Philippine Airlines Pet Policy

Travelers often travel with pets and without dedicated guidelines, it can lead to stress and discomfort for the fliers. If you are traveling with pets, you must have a glance at the Philippine pet policy to understand the limitations, booking reservation tips, restrictions, and vital rules and regulations.

Here is a rundown of the Philippine airlines pet policy.

What are the Basic Guidelines of the Philippine Airline Pet Policy?

Before booking a pet reservation with the Philippine airline, the passengers must comprehend and adhere to the Philippine pet policy guidelines –

Philippine Airlines Pet Policy
  • No pets can be allowed to travel via the Philippine Airlines pet in cabin facility. Service animals are exempted from this restriction.
  • Domestic animals including cats, dogs, and birds can fly with their owners on this operator.
  • Some restrictions are imposed on the carriage of certain breeds of animals. Special permission cannot be obtained for the transport of such pets.
  • Pet owners should meet the size and weight limitations of the animal cage to prevent the overloading of the aircraft.
  • Travelers are responsible for their pets. The airline is solely responsible for transportation in the Cargo hold.
  • The pets can be transported as checked bags for a pet travel fee.

How to Carry Pets as Checked Baggage under Philippine Airlines Pet Travel Policy?

Philippine Airlines allows passengers to carry their pets as checked baggage by following the varied guidelines devised by the countries’ local government departments on the carriage of animals.

Keep the following things in mind –

  • Pets like cats, birds, and dogs are accepted for pet carriage as checked luggage.
  • It is mandatory to connect with the airline at least 48 hours before the flight departure time for pet acceptance.
  • The pets must be accompanied by travelers at least and above the age of 12 years.
  • The pet crate must be a hard case, properly secure the animal, and be leakproof.
  • Make sure to present valid and updated Vaccination certificates, health records, and entry and exit permits from organizations like –
    • Animal Health Division (AHD), Diliman, Quezon City
    • Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry
    • Visit the website of the concerned organizations and departments for more information.

What are the Documents for Philippine Airlines Pets Travel?

It is compulsory to present the necessary travel documents for the pet for Philippine pet travel. It ensures safe travel for the pet and other passengers on the flight and eliminates health risks for animals and passengers.

Here are the valid pet travel documents that must be submitted –

  • General information tag on the pet container/ pet leash with size, breed, weight, gender, and additional information, if applicable.
  • Valid health certificate
  • Rabies vaccination proof by a licensed medical professional i.e. Veterinarian
  • Entry and Entry permit for the country

NOTE – Connect with the airline for other specific documents required for pets.

What are the Restrictions Under the Philippine Pet Policy?

Animals belonging to the category – Brachycephalic (Animals with flat snouts, lower jaw sticking out of proportion to the upper jaw ) or Mixed-breeds of Snub-nosed animals are restricted to pet travel on all domestic and under Philippine airlines pet policy international flights.

The reasons for restriction are listed below-

  • Snub-nosed or brachycephalic dogs suffer from respiratory and breathing health problems
  • They also suffer from body overheating at high altitudes during the inability to maintain body temperature.

Here is an overview of the breeds of brachycephalic and snub-nosed dogs not allowed on Philippine flights –

American BullyChihuahua (Apple-headed)Papillon
American Cocker SpanielChow ChowPekingese
American PitbullCoton De TulearPug (all breeds)
Australian SilkyDogue de BordeauxRottweiler
Bichon FriseFrench BulldogShar Pei
Biewer Terrier / YorkieGriffon BruxelloisShih Tzu
BulldogMalshi (Maltese and Shih Tzu)Yorkshire Terrier
Bernese DogEnglish ToyRussian Tsvetnaya
BoxerKing Charles SpanielTosa
Brussels GriffonLhasa ApsoValley Bulldog
Alano Espanol / Spanish Alano / Spanish BulldogCavalier King CharlesNorwich (Terrier)
Boston TerrierJapanese ChinTibetan Spaniel
AffenpinscherCane CorsoMastiff (all breeds)
BoerboelHavaneseStaffordshire Bull Terrier

What is The Review on Philippine Airlines Pet Cargo Policy?

