Asiana Airlines Pet Policy

Sometimes, flying with pets on the aircraft can be risky. To avoid such dangers ahead, Asiana Airlines has given a step-by-step guide on how to travel with your pets. This is covered under the Asiana Airlines pet policy. By following the rules of this policy, passengers can ensure safe travel practices along with their pets. The number of pets allowed, different methods to transport them onboard, and the fees associated with it are mentioned in this policy. As a pet owner who wishes to fly with their animal, you ought to know these conditions beforehand to ensure a safe trip. This knowledge will not only help you to enjoy a secure journey but also avoid any trouble faced at the last minute. 

Basic Guidelines of the Asiana Airlines Pet Policy

This airline allows its customers to carry their pets in the cabin, as checked baggage, and as cargo. Since there are a variety of pet travel options on this carrier, the Asiana Airlines pet travel policy has given elaborate conditions for each of these methods. Other than this, there are certain general guidelines set by the carrier that applies to all of the mentioned options. These basic rules will have to be obeyed by each and every pet owner, only then will their animal be accepted to be carried by this operator. 

In this regard, given below are some of the essential terms of the pet travel policy of this airline: 

  • Only the customers who have booked their tickets through direct sources of the airline will be qualified to bring their pets on board. No third-party agent bookings will allow you to travel with your pets after the reservation has been made.
  • As stated above, a prior reservation has to be made in order to carry your pets on the flight. Otherwise, they will only be accepted as checked baggage on the aircraft. 
  • On domestic flights, you will be required to make a pet travel reservation 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. This includes airline business days also. 
  • The Asiana Airlines international pet policy requires pet owners to reserve a spot for their animals on the aircraft at least 48 hours before departure. This is the reservation deadline after which no pet bookings will be accepted by the carrier. 
  • Children or unaccompanied minors traveling on this airline will not be permitted to carry pets. 
  • Irrespective of your baggage, pet charges will be charged when animals are included on your reservations. 
  • Apart from regular animals, service pets will also be approved by the airline. However, they are subjected to certain restrictions imposed by the carrier. This will be to facilitate the fliers with a smooth traveling experience. 
  • It is to be noted that the pets will only be permitted when they are carried in a crate. Moreover, only appropriately designed crates are allowed to be carried on this airline. 

Note: Due to changes in air travel conditions and IATA regulations, the carrier can update the Asiana Airlines pet policy. Therefore, you can try visiting the carrier’s website from time to time to know these updates. Or else, you can try calling the airline authorities directly. 

Asiana Airlines In Cabin Pet Policy

In-cabin animals refer to those who can be brought on board. These animals or pets can fly alongside their owners on the flight. However, you will first be needed to get approval from the airline authorities to carry your pets onboard. In order to get this approval, you will have to meet the Asiana Airlines pet requirements for carrying in-cabin animals. 

The following points highlight such conditions: 

  • Only one pet per passenger can be carried on the plane. Also, only a single animal per cage is allowed unless it is younger than 6 months. In such a case, 2 kittens or two puppies or a mother and the baby birds can be kept in a single cage. 
  • The Asiana Airlines carry on pet weight limit is 7 kgs or 15 lbs. Animals heavier than this will not be approved by the airline. This includes the weight of the cage as well. 
  • The pet carrier must not be more than 115 cm or 45 inches in terms of the sum of its three sides. This size limit should be kept in mind while traveling on this operator.
  • The height of your crate must not exceed 21 cm or 8 inches in the case of hard cages. For soft crates or carriages, the maximum allowed height is 26 cm or 10 inches. 
  • Throughout your journey, the pet should be inside the cage. It must not escape and should not be let out of the crate. 
  • The cage should be kept near the foot of the owner or be placed under the seat in front. 
  • When bringing pets on board, the traveler will be allotted a specific seat. Seats too close to the opening might not be allotted to passengers carrying pets to ensure the safety of the animal. 
  • Pet owners traveling in Business Class or Business Suite cannot place their animal cages under the seat due to its design structure. Therefore, your pets will be placed in an area a little further. 

Note: In case of any trouble during any point of the Asiana Airlines pet transport in the cabin, you are free to seek assistance from the flight attendants. They will help you resolve your issues while on board. 

Asiana Airlines Pet Travel as Checked Luggage

Sometimes, there might not be enough space for your animal to be transported as carry-on luggage on the aircraft. Or, the pet might be too big or heavy to be allowed inside the cabin. Under such circumstances, you can choose the Asiana Airlines pet travel checked baggage option. Your animal will then be transported as checked luggage and you will not be able to directly access it during your entire journey. Upon arrival, owners can collect their animals at the destination. 

