Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection Policy

Comprehending the Royal Air Maroc seat selection policy can be beneficial in drafting your travel plan. The key features of this policy include the options to choose and change your reserved seats.

This can be done at the convenience of the traveler via different methods. Knowing the policy and methods further can assist you in structuring your journey well.

Categories of Seats Offered by Royal Air Maroc

As an international air service provider, this airline can offer inclusive seating options. These options take into account the budget and financial requirements of the customers. As per the Air Maroc seat selection policy, two distinct cabins are offered by this airline. This division in options makes it simpler for travelers to choose their seats. 

  • Economy Class: The Economy Class of RAM is known to be one of the best in the world. It redefines comfort at reasonable prices. The seats provide adequate legroom and space to stretch. 

Each seat is equipped with personal screens, providing access to a variety of shows and TV channels in case of long-haul travel. Free Magazines and newspapers are provided during short-haul flights. In this cabin, meal services are found for free during long-distance flights while on short journeys, hot snacks and refreshments can be asked for. 

Onboard entertainment services include a collection of music pieces by various artists, video games, and shows. A GeoVision system is also installed in this class. Hence, the Economy class of RAM can be suitable for both long and short-haul travel owing to its variety of benefits. 

Note: There may be no Royal Air Maroc seat selection fee charged for Economy class. You can choose your seats on the existing fares. 

  • Business Class: Such seats ensure a pleasant and cozy flight experience. They are the most congenial seating options on RAM. The leather seats here can lean back to a flat-bed position where you can relax comfortably. 

With Business Class seats, each passenger is provided with a pillow, blanket, amenities kit, and a toiletry bag. You can access massage facilities in this cabin. Welcome drinks and refreshments can be availed of. A personal 15.3-inch screen is provided to every customer. This allows you to watch shows, documentaries, listen to music or play games. 

For working passengers, USB ports, outlets, power supply, and notebooks are provided. Individual reading lamps and noise-canceling headphones can keep you from being disturbed. Ethnic Moroccan cuisines with specially crafted recipes are served on board, allowing you to experience the cultural delicacies of Morocco.  

Note: Seat selection in this class can be availed free of cost in advance.

Selecting Seats on Royal Air Maroc Airlines

Opting for your seats in advance is a great option that allows you to fly in your most favorite spots. If you are a first-time flier and want to experience flying in a window seat, or you prefer privacy in the aisle seat, then its selection is the feature designed just for you. 

Royal Air Maroc seat selection procedure can be completed by following the steps given below: 

  • Open the link “www.” by typing the same in your browser. 
  • In the upper panel of tabs given, go to the “Booking” section. 
  • This will show you a drop-down list with the section “Services Extra”. 
  • Here, you can find the option “Select Seat”. 
  • Upon clicking on it, a new redirected page will be opened where the “Check-in Online” option will be displayed. Click on this.
  • To check in to your reservation, you will be required to provide the following details: 
  • “Last Name”
  • “Booking Number” 
  • Carefully, enter this information and tap on the arrow icon to the right. 
  • Once you open your reservation, you can check the RAM seat map for the available seat vacancies. 
  • Now, choose your spots as per your preference.
  • Finish the process and print your boarding pass. 

Note: Online check-in can be open up to 48 hours prior to the departure. Hence, to ensure availability, you are suggested to make your Royal Air Maroc seat selection beforehand.

Changing the Selected Seats on RAM

RAM facilitates its users to change their seats even after check-in. The Royal Air Maroc change seat option can prove to be of great convenience in case of last-minute alterations in the travel plan. You can swap your seating positions by visiting the official site of this airline. You can go to the Modify Reservation option. 

  • Check the main page of this airline. 
  • Scroll down a little to see the tab that says “Manage Booking”. 
  • Give the necessary information including “Booking Number” and “Last Name”
  • Continue by clicking on the right arrow. 
  • Upon retrieving your reservation, go to the “View and Modify My Reservation” option. 
  • Here, select the seats that you want to change your current options with. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the upgrade, pay the change fee as required by the Air Maroc seat selection policy. 
  • Authenticate your changes through the confirmation email. 

Note: You will have to pay extra charges for the up-gradation of your seats on RAM. They may vary from $56 to $110 on flights operating in Europe and Africa. On flights to and from Canada, the fee can be within the range of CAD 143 to CAD 200.

It is said that the journey to your destination is as important as the destination itself. This is made true by the extensive benefits offered by the Air Maroc seat selection policy. It provides an affordable pricing structure to make flying accessible to different types of customers. The simple seat map makes reservations comprehensible to the passengers. The distinct in-flight services offered let them cherish their journeys.

Royal Air Maroc Seat Selection Policy FAQs

1. Does Royal Air Maroc charge for seat selection?

In order to provide affordable travel to the customers, this airline does not demand any additional charges for seat selection. This free seat selection is subject to the condition that you pick in advance. However, you ought to know that based on the availability, some cabin classes may not be allowed this service.

2. Can I select a seat on Royal Air Maroc?

Passengers of this carrier can utilize the Royal Air Maroc seat selection option to choose favorable seats. You can pick an option in advance. This also helps you to avoid the payment of additional charges. The advanced picking of seats will help you be free from any kind of discomfort as well while flying.

3. How to select seats on Royal Air Maroc?

For selecting seats on this airline, visit its official site. Next, go to the “Services Extra” option. You can find it in the drop-down list of the “Bookings” section. Here, click on the “Select Seat” option and go to the “Online Check-in” tab. Submit your flight details on this page. Use the seat map to check your available seats and opt for your desired positions.

4. Does Royal Air Maroc have options for online seat selection?

Yes, this airline offers an online option to go through with the Air Maroc seat selection process. To access this feature, you will simply need to open the link “”. You can now select/change your seats online at any time.

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