Singapore Airlines Name Change

One of the most crucial needs while traveling is to have an accurate and precise name on the plane ticket. The major purpose of Singapore Airlines name change policy is to make certain types of modifications of details on the ticket with ease. However, the alteration of the name may be made due to the marriage or divorce of a traveler. In case of typos errors, a flyer may need to make certain modifications to the flight ticket. Incorrect or misspelled names can be inconvenient for the flyer to fly with the airline. Hence, it may create an identification issue eventually. This is where the role of the policy is observed the most.

Types of Singapore Airlines Name Change

There are two primary types of name change on Singapore Airlines. They include the modification and correcting of the name on the tickets. The carrier emphasizes the difference between the two types and specifies the instructions to initiate them accordingly. Additionally, knowing this policy can help the passengers understand it in a better way and go further with the alteration of the details on the tickets. 

Please read the details of the types of name change mentioned below:

Understanding the Singapore Airlines name change for legal purposes is quite significant. It is a basic policy designed to facilitate the passengers who wish to modify their names on the tickets after a marriage or divorce. Different types of alterations can be allowed under this policy. 

Changing your legal name includes the modification of a huge portion of your details on the ticket. The major change name on Singapore Airlines can be done in the last name, such as additions or deletions. In such circumstances, you may have to submit the required documents to the airline like the certificate of marriage. Or, in the case of divorce, you can provide the court orders to the airline. Thus, the carrier may provide numerous methods for seeking a change on a Singapore Airlines ticket based on the type of modification. 

Singapore Airlines Name Correction Policy

A passenger can edit his or her personal information on the ticket, under the Singapore Airlines name correction policy. Frequently, this happens when there may be misspellings and typos in the letters of the name. These mistakes can be edited in the traveler’s surname, first name as well as middle name. Under the terms and conditions governing the character limit of the name, you can have the feature of correcting the details on your flight ticket.

Singapore Airlines Middle Name Change

According to the policy, Singapore Airlines middle name addition on the plane ticket is not required for traveling. So to say, this detail is not mandatory. Presuming that the passenger wants to change the middle name on the ticket, he or she can add it but make sure that it is correctly mentioned. When the middle name is added to the flight ticket and you want to rectify it, you can do so with the various methods provided by the airline. 

On the other hand, including the middle name on the ticket can help you with the identification procedure at times. However, it is the flyer’s choice whether to include or exclude the middle name on his or her ticket. Hence, when you have any queries about the middle name, you can contact the airline.

Rules for Singapore Airlines Name Corrections or Changes 

Singapore Airlines lays out some basic rules for updating or modifying a piece of information on the ticket. The basic information such as the passenger’s name on the ticket and some relevant data regarding his or her identity should be the same, as per the Singapore Airlines name correction or alteration policy. When it is not the same, for such reasons, a flyer should know the rules for modifying it on his or her plane ticket. 

There are many other rules of alteration of the name which are as stated below:

  • A traveler’s full details cannot be modified in the reservation.
  • Minor spelling errors can be permitted to be edited on the ticket. 
  • When a traveler seeks to alter his or her name due to marriage, he/she must provide a copy of the certificate of marriage. 
  • Within 24 hours of reservation, you can modify your name on the ticket for free of cost.
  • Sometimes, a passenger can make the name change on Singapore Airlines after 24 hours of obtaining a ticket. In such instances, he/she may have to pay the fees. 
  • The flight tickets on Singapore Airlines may not be transferred to another person. 
  • In case of a correction, a flyer can edit up to a few letters in the name on the ticket.
  • When you have reserved a flight ticket from a broker, the airline may not change your details. 
  • On Singapore Airlines first name, last name, middle name can all be modified on the plane ticket. 

Initiating Singapore Airlines Change Name on Ticket 

Passengers’ needs and requirements may differ. With this understanding, the airline has provided various options to help you with a quick Singapore Airlines change passenger name procedure on the ticket. These methods of modification of personal information may be risk-free. Also, they can be incredibly advantageous for travelers around the world. 

