Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Travelers might need to make changes/modifications to their ticket names due to a variety of reasons. In accordance with these, the Spirit Airlines name change policy provides ample scope to make rectifications if there are any misspellings to the detail given on the ticket. The change of name on the ticket is subject to certain rules and fees. A passenger can make modifications in the last name, first name, and middle name as per the prescribed conditions. Accordingly, the changes or modifications can be confirmed with the final fee submission.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy and its Rules

When you are traveling via Spirit Airlines, it is very essential to reserve the ticket with the correct name. On observing any issues with this detail, you can use the policy to make changes. Prior to making the changes to your information, you should understand the essential rules. As you comply with the same, utilizing the Spirit name change policy will be hassle-free.

Certain rules of the said policy are given as follows:

  • Such a policy allows you the liberty to make legal changes to the ticket name. 
  • The modification is applied to the whole journey and not just for a part of it to ensure your convenience.
  • This policy for Spirit Airlines name change provides you with the provision to make minor corrections in the ticket. This includes making the required changes in the misspelled name. 
  • Submitting certain documents can be mandatory when you wish to initiate any kind of change to your particulars.

Note: The significance of this policy indicates that traveling with inaccurate credentials may have serious consequences. Therefore, the availability of the above-shown rules makes it easier for you to escape consequences like flight cancellation due to incorrect identity.

  • Spirit Airlines change of name is only allowed if the passengers conform to certain rules and regulations like following the character limit. 
  • A maximum of 3 letters can be changed on:
    • First name
    • Middle name
    • Last name 
  • The request may be permitted only in case of a legal name change. This is because it may involve no cost.
  • Any other details in relation to the name change on Spirit Airlines such as birth date, sex, contact, and passport details are to be made by the production of government verified documents.
  • You should also include the suffix or prefix in the ticket name so that the detail looks exactly as what is written on government documents.
  • If a person traveling with Spirit Airlines has a booking with the segment of multiple flights, then the request for name alteration has to be made only in the segment of the carrier.
  • Please ensure that all the flights operate via this airline. See to it that 095 is the starting number for the ticket inventory.

Note: Spirit Airlines does not provide for interchanging the ownership of tickets between 2 passengers. Keep in mind the limitation while you use the change name Spirit Airlines feature.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Types

The policy for Spirit Airlines change name is flexible and incorporates various types of changes such as spelling errors. When there is any legal matter that demands you to change this detail, this feature enables you to do that as well. Other change types can include making modifications to the name of the traveler.

1. Change in the Spelling of the Traveler’s Name

There can be a situation wherein a traveler has to make a minor modification in the ticket name. This may be due to an error in it. Or, for any other reason, the change may be required. The functioning of the name change feature is such that the modifications can be conveniently made for as long as they are minor.

2. Spirit Name Change for Legal Reasons

The rule of Spirit Airlines name change on the ticket discloses that a passenger can make modifications in his/her legal name. The main causes leading to this can be a court case, divorce, marriage, etc. You can be asked to upload the documents in support of such a change.

Note: Due to legal situations, a customer may wish to change the entire name. This can be required for the first name, last name, or both of these. As approved by the court, a complete change name on Spirit flight tickets can be possible in these instances.

Spirit Airlines Name Correction

With respect to several processes of the carrier, it is essential that your name is correctly present on the document. For purposes like Spirit Airlines seat selection, fulfilling this requirement is greatly important. Since the name change policy includes several types of errors, it becomes easier for you to complete these purposes with the right information.

The Spirit Airlines name correction policy’s use can be observed when the traveler’s name has not been correctly spelled. Whether the change is minor or major, it is included in the types and can be rectified. However, it is important to remember that this feature is mainly for corrections. Hence, when you wish to go for complete name changes, it may not work.

How to Change Passenger Name on Spirit Airlines?

To satisfy the various requirements of customers, Spirit provides various methods for the name change. The Spirit Airlines name change policy includes both online and offline procedures to suit your preferences. 

Some of these are shown as follows:

  • Visiting the Spirit Airlines official website
  • Contact customer care
  • Going to the airport

Method 1: Spirit Change Name on Ticket Using Website

The website of Spirit comes with an option called Submit a Complaint. For requests like Spirit Airlines change name on tickets, you can use this option. You can specify the change that you wish to make. In support of it, please attach any documents that this option asks for. As you submit your complaint, the airline should start working on it.