The following conditions should be met when transporting pets as checked luggage on this operator: 

  • All the animals exceeding the weight and size limits of cabin baggage can travel as checked luggage. 
  • The maximum allowed weight of the pet and the cage should be under 45 kgs or 99 lbs. 
  • The combined dimensions of the three sides of the crate should not exceed 285 cm or 112 inches. 
  • The height of the cage should be less than or equal to 84 cm or 33 inches. 
  • There might be a limit on the number of pets that can be transported depending on your flight itinerary as well as the arrival destination. You will be informed about these restrictions while buying the pet tickets for Asiana airlines. 

Note: The fee for shipping pets as checked luggage on this carrier can be paid at the airport before boarding. 

Asiana Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

Apart from carry-on and checked baggage, you can transport your pets on cargo as well. This means that your pet will be shipped on a flight separate from you. You will be traveling without your pet in the cabin. Otherwise, it might be transported in the same flight but by the means of a piece of hold luggage on the aircraft. Mostly, the cargo feature is used by passengers when they have to send their pets alone due to several reasons. 

To reserve a spot for your animal under cargo luggage, the following rules of the Asiana Airlines pet policy should be obeyed: 

  • All the animals denied as carry-on or checked baggage may be allowed to travel as cargo. 
  • Dogs that weigh more than 30 kgs or 66 lbs will be accepted as hold luggage. 
  • Passengers will be required to call the airline authorities in advance when they want to place their pets alone. 
  • All the details about your pet will also have to be submitted to the carrier in advance of your flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • Crate and cage requirements apply to cargo transport as well. 
  • The Asiana Airlines pet fee, in this case, might depend on the seasonal demand and the arrival destination. 

Note: For any queries related to bringing your pets, you can contact the cargo department of this airline whose number can be found on the official website

Crate Requirements Under Asiana Pet Policy

Whether it be carry-on, checked, or hold transport, your pets will have to be kept in crates or carriages. Therefore, only the cages designed in a specific way will be accepted by this airline. This means that the cage should be large, spacious, and well ventilated in order to bring your pets onboard. 

Similarly, some of the other conditions mentioned under the Asiana Airlines pet transport policy are as follows: 

  • The cage should comply with the conditions set by IATA. Also, the specific regulations imposed by the arriving destination should be obeyed. 
  • The maximum dimensions of the pet container should not go over 285 cm or 112 inches. This includes the length, width, and height of the cage. 
  • The lock of the cage must be secured and the animal should not be able to escape from it. 
  • One of the most important Asiana Airlines pet requirements is that the crate must be completely leakproof. The floor of the container should also be properly sealed. 
  • In case you plan on carrying birds in the cage, it must be covered with a cloth or a sheet to protect them. This is to be done so that the bird is veiled and not exposed. 
  • For pets in cargo and checked baggage, the cage must be constructed with stable materials like plastic, wood, or metal. 
  • For pets in the cabin, the container can be made of leather, fabric, or cloth. However, it should not lose its shape and the frame must be stable. 
  • Two large animals cannot be carried in a single cage. Only a pair of small birds or kittens can be kept together. 

Tip: In case your cage is not accepted by the airline, it will turn out to be a hassle. To avoid this problem, you can check with the airline in advance to know whether your pet container is acceptable or not. 

Asiana Airlines Pet Transport Restrictions

Although this airline operates its pet policy with liberty, it also has given some restrictions. These restrictions are put in action as a way to protect pets on the flight. Further, they make sure that the safety of the co-passengers and the pet owners is maintained as well. These prohibitions especially apply to Asiana Airline in cabin pet since they are brought inside the flight. Some leisure activities may be enjoyed by checked-in or cargo animals.

Given below are the main restrictions stated under the pet policy: 

  • Each country has its own specific domestic animal protection rules. This airline requires its passengers with pets to obey the regulations of the arrival country. 
  • If there is no space on the aircraft, there might be a chance for the airline to reject your pets to travel by flight. 
  • Pets exceeding the allowed weight and size limitations will not be eligible for Asiana Airlines pet travel. 
  • Some regions have a pet weight limit set of only 32 kgs. This condition should be met by the passenger as well. 
  • Animals that are younger than 16 weeks cannot be accepted since they are prone to dangers. 
  • Your pet should not be under the influence of a stabilizer or any kind of anesthesia or sleep medicine while traveling on board. 
  • Pregnant dogs cannot fly on aircraft. Furious animals like attack dogs will not be qualified by the carrier too. 
  • Birds that are prey animals cannot be carried as well. 
  • Your pet may be denied boarding if it smells foul. Hence, the hygiene of the animal is extremely important to be carried on flight. 
  • In extreme cold and hot weather, the checked baggage service for pets will not be available. This is to make sure that the pet does not succumb to extreme set temperatures. 

Note: The pet travel service cannot be accessed on codeshare flights. These include the Air Busan code share flights. 

