Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

The Turkish Airlines pet policy is a framework of terms that define how an animal has to be carried on board. It is useful for those who are traveling with this airline for the first time. Beyond this, the carrier can change or update its terms and fees. Speaking of that, referring to this policy is suggested from time to time to be mindful of its latest rules. Then it will be easier to carry your pet throughout your journey. 

Main Guidelines of Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Initiating an air journey with your pet can seem to be a rather complex process. To ease it to the possible extent, the Turkish Air pet policy lays down certain guidelines. They revolve around the route, temperature, and such factors. 

Their details are given as follows:

  • To carry your pet, you must get approval at least 6 hours before the time of departure.
  • Charges can apply to the passengers of a transfer flight. After/before its route, the charges will be asked for. 
  • You will have to connect with the pilot eventually. Despite following all the guidelines, he/she will be providing you with the confirmation to bring your pet. This is necessary since when the pilot is aware of a pet(s) flying, the temperature will be maintained as per its requirements.
  • Since the temperature may not be in your control, you can try traveling during mid-day when it is cold. Or else, during summer, you should prefer to travel at night.

Types of Pets to Carry on Turkish Airlines

A passenger can carry a domestic animal on this airline. Thus, you can carry your cat, bird, or dog. Usually, these are the types of pets approved by the national air operator of Turkey. To be clearer about what kind of pet is to be carried, the Turkish Airlines pet travel policy comes with the following information:

  • Birds of the household type are allowed. Thus, you can take along canaries, budgies, goldfinches, etc.
  • Inoffensive and friendly types of dogs like toy poodles and chihuahuas can be allowed.
  • Friendly cat breeds are approved by Turkish Airlines.

How to Carry Turkish Airlines Pets?

When you fly with this airline, you can carry your pet in 2 ways. The carrier can allow you to carry the animal as cabin or checked baggage. Based on the attributes of your pet and the terms of Turkish, a particular way is decided. It may not always be possible for a passenger to decide the baggage type. Mostly, the airline will go over the attributes/rules and then settle your concern.

With reference to the above-said, you should go through the following policies:

Turkish Airlines Pet in Cabin Policy

On a flight of this air operator based in Turkey, you can take your pet with you in the cabin. Thus, it will be flying under your direct supervision. For this, the pet in cabin policy has been made. To qualify for this, the size, as well as weight, should be as suggested by the operator.

Let us now look at the pet in cabin Turkish Airlines guidelines below:

  • The following qualify to travel in a cabin:
    • Tiny birds
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Small snub-nosed domestic animals 
  • 8 kg or 17 lbs is the maximum weight allowed per pet. This can be inclusive of the pet carrier’s weight. Also, when you are placing 2 adult animals in a carrier, the given limit will not be allowed to exceed. Thus, both animals’ weights should be the same in total as the value given.
  • When puppies/kittens are to be transported, 3 is the maximum number to be put in 1 crate along with their mother. 
  • The minimum age of the animal should be 10 weeks. The same is a minimum of 3 months in case you are visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • These combinations can be restricted by the carrier on a single aircraft:
    • Cats and dogs
    • Cats and birds
    • Turkish Airlines puts forth that pets need to be of common species on the aircraft. 
  • You can carry 2 pets in different carriers, as per the Turkish pet policy. On one flight, only a single carrier with 1 domestic animal will be allowed as cabin baggage. There may be an exception to this. 2 dogs can be placed in 1 shelter.
  • Based on the documents provided in relation to your pet, if an allergy is identified through it, then entry will be restricted.
  • In case the animal has a respiratory issue, it should be brought to a cabin.
  • How many animals/birds can be allowed on a plane depends on its model. 

Note: If you are flying via B737, A320, A319, or A321, then two animals can get approval. This applies to Economy flyers as a part of the Turkish Airlines pet in cabin policy. In the Business cabin, 1 animal is approved. The number can increase to 3 in the Economy cabin given the fleet models A340, A330, and B777. 

  • Certain destinations may demand that pets be transported only as cargo. They can include the UK, Hong Kong, and UAE. Then your destination airport will determine whether the pet can be placed in a cabin.

