Qatar Airways Check-In Policy

Qatar airways check in guidelines cover wide aspects of check in terms and conditions, safety check in, the travel requirements, and boarding zones. An exhaustive and dedicated check in policy ensures that the passengers can board the airline hassle-free and avoid the errors and issues that may occur during travel.

Refer to the below-mentioned Qatar airways check in policy for future travel.

What are the Terms of Check in Flight Qatar Airways Policy?

It is recommended to read the Qatar airways check in policy guidelines including the check in time for international flights qatar airways and domestic flights for the smooth process at the airport. Take a look at the provisions given below –

  • Passengers must present government-issued ID proofs, and travel documents including special documents (For some passengers) at the airport to obtain the boarding pass.
  • The domestic and international check in timings may differ based on the airport and locations.
  • Post the completion of check in, Qatar airways flight cancellation is not permitted.
  • Check in is mandatory for all online and offline check in methods, for all fare types, cabin classes, etc.
  • Only the person whose name is mentioned on the boarding pass, can use it to board the aircraft.
  • Check in via Qatar airways legitimate methods is necessary for flights handled by the airline, flight segments operated by Qatar, and its partner flights.
  • It is ideal to reach the airport timely in advance to conduct the airport formalities, complete security screening, and make special requests with the airport staff.

What are Qatar Airways Check-In Requirements?

Majority of the countries exercise specific travel requirements and regulations for passengers travel via airlines. Some of the general travel documents necessary for identity proofs abiding by the qatar airways check in rules include –

  • Driver’s license issued and approved by Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Military ID
  • Health Declaration form and documents (Applicable for some passengers/ Countries)
  • Other government approved documents like Photo ID card Voter ID Card
  • Valid ticket confirmation
  • Enter Advance Passenger Information (APIS)
  • Valid and updated Passport complying with the IATA Travel Center guidelines
  • Valid Transit VISA and Entry VISA
  • Border crossing card
  • Travel documents valid up to 6 months since the day of return flight day
  • Any documents specific to the destination location/ airport

NOTE- Passengers traveling with pets like dogs and cats and kids traveling alone must visit the official website for more information.

How to find Entry or Exit Requirements for Qatar Airways?

Follow the steps given below to find the location and country-specific airport travel requirements.

  • Visit the official website of Qatar airways and choose “Book” from the main menu.
Qatar Airways check in requirments
The screenshot is sourced from the Qatar Airways website.
  • You can either select “Travel requirements” under Travel Information or directly head to the given link – Travel Requirements for Qatar Airways.
  • Scroll to the heading – “Find the entry or exit requirements”.
Find the entry or exit requirements for qatar airways
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Qatar Airways.
  • Under the heading, enter details like Origin, Destination, and the type of Trip i.e One way trip or Return trip. Click “Check Requirements” to get details on the documents.
  • Passengers can also check the “VISA and Other Requirements” before booking a reservation via Qatar airways.
VISA and Other Requirements for qatar airways
Via the Qatar Airways, this screenshot has been referenced.
  • You can check details like the travel restrictions, country and location-specific documents, and requirements for passport, health, customs, and VISA requirements.
  • Enter the Destination country, your citizenship, type of travel document, country/ Region of residence, and the transit countries/ locations, if available.
  • Submit the details via the “Submit” button. You will be directed to a new page with the details on the travel documents and requirements.

NOTE- Passengers who are traveling across Doha without exiting at the airport need not present any test results, documents, etc. other than those travel requirements necessary for a destination airport.

What are the Types of Qatar Airways Check in Methods?

Qatar airways fliers can access the multiple check in designed for their comfort and convenience. Here are the popular check in methods and their associated check in time qatar airways –

What is Qatar Airways Online Check-in and its Check in Time?

Qatar airways flight check in online is ideal for a vast majority of the passengers. It is available for –

  • Passengers flying on flights operated and handled by Qatar airways.
  • Travelers on trips where the primary flight segments are handled by the airline – Qatar.
  • Passengers traveling via Qatar Airways must refer the following check in timings for online check in –
Online Check in AvailabilityCheck in Timings
For flights originating from the USAEstimated Check in time- 24 hours before flight departure Estimated Check in time from Doha – 24 hours before flight departure
For flights from all other locationsEstimated Check in time- Between 48 hours and 90 minutes before flight time.

What is Mobile Check in and its Check in Timings?

Mobile check in qatar airways offers an interactive interface to the passengers to complete check in along with other facilities accessible for travelers. The check in timings are as follows –

Mobile Check in Availability Check in Timings 
For flights departing from the USA Estimated Check in time- 24 hours before estimated flight departure
Estimated Check in time from Doha – 24 hours before flight time
For flights from all other regions/ locations Estimated Check in time- Begins 48 hours before and up to 90 minutes before flight time. 

Which airports permit Mobile Boarding Pass?

