Southwest Name Change Policy

Southwest Name Change Policy

While booking a flight, it is important to ensure that the name matches your identity. Sometimes, there are situations when a passenger makes an error in the name. For that, the Southwest name change or correction policy helps you in altering your name. The airline makes it easier to make such adjustments. 

Explanation of Southwest Name Change Policy

The Southwest Airlines name change policy can be considered a beneficial feature. It allows passengers to alter their names on their airline tickets. According to the policy, the name change is allowed in some circumstances only. The policy relates to the change of an entire name or a portion of it. The reason for modification should be legal to use the feature. It could be because of divorce or marriage. 

Southwest Name Correction Policy

When flying with Southwest Airlines, it is crucial to book your ticket under the correct name. When this is not so, minor corrections are allowed by the Southwest name correction policy. Making the necessary modifications to the misspelled name is part of this. You can change the characters. For the major name issues, you might contact the airline.

Note: A passenger can make modifications in their last name, first name, as well as a middle name as part of the name correction policy. 

Legal/Marriage Name Change on Southwest

According to the policy, changing the full name is not permitted by the airlines. Also, names cannot be transferred to the other person. Except for the legal changes due to marriage or divorce. The airline allows Southwest change name after marriage when legal documents are submitted to it. Also, due to such reasons, only the last name is altered. In case of divorce, first, you can get the information officially altered. For that, court orders are necessary. 

On that note, changes may occur. Some documents are needed for the legal name change as follows:

In the Event of MarriageIn Case of Divorce
Marriage licenseCourt orders
Previous identity proofDocuments supporting a legal name change
Existing identity proof

Southwest Airlines Name Change Guidelines

The airline prepares guidelines for the convenience of the passenger when personal information has to be changed. Under the Southwest Airlines name change policy, the travelers can change or correct their names. This can only be done up to a certain character limit. You may not find it easy to completely change your name as that can lead to the transfer of the flight tickets.

Here are the other guidelines also for name changes or corrections on Southwest Airlines:

  • Under the policy, it is not permitted to change names to transfer tickets. Because of this, you can cancel your flight and rebook the other one.
  • You can correct a few of the characters of your last name, middle name, or first name.
  • Your name must be matched with your original documents. 
  • As per the Southwest name change policy, a charge is not applied for the correction of the name. 
  • Name corrections will only be permitted once. 
  • For a legal name change, documents should be properly submitted to the airline.
  • To go ahead with processes like Southwest seat selection, the order of characters in a passenger’s name should be as accurate as that of the passport/boarding documents.

Note: You may only make modifications to your flight reservation up to 24 hours before departure. After this, you will be closer to the boarding process. Changing your particulars in that case will be inconvenient for you as well as the airline. Therefore, prior to going ahead with Southwest change name on tickets, please be mindful of the time period.

Methods to Initiate Southwest Change Name on Tickets

It is possible that all passengers cannot use the same method for name changing due to several reasons. For this, the airline has made different methods for Southwest name changes. Initially, it can be changed from the official site. This method is available for those who want to change their names through any place but do not require proper assistance. Another one is the offline method. You can contact the airline about the issue. 

Method 1: Southwest Change Name on Ticket Using Contact Us

The Contact Us page is mostly used for modifications or queries of multiple kinds. Southwest change name on tickets can be easily done through this page. You can find the contact information of the carrier here. You can prefer calling. Then you can share your concern for the name change or correction request.

  • First, you have to open this link “”. 
  • On the “Homepage”, search for the section “Contact Us”. Here you can find the number. 
  • Using this number you can contact the airline at any time. 
  • Wait for the carrier to connect with you. On the call, you can share your query, that is, Southwest Airlines change name on ticket. You can also mention the reason for the name change. 
  • After that, you can ask for the documents that have to be submitted at the time of the name change. 
  • Ask for the fees if any and accordingly, when the procedure is done, you will receive a confirmation code through the mail.

Note: You can also directly call the carrier that is free of cost. The airline’s helpline number is 1-800-435-9792.

