Volaris Name Change Policy

It is important to fly with the correct details with airlines. Sometimes this may not be possible when the name and identity do not match on the airline’s documents. In that event, a passenger can make necessary changes to the reservation before boarding a plane. With Volaris, such flexibility can be availed of. These changes should be done under the Volaris name change policy. Passengers can take the advantage of the policy to get their name corrected/changed. Before changing the names, the visitors should be aware of the complete guidelines too.

Defining the Name Change Policy of Volaris

This name change policy is a set of guidelines. It guides the passenger on how to change names on the tickets. Volaris change name policy allows passengers to easily change their name under situations in relation to time, location, etc. These guidelines are related to the last name, first name, as well as middle name. 

Volaris Name Correction Policy

Sometimes, when purchasing a ticket, a traveler may make an error in the name. It is possible that the issue is due to a typo. Understandably, such mistakes may happen. It is an important rule of the airline to fly with the correct spelling, whether it is your middle name, last name, and first name. If for any of these names, the spelling is incorrect, then you can fix it by using this correction policy. 

Thus, for the comfort of the visitors, the airline offers a hassle-free Volaris name correction policy. The policy gives visitors the option of correcting names under the rules and regulations pertaining to the character limit. 

Marriage/Legal Name Change on Volaris

Volaris name change due to marriage or divorce is permitted by the airlines. For that, certain documents should be submitted to the airlines. In the case of marriage, a certificate of marriage should be submitted. Due to divorce, legal orders, or any official proof have to be given to the airline. 

Legal name changes are also allowed by the carrier. This policy does not allow name change for those who are involved in fraud cases. In that situation also, if a person wants to change his/her name, then the airline needs an order from the court to make it legal. The process for obtaining the order varies by country or state.

Guidelines for Volaris Change of Name

Volaris provides several key principles for changing or correcting the name. According to the airlines, the name of the passenger and the details on the ID must match. When such is not the case, he/she may have to face consequences such as denied boarding.

Similarly, the other primary Volaris name change policy rules are as follows:

  • According to the policy, small modifications on a middle name, last name, and first name are allowed.
  • Whenever you purchase a flight ticket, always double-check that your information is right or not.
  • For foreign flights, it is crucial to confirm whether the ticket name is according to the documents. 
  • It is permitted that a passenger changes his/her name due to separation or marriage. In that case, the passenger will be required to give a legal paper to verify the appeal.
  • The Volaris name change policy does not permit changing the ticket from one person to another. In such an instance, a passenger has to cancel the ticket and rebook it. 
  • Furthermore, the name modification appeal can be done using offline or online channels as long as these guidelines are followed. The customer care department is available 24 hours a day to help you with your concerns.

Tip: You have to change the name approximately 4/four hours before departure. 

These guidelines are also helpful in avoiding fees. Slight spelling alterations are completely free of cost. However, in some situations, a name change fee should be applied.

Methods of Volaris Change Name on Ticket 

The airline offers the traveler a variety of options for changing or modifying their flight reservation details. Visitors can opt for any approach that suits their needs. For instant changes, you can contact the airline. Or else, you can change your name through the website. Additionally, for special guidance, you can visit the airport and connect with an official. Apart from this, email is also a good option to change name on flight tickets of Volaris.

Method 1: Name Change Using Site

The most preferable method for Volaris name change is to do so online. A visitor can change or correct the information through mobile or the and after system itself. The online method is available throughout the day. Hence, it can be majorly suitable for changes at odd hours.

In the online process, the traveler must visit the website. After that, he/she can click on the My Trips button that is available on the homepage. Then, in the further procedure, the traveler has to add his/her details and manage the information. 

  • Passengers must-visit www.volaris.com
  • The “My Trips” option can be easily available on the website. Select it by clicking on it.
  • After that, the passengers have to fill in the spaces with their “Last Name” as well as the “Reservation Code”. 
  • On the above page, a passenger gets a list of flights. He or she has to select the flight in concern. 
  • Next, select “Edit” and after that, you can make necessary adjustments.
  • Fees should be paid if any. 
  • After paying any applicable charges, send the request for changing or correcting your name. 
  • Lastly, the airline will mail the passenger a revised ticket that includes the right name information. 

Method 2: Modify through the Airport Counter

An important method by the airline for the name change is to do it through the airport counter. First, a passenger must visit the airport. At the airport, you can go to the Volaris ticket counter. From there, the staff will guide you to go to the name change counter. 

At that counter, an employee should be available to help you. Request the employee for a name change. Show all original documents for successful Volaris change name on flights. After that, the carrier will verify all the documents. If any changing fees will be applicable, then the carrier will ask you for the payment. You have to make the payment through any mode you prefer. At last, the official will make the changes in the ticket and you can get a mail of name change.