  • You have to visit the site of Spirit Airlines.
  • Next, you have to select the option “Manage My Travel Bar” at the top corner of the home page. This is the main option that will help you with Spirit Airlines change name on tickets.
  • In a given space, you have to enter the name as written in the passport. Also, add the confirmed flight reservation number that you have received through the confirmation mail from the airlines.
  • In this step, you can click on the option of “Edit Booking” that is available in the “Upcoming Trips” tab.
  • Then you will have to make an entry with the corrected name and other details in the name change option.
  • The edits/corrections relating to Spirit Airlines change name on the ticket will get updated on the site.
  • On refreshing the page, you should be able to view the corrected details.

Method 2: Change Name on Spirit Flight Tickets over Phone

In some cases, customers may find it easy to resolve their issues by directly connecting with expert airline officials. For this, you are given the option to reach out to them by calling the toll-free or customer care number. Thus, even when you want to edit your details, they can help you understand how to change passenger name on Spirit.

To get in touch with the officials, the numbers provided by Spirit Airlines as follows:

  • Toll-free Number: 1 (855) 728-3555

On connecting with the airport agents, you have to provide your booking details including your PNR or e-ticket number. These are essential for changing your name and making it correct on your flight tickets. The agent will ask you about the corrections you want to make in your name details. Then he/she may also claim the reason behind the name change. If needed, then you have to mail your government documents including your passport as well.

Once you furnish the agent with the rightful details and legal documents, he/she will move forward with the Spirit change name on ticket process. You will receive a confirmation email when the process gets confirmed.

Note: This method is best for changing or correcting your name. That means, only when a few letters are incorrect, you can make modifications via this method. In case you want to opt for Spirit Airlines name change completely, you can do that by canceling your ticket. Afterward, you may book a new ticket. This ticket will be transferable to a passenger, provided that you enter his or her name at the time of booking.

Method 3: Spirit Airlines Name Change at the Airport

As a customer of this airline, you have an additional offline option to make edits to your first, last, or middle name. This option comprises name modification via an airport visit. Thus, you can head to the airport via which you will be flying and connect with the authorities.

The passenger can disclose the reason to connect, that is, changing the name on the flight tickets. The authority will let him/her know how to change passenger name on Spirit Airlines tickets. 

Tip: It may happen that when you modify your personal details at the airport, more time may be required. This is dependent on the number of concerns the airport authority has to handle. Therefore, you will be suggested to visit the airport long before the flight’s departing time.

Documents to Carry for Name Change on Spirit

Should a traveler’s name be modified with respect to any of the information described above, then he/she can do it online without the production of documents in certain instances. 

However, there are also circumstances when a traveler has to produce documents for Spirit Airlines’ name change on tickets. See below what you should carry when required:

  • The licence of Marriage
  • Order from the court
  • Decree of divorce
  • Supporting documents for change of legal name

Things to Know Regarding Spirit Airlines Change Name Policy

A passenger should try not to book a ticket speculating that a request for a name change would be encouraged in the future. Such a step may be unethical, as per the Spirit Airlines name change policy. It can result in an immense loss for the carrier.

In addition, a few more things should be in your mind for exercising the policy.

  • You are not allowed to make changes to the ticket name in the prevailing PNR. A new booking has to be done and the old PNR will be canceled.
  • The completion of the name rectification process is possible through the Spirit Airlines helpline number.
  • A flier can do corrections in the last/surname, middle, or first name, owing to errors in spelling.
  • Spirit Airlines change name option for reservation request is considered a complete change in the first, middle, or last name on the ticket, either/all of them.
  • The rectification in the surname of the passenger should follow a character limit. It can be of 3 letters.
  • Please initiate any legal changes with respect to first, middle, or last name by producing the supporting certificate of official travel.
  • Make the request for the name change relating to the addition or omission in the name for infants by connecting with customer service.
  • Spirit Airlines does not provide an allowance to swap travelers’ requests.

Note: Spirit Airlines name change policy may only allow the modification of this detail on tickets when travelers do so legally.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee

In some situations, the airline may not charge any fee for the change of name. This is when the change is inclusive of misspellings and even legal modifications. 

When it applies a charge, there may be no specific structure for Spirit Airlines name change fee. Generally, it can charge a fee of $120 for making minor rectifications in the traveler’s information. So, it is always advisable to connect with the reservation authority of Spirit Airlines to elicit information about the current fees.

In addition, you should know that the Spirit Airlines fee for the change is subject to various conditions. Accordingly, it may change.