Mobile boarding pass Qatar airways or the digital boarding pass is a digital document used for passenger’s personal details verification at the airport. Here are the airports that allow digital passes –

Continents/ CountriesLocations
EuropeCardiff, Copenhagen, Dublin, Tbilisi, Thessaloniki, Malaga, Manchester, Milan, Larnaca, London, London Gatwick, Madrid, Prague, Amsterdam, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Athens, Mykonos, Nice, Oslo, Barcelona, Belgrade, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Helsinki, Kyiv, Rome, Skopje, Sofia, Stockholm, Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Bucharest, Yerevan, Zagreb, Budapest, Munich, Paris, Pisa, Zurich
Asia and the PacificAuckland, Perth, Phnom Penh, Canberra, Chiang Mai, Adelaide, Melbourne, Phuket, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul

NOTE – At Doha, printed boarding passes are only required during Passport control and passengers do not need the printed passes to access the E-gates at the airport.

What is Airport Check in and its Check in Timings?

Qatar airways airport check in is popular among passengers as it offers special facilities, policy regarding baggage, same day flight modifications, etc. Add to that –

check in qatar airways
  • Airport check in a perfect method for passengers with special needs or special cases such as –
    • Passengers traveling in groups and booking under Group reservations
    • Passengers traveling with wheelchair assistance
    • Those traveling with pets
  • Airport check in time – It begins three hours before the estimated flight departure time and the window closes 60 minutes before the flight takes off.
    • The dedicated check in window timings for Qatar airways is as follows –
Type of FlightsAirport Check-In Time Deadline
Domestic Flights60 minutes before anticipated flight departure
Qatar airways international flight check in time90 minutes before flight time

How Do You Check in for a Qatar Airways Flight?

Passengers must complete their check in with Qatar airways via online and offline methods. They can also seek other facilities via Qatar airways Manage Booking, check flight status, etc.

Here are some of the popular Qatar Airways check in methods –

How to complete Qatar airways online check in?

You can enjoy a quick check in at the comfort of your home via Qatar airways web check in online. following are the steps to initiate Qatar online check in –

Qatar airways web check in online
The screenshot is sourced from the Qatar Airways website.
  • Enter the Booking reference and the last name of the passenger and click “Check In” to retrieve the booking reservation details.
Qatar airways flight check in online
The authorized website of Qatar Airways is the source of this screenshot.
  • Once you have access to the flight, enter the details of the individuals, their travel documents, and other government issued ID proofs.
  • You can also select the Qatar airways baggage, and preferred seating arrangement, add a frequent flier number, upgrade flight classes, and meals on the aircraft.
  • Verify the inputs and submit the details. Qatar airways will process the check in request.
  • After the check in completion, you will receive the digital boarding pass on the website portal.
  • You can either carry the E-boarding pass to the airport or print the boarding pass at home to carry the printed pass for boarding the flight.

How to complete Qatar Airways mobile check in?

To provide fliers with better service, this airline has introduced the Qatar Airways check in online feature on mobile. Here are the steps you can follow to complete Qatar airways mobile check in –

  • Download the Qatar airways mobile app for a variety of benefits like completing check in, tracking the itinerary, receiving trip changes alerts, etc.
  • You can choose the desired itinerary from “My Trips and choose “Check in ” from the drop-down menu after choosing the desired flights.
  • Enter the booking reference or the confirmation number and the last name of the passenger to access the flight details.
  • Enter the personal details of the individuals traveling on the booking, upload the travel documents, and additional documents, if required.
  • Keep in account that the passengers may have to present additional travel requirements for international travel and follow specific Qatar airways online check in time for international flights.
  • You can use the app for a variety of features like changing travel destinations, Qatar flight changes, accessing digital boarding pass, checking Avios balance, etc.
  • Once the details are verified, the check in request is initiated and the airline issues digital boarding passes.
  • You can use the E-boarding passes at the airport directly and head to the boarding gate area hassle-free.

How to request Qatar check in at the airport?

Passengers can also opt for qatarairways check in at airport. Those who wish to complete check-in requirements at the airport must follow the steps given below and head to the nearest check-in counters to avail all the facilities.

  • Head to the nearest airport ticket counter and share the request for Qatar check in from the personnel.
  • Provide the details for the individuals on the booking like the name, DOP, residence, departure and arrival airport, etc.
  • You may need to provide travel documents and government issued ID proofs like Driver’s license, Voter ID, etc.
  • Keep note that passengers with disabilities, those traveling under Qatar Pet policy, etc. may present additional documents like passenger’s and animal’s health documents, etc.
  • You can request seat selection, type of meals, upgrade or modify flight details, and/ or change the fare type. It is subject to availability.
  • The airline will process the check in request and issue the boarding passes.
  • Passengers who are not carrying any belongings with them, can straightaway head to the boarding gate area.

How to avail Priority check in as Privilege Club member with Qatar airways check in at airport?