Method 3: Change Name via Calling the Carrier

A number of passengers may want to purchase and manage all the processes via the offline method where manual efforts are fewer. The most reliable method offline is calling. Through the call, a carrier personally assists a passenger with the request. The airline has toll-free customer care numbers given as follows:

  • +1 855 865-2747

Firstly, you have to dial the toll-free number. Wait for the carrier to answer. Once the carrier is connected with the call, give the booking code to its agent. After that, request the person for the name changes or corrections. In case the changes are possible, as per the Volaris name change policy, the carrier will ask you about the details. The passenger must give his/her actual identity for the name change process. Hereafter, the carrier will ask for the alteration fees, if any. Once the payment is done, the passenger can get the mail of the revised name on the ticket.

Note: The tickets on Volaris are non-transferable. Thus, complete name alterations on a confirmed booking are not allowed. You must cancel your ticket and purchase a new one to make it transferable. If there are any cancellation fees, then they will be borne by you.

Method 4: Changing through Email Service

The airline has also made an email service for its customers. Through mail, you can easily change or correct your name. If you have enough time available for the process, then you can write your query through the service. This method is convenient for Volaris name change, however, it may not guarantee instant changes.

In the email process, you have to mention the booking code and the last name for the change procedure. After that, you have to send the email on the official mail ID. Thereafter, wait for the response. As soon as the response gets received, please check whether the name is changed or not.

Volaris Change Name Fee

When it comes to the fees associated with the name-altering procedure, it appears to be affordable. However, this Volaris name change cost is also charged according to the guidelines followed. Additionally, the fee is determined by some factors including the price category of the flight ticket, location of the trip, and other information. 

According to a visitors ticket category, the name change fee can be ranging from $0 to $400. Most carriers like this one may charge roughly $200 for national flights.

Note: It is crucial to understand that fees are calculated on the circumstances. In certain situations, travelers may not be required to incur fees. For more details on fees, a passenger can feel free to call the airlines.

Limitations of Volaris Name Change

In some cases, Volaris change of name is not allowed. The policy does not allow for the transfer of tickets to the other person in any case. This is an important limitation to keep in mind.

Let us also look at other such limitations for better understanding:

  • Sometimes, adults may want to transfer their tickets to senior people or to a child. That is not allowed in Volaris Airlines. So, this will become a disadvantage for that passenger. 
  • In some situations, when flights are paid using Volaris digital credits, then also name change is not permitted. It is also not allowed in case your flight has taken off, and you have missed it.

When a passenger’s details are accurate on the ticket, flying with Volaris can be a pleasant experience. Then the Volaris name change policy assures a customer that he/she can fly peacefully. In case there is a need for making the changes, the guidelines of the policy will assist you.

Volaris Name Change Policy FAQs

1. Can you change the name on a Volaris ticket?

A passenger can change name on flight ticket of Volaris. Minor spelling mistakes are allowed to be changed on the ticket. Changes related to a middle name, last name, as well as first name are allowed. Even after the marriage or divorce, you can opt for such a request.

2. How much does Volaris charge for a name change?

The name change cost can vary depending on the situation. The cost is based on the route of a passenger’s trip and the class of tickets. The Volaris name change cost is about $0 to $400. Sometimes, in certain situations, passengers do not have to pay any cost for name alterations. Also, for the exact cost to be known, you can contact the airline.

3. How does Volaris name change policy Work?

The Volaris name change policy works under the guidelines set by the carrier. A passenger’s name and ID must be matched with the documents. If they are not the same, then the policy grants a few characters to be changed on the ticket. You can make sure your details are correct by having these guidelines in mind.

4. Does Volaris allow name correction on the ticket?

The airline allows the name correction service for its customers. Sometimes, due to any reason, the name is mentioned wrongly on the ticket. For that, a traveler can correct that name according to the guidelines which are mainly related to the character limit.

5. What is the procedure for Volaris to change the name on the flight?

At present, the airline offers numerous methods to their customers. Volaris name change on flight can be done through the offline method. In that, you have to dial a toll-free number of the customer care service of the airline. Thereafter, the carrier will connect with you. All the main rules can be guided by the carrier itself only. As you follow them, the name shall be modified.

6. Can you change the name on a Volaris ticket?

According to the rules and regulations of the airline, a passenger can change the name on the ticket. Sometimes, the reason may be marriage or divorce. In that event, you can alter the name majorly on the ticket. For further procedures, you may need to show some documents to the airline which should be legally verified.

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Marty Hayes
Marty Hayes
8 months ago

I’d highly suggest adding name correctly on your tickets. I remmember booking through an agent on call. He wasnt able to hear correctly and booked a ticket with a wrong name. Later on, he denied making changes free of cost. Volaris change name eventually costed me a lot. This added to the travel fare which only I had to pay.

Sam J. Harvey
Sam J. Harvey
8 months ago

When i had this name issue, i was actually able to do it for free. I just abided by all the rules and volaris change name fee wasnt applied to my ticket. But then i also did this very quickly. On the other hand, when my brother had his name faulty he realized quite late. He wasnt able to do it for free. I guess, time matters a lot in these things.