Tap Air Portugal Name Change Policy

Tap Air Portugal Name Change Policy

It is not new that passengers make mistakes while reserving an air ticket. Sometimes, flyers may make some silly mistakes like entering their incorrect name, spelling errors, mentioning their first names instead of last names, and vice versa. To assist the travelers, Tap Air Portugal name change policy has been introduced.

Utilizing this policy, you can now make various changes to your name with ease. This policy also highlights the rules to be kept in mind while making the name alterations on the ticket. Hence, understanding each concept of this name change policy will help the visitors to fly without any hassle.

Rules and Regulations of Tap Air Portugal Name Correction Policy

Every airline has its own set of rules and regulations to make flight boarding easy. In this way, following the rules of Tap Air Portugal name correction policy will help the flyers to correct their wrongly mentioned details easily. As per the rules, only those visitors who have been confirmed to fly with Air Portugal can change their names. Also, you are not allowed to make entire name changes on the ticket. 

Other rules pertaining to this policy and which needs to be abided by the flyers are as follows:

  • The travelers of this carrier can make several modifications to their ticket with respect to the Tap Air Portugal name change policy.
  • As mentioned above, you cannot make entire name alterations on your ticket. That means you are only enabled to make upto 4 characters’ name changes on the ticket.
  • However, if it is too urgent to make changes to your entire name, you need to take the permission of the airline authorities. You also need to submit the necessary documents to the air authorities in this case.
  • These modifications can be made only on any one part of your name. For example, you can either change your first, middle, or last name with this policy.
  • In the event that you have been recently married or divorced, and you need a name change, you can request it. However, to facilitate the name change, you need to present your marriage or divorce certificate to the airline.
  • You cannot reverse your name change or transfer your booking ticket to another passenger in any case.
  • Your name in the reservation ticket should ideally match with the documents you submit to the carrier. These documents can be your ID proofs, boarding pass, as well as a passport.
  • When you make name corrections within a day of booking your Tap Air Portugal reservation, you can do it cost-free.
  • The passengers of Tap Portugal who are scheduled to fly on award tickets or special offers are only able to view their tickets; they cannot make any changes. Additionally, you cannot amend anything on a non-refundable flight ticket.
  • Other adjustments that the traveler is permitted to make apart from the Tap Air Portugal change name on ticket include the flight’s date and time, but not its intended itinerary.
  • You can only make changes to your name on the portion of your booking ticket that is unused.

Methods to Correct Your Name on Tap Air Portugal Airlines

This carrier can allow you to only minor name modifications on your ticket by various alternatives. These methods have been made to facilitate passengers with the best possible choice to amend their details. Depending upon their convenience, the flyers can choose their method of Tap Air Portugal name correction.

Mentioned below are two main methods through which you can make several name modifications: the online as well as the offline method.

Method 1: Tap Air Portugal Change Name on Ticket Online

This is by far the most widely used by many flyers around the world. Some passengers find this online method more comfortable than the traditional one as you only need a working internet availability and your phone or laptop. Through the online feature, you can not only make name changes but also can modify your other flight details. These details can be flight date and time, destination, etc.

The detailed procedure to use the online way of Tap Air Portugal name change policy are as mentioned below:

  • For making alterations to your ticket name on this carrier, you simply need to navigate to its website.
  • Press the “Manage booking” feature or tab on the screen and proceed ahead.
  • You need to fill in some information like the flight’s number, and also the full name associated with the ticket booking.
  • You will be redirected to that page where you can see all your reservations booked with this carrier.
  • Hit that booking you want a name change for.
  • There would be the option of editing your name by going to the chosen booking option.
  • Please keep in mind that you can be devoid of your name change feature if you change your entire name on the website.
  • You can only be allowed to make only minor changes.
  • Hence, when your spellings are incorrect, follow the guidelines wisely to correct them.
  • Apart from following this method, you can also write to the airline by email or send a fax or post at Tap Air Portugal’s official postal address.

Method 2: Connecting With the Customer Care Helpline Service

There is also a traditional method available for the flyers to make changes as per the Tap Air Portugal name correction policy. With the help of this calling method, passengers can make use of name changes easily without going to the website. However, there are various helpline numbers available for different regions. To find your regional customer care number, you need to visit the site of the carrier.

