Philippine Airlines Pet Policy

Being among the largest airlines in the world, Philippine Airlines offers the option for fliers to travel with their pets. Flying with animals on this carrier is facilitated by the Philippine Airlines pet policy. Since carrying pets on flights is one of the most common requests by passengers, this airline tries to ensure a safe pet journey. With its elaborate rules and regulations, this policy makes flying with pets for its visitors really simple and efficient. Hence, in case you plan on choosing this service, it is extremely important to understand this policy before you travel along with your pets. Only then will you be able to fly with your animals without any hassle. 

Basic Guidelines of the Philippine Airlines Pet Policy

While booking the Philippine Airlines pets policy service, you will be under the obligation to adhere to its certain regulations. These regulations can range from basic guidelines to specific limitations for safety purposes. Before making your reservation, it is important to know and analyze these basic regulations to board the flight smoothly. This will not only make your flight smooth and save you time but also ensure the safety of your animal. 

Keeping this in view, some of such main guidelines have been mentioned below: 

  • All the customers of this carrier who have booked their tickets through the official sources of the airline can access the pet travel service feature. 
  • No pets can be allowed to travel inside the cabin on this airline. Service animals are exempted from this restriction. 
  • Domestic animals including cats, dogs, and birds can fly with their owners on this operator. 
  • Minors and children younger than 12 years of age will not be eligible to carry pets along with them. 
  • To avoid any penalties, fliers need to meet the Philippine Airlines pet requirements without fail. 
  • Some restrictions are imposed on the carriage of certain breeds of animals. Special permission cannot be obtained for the transport of such pets. 
  • It is essential that the pet owners should meet the size and weight limitations of the animal cage. This will help in preventing the overloading of the aircraft and help in the easy movement of the passengers. 
  • The visitors will be fully liable and responsible for their pets. The airline’s responsibility is only limited to the safe transportation of the animal in the cargo section of the aircraft.
  • Depending on the size of your pet, a travel fee will be charged by the air service. Every pet owner is obliged to pay this fee to the airline. 
  • When bringing your pets onboard, it is important to arrive at the airport a few hours before boarding. 
  • In some destinations, pets will automatically be categorized as a piece of excess luggage. If such is the situation, some extra baggage charges may have to be paid. 
  • Disabled passengers will be allowed to fly with their service or guide animals on this air carrier.

Note: All the queries regarding the Philippine Airline pet travel can be solved by contacting the airline authorities. Otherwise, you can also check the official site of this airline to know more about the policy. Moreover, the site offers information about various other topics too, like flight change, the Philippine Airlines name correction policy, and baggage policy. 

Does Philippine Airlines Allow Pets In Cabin?

Currently, as per the Philippine Airlines pet in cabin policy, passengers cannot bring their pets on board. No pet will be allowed inside the cabin section of the plane irrespective of the destination. This restriction does not apply to service pets. Service animals can be brought on board but will be required to attain prior permission. Overall, you cannot bring your pet as a carry-on. This is as per the present in-cabin pet policy of this airline. For any updates, you are free to visit the official site

Philippine Airlines Pet Shipping As Checked Baggage

Most pet owners choose to carry their animals in checked baggage. Under this option, your pet can be transported in the hold of the aircraft and will be accounted as check-in luggage. All the safety regulations will be followed by the airline during transportation. Later, you can reunite with your animal upon arrival. Since shipping pets is an elaborate process that requires much attention, the Philippine Airlines pet travel policy has stated different regulations for various countries. This is done to ensure that the animal protection policy of each country is followed. Also, the maximum allowed weight of your pet can vary depending on the flight itinerary. 

Given below are the basic regulations and the weight limitations of pets in checked baggage: 

  • When transporting pets as check-in baggage, the FBA (Free Baggage Allowance) rule does not apply. This means that each pet that you carry will be regarded as an extra or additional check-in bag. Therefore, the pet travel fee might be higher than the general excess baggage fee. 
  • The ‘Piece System’ of baggage applies to pet carriers in checked luggage. It means that the price will be charged per piece of your luggage. 
  • On flights to Japan, the maximum allowed weight as per the pet policy Philippine Airlines can be 50 lbs or 23 kgs in the Economy class. It can be 55 lbs or 25 kgs in the Premium Economy class and this limit can extend up to 32 kgs or 70 lbs for the Business Class. The maximum dimensions of the cage should not exceed 203 cms or 80 in. 
  • On flights to the USA and Guam, the maximum weight allowed per pet should be under 32 kgs or 70 lbs. The same is the case for flights to and from Canada. 
  • The weight limit on domestic flights is 50 kgs. The starting weight is 5 kgs. 
  • All the weight and size limits given above include the weight of the pet, its cage, and its food as well. 