Apart from these general restrictions, there are certain breed restrictions as well. The following types of dogs and their crosses are prohibited on Asiana Airlines:

Staffordshire Bull TerriersRottweiler
WolfdogAmerican bully
Cane CorsoMiniature Bull Terrier
Tosa dogsAmerican Pitbull Terriers
American Staffordshire TerriersStaffordshire Bull Terriers

Any mixes of the above-mentioned pets are restricted as well according to the Asiana Airlines pet policy. 

Snub-nosed animals that are usually at a higher risk of contracting diseases are also subjected to these prohibitions. 

Also, the following types of short-nosed dogs cannot be transported: 

Lhasa ApsoPresa Canario
Chow ChowPug
Dogo ArgentinoMastiff
Boston TerrierShar Pei
Cane CorsoDogue de Bordeaux
BulldogBrussels Griffon
Shih TzuSpaniel (All kinds)

These Asiana Airlines pet travel restrictions apply to cats as well. The following list highlights the snub-nosed cats that are not allowed on board: 

  • Persian
  • British Shorthair
  • Scottish Fold
  • Silver Chinchilla
  • Burmese
  • Exotic
  • Himalayan

Note: Following these restrictions is a must to travel safely on this airline. The passengers who disobey these conditions may be liable to pay penalties. Otherwise, the airline might cancel your reservation altogether. Hence, to avoid this hassle, it is essential to adhere to the Asiana Airlines pet requirements. 

Flying With Service Animals On Asiana Airlines

To ensure convenience for disabled passengers, this airline permits the carrying of service animals on board. These animals can be service dogs, guide dogs, or emotional support pets. These animals may or may not be charged an Asiana Airlines pet fee. Some of the other regulations applicable to the carriage of service animals are as follows: 

  • Only dogs will be accepted as service pets to fly on this carrier. Also, these dogs must be at least 16 weeks old. 
  • The dogs must be efficiently trained. A valid certificate showcasing that the animal is adequate to be a guide dog should be submitted to the airline in advance. 
  • There must be a tag attached to the service pet during the entire course of the flight. 
  • The animal must be harnessed and should have a leash on at all times. It should be seated on the floor next to the owner’s seat. 
  • Your animal will not be allowed to move around the aisle on the plane. 
  • Asiana Airlines pet travel policy allows each passenger to carry 2 service dogs. 
  • When you want to fly with your guide animal, you should make a reservation at least 48 hours before the flight’s departure. If you exceed this time limit, you will not be able to utilize the pet travel service. 
  • The animal must be well behaved to travel. It should not bark unnecessarily and should maintain basic hygiene. 
  • While traveling with a service pet, a particular form has to be filled. The link to this form is given here: 

U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form

  • Another acknowledgment form might also be filled out. You can find it at the link given below:

United States Department of Transportation Service Animal Relief Attestation Form

Note: Travelers are required to contact the ‘Reservation Center’ for Asiana Airlines pet transport of service animals. Additionally, the agents at this center manage queries regarding other policies as well like Asiana Airlines name change policy, flight change, and seat selection policy. 

Method for Adding Your Pet to Asiana Flight Ticket

As mentioned earlier, in order to get a spot for your animal, you should book a pet travel reservation in advance. For this, a certain procedure has to be followed. Firstly, all the required documents are to be collected, then information about your pet has to be submitted and at last, a valid permit should be acquired. 

The detailed procedure of making a pet reservation as described by the Asiana Airlines pet policy is given below: 

  • As soon as you decide to bring your pet on board, you should confirm with the airline authorities if your selected destination accepts pets. For this, contact the reservations office through the numbers given on the carrier’s official site. 
  • Once it is confirmed that your pets will be accepted, prepare the required documents. These may include a quarantine certificate, vaccination proof, medical report, and training certificate in the case of service animals. 
  • Then, on the date of departure, get to the airport with an appropriate cage. Here, the acquired certificates are to be submitted including the quarantine certificate. These have to be given to the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency at the airport. 
  • Now, the weight of your pet will be checked and the crate will be examined as well. If all is in order, you can continue by paying the Asiana Airlines pet fee. This completes the pet travel procedure. 

Tip: When flying with animals, arriving at the airport at least a few hours in advance can be helpful. This will save you from the trouble of going through a last-minute hurry. 

Asiana Airlines Pet Travel Fee

A special pet fee will be charged when you are traveling with animals. This fee is incurred on all baggage types. Therefore, free pet travel is not possible on this airline. The exact amount of Asiana Airlines pet fee depends on the size of your animal and the end destination. 