Pets on Turkish Airlines as Checked Baggage

To understand the eligibility criteria for a pet to be carried as checked luggage, one can simply go through the terms of the pet in cabin policy. When the weight and size limits go beyond the ones given in that policy, the animal will be transported as a checked item. In this, it will be flying with its owner but not in the cabin or near the seat. During check-in, it will be given over to Turkish Airlines at the counter. Then in the cargo hold of the same aircraft, it will be placed.

On Turkish Airlines flying with pets in this scenario is subject to these terms:

  • Your pet has to be larger in size than the space available below a seat.
  • Its age has to be ten weeks minimum.
  • To locations other than these, animals can fly as checked luggage:
    • Hong Kong
    • United Kingdom
    • United Arab Emirates
  • The temperature of the day on which you are flying should not be lower than -12°C or 10°F. Otherwise, it should not be more than 29°C or 85°F. When this is not observed, carrying an animal as a checked item may not be approved.

What Type of Turkish Airlines Pet Carrier is Allowed?

You will require carriers regardless of how your pet is traveling. Although this air operator has not mentioned the exact weight of the carrier or crate for pets, it is quite clear about its dimensions. Turkish Airlines pet carrier dimensions, therefore, must be essentially kept in mind. Other than this, the operator allows crate types that are not extremely big or incapable of properly adjusting the animal within.

  • As cabin baggage, its size/dimensions should be 23 cm/9 in height x 30 cm/11 in width x 40 cm/15 in length.
  • When you are uncertain about the Turkish Airlines pet carrier size, you can check whether it is small enough to fit under an aircraft seat.
  • You may be carrying a flexible shelter. It should have the attribute of being compressed to 9 in. 
  • The shelter should ensure appropriate ventilation. It must be watertight too.
  • It should be big enough to support the animal to stand and turn in any direction.
  • As per the policy, the chosen shelter should have a lock for securing it properly.
  • It is suggested to prefer a crate that has metallic hardware. This will ensure convenience while securing it.
  • You are required to add your name, contact number, current address, and the pet’s name on the container as a label. The terms of the Turkish Airlines name change policy focus on the relevance of accurate details. In the event that your pet is not received on time, a faulty or misspelled name could be the reason behind it.
  • This label should additionally state “Live Animal”.
  • The crate should come with another label that shows its position. It should point the crate’s direction upwards.
  • Kindly go through IATA guidelines as well for carriers. It may carry additional and important Turkish Airlines pet carrier size and weight rules. The shelters need to be compliant with these. 

Documents for Bringing Pets on Turkish Airlines

While you check-in for a Turkish flight, you will have to show certain documents relating to your pets. They should be as required by the country where you are heading to. At the same time, they need to comply with the documents required by the origin airport. This applies to domestic as well as international travelers.

  • In accordance with the Turkish Airlines pet policy, to take along a service pet, please bring the following:
    • Certificate of training
    • Vaccination certificate, especially for rabies
    • ID card
    • Additional documents needed by destinations countries, particularly for international trips
  • You will require a certificate indicating your pet’s health, as the policy further guides. It should be issued around 10 days earlier than the travel date.
  • To take a service dog, one medical professional must share a letter that states the disability of a traveler. It should be DSM IV/V-recognized. The requirement of the animal should be included in the letter.

Turkish Airlines Pet Reservations

For making a reservation for your pet, it is vital that you get in touch with Turkish Airlines. This must be done prior to reserving your flight ticket. Then you can confirm whether or not space availability is there for the animal on a particular flight. When the confirmation is positive, you will be informed about the same.

Please note that the approval for pets is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Accordingly, you can opt for Turkish Airlines pet reservations as soon as possible.

Relieving and Sanitation

An air trip of this Turkey-based airline can extend to or be more than eight hours. Then you will have to ensure whether or not your pet needs to be relieved. This is important for a convenient Turkish Airlines pet travel experience for the animal as well as the owner.

Should your pet require urinating or defecating on a Turkish flight, then you must ensure arrangements for the same. Keep in mind that no sanitation problem occurs during the flight. It will be suggested to train the animal for pad usage. Otherwise, when a sanitation problem occurs, then you will be held responsible for it. 

Given that your pet would not require relieving itself during a flight, a document will have to be given for that.

Note: In either case, a veterinarian having a license has to make the above-said certain and attest it as well. When relieving is certain, pictures that show proof will be needed.

