United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines Name Change Policy

When passengers fly with United, sometimes mistakes are made at the time of booking. These can include mentioning an incorrect name. It is understandable that he/she can make mistakes due to any reason and for that United Airlines made a policy for help. The United Airlines name change policy helps every passenger to rectify these mistakes. To exercise the policy, its full understanding is suggested.

What is United Airlines Name Change Policy?

As per United, the name and photo ID of travelers should be the same as per the rules of policy. When there is a difference in your name and ID, you cannot take off the flight with ease. The United Airlines name change policy allows travelers to re-correct their mistakes in the name. 

United Airlines Name Correction Policy

The name change policy grants the rectification of small mistakes in a name via its correction facility. This United Airlines name correction policy assures that the details are equal to as they are in the photo ID. Thus, the traveler can also fly easily with the same name. 

It requires that your details are correctly spelled. Hence, when they contain errors, the policy can effectively fix them.

Terms and Conditions to Change Name on United Airlines Ticket

On United Airlines, you can change your name once. Thus, when you use this policy, keep in mind that you carefully write your name this time and double-check it. In this policy, some costs may be applied when the name changes are corrected twice. These costs are borne by the traveler.

There are many more terms and conditions below that you should be aware of: 

  • According to this policy, only name change is allowed. Changing the date of the flight or any edits in time are not permitted. 
  • This airline needs the right name on the ticket as well as on the photo ID.  For that reason, it allows you to administer small changes in your name. 

United Airlines Legal Name Change

Carriers like United comprehend practical situations wherein a passenger may change his or her name on legal grounds. This occurrence can be due to involvement in situations that can harm the original identity of the passenger. Additionally, when a customer wishes to change the name due to marriage, that is also understood by the carrier. Pertaining to this, it has provided the United Airlines legal name change feature. With legal proofs made available, a customer can initiate such changes with ease.

Policy to Change Last Name on United Airline Tickets

In a few instances, changing your last name can be an important need. This can happen usually in the cases of marriage or divorce. Due to other relevant reasons too, a person may opt for changing this detail.

On United, it is possible to make bookings ahead of time. When this happens, you will be using your current name for making reservations. At a later date, however, when this need arises, you can use the policy to change last name on United Airline tickets. To give effect to it, you will be required to produce documents that confirm the said change. 

For more information regarding the use of this policy, it will be best to connect with the carrier.

United Airlines Middle Name on Ticket

A common understanding may tell you that first name and last name are essential when you make reservations. When it comes to the middle one, however, confusion may surround you. On this airline, adding a middle name is not a mandatory requirement. This is due to the reason that not every passenger may have this name allocated. Even then, the carrier has made a feature for United Airlines middle name on tickets.

With the availability of this feature, you can correct your middle name, given that you have added it on your flight ticket. In addition to this, you can go for the addition of this piece of information. In this instance, the policy will help you to add the middle name, however, its inclusion may still not be mandatory. This addition will depend on your choice.

Types of United Airlines Passenger Name Change Policy

The name change policy is divided into three/3 types. One of these types is inclusive of an affidavit with an alternative name. The United Airlines passenger name change policy guarantees its passengers that they do not get in trouble while traveling. Hence, there are two more types for their convenience as given here: 

  1. Alterations in simple name
  2. Significant changes in name

Type 1: Alterations in Simple Name

According to the United Airlines name change policy, when the traveler’s name is wrong on the ticket, it will be corrected through a procedure. In case there are small flaws in the ticket, the passengers can experiment with other protocols. The simple and small mistakes do not need any legit papers. 

Some other points are listed below that give clearance in simple name change:

  • When there is a small change, you can only change the spelling of the surname.
  • Just the spelling of the first name has to be changed in case of a minor alteration.
  • Modify your name to a familiar name.
  • In short changes, prefixes should be adjusted.
  • Add or remove a middle or beginning name.
  • Incorrect last and beginning names should be corrected.

Type 2: Significant Alterations in the Name 

When divorce or marriage takes place, you must alter your name. This can require major changes in your information. Under the name change policy, significant alterations are a little bit tough to do as compared to the simple ones. They need the legit papers for the further procedure. 

Here is more information to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes the name change reason may be a divorce. So, for that, you must submit the separation settlement document. 
  • Certification of marriage is mandatory for legal name change.
  • In both cases, you have to give the photo ID of your previous detail and the new one.

Type 3: Affidavit with an Alternative Name

The United Airlines change traveler name policy gives the service of an affidavit with an alternative name. Sometimes you may not have the documents that are mentioned above. Then you have the option of giving an affidavit. This document will help you in changing the name. With that, a Photo ID copy can also be generated. 

Methods for United Airlines Change Name on Tickets

As a part of the name change policy, the airline gives many methods for changing names. One of these is to apply for an affidavit. This can include a legal procedure to be followed. In addition, you can also call up United Airlines. You can interact with its officials who will then execute the name change or correction procedure for you.

Method 1: United Airlines Change Name on Ticket via Affidavit 

When you have to alter your name legally, you should submit the documents to the concerned body. If you do not have the documents, then you have to give the affidavit. For name changing, as you choose the affidavit method, you must have its copy. Along with this, you have to email the notarized papers to the address mentioned below:

Center of Service for MileagePlus,

Postal Code 1394,

77251-1394 Houston, TX

Method 2: Change Name via Call on United

Sometimes, you have to change your name with the airline on an urgent basis. The facility of calling can be of use in such an instance. United Airlines name change on tickets can be facilitated by an agent on call. The client service number is +1-888-974-1691. When you call on it, it will be answered by the client service representative.