Note: These limitations mentioned above as stated by the Philippine Airlines pet policy, are fixed and there will be no change in these conditions irrespective of the variations in demand. 

Philippine Airlines Pet Travel Requirements

In order for the airline to accept your pet on the aircraft, certain requirements have to be met. These include submission of the right documents, making a pet travel reservation in advance, and completing the payment procedure. The first step of all these requirements is to submit the necessary documents to the airline. These reports provide confirmation that your pet is safe to travel. They also help the carrier in determining the Philippine Airlines pet fare. Only after the scrutiny of these certificates, will your pet be accepted to fly by the carrier. 

Given below are the main pet travel documents you will have to submit: 

  • The general information about your pet like its weight, size, breed, type, and gender should be submitted. 
  • A valid health certificate to show that the animal is free of any diseases. 
  • Present rabies vaccination proof as issued by a licensed medical professional. 
  • Quarantine certificate 
  • Import permit if required by the arrival country. 

As per the Philippine Airlines pet policy international, only valid documents that have not met their expiry period will be accepted. Also, they are to be issued by a licensed veterinarian or a doctor.

Restrictions Under the Philippine Pet Policy

Pets going over the above-mentioned weight limits will be denied by the airline. Similarly, there are other prohibitions applicable to the transport of animals. These can include breed, age, and type of pet restrictions. The main reason for the airline to implement such conditions is to maintain the safety of the pet flying as well as the safety of the other animals on the aircraft. These restrictions apply to both Philippine Airlines pet cargo transport and checked-in travel. 

In this regard, brachycephalic dogs will be shipped by this airline. These dogs are also referred to as snub-nosed or short-nosed dogs. It means that the snout of these animals is flat and their lower jaw sticks out further than the upper jaw. This results in breathing problems due to which the dog is prone to suffer from body overheating. Hence, such animals will not be accepted as pet cargo Philippine Airlines. 

The table given below gives an overview of the breeds of brachycephalic dogs that are not allowed on this airline: 

AffenpinscherChow ChowPug (all breeds)
BoerboelDogue de BordeauxRottweiler
Boston TerrierEnglish ToyShar Pei
BoxerFrench BulldogShih Tzu
BullmastiffKing Charles SpanielTosa
Cane CorsoLhasa ApsoValley Bulldog
Brussels GriffonGriffon BruxelloisStaffordshire Bull Terrier
BulldogJapanese ChinTibetan spaniel
Cavalier King CharlesMastiff (all types included)Yorkshire Terrier

Any cross or a mix of these breeds of animals will be rejected as well on both domestic and international flights. However, these Philippine Airlines pet policy breed restrictions are not applicable to service dogs on the condition that the passenger accompanies them throughout the flight. 

Review on Philippine Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

The opportunity to transport pets as cargo is offered by this airline. This feature is especially useful in the case of transporting large animals. Moreover, the pet cargo Philippines Airlines feature can be used to ship animals unaccompanied. This means that the pet can be sent alone even without its owner. After arrival, they can be collected at the pet cargo center. Hence, this cargo feature is extremely convenient and safe as well. 

The following requirements are to be met when choosing to send your pets under cargo luggage of the aircraft: 

  • Animals traveling in cargo will be subjected to space availability. Although your pet might be fully qualified to fly as cargo luggage, it will not be accepted if there is not enough room in the hold. 
  • Owners wanting to send their animals alone will be required to follow all the safety regulations given by the Philippine Airlines pet policy in terms of weight and size restrictions. 
  • Cargo service for pets will not be available for use when the weather conditions reach extreme temperatures like more than 85°F or less than 45°F.
  • You will be needed to book this service at least 10 days before the scheduled departure of your flight. 
  • Special permits must be acquired in the case of domestic flights since the flight’s duration is relatively shorter. 
  • All the important documents and labels must be attached to the pet’s crate. These also include forms that are to be submitted in the arrival country. 
  • The cages that are used to keep your pets need to be safe, leakproof, sturdy, and stable. They should also be large enough for the animal to easily fit in. 
  • When sending pets to Japan, passengers will be required to notify the Animal Bureau Quarantine of Japan. This should be done no less than 40 days before the flight takes off. 