What are the Turkish Airlines Pet Transport Restrictions?

On this airline, when a domestic animal or bird is accompanying you, some restrictions will also follow. Aside from the size and quantity of animals, there are other factors that can decide when they cannot be carried. 

On Turkish Airlines flying with pets can be seamless when the limitations given below are taken care of:

  • No animal that shows the following is allowed on flights:
    • Illness
    • Aggression
  • The pet policy can restrict you from flying with these animals or birds mainly due to their attributes or behavior:
American pit bull terrierStaffordshire bull terrierDoberman
Rottweiler American BulldogFila Brasileiro
American Staffordshire terrierDogo ArgentinoAfrican gray parrots
Bull terrierBandog Tosa Inu
Japanese TosaPinscher Doberman

Carrying Service and Emotional Support Pets on Turkish Airlines

It is essential to know that certain visitors can require extra support or help particularly when they are traveling via air. This is provided to them via service and emotional support animals. As the Turkish company understands this, it ensures that such people are not devoid of the assistance they need. But to carry any such animal, the Turkish Airlines pet policy comes with terms that have to be complied with.

  • A service animal enables a person to receive assistance in the case of a disability. This animal can fly in that person’s cabin.
  • Ensure that the service pet is properly harnessed and equipped with a vest as well as a muzzle. It should remain at your feet as well.
  • This airline may not accept an emotional support cat, dog, or any other animal.
  • A flyer may be coming from or heading to the US. Presuming that she/he is carrying a service dog, then it will have to abide by the terms of the US Department of Transportation. Any forms associated with this will have to be filled out and submitted. This must be done 48 hours prior to the journey.

How to Check in on Turkish Airlines with Pets?

Once you have followed all the rules of the pet policy, you can move ahead to check-in for your Turkish Air flight. In order to do so, you can come to the origin airport. At the counter of this air operator, you can hand over the domestic bird or animal. Then you can present every necessary document one by one, as mentioned in the Turkish pet policy. 

The agent of this carrier will go over the submitted documents. Upon their verification and compliance, your pet’s submission will be complete. Then you can start with your own baggage submission and check-in processes.

Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Fee

To carry your pets Turkish Airlines imposes fees at times. The amount can differ depending on how they are being carried. Usually, lower fees are observed for traveling with pets in the cabin. The amount can be higher than that when they are placed in the aircraft’s cargo space.

For Pets in Cabin:

  • Given that you are heading on a domestic trip, 70 TRY or 4.02 USD can be the fee.
  • When the trip is outside your country, no specific value may be the charge. It will have to be calculated. This is how you can do so:
  • You can find out the weight of your domestic animal. 
  • Then get the weight of the animal’s crate as approved by the Turkish company.
  • Now, estimate the additional luggage cost as per the route you will be flying to.
  • The final value received will indicate the Turkish Airlines pet travel fee on this international route.
  • For a transit flight or the one involving stopovers, the charge can start from $35 onward. It can go up to $150.
  • For service animals, no charges are needed.

When Carrying Animals/Birds as Checked Baggage:

  • The minimum charge is $35.
  • For a flight that is short, the cost can be $140 maximum.
  • A transit flight will demand that you pay $300.
  • In case it is a stopover flight, the amount can start at $70. Then its maximum value can be $300.
  • When the flight is long, the Turkish Airlines pet fee can fall between $75-$150.
  • This carrier may no longer allow you to fly with an emotional support animal. If at all an exception is made, then no charges may apply. This can be when a flight is headed to or from the USA and Istanbul.

On the Basis of Weight:

Way of CarryingFee (in TRY)Weight
Cabin150Up to 8 kg
Cargo hold2500 kg to 15 kg
Cargo hold35016 kg to 22 kg
Cargo hold37523 kg to 28 kg
Cargo hold450Exceeding 28 kg

Turkish Airlines Pet in Cargo Policy

At times, your pet may be fairly large in size. In terms of weight as well, it may be extremely heavy. Then it may neither qualify as cabin baggage nor as checked luggage. Turkish Airlines will suggest that you choose its air cargo services for transporting your pet. For this, abiding by the Turkish Airlines pet in cargo policy is vital. You can learn about the policy at the airport or by contacting the carrier. Afterward, you may connect with an agent of this air operator. It will guide you regarding the process to book the air cargo facility.

