Lufthansa Name Change on Ticket

The Lufthansa name change policy is designed to cater to the requirements of different passengers. It can be useful for modifications resulting from marriage or divorce. It plays an important role even in the case of spelling corrections or inversions. Further, it can prove to be of great assistance when you want to alter your first and middle names.

Minor errors on tickets can also be rectified under this policy. 

Uses & Benefits: Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy 

This is a policy or service that highlights the main conditions of name modification. It regulates the rules that the passengers have to meet to be eligible for name alteration. In this regard, the Lufthansa ticket name change policy is of immense importance to the users. It offers benefits of not only name change but also correction. 

The following are some of the many uses of this policy/feature extended by the airline: 

  • It is common for users to make errors while entering their information during reservations. With this feature, you will be able to amend these mistakes. 
  • The service helps travelers to improve the accuracy of their personal information. 
  • Since it is legally required for the passenger name on the ticket to match the government name, this policy can come into use. 
  • This Lufthansa flight name change option proves to be beneficial in case of last-minute alterations. 
  • The option of name change gives necessary guidance to the passengers and assists them in any kind of trouble during modifications. 
  • By correcting names, you will be able to fly without being under any kind of legal obligations and will not face any issues as well. 

Note: For the proper use of the Lufthansa name change policy, knowing its operative conditions can be useful. 

Regulations of Lufthansa Ticket Name Change Policy 

While trying to access the Lufthansa change name on the booking feature, it is essential to follow its defined regulations. As a passenger, when you obey these conditions, it will make it easier for you to initiate the name change process. These conditions are determined by the company, keeping the customers’ best interests in view. Hence, they can help you in achieving a successful change. 

The following are the main conditions established under the Lufthansa name change policy: 

  • Holders of the tickets purchased officially through this carrier will be eligible for any kind of alterations, including name changes and corrections. 
  • Any requests for the detail’s modifications made on the day of departure of your flight will not be considered by the airline. 
  • Only passengers except the non-refundable and promo fares will be allowed name changes on the same day as the booking of tickets. 
  • You will not be permitted to alter your information if you have bought the ticket on the day of your flight’s departure. 
  • The airline can allow both minor and major modifications depending on the nature and reason for the change. 
  • To use the Lufthansa name change marriage feature, you may have to submit certain documentation as proof. 

Note: You can check the airline’s official site for further instructions and regulations on how to initiate a successful name change. 

Different Methods for Lufthansa Ticket Name Change

The needs and requirements of different passengers can vary. To facilitate all the travelers with the convenient name-changing procedures on tickets, the airline has given several online and offline options. These different Lufthansa change name on ticket options are free of consequences and are thus, extremely beneficial. 

Given below are the main ways to alter your information on the Lufthansa ticket after reservation: 

  • Online change through the official site 
  • Via a phone call 
  • At the airport counter 

Method 1: Online Name Change Procedure 

One of the modern ways to go through with name change is by choosing the online method. With this option, you can perform Lufthansa ticket name change and corrections as well. The best way to access it is through the airline’s official site. It is also most preferable in the case of simple alterations such as misspellings or inverted names. 

  • Run the official site of this carrier at the link “”. 
  • Log in to the page. 
  • Scroll down on the homepage to find the “My Bookings” section in the list of tabs provided. 
  • Here, you will be asked to fill out important details including information such as:
    • “Booking Code”
    • “First Name”
    • “Last Name” 
  • Go ahead by clicking on the “Find Bookings” button highlighted in yellow. 
  • You will now be redirected to a page where you can view your reservations. Select your flight and retrieve your booking. 
  • Now, you may utilize the “Lufthansa Ticket Name Change” option to edit your name. Name corrections and other modifications of personal information can also be done here. 
  • Continue by tapping on the “Save Changes” button. 
  • To confirm the new ticket with the correct name, you might have to pay some additional fee. 

Note: For further assistance, you can use the instructions provided by the airline’s site during this process. 

Regulations for Online Name Change on Lufthansa 

There exist certain criteria for online modifications via the site. You will not be permitted to access the online name change feature until you meet these regulations with respect to eligibility. These rules help the customers to safely process their requirements under the Lufthansa name change policy. 

  • You can make only one/1 modification per ticket through the online method. 
  • Passengers will not be allowed to switch their names with other passengers. Transferring tickets also has its designated limitations. 
  • Only individual reservations can be deemed eligible for name changes/corrections. You cannot request alterations on a collection of tickets at once. 
  • If you want to initiate a change on group booking online, then you will have to preview the Lufthansa flight name change contract. 
  • In case your ticket’s PNR number is combined with that of another airline, you will not be permitted for online changes. 

Method 2: Calling the Airline for Name Change/Correction

Some travelers may prefer speaking to the officials directly for requests like Lufthansa name correction on tickets or changes as well. For these passengers, the carrier gives the option to call customer care. Connecting with the agents via customer care can be beneficial in case of elaborate modifications. 

This method is also easy as you can simply explain the agents of your needs in the language you prefer. Additionally,  It can prove to be advantageous if you are not able to use the online methods for Lufthansa ticket name change. 

You can phone the airline. 

  • +1-800-645-3880

Note: For hearing aid assistance, you can dial 711. 

Upon reaching the agent, you will be asked about the reason for your call. On mentioning “change name”, Lufthansa may transfer your call. Then inform the agent about the need to modify your name. Tell whether it is because of misspellings, marriage, or divorce. Once you confirm it, you will be asked about the nature of the alteration, as in, if you want to shift your first name, add your last name, or change from a nickname to the full name. 

Provision of your flight details is also essential to process the change. Give the agents all the information they ask including flight number and confirmation code. In addition to these details, for Lufthansa name change marriage, you will have to submit a marriage license and the photo ID that has been issued by the government. Once the official is satisfied with the scrutinization of all the details, he/she will begin the name change process. 