The Philippine airline allows passengers to carry their pets as cargo if they are not permitted as checked luggage. The philippine airlines pet requirements are as follows –

Philippine Airlines Pet Cargo Policy
  • Animals traveling in Philippine airlines pet cargo are subject to space availability. Thus, pets can be denied boarding if the pilot refuses due to aircraft environment or space issues.
  • Travelers who want pets to travel alone by cargo must follow the safety regulations and size restrictions.
  • Pets Allowed – Dogs, rabbits, cats, tropical fish ferrets, hamsters, snakes, birds, monkeys, and other larger animals (cattle, horses, etc.).
  • The pet cargo Philippine airlines facility is not available on routes with temperatures above 85°F or below 45°F.
  • Ensure to book the service at least 10 days before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Permits for domestic travel, health certification, and vaccination records must be submitted to the Philippine airline.
  • The cages used to keep your pets need to be safe, leakproof, sturdy, and stable. They should also be large enough for the animal to easily fit in.

Note: The Philippine Airlines pet cargo charges depend on the itinerary. Connect with arrival country authorities for more information.

What is Philippine Airlines Pet Fees?

Pet travel is not included as a free allowance and is treated as automatic excess luggage, even if the traveler may not carry other belongings.

Passengers must submit necessary Philippine airlines pet fare based on the weight and location of the journey.

Here are the pet fee mentioned by the airline for specified locations –

What is the Philippine airline pet fee for pet travel for Japan flights?

When traveling from Japan, the pet fee is listed below –

Dimensions/ WeightPet Fee for Every Excess Piece
Measure 80 in or weighs less than 50 lbs for Economy and 55 lbs for Premium Economy● From Narita / Haneda / Nagoya / Osaka / Fukuoka to JFK/YYZ – 138 USD  
● From JFK/YYZ to Narita / Haneda / Nagoya / Osaka / Fukuoka – 200 USD  
● Between Osaka/ Fukuoka/ Narita/ Haneda / Nagoya/ and Middle East – 120 USD
Measures over 80 in or weighs more than than 50 lbs for Economy and 55 lbs for Premium Economy  (Advance reservation compulsory)   Checked bag weighing less than 70 lbs● Over 50 lbs, not beyond 70 lbs – 83 USD
● Middle East – 111 USD  
● JFK/YYZ – 138 USD
For oversized pieces beyond dimensions 62 inches● From Nagoya/ Narita / Haneda/ Osaka / Fukuoka to LAX/SFO/HNL/YVR – 416 USD  
● From Narita / Haneda / Nagoya / Osaka / Fukuoka to Area 2, Area 3 – 208 USD

NOTE – If pets are traveling to Japan as cargo or checked in items, connect with Animal Bureau Quarantine of Japan at least 40 days before flight day.

What is the Philippine airline pet fee for pet travel for the United States / Guam flights?

When flying with pets to the United States and Guam, the pet fee structure is as follows –

Dimensions/ WeightPet Fee for Every Excess Piece
Dimension below 80 inches or weight not exceeding as allotted by the airportBetween Philippines / Area 3 / Area 2 and Los Angeles / Honolulu/ San Francisco – 200 USD
Measure over 80 inches or weight exceeding the permitted airport limitTo/from Guam –
● Philippines – 175 USD
● Korea / Japan /China – 175 USD
● Hong Kong / Taiwan – 175 USD
● Australia – 175 USD
● Rest of TC3 – 175 USD  
From Saipan/ Guam –
● Vancouver – 200 USD
● Rest of Canada – 225 USD

What is the Philippine airline pet fee for pet travel for Canada flights?

The pet fee for Canadian flights is given below –

Dimensions/ WeightPet Fee for Every Excess Piece
Dimension below 80 inches or weight not exceeding as allotted by the airport● From Philippines / Area 3 / Area 2 to Vancouver- 200 USD  
● From Vancouver to Philippines / Area 3 / Area 2 – 151 USD
Measure over 80 inches or weight exceeding the permitted airport limit● From Philippines / Area 3 / Area 2 to Toronto- 200 USD
● From Toronto to Philippines / Area 3 / Area 2 – 151 USD

What is the Philippine airline pet fee for pet travel for Regional flights?

