference in both of these names, the airline may cancel the said booking.

What is the LOT Polish Airlines name change fee?

Generally, no fee will be charged if the name changes are made within 24 hours of reservation booking. When you cross this period, you will be required to pay about USD 100 to the carrier. This fee can go up to USD 250 based on the flight itinerary and the arrival destination. The type of modification can also affect these charges.

How to change my LOT Polish Airlines name online?

Online changes can only be done on direct reservations under the LOT Polish Airlines name change policy. For this, you need to visit the official site of the carrier and go to the “Manage Booking” section. Enter all the details here and select the ticket on which the name has to be changed. Make the necessary modifications using the “alter” option and make the required payment.

Can I access the LOT Polish Airlines name change on ticket option offline?

The offline name change feature can be accessed by contacting the officials of the airline. You can do so by dialing the general toll-free number which is +48 22 577 77 55. Then, inform the agents of your request and provide the essential flight details. Complete the name change fee payment and your name will be altered.

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