Norwegian Air Name Change Policy

Making minor errors in the name while booking a flight ticket is a common mistake nowadays. Many airlines offer their customers an opportunity to correct these errors. The Norwegian Air name change policy facilitates this option for the easy traveling of the visitors. This is a simple policy that is designed to determine all the regulations that apply to name modification. Whether it be name changes, corrections, or edits, this policy provides the necessary guidance for a smooth modification process. Hence, a good comprehension of these rules can help the customers to easily correct their names.

General Guidelines of the Norwegian Air Name Change Policy

Some passengers might want to change their names on the ticket while others might just want to correct any errors they made while booking. Otherwise, some passengers might wish to simply alter their first or last names, or change the format. In this way, a certain set of criteria has been set to apply for making different requests. For such reasons, the Norwegian Air name change policy has given specific guidelines that are to be followed by every traveler looking to modify their names. These rules and regulations help in maintaining privacy and thus, the security of the flier. 

The following are some of the important guidelines to be followed by the flyers highlighted under this policy: 

  • The passengers eligible for name changes include those who have booked their tickets directly or indirectly through the official sources of the air provider. 
  • Changing name on Norwegian air ticket will only be permitted when you have a confirmed reservation from the airline. 
  • To make modifications to the reservations made through travel agents, you will have to connect with them. 
  • The corrections in the flight ticket will be allowed in case of misspelled names or errors in the characters. 
  • Passengers can change or delete their last name resulting from marriage or divorce. In such a situation, marriage and divorce certificates will have to be submitted to the carrier authorities. 
  • Customers who wish to change their name due to legal orders must submit valid legal proof and necessary identification certificates to the operator for verification purposes. 
  • In case a passenger wants to change the name on a single ticket on a group booking, he or she will have to separate the reservation in order to generate a new PNR. Only then will modifications be permitted. 
  • Alterations can be made to any part of the passenger’s title, like first, middle name Norwegian Air as well as the last name. 
  • A specific name change fee may or may not be charged based on your ticket fare and the time of your request. 
  • Passengers will be allowed to edit their names till 30 minutes before the official departure of their flight. 
  • Correction in the letters can be done up to three characters. 
  • A service charge may be applied to certain name modifications. 

Note: Any queries regarding the Norwegian Air flight name change policy can be solved by contacting the officials of the airline at their general toll-free number. 

Norwegian Air Change Name Methods 

Being a customer-friendly carrier, this airline offers two types of methods of the name change. These include the following: 

  • Online method via the airline’s website 
  • The offline method by connecting with the airline’s officials 

Both of these options are greatly suitable for accessing the Norwegian Air change passenger name feature. Each of these methods is secure and quick. Passengers who are familiar with the use of technology or the internet can choose the first option to change the names on the ticket. Whereas, travelers who prefer the traditional techniques can go with the second method. Hence, understanding the operating procedures of each of them can prove to be beneficial. 

Method 1: Online Norwegian Air Name Change

The online method is usually known to be the easiest way to use the Norwegian Air change name on a ticket option. Under this feature, you will simply have to visit the airline’s main site to make the necessary modifications to your name. This site will be available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, customers from any part of the world can freely access the site. Moreover, this option is more suitable in the case of long-distance or international flights, due to its simple nature. 

To edit your name online, you will be required to fill out the “Manage Booking” section of the webpage. To know the entire procedure of the online name modification process, refer to the steps below as given by the Norwegian Air name change policy: 

  • Step 1: Open your browser and type in the link “” to be redirected to the official site of the airline. 
  • Step 2: You will be asked to select the language of your choice or the one you are comfortable with. You can go with English or any other language of your choice. 
  • Step 3: Now, scroll to the utmost bottom of the home page of the site. Here, you will find a “Manage Your Booking” section. Click on it.
  • Step 4: Hit on the “Change Your Booking” button from the list of options provided. 
  • Step 5: Another redirected page will get loaded. Here, you can sign in if you already have a profile or else directly go to the “I don’t have a profile” dialogue box. 
  • Step 6: Enter your relevant details like the “Booking Reference” and the “Last Name”. Then, go ahead by clicking on the “Find Booking” option in red. 
  • Step 7: You will now be able to retrieve your reservation. Choose the flight on which name modifications are to be made. 
  • Step 8: Follow along all the directions given on the screen and find the Norwegian Air change passenger name option. 
  • Step 9: Carefully make all the necessary name changes. Then, pay the required alteration fee, as asked by the airline. 
  • Step 10: Re-check your details on the confirmation mail received at the end of this procedure. 