The pet fee for regional flights is given below –

Philippine airline pet fee for pet
Dimensions/ WeightPet Fee for Every Excess Piece
Excess piece charges per kilo● Melbourne / Sydney /Brisbane / Auckland – 24 USD
● Port Moresby – 16 USD
● Guangzhou/ Xiamen / Quanzhou – 8 USD
● Beijing / Shanghai – 10 USD
● Seoul / Busan – 12 USD
● Kuala Lumpur – 10 USD
● Ho Chi Minh – 10 USD
● Hong Kong – 13 USD
● Macau – 10 USD
● Taipei – 10 USD
● Manila to London – 50 USD
● London to Manila – 63 USD
● Singapore – 10 USD
● Bangkok – 10 USD
● Bali / Jakarta – 10 USD
● Manado / Kota Kinabalu – 8 USD

What are the Philippine airline pet travel charges for domestic travel?

Philippine airline pet fees include the container and food inside and does not permit free allowance for pets. Here are the domestic travel charges for passengers traveling with pets –

Weight LimitExcess Baggage Charge (EBC)
Up to 5 kgs18 USD
5.1 kgs up to 10 kgs36 USD
10.1 kgs up to 15 kgs54 USD
15.1 kgs up to 20 kgs72 USD
20.1 kgs up to 30 kgs108 USD
30.1 kgs up to 40 kgs144 USD
40.1 kgs up to 50 kgs180 USD

NOTE – The above-mentioned pet travel charges may apply to regional flights as well.

How to Fly With Service Animals on Philippine Airlines?

Philippine airlines ensure that passengers with disabilities and those who require help on the flight can have access to service animals. However, it is subject to strict adherence to guidelines –

Service Animals on Philippine Airlines
  • US Air Carrier Access Act (US ACAA) permits only Service dogs as service animals. Thus, no other animals are accepted by Philippine Airlines.
  • Philippine Airlines does not accommodate miniature birds, cats, rabbits, horses, and other non-dog animals.
  • The service dogs must be trained to handle and perform tasks to help passengers with disabilities.
  • Only service dogs can accompany individuals with disabilities on flights for destinations like –
    • For domestic locations
    • From and to the US
    • From and to other international locations
  • Psychiatric service dogs are not permitted on all non-US domestic and international flights.
  • Emotional support dogs and other comfort animals are reclassified as pets and not service dogs. They are not considered trained and not accepted on board in the flight cabin.
  • Travelers can provide 48-hour advance notice via PAL Ticket Offices or the Reservations Hotline.
  • Emotional support dogs/ animals must travel via PAL Cargo Hold with other pets and are subject to Philippine Cargo policies.
  • Take a look at the rundown of the provision for the Philippine service animals pet policy –
Basis for Service DogsPhilippine Airline Guidelines
Service Dog Training and Behavior● A service dog not well versed with the tasks and training is not classified as a service dog.
● Service dogs must be thorough on “How to behave” in a public setting.
● The service dogs must be tethered, leashed, and harnessed at the airport and on board the flight all the time.
● If the service animal poses a threat to the safety of other passengers or misbehaves at the airport, it can be denied boarding.
Allowed number of Service DogsFor flights to the United States – Maximum (2) service dogs allowed free of charge
For flights to other Domestic flights and International flights – Only one (1) service dog is permitted on the flight free of charge
Cabin Space for Service Dogs● As per the US Federal Aviation Administration and other International government regulations, service dogs must fit on the foot space or the qualified traveler’s lap.
● If the service dog is too big or does not fit the qualified passenger’s space, passengers must relocate to another seat location in the same fare type.
● If there is a lack of space on the aircraft, the service dog can be transported on another flight later or in the Cargo hold.

What are the Philippine airlines pet travel requirements for Service dogs?

Ensure to present the following forms and other documents for service dog/s to board the flight with passengers with disabilities under airline approved pet carrier Philippines guidelines –

  • US DOT Service Animal Health Behavior Training Form
  • CDC Dog Import Permit (Must be applied 40 business days or 8 weeks before travel day)
  • US DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form
  • Valid CDC Dog Import Permit permitted for up to 2 dogs per person (For foreign vaccinated dogs)
  • For other Non-US domestic and international flights, passengers must submit the following forms –
  • Service Dog Relief Attestation Form (For long flights more than 8 hours)
    • Service Dog Air Transportation Form

NOTE – Forms must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

What are the guidelines for service dogs traveling to the US?

