Qatar Airways Name Change on Ticket

Making errors in names is one of the most common mistakes by some passengers. Due to this, name change requests are made frequently. The Qatar Airways name change policy assists in such instances. An accurate name on the ticket without any errors is a mandatory requirement for flying.

Hence, making necessary modifications becomes extremely significant. Using the policy to its fullest can help you in availing of such alterations. 

Explaining Qatar Airways Name Change Policy 

This airline facilitates both name change and correction. It highlights the difference between the 2 processes and accordingly lists down the guidelines. This helps the users in understanding their requirements more clearly. Thus, based on the nature of your modification, you will be able to choose the most suitable process. Such a difference also makes it easier for the airline to process your request.

The different guidelines for name correction and change are given below: 

  • Qatar Name Correction Policy: This policy allows minor corrections in the passenger’s name. These corrections can be a result of spelling errors. It also includes correcting or adding missing parts of the name. Under this policy, you can correct your: 
    • Surname
    • First name
    • Title
    • Middle name 

In addition to these, travelers can make corrections to their PTC (Passenger Type Codes). Therefore, this policy mainly caters to the alterations in the Qatar Airways misspelled name. 

  • Qatar Name Change Policy: Changes under this policy refer to the major modifications. It refers to the alteration of the complete name or a part of it. The reason for such a change should bear legal support. It can be due to marriage, divorce, or adoption, but the traveler should have changed her/his name legally first. Such Qatar name changes can be done to the flier’s first, family, or middle name, or any combination. You can also change the entire name on your ticket. 

Note: For name changes, you may have to provide certificates confirming your legal name modification. 

Guidelines for Name Change/Corrections on Qatar 

As a part of its name change/correction policy, Qatar mentions certain important guidelines. Following these is the best way to change names on Qatar Airways tickets without any trouble. Additionally, these regulations ensure your security and privacy. 

The following are such important guidelines given by Qatar Airways: 

  • You cannot directly change your name on your current PNR. You will have to cancel your existing PNR and make a new reservation. 
  • In case of name corrections with Passenger Name Record, you can use the trade portal given by travel agencies. 
  • You cannot perform name changes/corrections on PNRs generated through Privilege Club Profiles. 
  • Passengers will have to again request the issuance of their E-tickets after name modifications. 
  • There is a chance that you might not be eligible for name alteration in case your reservation involves codeshare. The same is the case for interline flights. 
  • The airline does not permit switching names with other passengers in an attempt to modify the details on the reservation. 
  • You can only access the Qatar Airways name change policy before check-in. 

Note: There are restrictions imposed on the name change and correction on tickets with partially flown PNRs. 

When can You Change Your Name on Qatar Airways? 

You can modify your name immediately after you realize the error made in it. This can be either before the issuance of the ticket or after. There are different rules that apply to such instances of a name change on Qatar Airways. Hence, the time at which your request is made influences the type of change you will be eligible for. 

To understand these rules more clearly, check the points mentioned below: 

Name Modification before the Issuance of Your Ticket

Before your ticket is issued, you will be eligible for Qatar Airways misspelled name corrections. This is an important guideline to remember prior to taking any action.

More such guidelines include the following:

  • Passengers will be permitted to change up to a total of 3/three characters in either the first or middle name. This means that the airline does not permit three-character changes to the title, first, and middle names separately. 
  • Any modifications to Passenger Type Codes and Date of Birth will come under name changes. These will not be considered as three-character corrections. You can process such changes through the travel agents or the airline. 
  • In case you want to make corrections to more than 3 characters, you will have to contact the airline. The same is the case for last name or surname modifications. 
  • For requesting legal alterations to your title or last name, providing legal documents is essential. 

Note: For Qatar Airways name change after marriage, the airline may request you to submit your marriage certificate.

Modification of Name after the Issuance of Tickets

After your ticket is issued, you can make alterations to the reservations directly operated by Qatar Airways. Along with this, please be mindful of the following as well:

  • Any additions, deletions, or other modifications to an infant’s name will be allowed under this policy. 
  • Even after your ticket has been issued, you will still be under the obligation to provide supporting documentation for legal name changes. 

Note: Should you face any trouble during a Qatar name change, you are free to contact its customer care for immediate assistance. 

Methods to Change Name on Qatar Airways Ticket

Since this airline draws a difference between name change and correction, it gives different methods to access such modifications. Additionally, the varying times of name change requests have also led the carrier to provide these distinct options. The choice of the most suitable option to change name on Qatar Airways ticket lies with you. Travelers can select the option simplest to them as per their requirements. 

The following are the 2 main options for accessing name modification on Qatar Airways: 

  • Through the main site of the airline 
  • By connecting with the airline on call 

Note: Irrespective of the method you opt for, your security and privacy will be guaranteed. You will be able to modify your name with both of these methods without any hassle. They will be available to you at all times. Hence, you can use them at your convenience. 