Note: In instances when neither of the numbers gets connected, you can visit the “Help and Contact” section on the airline’s site. This section contains all the necessary contact information. You can use any of the numbers given there. 

Method 3: Changing the Detail at the Airport 

Under the Lufthansa name change policy, the most convenient method of requesting any kind of modifications is via the help desk at the airport. With this method, you will be able to come to contact the officials in person. This option is also the most attested as you can personally supervise your alterations. Last-minute changes or changes just before boarding can be done at the airport. 

Tip: The airline’s help desks not only facilitate name changes/corrections but also allow other modifications in seats, flights, and provide for check-in as well. 

For a successful Lufthansa flight name change at the airport, visit the available help desk or assistance center first. Let the agent there know your queries in regard to the name change. Ask for the required modification while mentioning the reason for the change like adoption, divorce, legal change, or a simple error in the characters. Give your flight number, ticket code, and booking number, if asked. 

The agent will then match the details to your scheduled flight. Your name change process will be completed soon as per the initiation by the agent. You can then ask for a new boarding pass with the changed information to confirm your correct name. Pay any additional charges, if asked by the officials. 

Note: The help desks at the airline may sometimes be closed due to several reasons. Similarly, agents may not be available to modify your flight information at the last moment. Hence, visiting the airport well in advance of the flight’s departure can prove to be efficient during the Lufthansa name change on ticket. 

Lufthansa Name Change Fee

To provide absolute convenience to its customers, Lufthansa Airlines is extremely mindful of its fares. For this reason, it does charge any fee for name change in the Risk-Free Period. This period refers to the time during which the passengers will not be obliged to pay any Lufthansa name change fee. It is usually within 24 hours of the purchase of your ticket. 

You will also be able to waiver your name change fee as long as your tickets are not issued. Once they are issued or you cross the Risk-Free Period, you will have to make an additional payment for any kind of modifications. 

This fee is usually low and includes the fare differences. It may start at 100 euros or 114 USD. It can vary depending on the type of change and flight destination. 

Name modification is made easy and effective by the Lufthansa ticket name change policy. It allows you to alter your personal information as and when you want to. It further simplifies the process by extending different online and offline options. Therefore, you can be confident about name changes on Lufthansa Airlines.

Lufthansa Name Change/Correction FAQs

1. Can you change the name on a Lufthansa flight?

You can modify your names on the Lufthansa flight after reservation. You may also alter it immediately after booking or some time later. The Lufthansa change name on booking feature allows the passengers to conduct these types of alterations. With this, you will be permitted to correct your names as well.

2. How to change the name on the airline ticket of Lufthansa?

This airline gives its passengers several options to use the name change feature. You can log in to its online site, provide necessary details, and edit your name. Otherwise, connecting with customer care is also a viable option. Or else, you may use the airport help center to change the information. Even for Lufthansa name correction on tickets, these methods can be helpful.

3. Does Lufthansa allow passenger name change?

The change passenger name Lufthansa feature allows all kinds of modifications on the ticket. You can utilize this feature for changes due to marriage and divorce. Any legal alterations can also be done with this method. Similarly, you can correct inverted names and misspellings.

4. Is there any cost for the name change on Lufthansa?

Depending on the time of change, you may have to pay some fees. This is to say that if you are able to request a change within 24 hours of a flight reservation, the change will not cost you. Assuming that you exceed the given limit, then you might need to pay a Lufthansa name change fee. This can be 100 euros.

5. Does Lufthansa require a middle name on tickets?

Your first and last names are essential on the tickets. Also, they need to be accurate. For middle names, you may not have to mandatorily include them. However, to know the latest Lufthansa middle name guidelines, it is best to ask the airline whether it is absolutely required in a particular situation.

6. What is Lufthansa name correction policy?

This is a policy that helps a passenger to correct errors in names. It comes with a Lufthansa name correction on tickets feature. For misspelled information, inversions, etc., this feature can be accessed.

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George Jaworski
George Jaworski
9 months ago

Because of this airline’s stability, it has always been a pleasure to travel. But this time my kid’s name was not correct on the ticket. I had made it correct through the official site. By doing the online measures, I had to pay a Lufthansa ticket name change fee for my child. Charging a fee for kids doesn’t seem so right to me. At least they should be given a free benefit.

Christopher C. Brumfield
Christopher C. Brumfield
9 months ago

The airline has made a policy for the name change. But it was not clear whether it was effective or not. Then, in 2021 in Chicago, my brother had booked a ticket in a hurry. the name on the ticket was incorrect. At that time, he took advantage of Lufthansa airlines name change policy and was able to make the changes. There were some limitations though like limited characters only.

Martin Luther
Martin Luther
8 months ago

As my middle name was wrongly typed. Had to change the lufthansa middle name on ticket. While correcting online the site was asking for so many documents related to the flight. steps were hectic to follow. Still, completed all the measures and submitted the documents. didn’t get any confirmation regarding the changed middle name. I had sent many e-mails to the lufthansa. 

Brumfield Martin
Brumfield Martin
8 months ago

No idea whether the Lufthansa wrong name on ticket will be corrected or not. Later I tried calling the customer care department. But no one was responding. I called the airline on the day of the festival. I think for that reason the airline was not picking up my call but isn’t it 24*7?. 

Dock Haley
Dock Haley
4 months ago

For some reason, my name and my date of birth were incorrect on the plane ticket I had to use the Lufthansa name correction on ticket feature. I corrected my name. But please tell me how to correct my date of birth on the ticket? And will the airline fix the birthdate or not?? Mistakelny added the wrong year.