Generally, by speaking to the customer care executives of this carrier, your name change issue can be resolved without anything much to be done. The air representative will themselves do the needful changes as directed by passengers on the call.

While on the call, you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • You need to mention for what purpose you are intending for Tap Air Portugal change name on ticket.
  • Once you have provided your reason, you may need to direct them about the change you want in your name. Only upto 4 character modifications are allowed on this airline.
  • You may be asked to submit all the relevant documents and give details like your ticket reference code, full name, flight departure details, etc.
  • It may happen that after verification, the airline representative might ask you to pay some fees, if applicable.
  • Thus, then you will be notified about the successful completion of your name modification on the booking ticket.

Method 3: Changing Your Name by Visiting the Airport

There are many cases where the visitors may forget to correct their names on the ticket even at the end moment. However, if this is the case, do not hesitate that you made some errors while booking your ticket. This is because even after you reach the airport for your departure, you can still make changes to your name.

As per the Tap Air Portugal name change policy, you need to go to the helpdesk counter of the carrier. On reaching the airport, just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Enquire about the help desk of the carrier by any air authority present at the airport.
  • Once you meet the respective air agent, you need to inform him or her of the reason for your name correction.
  • He or she will further help you with minor name alterations such as spelling mistakes on your first or last name.
  • The agent may require your essential documents like passport, ticket, ID proof, etc.
  • You would also need to provide some basic information like the flyers’ full name, ticket number, reference code, etc.
  • The agent will make minor changes to your name after verifying all your details carefully.
  • It may happen that you would have to pay any fees related to air service when asked by the agent.
  • Lastly, you would receive a confirmation mail about your successful verification as well as completion of the name alteration on the Tap Air Portugal ticket.

Tap Air Portugal Name Change Fees

This air carrier doesn’t cost you anything to get your names corrected. However, there should be a character restriction on the name change. That implies that you can slightly change your name without incurring any fees from the carrier.

In a few circumstances, this carrier may demand that you pay additional service fees. Typically, substantial Tap Air Portugal name change fees may charge anywhere from USD 50-100 depending on when you are opting for making modifications to the ticket. 

Note: To know the exact amount of fees charged by this carrier, please contact the Tap Air Portugal air carrier.

Summing Up, 

Mistakes can be incurred by anyone during booking an air flight ticket reservation. These mistakes can occur during the flight date, time, name, etc. In case of wrongly mentioned names on the ticket, passengers need not be concerned much because of this policy. Hence, Tap Air Portugal name change policy can be of great assistance to make minor changes or corrections on the booking ticket. In this way, the flyers can travel without any worry of their denied boarding because of their incorrect names.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make Tap Air Portugal change name on ticket?

The flyers can make several name modifications on the Tap Air Portugal reservation ticket. All you need to do is visit the official site of the air company. Press on the manage booking feature and fill in the details like your flight number, full name, etc.  From the list of bookings, choose the one you need your name change for. Lastly, according to the Tap Air Portugal name change policy, pay the required amount of fees to the carrier. You will receive a confirmation mail regarding the successful completion of your name change.

How much are the Tap Air Portugal name change fees as per this policy?

As such, there are no fees required for doing minor corrections on this air company. There is a certain character limit of 4 letters as per the Tap Air Portugal name correction policy. However, in various scenarios, this operator may incur some basic service charges. These charges can cost you on the number of days left for your departure. It can range anywhere from USD 50-USD 100 for correcting major name alterations.

Is there any offline process for Tap Air Portugal name correction?

Yes, this air carrier has facilitated the flyers with an offline procedure of name correction in case they are not comfortable with the online method. You may either visit the airport for making last-minute name changes. Or, you can also call the customer care number of Tap Air Portugal to make the necessary name changes. In both cases, you need to provide your basic essential details and documents to the air authorities to complete your name change process.

Can you make major modifications to the ticket using the Tap Air Portugal name change policy?

No, you cannot make any major modifications to your reservation ticket even by utilizing the Tap Air Portugal name change policy. Only upto four character alterations on the name are allowed by the carrier. Even though you need to make major changes to your name, you can contact the air authorities. You can find the contact details of Tap Air Portugal carrier by visiting its website.

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