Refer to the guidelines listed below. You can also head to the official website for more details –

  • Service dogs that are traveling from high-risk countries to the USA may have chances for rabies and must present adequate documentation and follow strict regulations.
  • Service dogs with proper vaccination by a licensed US Veterinarian against Rabies can re-enter the USA by presenting the following documents –
    • ISO-compatible microchip
    • For dogs older than 15 months – CDC Rabies Vaccination and Microchip Record
    • Valid and updated US-issued Rabies Vaccination Certificate
    • The service dog must be at least 6 months of age to accompany the passenger
    • The service dog must be healthy when it reaches the arrival airport station in the USA.
    • Arrive at one of the 18 US airports with a CDC Quarantine Station.
  • If the rabies vaccination certificate is expired, the service dogs may get a booster vaccine dose outside the US and follow foreign vaccinated dogs.
  • Foreign vaccinated dogs must present CDC Rabies Vaccination and Microchip Records if arriving from high-risk countries.
  • To get written approval to travel to the US, follow the CDC Permit regulations at least 8 weeks or 40 business days before the flight departure.
  • It is compulsory to arrive at the US airport with CDC Quarantine Station at locations like-
    • Anchorage (ANC)
    • Boston (BOS)
    • Chicago (ORD)
    • Dallas (DFW)
    • Los Angeles (LAX)
    • Miami (MIA)
    • Minneapolis (MSP)
    • New York (JFK), etc.
  • Dogs arriving from high-risk countries to the USA without a CDS Dog Import Permit, a valid US-issued rabies vaccination certificate, etc. can be denied entry and returned to the departure country.

How to request Pet Policy with Philippine Airlines?

You can contact the airline following the given reservation methods –

How to contact the airline for Philippine pet reservations over the website?

Head to the Philippine Airlines official website to book the pet reservation at the time of booking or after the booking reservation is completed via Manage Booking following the given steps –

  • Head to the Philippine home page and choose “Manage Booking” under the “Manage” option drop-down menu.
Philippine Airlines Manage Booking Option
For taking this screenshot, the original website of Philippine Airlines is used.
  • Enter the Booking reference and the last name of the passenger and click “Find my Booking”.
Philippine pet reservations online
The main website of Philippine Airlines is utilized for this screenshot.
  • Choose the flight, select the “Edit Bookings” option, enter individual details, and opt for the “Add a pet” option.
  • Enter the pet details like the breed, size, type, weight, and flight-related information.
  • Upload the travel documents for the pet and passenger including pet health records.
  • Pay the applicable pet fee and the airline will confirm the pet reservation and provide a confirmed email for booking the reservation.

How to connect with the Philippine airport ticket counter for the pet policy?

Reach the airport counter timely to complete pet booking requests under the guidance of the airport personnel following the given steps-

  • Head to the ticket counter and opt for “Pet reservation”.
  • Provide flight details, ticket booking reference, the last name of the passenger, etc.
  • Provide the information related to the pet like breed, size, weight, etc.
  • Supplement the pet travel request with pet travel documents, health records, etc.
  • The airport personnel will overview the pet details and behavior.
  • Pay the applicable pet fee once the pet departure is confirmed.
  • Take the booking confirmation receipt and other applicable details.

How to connect with Philippine Airlines over the phone for Queries?