Note: The Turkish Airlines pet cargo cost can be determined after contacting the agent as suggested above.

In Essence

Traveling with the Turkey-based airline is comfortable for both flyers and pets. The only condition is that its rules are agreed upon. Given the rules of its pet policy, the size and weight must essentially be kept in mind. Once you are onboard with your pet, you are likely to have a promising journey.

FAQs- Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

Does Turkish Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

This airline does allow you to carry a pet inside the cabin. Approval is granted when its size is small. In addition, its behavior is considered. The airline is also strict about the size of the carrier. When all of these are as expected, the entry should be allowed into the cabin.

What is the Turkish Airline pet ticket price?

70 TRY can be the minimum price to carry your pet. This is the Turkish Airlines pet in cabin price. As the checked baggage, the lowest charge can be around $35. Accordingly, you can decide the value of your flight ticket.

How big are the Turkish Airlines pet carrier dimensions?

The dimensions for a carrier or crate on Turkish Airlines are 23 x 30 x 40 cm as H x B x L. In inches, the size is 9 x 11 x 15. Thus, the approved dimensions are neither too big nor too small. They are sizable enough to accommodate a small pet comfortably.

What are the Turkish Airlines pet charges as checked baggage?

As the checked baggage, the domestic animal or bird will be flying in a Turkish flight’s cargo hold. Thus, it will require more space than a pet in the cabin. Then the Turkish Airlines pet costs can begin at $35 onward. They can stretch up to $300.

What is the Turkish Airlines pet policy cargo?

When your pet’s size is too big or its weight is extremely heavy, Turkish Airlines will let you transport it as cargo. The costs, in that case, can differ from that of its pet policy. This airline’s cargo policy rules and costs will be applicable.

How do I reserve Turkish Airlines pet tickets?

Before booking your flight tickets, you can contact this airline. Then you can first check space availability for your pet. If it is available, then you can connect with an agent of this carrier. He/she will guide you about the Turkish Airlines pet travel policy and reserve the ticket as well.

Does Turkish Airlines allow pets in cabins?

The Turkey-based operator lets you take your domestic animal in a flight cabin. Its size should be small enough to fit below your seat. Also, its weight should be 17 lbs/8 kg. As you check your dog/cat/bird’s weight and size, you will be clearer whether or not are pets allowed in Turkish Airlines.

How is the Turkish Airlines pet fee determined?

This fee is determined on the basis of how you are carrying your pet. It is also influenced by the location you are headed to. The fee tends to be lower for domestic locations. Additionally, depending on how long the distance is, the pet fee is calculated.

Is Turkish Airlines pet friendly?

Interestingly, the carrier-based in Turkey ensures a comfortable experience for all the pets. The Turkish Airlines pet policy has rules that make certain that the journey remains safe for them. In that regard, the policy is pet-friendly.

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Steve Luettgen
Steve Luettgen
5 months ago

Can Jack Russell terriers fly with me in the cabin on a Turkish flight? Our JRT is 20 pounds and according to her size, she can easily squeeze into a soft foldable pet carrier that fits under the plane seat but there can be a minor difference in the size given under Turkish Airlines Pet Carrier Size guidelines. Will it be acceptable?

james mrtin
james mrtin
5 months ago

My sister is obsessed with her emotional support golden retriever. Our dog is a bit over 1 year old. She goes into a panic attack without his company. Does Turkish Airlines pet in Cabin policy allow emotional support animals? And how much will be the charges for a 4 hour long domestic flight?

Mamuka Nika
Mamuka Nika
5 months ago

Turkish Airlines flying with pets facility is amazing. I have a friend who is blind. He works at a call station and is recently transferred to another office across the cities, from Boston to Chicago. He has an 8 months old German Shephard who is trained to guide and assist him whom he traveled with. The airline staff’s co-operation and kindness were remarkable.

Clifford Hines
Clifford Hines
5 months ago

I want to go to the Canary Islands in Spain for a long vacation with my two Ragamuffin kittens. It is a long haul probably like 9 hours or so with Turkish. What is the Turkish Airlines pet travel fee for like 1 carrier since they both can easily fit in one and have enough room for movement? I want to take them in the cabin with me.