Method 2: Using Site for Southwest Name Change on Tickets

It is possible to change the name on your flight tickets from the website of the southwest. As you log in to your account, you will find a space wherein you can input your flight ticket’s confirmation number. This is followed by adding your last name. After this, you will have the option of managing your booking. This is what you need to use to exercise the name change feature.

Going further, on Southwest, how to change name on tickets through the website is explained as follows:

  • The first step is to visit the official website of Southwest.
  • After that, click on “Log in”.
  • Now, you have to mention your “Confirmation Number” and “Last Name”.
  • Select the “Flight” button.
  • Then a drop-down menu will be visible to you. From that choose “Manage Reservation”.
  • The page will then provide you with a table of your scheduled reservation. It will provide you with several options such as “Edit Name”. You can choose this for purposes like Southwest name change on ticket.
  • Thereafter, edit your name and enter all your information on the website for changing it.
  • You have to pay the fees, if applicable.
  • At last, save all of your information. 
  • Wait for the confirmation of your new ticket.

Note: If you want to change other details like date, flight, luggage allowance, etc., then also you can go through this procedure.

Method 3: Southwest Airlines Change Name on Ticket via Complaint Page

This airline can entertain certain requests through its complaint page. Even though this option is the most helpful for informing the airline about your complaints, for placing certain requests too, you can try using it. 

To access this page, you can check Contact Us on this airline. It will come with an Email Us option. This option will take you to a form. On Southwest, how to change name on tickets is possible when you add your details in this form. These details can be about your flight and particulars. In addition to this, you can upload any relevant files to support the name change process. 

Kindly wait to receive the response of this form. You may probably receive it on your email ID. It will inform you whether name change is possible and what more you need to do for this modification to take place. 

Method 4: Changing Passenger Name on Southwest Airlines

According to the policy of Southwest Airlines, full names are not allowed to alter. Here, the direct option is also not available for the change. For concerns like Southwest Airlines change passenger name, you have to cancel the ticket. You can contact the airline or use its website for cancellation. Once you receive the confirmation for this, you can rebook a new flight. While reserving this one, you can enter the desired name of the passenger.

Fees for Southwest Name Change on Tickets

Name change fees may or may not be charged on Southwest. This depends on the situation under which the change is being initiated. In addition, depending on the type of change, the cost may be levied. Usually, when the Southwest Airlines name change fee is applicable, it can be around $125. 

Southwest Airlines Name Change Tips

Sometimes, passengers are in a hurry. They may mention the wrong details while booking. For that reason, many times the requirement for Southwest Airlines change name on tickets may arise. It will be suggested to not write in a hurry. This will not result in typing errors as well. 

More such tips are given as follows:

  • For ensuring that relevant information has been added, a passenger has to double-check his or her details before submitting. 
  • At the time of the reservation of your ticket, you will need all the information along with you. So it is better to keep all important documents handy. You will need documents like birth date, passport, and other legal documents. If you are booking the tickets on behalf of another person, then you will need the accurate details of that person. Thus, the need for changing the information later due to inaccuracy may not arise.

Why is Southwest Name Change Important?

Consequences of Misspelled Name on Southwest Airlines 

To get a flawless travel experience, no wrong data should be used by you in any instance. Among the most common yet critical occurrences on Southwest is the misspelled name on the Passenger Name Record. Also according to the DoT regulations, it is unauthorized and illegal to take a flight with the wrong name. Therefore, Southwest name change is important in situations wherein your details are false/incorrect.

With respect to this, more details are as follows:

  • All documentation, such as your name and identity should be equally matched for a problem-free experience.
  • You will always have to double-check your information before giving the details. If not, then you can undergo major problems while check-in.
  • Furthermore, you may be required to stay at the airport for an unknown period of time, till the matter is settled. You might miss your flight should this happen. 
  • In some circumstances, the flier’s flight may also be canceled because of the issues in the name. 

In Conclusion

Correcting inaccurate names on tickets is critical for a convenient trip. The Southwest name change policy makes this possible. With its basic rules, you can initiate changes. In addition, when multiple methods are available to do so, you can pick the best one as per your preferences.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy FAQs

1. Can you change the name on the Southwest Tickets?

Yes, a name change on Southwest tickets is allowed on one condition. The airline permits it only in case of divorce or marriage. On Southwest Airlines, the ticket cannot be transferred to someone else. Also, changes can be done related to the last name only.

