Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

It has been observed that when booking an airline ticket, passengers may commit mistakes. They may submit inaccurate information in the reservation form like names. Turkish Airlines name change policy allows customers to alter their names in such cases.

There is nothing to be concerned about if you have mentioned the wrong name on the reservation. Minor errors in the name can be corrected to fly by the requirements with this policy.

Definition of Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

According to the policy for Turkish Airlines name change, all flight reservations must include an accurate first, middle, and last name. They should match a visitor’s government-issued picture ID or passport. This policy allows spell correction. However, it may not inspire complete name changes. Mainly, according to this policy’s terms and conditions, you can modify your name on the tickets

Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy

In case of marriage, divorce, or a booking error that needs a name change, Turkish Airlines name correction policy helps you in editing your name. The airline will only make a one-time edit. In that case, you should use this policy according to your convenience.

Terms and Conditions to Change/correct Name on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines name correction policy encourages spelling correction/changes rather than full name corrections. You will get only one chance to correct the name. Furthermore, changing your name after divorce or marriage is legal.

Visitors to the Turkey-based aviation corporation are allowed to generate necessary name changes as long as they follow the other guidelines too. These include:

  • As per the airline’s specific regulation, passengers can change the names on their tickets. 
  • To avoid paying a service fee, customers can alter their names over the next 24 hours of purchasing. 
  • In the same way, the carrier will only allow you to change the name once per person. 
  • Turkish Airlines name change policy is only permitted after divorce or marriage. 
  • It is important to remember that after you have checked in, you cannot change your name. 
  • 4 or four-character changes to a full name are allowed in this policy.
  • You cannot seek a name change when traveling using Miles&Smiles.
  • Passengers will be able to make name corrections online or offline. 
  • All tickets that are operated by the carrier and issued on TK documents are subject to the name change policy. 

How to Change Name on Flight Tickets on Turkish Airlines?

The airline has made a website for several processes like changing names on flight tickets. This policy supports both online and offline methods of altering your name. The online method is done through the main website. There is another way in which you can call the passenger service number or else you can manually do it at the airport.

Method 1: By the Website of Türkiye Airlines

To change names on Turkish Airlines flights, a feasible option is through the site. With a few clicks, you can make important modifications to the name. You can alter it online by going to the Manage Booking section on the website. It will show you certain prompts. Please follow them and mention the accurate name.

  • Go to official website of Turkish Airlines .
  • In the available area under “Check-in/Manage Booking”, enter the ticket number and the traveler’s last name.
  • Opt for the Turkish Airlines name change request. Then get your “PNR” by clicking on the “Change” option. 
  • In this step, passengers can modify up to four characters of the first, middle, or last name.
  • To continue, correct the misspelt/incorrect name on the ticket. 
  • Then click “Save”. 
  • The name change confirmation will be sent to the email address which you provided while booking. This will be done after the request has been accepted.

Method 2: Change by Dialling Phone Number

A traveler can change the name by calling the toll-free customer service line. . It is also a great way to quickly correct any error you made when booking your ticket. 

With the given number, you can get in touch with Türkiye Airlines’ managed booking department. When an official answers the phone, you should disclose your issue and the details of the ticket. He/she will take care of your concern. 

These are the terms and conditions applicable for this method:

  • Carry your e-ticket number or six-digit reference accessible as you interact with the Turkish executives. 
  • On the call, passengers can request both name change and correction. 
  • Turkish Airlines’ management team may request that passengers produce any legal documents as proof of identity. 
  • Pay the necessary Turkish Airlines name change cost, if applicable.
  • The confirmation for this will be sent to the email ID provided in the booking. 

Travelers who have booked their tickets at the airport ticket counter are permitted to visit the nearest airport. They have to provide the essential information. Then they will be able to correct their misspelled name. 

Note: During Turkish Airlines seat selection, you may find failure when this detail is incorrect. The offline method can quickly help you to resolve the error in your name. Thus, you can book a seat.

Change Name on Turkish Airlines Boarding Pass

If you provide an inappropriate name when purchasing a flight ticket, then the airline will allow you to modify it. You must obtain the ticket before reissuing it. According to the Turkish Airlines name change policy, when you need to alter your name on the pass, you must do so within 24 hours. 

Rules for Turkish Airlines Misspelled Names

In this policy, from the middle name, last name, and first name, only 4 character mistakes have to be considered for change. When you misspell any of these details on the carrier, you can follow some rules to correct it. This is also possible for both inverted and nicknames.