These charges are highlighted in the table given below: 

Destination / Itinerary Pets Up to 32 Kgs or 71 lbsPets Up to 45 Kgs or 99 lbs
US, Oceania, and Europe KRW 290,000 or USD 290KRW 590,000 or USD 590
Korea, Japan, HongKong, Mongolia, Taiwan, China KRW 140,000 or USD 140KRW 290,000 or USD 290
Asian routes including Guam and Saipan KRW 210,000 or USD 210KRW 440,000 or USD 440 
All domestic destinations KRW 30,000 or USD 22KRW 60,000 or 46 USD 

There might be a slight variation in these charges which will be informed to you at the time of making a reservation. You can refer to the Asiana Airlines pet policy on the airline’s official site to know further about these changes. 

In Conclusion, 

This airline is one of the most pet-friendly airlines. The Asiana Airlines pet policy provides different options to its customers to carry pets. The option to carry service animals is also provided by this carrier. The procedure to add pets to the reservation is simple and easy to understand. To ensure accessibility, this airline charges a minimal amount of fee. Overall, pet travel is made convenient, comfortable, and safe by this airline. 

FAQs- Asiana Airlines Pet Policy

Are pets allowed on Asiana Airlines?

Yes, this airline is quite a pet-friendly carrier. As per the Asiana Airlines pet policy, passengers can carry cats, dogs, and birds onboard. These pets can be carried both as checked and carry-on luggage. Additionally, the option to ship your pets as cargo is also made available by this carrier. However, a specific fee is charged for each of these options.

Can I send my pets as cargo on this Asiana Airlines?

Heavy or large animals that cannot be transported as carry-on or checked luggage will be accepted as Asiana Airlines pet cargo. This includes all the animals that weigh more than 30 kgs or 66 lbs. However, travelers who wish to send their pets as cargo should inform the airline in advance so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

How to make an Asiana Airlines pet travel reservation?

In order to add your pet to the ticket, you must first call the airline authorities to confirm whether that particular destination accepts animals or not. If yes, you will be required to acquire the necessary documents after which an acknowledgment form must be filled and submitted. Your animal will be weighed at the airport before boarding.

What is the Asiana Airlines pet fee for large animals?

The pet fee on this airline mainly depends on the flight itinerary and the size of the animal. For heavy animals up to 45 kgs, the fee can be USD 590 when flying to the US, Europe, and Oceania. It can be USD 290 to travel around Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, USD 440 on other Asian routes, and USD 46 in all domestic destinations. 

Can I carry my small dogs for free on Asiana Airlines?

Irrespective of the size of your animal, you will be charged a certain pet fee. For carrying small animals of about 32 kgs, the fee would be USD 290 in the US and Europe. It can be around USD 140 in Korea, Japan, and Mongolia. The Asiana Airlines pet transport charges for other Asian destinations can be USD 210 and USD 22 in all domestic regions.

What are the Asiana Airlines pet requirements for animal cages?

The cage that you will be carrying should be safe and secure. It must be large, spacious, and ventilated to ensure that the animal can move around freely. Sturdy materials like plastic or metal should also be used in its construction. Further, no damage should be done to its locks or wheels.

Can I carry my pug on Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines carry on pet policy prohibits snub-nosed dogs. Hence, unfortunately, you will not be allowed to bring your pug on board. Some other restricted short-nosed dogs include Lhasa Apso, Presa Canario, Chow Chow, Affenpinscher, Dogo Argentino, Mastiff, Boston Terrier, Shar Pei, Cane Corso, Dogue de Bordeaux, and Bulldog. For further information, call the customer care service.

Are all types of cats allowed on Asiana Airlines?

No, all types of cats cannot be carried on this airline. To ensure the safety of animals, restrictions on certain breeds of cats are imposed by the Asiana Airline in cabin pet policy. These specific breeds include Persian, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Silver Chinchilla, Burmese, Exotic and Himalayan. When your cat is not included in the list, you can call the airline for confirmation.

Can I fly with service animals on Asiana Airlines?

Yes, flying with service animals is permitted on this airline. In such cases, you may not be charged a fee for bringing service pets. However, only dogs will be allowed as guide animals. Also, to obtain the service pet tickets for Asiana Airlines, you will need to connect with the agents first. Otherwise, your pet may not be accepted.

What is the Asiana Airline pet policy?

This is a policy that determines all the rules and regulations of pet travel. The different methods to carry pets, the fee charged, and the animals allowed are highlighted under this policy. This policy also mentions the crate requirements and the documents to be submitted. Additionally, the weight and size limitations are also given by this policy.

What is the weight limit for cabin pets on Asiana Airlines?

Pets that are to be brought inside the cabin must not weigh more than 7 kgs or 15 lbs. This weight limit includes the weight of the crate as well. Along with weight, the Asiana Airlines international pet policy also has a size limitation of 115 cm or 45 inches. Any animal exceeding these limits will not be permitted.

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