Note: The Philippine Airlines pet travel cost for cargo transport can be charged based on your flight itinerary. 

Philippine Airlines Pet Fee

Whether carrying your pet as checked luggage or carry-on baggage, travelers will be liable to pay some of the pet travel fees. These charges are determined keeping in view the size of your pet and the flight’s itinerary. Also, the Philippine Airlines pet fee can vary depending on the seasonal demand. Having an idea about this additional fee beforehand can help you to plan your budget. 

Given below are the pet charges based on the destination. 

When flying to Japan with pets, the following charges apply: 

Dimensions Weight Limit Fee Charged
Less than or equal to 203 cm or 80 in 23 kgs or 50 lbs JPY 20,000 or USD 149
25 kgs or 55 lbsJPY 26,693 USD 200 or 
32 kgs or 70 lbs JPY 12,000 or USD 120
More than 203 cm or 80 in 23 kgs or 50 lbsJPY 12,000 or USD 120
25 kgs or 55 lbsJPY 12,000 or USD 120
32 kgs or 70 lbs Must contact the airline 

For excess baggage or pet containers that go over the given limits, a fee of JPY 45,000 or JPY 60,000 can be charged. Also, the Philippine Airlines pet fare changes with the flight itinerary. You will be informed of the exact charges at the time of reservation of your ticket. 

When flying with pets to the United States and Guam, the pet fee structure is as follows: 

  • For crates measuring less than or equal to 203 cm or 80 in, the pet travel fee will be 200 percent of the regular baggage fee. 
  • For carriages over 203 cm or 80 in with a weight limit of 32 kgs or 70 lbs, the fee will be 300 percent of the baggage charges. 
  • The excess baggage fee for heavier crates can range between USD 160 and USD 200. 

The same is the fee charged when traveling to Canada with pets. 

Apart from these international fees, pet friendly Airlines Philippines domestic charges apply in the case of national flights. Given below are the domestic charges:

Weight Limit Fee Charged 
40 kgs to 50 kgs or 88 lbs to 110 lbsPHP 10,000 or USD 180
30 kgs to 40 kgs or 66 lbs to 88 lbs PHP 8,000 or USD 144
20 kgs to 30 kgs or 44 lbs to 66 lbs PHP 6000 or USD 108 
15 kgs to 20 kgs or 33 lbs to 44 lbs PHP 4000 or USD 72 
10 kgs to 15 kgs or 22 lbs to 33 lbs PHP 3000 or USD 54 
5 kgs to 10 kgs or 11 lbs to 22 lbs PHP 2000 or USD 36
Weighing up to 5 kgs or 11 lbs PHP 1000 or USD 18 

These Philippine Airline pet travel fees are fixed and do not alter as per any seasonal variations. Also, on regional flights, the piece of baggage policy applies. The fee will be charged for each pet crate taking into account its size and weight. 

Philippine Airlines Pet Travel Requirements on US Flights

The Philippine Airlines requirements for pets are slightly different on flights that run to and from the US. This is because the rules of the CDC are applicable in this particular country. Hence, pet travel is subjected to stricter regulations. The rules of entry for animals into the US are stern as well. Only the passengers who meet all these newly implemented regulations will be allowed to bring their pets to this country. 

In this regard, the following are the conditions that apply to pet travel on US flights: 

  • Pets, especially dogs, traveling from high-risk countries, must provide rabies vaccination proof. The CDC has mentioned a list of high-risk countries based on safety regulations. 
  • All the animals should be at least 6 months old to be accepted into the United States. 
  • Possession of a microchip is mandatory as well. 
  • The Philippine Airlines pets flying to the US from high-risk countries can only be departed at specific airports. These airports are mentioned on this airline’s official site. 
  • A special dog import permit should be acquired in case your dog is prone to easily catching diseases. 
  • The application process to acquire the pet import certificates must be commenced at least 30 to 40 days before the flight takes off. 