2. How to change the last name on a Southwest ticket?

A traveler can change the last name on Southwest tickets. He or she can alter the name through the online method. First, you will visit the official website of the airline. Log into your account. After that, provide your details related to the booking. Soon after, you will have the option to manage your information including the last name.

3. How to change passenger name on Southwest?

On Southwest Airlines, a direct name change option is not available. It means that you cannot change your name to transfer the ticket to another person. If you want Southwest Airlines change name of passenger, then you have to cancel your flight ticket and you have to rebook it.

4. Can you change the name on a plane ticket of Southwest?

You can change names on a plane ticket through various methods. One of the most effective methods is the offline procedure. In this method, you can call on the toll-free number of the airline and request a name change on Southwest tickets. Or else, you also have an option to visit the airport and resolve the concern.

5. Can I change name after marriage on Southwest?

Yes, you can change your name for legal reasons. On Southwest, to change name after marriage, you have to submit some legal documents. These should prove the cause for the name change.

6. Southwest how to change name on ticket online?

It is quite feasible to use the website of the airline for purposes like the name change. The site will lead you to the Contact Us page. This page will make you familiar with certain ways that can be used for approaching the airline online.

7. On Southwest Airlines how to change name on tickets offline?

Southwest change name on ticket can be done by calling the airline. Its official phone number is available on its website. As soon as you connect with an agent on call, you can share all the details needed for changing your name. This will be accompanied by paying for some charges as per the airline.

8. How to change name on Southwest reservations?

You can change your first, last, or middle name on Southwest offline as well as online. When you wish to do so online, you can use the “Manage Reservation” feature by signing in to your account. In case you choose the offline method, please call the carrier and get your details modified.

9. Can you change a name on a plane ticket Southwest?

The airline may allow you to change your name on a plane ticket depending on the time period and the nature of your request. While you are in the process of boarding, this flexibility may not be given. In other instances wherein corrections are to be made and time is available, the Southwest name change policy will be helpful.

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martin Johnson
martin Johnson
7 months ago

Don’t get it why the policy has no clear eligibility criteria as to how to change name on Southwest reservation. If im doing it offline, then what all do i need or not need? And what benefit i get if I do it online? Any clarity on that?

Eric H. Danford
Eric H. Danford
7 months ago

The airline has undoubtedly created a strong policy. This is one of the few airlines with which I have never had a problem. There are also numerous rules and adhering to all of them is essential. Aside from these restrictions, the Southwest name change policy works great. But I wish the effect of the policy took lesser time. I had my flight in a week and had to write multiple mails to bring to notice my urgent need.

7 months ago

Had been trying for a long time to learn how southwest airlines name change was done. Because I was not near the airport. Then I thought of calling the customer care center of the airline. On the phone, I have to wait for it to be completed. Waiting on call is not really convenient for me. Entire duration of 15 minutes!

Judith Charlesworth
Judith Charlesworth
2 months ago

My neighbor was telling me that she booked a flight ticket with Southwest. But she has given her the wrong name by mistake. Then she wanted to make Southwest name change on the ticket. She had made a request within 24 hours of purchasing. But then also, she has to pay a fee that the airline was saying that she has not made in 24 hours. I too have a flight in the upcoming week. Her experience helped me. I checked it all twice before submitting. Don’t have to pay any fee now!

2 months ago

As trying to do the southwest change name on ticket steps online. I feel like the it was not easy for me. The buttons are lil complicated. I’d rather connect with the person on call who can easily navigate it all on my behalf.

Oceane Stiedemann
Oceane Stiedemann
2 months ago

As trying to do the southwest change name on ticket steps online. I feel like the it was not easy for me. The buttons are lil complicated. I’d rather connect with the person on call who can easily navigate it all on my behalf.

Joshuah Leuschke
Joshuah Leuschke
2 months ago

Got married some days back. Had plans to travel to Costa Rica. While booking earlier, used my original name. Now, they won’t change it so easily. Couldn’t find where to attach documents for Southwest change name on ticket. Ultimately, had to go and do it at the airport. Was all very time consuming.