To advance the procedure, he/she will collect your personal information. As you provide him/her with this, the official will make the necessary changes according to the policy and your demands. 

Method 3: Airport Visit to Change Name on United Airlines Tickets

At times, you may wish to change your name on flight tickets due to complex reasons. It is best to get assistance in person when you are surrounded by such a situation. 

For this assistance, you can pay a visit to the airport. The representative of United should be available to serve you. To him/her, you can share the challenge you are facing. In case the airline supports a provision to modify your name in the situation, you will be informed about the same. 

Further, the representative shall let you know the process in relation to the United Airlines change name on tickets provision. By following this process, your concern should get settled.

Name Change Fee on United Airlines

There may be a service fee depending upon the request of changing the name. When you want to change this detail and you alter it over the next 24 hours of booking the flight, you must pay $75. As you modify your name after 24 hours of reservation, you may have to pay $200 for a single way. 

United Airlines Name Change Waiver with Jetstream

As a part of United, Jetstream is a portal for business-related purposes. Mainly for corporate travelers, the portal is of use. As a benefit of using it, these travelers can find name change waivers.

Having said this, the carrier allows travelers to use the name change policy and get the details corrected via United Airlines name change waiver. On doing so, the benefit of Jetstream can ensure that charges are not applied. Hence, the charges will be waived off.

In Summary

United Airlines name change policy permits only minor changes. This airline has made an excellent policy so that everyone understands it easily. Moreover, with clarity of guidelines, executing the changes can take less time. Thus, you can fly with correct details eventually.

United Airlines Name Change Policy FAQs

1. How do I change my name on a United Airlines flight?

Various methods are available to change name on flight ticket on United Airlines. You can change your details online by calling the carrier. Along with this, its site should be checked. It comes with an option to rectify the information.

2. How to change names on a United Airlines ticket?

The United Airlines change name on tickets facility exists for correction only. The ticket may not be transferred to any other person. As a result, modifications to a name are not allowed. You must cancel your existing ticket. Then you have to purchase a new ticket.

3. Can I change the name on a United Airlines ticket?

No, you cannot change name on United Airlines tickets. You have to cancel the ticket and rebook it later. For that, fees may apply. The new ticket is issued as per the actual name. For initiating the entire procedure, please contact the airline.

4. How to do United Airlines MileagePlus name change?

Sometimes, passengers may want to change their names on MileagePlus. In that event, United Airlines name change policy is available. He/she has to create/access a profile on the MileagePlus account. Submit the appropriate papers for name changing. Then wait for verification. For further details, you can also contact the service center of MileagePlus. 

5. What is United Airlines middle name on ticket policy?

This is a policy that lets you know the rules in relation to changing or adding your middle name on your flight tickets. The change can be in the form of corrections. Fully changing it is not possible with the help of this policy.

6. Does United Airlines offer name change waiver?

You can find waivers on this airline when you go for a name change. For this, you will have to be a member of the Jetstream portal. United Airlines name change waiver works in accordance with this. By using it, you will not be charged for getting your details corrected or changed on the tickets.

7. How to change last name on United Airline ticket?

A traveler can get in touch with United by dialing its phone number. On the call, a request can be placed for changing the last part of the name. Any charges or fees applicable for this will be made known on the call itself. You can decide how to pay for this. Afterward, the name shall be changed.

8. How United Airlines legal name change works?

The policy in relation to United Airlines legal name change works on the basis of certain documents. These documents are more like proofs that receive the support of the court. By producing them, the airline can change your first or last name. It will also take into account the reason compelling the change.

9.  Does United Airlines allow middle name on ticket?

This airline allows you to have your middle name on the flight ticket. However, it also makes it clear that adding this information is not needed as a compulsory requirement. Therefore, you can decide whether or not to include it while making a reservation.

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Steve M
Steve M
5 months ago

My ticket was booked by the travel agent. As I want to change name on United airlines ticket. I visited the airport for the name change… the airline denied my request. It was so upsetting. I came from a long distance to change my name on the ticket. The airline has not changed my name because I have booked through the travel agent. I don’t know about this clause. Please mention this all details at the time of booking.

Nora Danford
Nora Danford
5 months ago

On United’s website, I had a United account. I frequently use it to reserve and manage my tickets. This site works for cancellations, refunds, seat changes, and United airlines name change. But if someday, I have to change my name and the site will not respond or my mobile connection is down, what will I do at that time. Will I be able to change my name at the airport?

Kenneth B. Anderson
Kenneth B. Anderson
4 months ago

Some time back, I had a divorce. For such a reason, I had requested for the United Airlines legal name change aid. The request has been submitted. the response from the airline was too late. On the the day of my departure, I visited the airport and asked about the process. At the last moment, they informed me about the completion. I was already upset and this annoyed me a bit.

Claire Hart
Claire Hart
4 months ago

By noticing the united airlines name change policy, I got to know about the fees. The fees are so high that one can think before going through the name change process. I guess not everyone can afford it. I suggest airlines have to keep the reasonable fees that all can use their services.

Elizabeth B. McDaniel
Elizabeth B. McDaniel
4 months ago

Uusually we purchase tickets from different airlines. This was the second time I had purchased a ticket with United. had heard that they have numerous advantages. needed to change my name. I called the airline but no one was responding. May be because it was a sunday. Then i didnt try that day. I connected on monday after this. The call was answered and United airlines change name on ticket was done. I guess the airline has 24 by 7 help but may be it is not quite active on sunday.