You can contact Philippine Airlines customer support by following the given steps-

  • Go to the official Philippine Airline home page.
  • From the main menu, you will find the option “Help and Support”.
Philippine Airlines Contact Us
This screenshot is clicked using the official Philippine Airlines website.
  • From the available options, select “Contact Us”. You will be redirected to a new webpage.
  • You can choose the required contact platforms and contact numbers from the Global Reservation Hotline or scroll down to the “View Contact numbers for other locations” option.
  • Here are some countries and the corresponding Philippine airline contact numbers –
Countries/ LocationsContact Numbers
Philippines● Luzon – Cavite- (046) 419-8920
● Visayas – Bacolod- (034) 488-7040
● Mindanao – Cagayan de Oro – (088) 555-9090
● Luzon – Manila – (+632) 8855-8888
● Visayas – Tacloban – (053) 832-9820
Australia● 02 9249 9900
JapanDomestic – 0570-783-483
International – 81-3-6262-5663
Hong Kong● (852) 2301 9300
China● +86 400 1002752
United Kingdom● +44 808- 164-9888

NOTE – You can head to the Philippine airline “Contact Us” page for more contact related details.

How to connect with Philippine Airlines over social media?

Social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. allow the airline to connect with travelers directly via the portals to share news releases, and the latest flight updates, and make requests like the Philippine unaccompanied minor policy, pet policy booking, check in, etc.

Take a look at the top social media platforms where you can connect with Philippine airlines –

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Profiles/ Links
Web Chat

NOTE – You can connect with the airline via its Philippine youtube channel for tips, tutorials, and airport tours.

Philippines Airlines pet policy streamlines the pet travel experience for travelers and their furry companions. The airline accommodates the majority of facilities and capabilities including on-flight services, guidance for boarding, provision for food and water, relieving and sanitation guidelines, etc. The Philippine airline is a foolproof choice for you and your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Philippine airlines allow pets in cabin?

No, pets are not allowed to travel in pet in cabin Philippine Airlines. However, service dogs are exempted from this limitation.

What airlines allow pets in Cabin Philippines?

No, pets like dogs, cats, and birds are not permissible in the passenger’s cabin. However, they can travel with checked bags on board.

What is required for pet travel in Philippines?

Vaccination records, health reports, hard-secured crates, and entry and exit permits are some of the prerequisites for pet travel.

How much is pet transport Philippines?

Pet travel is charged as an excess belongings fee. The Philippine Airlines pet shipping fee differs based on the route and weight and size dimensions.

How much does it cost to fly a dog internationally Philippines?

It may cost up to 225 USD to fly a dog internationally via the Philippine Airline dog policy.

Is there a pet passport in the Philippines?

A pet passport is available to import a pet to the Philippines using a health certificate.

Is Philippine Airlines pet friendly?

Yes, Philippine Airlines is pet friendly and allows pets like dogs, cats, and birds to travel as checked baggage on the majority of the flights.

Are pets allowed on domestic flights in the Philippines?

Yes, pets and service dogs are allowed on domestic flights in the Philippines by presenting adequate documents for pet travel.

What are the requirements for a dog to travel in the Philippines?

Ensure to present vaccination records, health certificates, crate dimensions, pet breed, special requests, etc. to fly in Philippine Airlines.

Are there any size restrictions for pets traveling with Philippine Airlines?

The airline charges pet fees based on size dimensions below 80 inches or above 80 inches to accommodate the majority of the pets.

What types of animals are allowed to travel with Philippine Airlines?

Allowed breeds of animals like dogs, cats, and birds, and service dogs are allowed to travel as checked baggage, in the cabin, or in the cargo hold.

Is there a weight limit for pets traveling in the cabin with Philippine Airlines?

The weight limit poses different charges for pets below 50 lbs and above 70 lbs.

Are there any breed restrictions for pets flying with Philippine Airlines?

Yes, Brachycephalic and Snub-nosed dogs like Affenpinscher, Cane Corso, Mastiff (all breeds), Spanish Alano, Spanish Bulldog, etc. are restricted for travel.

Are there any restrictions on the number of pets allowed per passenger on Philippine Airlines?

The restriction depends on the route and arrival location. Travelers can carry up to two pets on the journey.

Can I book a flight for my pet on Philippine Airlines independently?

Pet reservations can be booked at least 48 hours before flight time by contacting the Philippine local office.

Does Philippine Airlines provide any special accommodations for service animals?

Yes, Philippine Airlines allow travelers to carry service animals in the cabin, unlike other pets.

Are there any temperature restrictions for pet travel on Philippine Airlines?

The Philippine airline states that travelers cannot travel in Air Cargo above 85°F or below 45°F.

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