Note: The online Norwegian Air change name on a ticket option will only be available when you have made direct reservations, not for any third-party bookings. 

Method 2: Offline Name Change On Norwegian Air

The quickest way to modify your name is through the offline method. This option not only ensures efficiency but also security of the flyers. Under this method, the airline agents themselves perform the required alterations. Additionally, Norwegian Air frequent flier name change can also be done using the offline option. Apart from these name modifications, certain flight changes can also be performed via this option. 

To connect with the airline agents, you need to: 

  • Go to the official site of the carrier. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the “Customer Service” tab. Select the “Help and Contact” option. 
  • You will now be provided a list of queries for which you wish to connect with the authorities. From there, select the “Flight Bookings or General Enquiries” 
  • Find the number specific to your region and get in touch with the air agents. 
  • Inform the officials that you want to utilize the Norwegian Air name change feature and the reason for modifying it. 
  • Provide them some required details as asked by the authorities including personal and flight information. 
  • Make the payment of the change fee through the available methods of payment. 
  • Your name will now be altered by the airline agents. 

Tip: It is best to contact the airline authorities at least a day in advance of your flight’s departure. This will save you from going through any last-minute hassle during your check-in. 

Norwegian Air Name Change Fee

As mentioned earlier, certain charges will be incurred in case of name changes and modifications on this airline. The Norwegian Air change name fee mainly depends on the type of modifications made and your fare type. Generally, the airline will correct minor errors like spelling mistakes for free. 

Other than this, the following charges might apply: 

  • In case you wish to change your name on a Lowfare and Lowfare+ ticket, you will be obliged to pay a fee of GBP 60 or USD 70. 
  • Changes on Flex fare tickets can be made without any charges for free. 
  • A service fee of 20 GBP or USD 24 might apply for requests made via the offline mode, that is, by contacting the airline agents. 

Note: To know the change fee while traveling to the Islands or other destinations, reach out to the officials of Norwegian Air. 

In Conclusion,

The Norwegian Air name change policy is known to be simple and easily comprehensible. It caters to a variety of passengers by providing both online and offline procedures for making any name alterations. It allows modifications resulting from various reasons. An extensive amount of fee is not charged for making these changes. Also, the method to edit the name on the ticket is simple to follow. Hence, there is no room for worry when modifying or changing your names on this air provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Norwegian Air allow name changes?

Yes, under the Norwegian Air name change policy, passengers will be allowed to modify their names on the reservation ticket. Names can be edited to correct misspellings or add a last name to the ticket if they are wrongly mentioned or need to be added. Legal changes can also be done in the name of the passenger, but they require the submission of certain documents. The name change feature is subjected to a certain amount of change fees.

Can I change a name on a Norwegian air ticket online?

The online name change option will only be available to passengers who have booked their tickets directly with the airline. This means that reservations made via third parties like travel agencies will have to be edited by the agents who have booked the reservation themselves. Moreover, this online method will only be available for certain destinations.

Does Norwegian Air require middle name?

The name on your passport must be the name on your ticket. According to this rule, if the name on your passport includes your middle name, then you will have to provide the same on your ticket. The airline will ask you to submit your complete name including the first, middle, and last name.

What do I do in case of Norwegian Air forgot middle name?

Not adding a middle name on your ticket would not be an issue as long as the name on your passport exactly matches the name on your ticket. However, when your passport includes a middle name while you have not entered it on the ticket, you may be required to alter the name on your reservation.

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