Note: The same conditions apply for Philippine Airlines pet cargo on US flights. Submission of the import certificates granted by the CDC is a common requirement irrespective of the type of pet service you choose. 

Flying With Service Animals on Philippines Airlines

The Philippine Airlines pet policy only allows service animals to travel inside the cabin. No additional pet fare has to be paid for the transport of these animals. However, a fee may get charged if you wish to bring the guide animal’s food or container. Also, it is essential for the owner to provide necessary documentation that the animal is properly trained to provide the required assistance. Only when the airline is satisfied with all the legal formalities, will it allow your guide animal to travel on board. 

Note: Service animals can include guide dogs and emotional support dogs, seeing eye dogs, and pets that provide assistance to passengers with hearing disabilities. 

The Bottom Line

This airline assists passengers in a number of ways, one of which is through its Philippines Airlines pet policy. It allows animals to travel with comfort while ensuring their safety. Different types of pets can fly in several ways. This carrier makes the pet service feature accessible to all by charging a minimal amount of fee. The details of the restricted breeds are also highlighted under this policy. Hence, choosing this airline can be a plausible choice for passengers to wish to fly with their pets.

FAQs- Philippine Airlines Pet Policy

Are pets allowed in Philippine Airlines?

Yes, Philippine Airlines is a pet-friendly carrier. It permits the passengers to carry dogs, birds, and cats as per the Philippine Airlines pet policy. Pets can only be transported as checked luggage and not inside the cabin of the aircraft. Also, certain breed restrictions are imposed on the travel of dogs and cats. Hence, pet travel is subjected to all these regulations and conditions.

Can I carry pets inside the cabin on Philippine Airlines?

No, as per the Philippine Airlines pet in cabin policy, no traveler will be allowed to bring their pets inside the aircraft unless it is a service animal. Other than guide dogs, regular animals will have to be shipped in the hold or as cargo luggage of the plane. This is done to ensure the utmost safety of the passengers onboard and avoid any kind of discomfort or spread of diseases during the flight.

What are the crate requirements on Philippine Airlines?

All the animals registered for pet travel should be kept in crates. These cages must be stable and secure. They also must be leakproof and should be made with plastic or metal as necessary by the Philippine Airlines pet requirements. All the conditions set by the IATA need to be met in order for your crate to be accepted by this airline.

What is the Philippine Airlines pet travel cost?

The fee for pet travel on this carrier differs based on the flight itinerary and the weight of the animal. When traveling to Japan, the fee can range anywhere between USD 120 and USD 149. On flights to the US and Guam, the fee is around 200 to 300 percent of the general baggage fees. The excess fee starts at USD 160 and goes up to USD 200.

Can I bring my dog on Philippine Airlines?

Yes, travelers can transport dogs on this carrier. Dogs are accepted on both Philippine Airlines pet cargo and as checked luggage. But, brachycephalic dogs and short-nosed dogs are not accepted by the carrier. This is because they are susceptible to heart risks and it is not safe for them to travel. Also, dogs younger than 6 months will be rejected.

What are the breed restrictions on Philippine Airlines?

Breed restrictions apply to both cats and dogs. For dogs, breeds like Boxer, Cane Corso, Affenpinscher, Valley Bulldog, Japanese Chin, Yorkshire Terrier, Cavalier King Charles, Boerboel, Dogue de Bordeaux, Chow Chow, and similar breeds are restricted. The Philippine Airlines pet travel policy prohibits certain cats like Himalayan and their mixes.

What is the pet travel policy of Philippine Airlines?

The pet policy Philippine Airlines is designed to determine all the rules and regulations of pet travel. It discloses details regarding the fee charged, animal restrictions, and the documents required. The rules of flying with service animals are also detailed under this policy. Be it any query regarding animal travel, referring to this policy can be helpful to the passengers before flying with their pets.

Are service pets allowed on Philippine Airlines?

Along with the regular Philippine Airlines pet shipping, service pets or emotional support animals can also be carried on this airline. They can be brought on board without the payment of additional charges. However, proof that your pet is properly trained must be submitted. Otherwise, the service animal will not be accepted by this airline.

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