Passengers who are part of the Privilege Club membership can head to the dedicated airport counters to complete check in or avail premium and exclusive facilities.

  • Head to the dedicated airport counters or take the assistance of the airport staff members to spot one.
  • Passengers with Silver, Gold, and Platinum privilege club memberships can enjoy the priority check in and boarding with Qatar airways.
  • You can follow the same steps as airport check in with priority check in.
  • Provide the passenger’s name, flight details, booking confirmation number or the booking reference number, and other Privilege club identification number.
  • Present the necessary travel documents, government issued ID proofs, etc.
  • Once the verification and check in is complete, head to the priority boarding area to board the aircraft.

How to Contact Qatar Airways to Settle Queries over the phone?

Travelers can connect with the airline over the phone for a variety of queries and doubts related to check in, boarding, exclusive facilities, etc. Here is how you can contact Qatar Airways –

  • Head to the official website for Qatar airways and click “Help” from the top right corner of the main menu.
Qatar Airways help support
From the main website of Qatar Airways, this screenshot is taken.
  • You can choose from the available options or scroll down to head to the “Get in touch from anywhere” section.
Qatar Airways Check in mobile number
This screenshot has been captured from the official website of Qatar Airways.
  • Enter the name of the countries to get the customer executive contact numbers.
  • Here are some popular locations and the Qatar airways check in phone numbers.
CountryQatar Airways Contact Numbers
India +91 95129 72827
Algeria+213 982405262, +974 4144 5555
United States+1 877 777 2827
Argentina +1 877 777 2827
Bosnia and Herzegovina080082914
Botswana 8003001016
Hungary +36 1 755 5025
Kuwait +965 22059250
South Korea 82 70 7488 5074
Japan +81 345101960
Poland +48 224894858
New Zealand +64 9 8866229
Turkey +90 2129004613
Philippines+63 286263646, +974 4023 0000
Hong Kong, China+852 3002 2730
United Arab Emirates+971 600521473
The United Kingdom+44 330 912 7415

NOTE – You can refer to the official website “Help Section” for contact details of more countries.

How to contact Qatar Airways via Social Media for Queries?

Qatar Airways is well connected over the social media platforms to over a wide array of problems like Qatar airways seat selection policy, flight refunds, complaints, etc. You can use the direct message or text message feature on the portals for your queries.

Following table represents Qatar Airways social media portals –

Social Media PlatformSocial Media Links/URLs

What are the Qatar Airways Boarding Zones?

Qatar airways boarding zones are divided into 4 zones or gates namely Gate 1, Gate 2, Gate 3, and Gate 4. Head to the dedicated boarding departure zones/ gates with the verification documents like qatar airways boarding pass, Passport, VISA, etc.

Take a look at the Boarding priority mentioned by Qatar Airways –

Boarding ZonesType
Gate 1First class passengers and Business fare type
Gate 2Economy fare type passengers
Gate 3Passengers with One World Membership and Privilege Club membership
Gate 4When passengers have Qatar airways as their connecting flight to other airline

It is important to consider the details related to Qatar Airways check in and other requirements. You should know the aforementioned details for better itinerary planning, travel restrictions, and airline advanced assistance options for passengers with special needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before flight can I check in Qatar Airways?

You can check in up to 48 hours to 90 minutes before the estimated flight time via qatar airway check in online and offline Qatar check in methods.

What time does Qatar airways check in open for airport check in?

The check in window opens 60 minutes before the flight for domestic flights and 90 minutes before the flight for international flights.

When to check in for a Qatar flight?

You can check in for Qatar flights via the airport up to two to three hours before the flight departure time.

How early can you check in for Qatar airways?

You can check in as early as 48 hours depending on the chosen flight type, destination airport, and opted check in method.

Why can’t I check in online Qatar airways?

Passengers traveling with animals, those who need wheelchair assistance, and kids traveling alone cannot check in online and must opt for offline check in methods.

What is online check in Qatar airways?

Qatar airways online check in methods allow passengers to check in via the website and qatar airways check in app at the convenience and comfort of their homes.

When can I check in online with Qatar airways?

Qatar airways check in online time is between 48 hours and 90 minutes for most airport locations and for the US, the window opens 24 hours before the flight time.

How to get boarding pass Qatar airways?

You can obtain boarding passes at the kiosk and airport ticket counters for offline methods or print it at home during online check in.

Do I need to check in online with Qatar airways?

No, it is not compulsory to check in online as passengers can check in at the airport and kiosk counters. But, online check in saves time and reduces time spent at the airport.

Do I have to print my boarding pass Qatar airways?

No, various airports have enabled E-boarding passes. Thus, connect with the airline or refer to the Mobile check in section for airports allowing Mobile boarding passes.

How to get boarding pass online for Qatar airways?

Complete the online check in by following the on-screen instructions and providing personal details and documents. The boarding pass link is issued and activated in the issued document.

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