In this policy, you can revive the details of the name change process by calling the customer care number. Similarly, you can also alter your name on the ticket by visiting the official website of the airline. Or else, a flyer can go to the airline’s office address for his or her query regarding the rectification of the details. Additionally, for the KrisFlyer members, the airline has provided a form via which they can modify their names on the flight tickets.

Method 1: Locating a Website

Choosing the online method is one of the best ways to complete a modification of details in less time. A passenger can alter the Singapore Airlines name on ticket in case of minor changes like misspelled or reversed names.

A passenger must visit the website for the procedure of name change or correction to be initiated. There, you can find the Manage Booking feature. Further, you can provide the details of the alteration of the name and wait for the response of the operator.

Please read these steps to go ahead with this procedure: 

  • This link has to be opened by the passenger “”.
  • Then locate the “Manage Booking” option and click on it.
  • Now, you will have to provide your “Six-character Booking Reference” along with the “Family Name” in the given blanks. 
  • Further, hit the “Manage Booking” button.
  • Now, choose the “Flight Change” feature.
  • Post pressing it, you can alter your name in the “Booking” section.
  • Following this rule, you may be required to provide some documentation for the verification process of Singapore Airlines name change. Ensure that you provide it.
  • Adhere to the directions and finish the process by paying the fees if any.
  • Once the payment is done, you should receive the confirmation email on your registered ID. 

Note: Sometimes, no confirmation message may be received by a passenger. She/he may presume that the Singapore Airline name change or correction procedure may have failed. In such a situation, you can wait for some time. When you still have not received the said email, you can contact the airline. Or else, you can try again for the modification of the naming procedure later. 

Method 2: Singapore Airlines Name Change Form for KrisFlyer

Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyer program is known as KrisFlyer. The carrier may intend to reward those travelers who like to travel with them. When you are a member of this program, you can avail yourself of the Singapore Airlines name change form. As a person of this program, you can get a form from the airline’s official site. There, you may need to add your KrisFlyer details as well as attach a passport with the correct name. You can submit it through email or fax as per your choice. 

  • First, you will need to go to this link:
  • Here, you can get the form for altering or modifying your name on the ticket.
  • In that form, you may need to fill in the Current Membership Details like “KrisFlyer Membership Number” and “Registered Membership Name” in the available blanks.
  • Next, type the new name’s information such as “Family Name” or “Given Name”. 
  • Once you provide all the details regarding your membership particulars and a new name, you may need to attach your identity proof like a passport for Singapore Airlines change name on ticket.
  • Further, you can send the form through your registered email ID or by fax. 
  • You will receive a confirmation message for the name change or correction on the ticket.

Method 3: Modify Name by Contacting the Airline

For the request of alteration of the name, some passengers may opt to talk with the Singapore Airlines’ agents personally. The carrier may provide the travelers with the ease of calling customer service to know the procedure for Singapore Airlines first name, last name, middle name change or correction in a better way. Here, the agent can only guide the passenger in the modification of his or her name. A larger part of the procedure, in actuality, may have to be executed by the passenger.

The Airline’s customer service center contact numbers are as follows:

CountryCityContact Number
IndiaDelhi1800 121 212 (local calls)+91 22 5016 6046 (For international passengers)
AustraliaAdelaide13 10 11
CanadaToronto+1 416 945 0299
GermanyFrankfurt+49 69 174 156 59

Note: A flyer can get more contact numbers of the airline depending on the location. The location needs to be looked for on the website of Singapore Airlines.

When you call the concerned agent, he/she will inquire about the purpose of your call. You can mention your query regarding the Singapore Airlines change passenger name on the plane ticket. Further, he or she may inform you of the rectification of personal information procedures like the online method, or else visit the office for the issue. 

Method 4: Rectify/Change Name by Visiting the Airline’s Office

A passenger can seek an alteration of his/her details under the Singapore Airlines name correction policy through the carrier’s office. Using this way, you can connect with the officials directly. This method can be the most favorable option because you may see the modifications being monitored. 