Method 1: Name Change on Qatar Website

Using the official site of this carrier to modify your name comes under the online name change option. Passengers who wish to change their Qatar Airways misspelled name can prefer it. This method can be useful for other minor alterations as well. You will need to follow a simple process of entering your details on the site and changing your name. 

The following steps explain the detailed process of changing Qatar name online: 

  • Open your browser and type in “Qatar Airways Manage Booking”.
  • Click on the first link that appears. This will redirect you to the “Manage Booking” portal of this carrier. 

Note: You can also access this portal directly on the home page. For this, you will have to visit the link “”. 

  • Now, on this redirected page, you will have to enter your flight details and necessary personal information. These include your PNR number or E-ticket number and last name. 
  • Continue the process by tapping on the “Find Booking” button given on the right side of your screen. 
  • You will now be able to view your retrieved booking. Select the flight on whose ticket you want to change the name. 
  • Here, select the Qatar name change/correction tab. 
  • Next, click on that part of the passenger’s name that you wish to edit like the first or middle name. Select the title as well if it requires modifications. 
  • You can now key in the correct name identical to the one on your passport or any other legal ID issued by the government. 
  • For the completion of the name change process, you might be required to pay additional charges. Make the payment using the available tools. 
  • Ensure to confirm your name change through the email on your registered ID at the end of this procedure. 

Note: Through this online site, you will be able to undertake many other procedures. You can check-in, change flights or cancel your reservation online. Not only this, the site provides information about the latest updates, discounts, Qatar Airways seat selection policy, and more. 

Method 2: Name Change on Qatar Airways By Calling 

This method allows you to connect with customer care at its toll-free number. It can be suitable for major name modifications like adding last names or shifting first and middle names. Also, it can be suitable for a last-minute modification under the Qatar Airways name change policy. Passengers who do not have any experience with the online method can go with this option. It is both easy and reliable. 

For connecting with the customer care service of Qatar Airways, dial the number +1 (877) 777-2827. Otherwise, based on your location, you can use the toll-free number too. This number can be found on the official site of this carrier. 

Once you connect with the Qatar agent, follow the steps given below to request a name modification: 

  • The official will first ask you about your reason for calling. Inform him/her of the error in your name and why you wish to change it. Upon this, the agent can begin the proceedings to initiate the process. 
  • You will then be required to provide your reservation details. Give your 6 digit PNR number as the booking reference. Otherwise, you can also submit your ticket number which is 13 digits long. Mention the passengers’ details as well. 
  • Now, enlighten the official of the characters in your name that need to be corrected. For changes, mention the part of the name you wish to modify. 
  • Next, give the correct name to which your current name has to be changed to. Ensure that this new name matches the one on your passport. 
  • Submit any legal documents for certification, if required. You can submit these documents by email. 
  • Upon the scrutinization of the agent, you can pay the name change fee, if necessary. 
  • Your name will now be changed and you will receive a confirmation email. 

Note: For an urgent name change, Qatar Airways customer service agents can offer you complete assistance. You can rely on these agents in such cases of emergencies. 

Qatar Name Change/Correction Fee

Under the Qatar name correction policy, a specific fee is charged. Usually, the fee charged is about $250. Also, this is the fee that you will be obliged to pay if you request a name change after 24 hours of your initial booking. 

There is a way for you to lower this fee. For this, you can request name alteration within 24 hours of booking. This reduced time period will waive your fee to $150. 

Modifying the wrong or incorrect names on tickets is immensely important for secure travel. This is facilitated by the Qatar Airways name change policy. This policy is comprehensive and inclusive. It extends several benefits to the customers along with different methods of the name change. Therefore, you can use this feature whenever you require it at your convenience.

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy FAQs

1. What is Qatar Airways’ name change policy?

The Qatar Airways name change policy determines the rules for the detail’s modification. It is designed to assist customers in name alteration. This policy gives the main methods for requesting such a change. It is a policy that provides complete information regarding name corrections and changes.

2. How to change the name on the Qatar Airways tickets?

This airline gives the option to its customers to change name on Qatar Airways tickets in 2 ways. You can either use the online or the offline method. For the online method, use the airline’s site, submit your details, and change your name. In case of the offline one, contact the customer care service.

3. How to change the name of Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

The members of the Qatar Privilege Club who want to modify their names can connect with the airline. You can dial the number 800-988-6128 to reach the airline’s agents. Inform the officials of your request and give your details. Your name change process will soon be initiated by the airline.

4. Does Qatar Airlines allow passenger name change?

Yes, you can alter the passenger name on the ticket after reservation on Qatar Airways. You can do so before the official issuance of your ticket as well as afterward. A simple procedure involving the provision of your details can help you in changing your names. You may also have to submit legal documents supporting such a modification.

5. How much is Qatar Airways’ name change fee?

To access a Qatar name change, you will have to pay a certain amount of fee. This fee can vary depending on the time of your request. If you request a change within 24 hours of booking, then the fee will be about $150. In case you happen to extend this period, you will be charged a fee of nearly $250.

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