  • Fee for the name change on Spirit Airlines if tickets are booked with the carrier itself: 225 USD
  • Price charged for rebooking on the completion of the request process: 250 USD
  • Charge for rectifying 3 letters in the ticket name: 225 USD
  • Cost for the name change request from different airline segments of a flight: 225 USD
  • Fee when the modification of name needs special permission from the airline: 175 USD
  • Cost for transferring the ownership of a ticket: 200 USD
  • Spirit Airlines change name fee due to errors in typing: 150 USD
  • Charge for requesting the change from flights bound for Europe: 250 USD

The fee for this carrier is subject to multiple conditions. The passenger should be cognizant of the fee structure and apply for a name change request accordingly and at the earliest.


Spirit comes with several options for the travelers for making any modification in the ticket name. The policy for Spirit Airlines name change makes it easier for the passengers to correct their names by stating the rules clearly. Hence, if you come across your name printed incorrectly on the ticket, you should not panic about correcting it. Thus, this policy will be of immense benefit to you.

Spirit Airlines Name Change/Correction FAQs

1. Can you change the name on Spirit Airlines tickets?

You can modify your name on the Spirit Airlines ticket. If there is a slight error in the spelling or you want to make rectifications in the legal name, then you are allowed to do so. For any help relating to the name change, you can call up Spirit Airlines customer service at 1-855-728-3555.

2. What is Spirit Airlines’ name change policy?

The Spirit Airlines name change policy is a set of important rules. It provides the flexibility to the customers to make necessary corrections or rectifications in the ticket name. The policy discloses that a passenger can correct the first, last, or middle name on the ticket in case of any misspellings. He/she is also given the liberty to change his/her legal name as a part of this policy.

3. How to change the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

You have to visit Spirit’s official site for name-changing. Here, you have to select the option of “Manage My Travel” found on the homepage. After that, you have to enter your passport details and reservation number. You will be provided with an option of booking. On tapping it, you have to select “Edit booking”. Here, you can make the necessary modifications.

4. How to change misspelled name on Spirit Airlines ticket?

According to the change name Spirit Airlines policy, a traveler can correct up to 3 characters for the first, last, or middle name on the ticket. A request for correction of misspelt name can be initiated by contacting Spirit’s customer service at 1-855-728-3555.

5. How much is Spirit Airlines name change fee?

A passenger has to pay a fee of nearly $120 for making rectifications in his/her personal details like a name. The fee for the change is subject to certain rules or conditions. It is advisable to contact the reservation centre of Spirit to get information about the same and pay accordingly.

6. Can you change the name on a plane ticket Spirit offline?

Spirit name change can be initiated on a ticket offline by visiting the airport. The authority present here will help you with the process. Prior to visiting and approaching the authority, make certain that you are carrying the documents that indicate your correct details. Also, these documents should be government-recognized.

7. How do I change my name on my Spirit account?

To modify your name on your Spirit Airlines account, you may try signing in and managing your information. Otherwise, you may obtain the contact details of the carrier via the site. Then you can call its representative and get help. Eventually, your account name should get changed.

8. How do I change my name on Spirit Airlines?

This carrier lets you make changes in multiple names. You can get your name changed offline or online. When you wish to do so offline, you can either call the airline or go to the airport. In the online method, you will have to access your account on Spirit’s site and then manage the personal details.

9. How to correct the name on the Spirit Airlines ticket?

Via the Spirit Airlines name correction policy, you can mend your particulars. You can get inverted, incorrect, or misspelled names corrected. The policy’s function can be utilized as you connect with the airline.

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Louise E. Noble
Louise E. Noble
9 months ago

Reserved my flight and the airline had mixed my name characters. Then I had to change name on spirit flight. Had changed my name with in the twenty four hours. And the airline does not charge any fees from me. I guess the policy is flexible to all customers. Its just that the airline mixed them and I had to put in my time.

Erward Jon
Erward Jon
8 months ago

About a year ago, remembered that I had booked a plane ticket with spirit. At that time, my middle name was wrongly entered into the ticket. Also don’t have any knowledge of how to make spirit Airlines name change. Then, I had to cancel my flight and don’t even receive my refund. Now get to know the name change policy and I think now it is easy to change the name too.

Martin johns
Martin johns
8 months ago

Was under stress when my middle was missing on my ticket. Then I visited the official website of the airline to get help. And it was relaxing to see the spirit name change policy. the middle name is not necessary though. Didn’t have to make any change then.

Gantz Billy
Gantz Billy
4 months ago

A few weeks back, my name was half printed on the flight ticket. Wanted to get it fixed. But don’t know if Spirit airlines change name on the ticket or not. So called the customer care number. shared my query and the agent had put my call on hold. The airline make corrections in my name. But I had to wait for a long time on the call.