First, you will have to visit the airline’s office for the change or correction of the name. There, you can share your concern with the official. He or she can inform you whether the Singapore Airlines name change or edit of the name on the ticket is possible or not. When it is eligible, you may be asked to submit the original documents for the verification of the details. Post providing the paperwork, the official may compare the information to your flight schedule. As soon as the official may initiate the process of name alteration on the ticket, you may have to make a payment. Further, to validate your accurate personal details, you can request a revised pass of boarding with the updated information. 

Note: A passenger can get the office address by visiting the official website of the airline. On the site, the “Contact Us” page is also available. From there, you can look for the office address with respect to your country or city.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee

The carrier can charge a fee for the service of modification of a piece of information. Sometimes a minor mistake in a reservation’s name section may cost a passenger higher than the actual ticket price. Also, the Singapore Airlines name change fees are determined by the currency a flyer used to pay for rectifying his or her name on the ticket. When a flyer can make a payment in terms of EUR, he/she may pay €89. For GDP, you will have to spend nearly £65. When it comes to USD, you would have to pay the service fee of $50.

A traveler can get the benefit of a free name change when she or he corrects the information on the ticket within 24 hours of making the booking. However, as per the Singapore Airlines name change policy, the fee structure may vary from time to time. Or else, it is based on the type of fare. To know up-to-date information on the fees in relation to the policy, you can also contact the airline. 

Tip: Please provide your details on the ticket exactly as they appear on your passport when making a reservation. Or else, you may pay a heavy amount of charge given that the mismatch is major. 

On a Final Note,
The name change policy modifies the details simply and effectively. It permits a passenger to make alterations or rectifications to Singapore Airlines name on ticket whenever it is needed. Similarly, it simplifies the procedure for you even more by providing a variety of methods. Hence, you can rely on the easy modification of your personal information with this airline.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Singapore Airlines name correction policy?

A passenger can use the Singapore Airlines name correction policy to rectify the mistakes in his or her name on the ticket. It may include the reordering of the letters, misspelled information, and other errors. Minor edits to the ticket name can be allowed under this policy. You may have to provide the necessary identity details to the airline for the correction of your name, under this policy.

2. How to do Singapore Airlines change name on tickets?

You can modify their personal information on Singapore Airlines tickets in a variety of ways. You can alter your name by visiting the official site of the airline. Further, you can find the “Manage Booking” option. By clicking on it, you will have to provide your details regarding the flight ticket. Moreover, a flyer can follow the instructions and rectify his/her name with ease.

3. Is there any Singapore Airlines middle name policy?

As such, there may be no well-defined Singapore Airlines middle name policy. However, it is not necessary to add your middle name to the ticket. In case you want to include its details on the flight ticket, you can do so. But they should be correctly mentioned while printing your tickets.

4. Who can use Singapore Airlines name change form?

Only KrisFlyer members can use the form for the name change procedure on the flight tickets. With the help of this form, these members can get the benefit of changing their names. To know about such forms for non-members, you can contact Singapore Airlines.

5. How does Singapore Airlines name change policy work?

The name change policy of Singapore Airlines works through a set of rules. As per these rules, the identity of a traveler must match with his or her name on the ticket. When it is not the same, the policy allows changes of a few letters. To take advantage of this policy, you may pay a fee. Keeping these rules in mind, you can alter your name easily.

6. Do I need last name on Singapore Airlines ticket?

On Singapore Airlines no last name may create a problem for the passenger to travel. This is because the last name on the ticket is mandatory. By adding the surname on the flight ticket, a passenger’s identification procedure becomes much easier.

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Elsie Laugust
Elsie Laugust
3 months ago

I used the service of changing singapore airlines name on ticket policy and was amazed by how cooperative and patient the staff of this airline is. I felt so relieved I didn’t have to even pay anything since I just booked my ticket and found the error in the confirmation email. The allover process was smooth and didn’t consume a lot of time.

Otis C. Miller
Otis C. Miller
3 months ago

Where can I find the Singapore Airlines name change form online? I have been trying to correct the spelling of my name over call but since it’s too complicated that way I want to do it myself but filling up the form.