  • On the airline’s reservations, ownership transfer is prohibited. 
  • When the request of name change, the real flight segment must be reissued or kept in the lower or same service class. 
  • The management may request the legal documents that prove the validity of the request. 
  • The date of your birth, the inclusion of a child to a ticket, and travelers type codes are all restricted by Turkish Airlines. 
  • PNR may be issued by the travelers when the old ticket is canceled. Refunds may be claimed for the reservation in certain rare circumstances. 

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Name Change

In the Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles name change process, you can add or remove middle names. For this, you may need a new passenger name record. To create it, you must file an appeal to the airlines. 

Here, are also some more conditions applied:

  • When there are one or more visitors, divide the passenger name record for the person whose details have to be changed. Please do so before completing the Turkish Airlines misspelled name correction request. 
  • Through GDS, the Secure Flight Passenger Details must be entered into the reservation system. Also, the name on the flight ticket must match the name on the photo ID verified by the government.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Cost

When it comes to commencing the process of changing your name, you should follow the requirements inclusive of paying a fee. For this, you need to have the necessary information for the flying cost. 

  • Under some cases, Turkish Airlines name change cost is up to $300 for a name change.
  • For all the ticket types, service classes, passenger types, and trip kinds, the charge will be the same. 
  • Travelers are responsible for any fare difference, if applicable. 
  • The airline permits cancellation of the flight when the name change is complex. You should cancel your flight over the next 24 hours of booking. Charges may apply when you cancel the ticket after this duration. 
  • The cost of the service differs based on the service class, fare type, time of the request, and location. 

Tip: It is advisable to obtain the most up-to-date fee scenario by calling or from the official website. 
Flying with Turkish Airlines can be a smooth experience when your details are correct. Passengers can have a great journey with no inconvenience in their identification.

Significantly, you can fly under the correct name with the Turkish Airlines name change policy. It gives the best service to the customers through its guidelines. Alternative options are given to the passenger to change or correct their name smoothly.


1. How to change names on Turkish Airlines tickets?

The most common method for changing names on Turkish Airlines flights is online. You can also lawfully do so by dialing the toll-free customer service number. In both ways, the airline assists you. Also, the time taken for accepting a request will be notified at the end of the method.

2. How much is the Turkish Airlines name change fee?

Turkish Airlines name change cost is applied in some conditions only. When you alter your name within 24 hours, the fee may not be charged. However, when you alter your name after 24 hours, the fee may be applied. To know the fee, you can contact the airline.

3. What is the Turkish Airlines name change policy?

Passengers can change the names on their Turkish tickets by the airlines’ specific rules. These rules are given in its name change policy. The regulation allows for spelling correction as well. But entire name changes may not be encouraged by it.

4. How to correct wrong names on Turkish Airlines tickets?

According to the Turkish Airlines misspelled name feature, you can visit the airline’s official website. Then select the “Managed Booking” option. Turkish Airlines allows its passengers to drop the ticket and reissue it with the correct name.

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Andrew Rosenbalm
Andrew Rosenbalm
3 months ago

I booked a flight tickets from Turkish Airlines but i forget that i am married now and my name details are same as usual when i was unmarried girl and there is should be my husband name in the place of my father name. Please Share me the process that “How to change name on Turkish Airlines Flight Tickets”?

Larry G. Leake
Larry G. Leake
2 months ago

I was in a hurry; I booked a Flight Ticket from Turkish Airlines. Due to a hurry, I was trapped with a name mistake in my ticket. I concerned with the Airlines Customer Care Executive; they told me that you cannot fly with this name mistake on your pre-booked Flight Tickets. Please tell me that “How Do I change my Name on Flight Tickets.

Anne Donnelly
Anne Donnelly
2 months ago

I was in a hurry, so I booked my flights from Turkish Airlines. Due to a hurry I was trapped with a name mistake in my name .I concerned with the Airlines Customer Care Executive, they told me that you cannot fly with this name mistake on Your pre-booked Flight Tickets. Please tell me that “How Do i change my name on Flight Tickets.

Catherine Felton
Catherine Felton
2 months ago

I and my friends made a trip plan and we decided to book a Flight through Turkish Airlines and mistakenly I entered the wrong spelling of my surname. I will feel very guilty if, I will not be able to go with them on the trip. Please let me know “How to change the wrong spelling of the name in Flight Tickets”.

Veluri Navya
Veluri Navya
2 months ago

Any update ? Did the name got corrected and did they allow you to travel

Nichole Reider
Nichole Reider
2 months ago

My name was misspelled on the airline ticket. I called the contact center immediately. They listened to my concerns. But, there was no opportunity to change name on my Turkish Airlines ticket. This was really inconvenient, and I was unable to make modifications.