Ryanair Check in Policy

Managing the transit of customers has been made easier with the check in Ryanair policy. It majorly deals with the timeline for marking arrival and various flight-related actions like obtaining boarding passes and heading to boarding zones stress free.

Find below the necessary details related to Ryan Air check in.

What are the Guidelines under the RyanAir Check in Policy?

RyanAir strengthens a comfortable travel experience once the travelers get hold of the Check in guidelines and timings as follows –

  • Check in is available up to 2 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • It is recommended to request ryanair check in early to complete the airline screening and security proceeding 40 minutes prior to the flight.
  • ID verification is mandatory for OTA/third-party bookings and only airport check in is available for them.
  • The boarding gate closes 20 minutes before flight departure.
  • Travelers can either take a printout or use the mobile boarding pass.
  • Failure to adhere to the bag-drop and boarding cutoff times may result in a Ryanair flight cancellation.

What are the Travel Requirements Ryanair Check in?

Passengers should take into account that valid documentation must be presented to the airline. Keep the following travel requirements in mind –

  • The documents must abide by the immigration rules of RyanAir and other regulatory bodies.
  • Contact the Consulate or Embassy of the respective countries for more details.
  • VISA requirement is based on the flight destination and the passenger’s nationality.
  • The documentation requirements vary based on the destination, citizenship, age of the traveler, passenger’s age and origin.

NOTE – Passengers must visit the official website and refer to the “General Terms & Conditions of Carriage” to learn more about RyanAir check in requirements.

What are the Documents Required for Airport Check-in? 

Following documents must be presented at the airline desk for airport check in ryanair approval –

  • Carry your booking reference
  • Relevant photo IDs
  • Immigration Documents (whenever applicable)
  • Visa (if applicable)

Traveling with a Non-EU Passport

Before you complete Ryanair check-in, passport holders from outside the European Union must make sure of the following:

  • Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the departure date.
  • The travel documents must be verified and stamped at the check in desk before airport security screening begins.
  • Make sure to follow the immigration authority guidelines of the respective countries.
  • It is advised to reach the airport 2 hours before the final departure time as the check in closes 40 minutes before the flight departure time.
  • This is not required if you have:
    • A residency permit issued from a Schengen country
    • Or, a long-term visa

Flying with a British passport

  • The passport validity is at least 3 months from the departure date from Schengen member nations and EU countries.
  • This is not needed when you have:
    • A residency permit which is issued from a Schengen country
    • Or else, a long-term visa
  • The visa/residency permit must have been issued within 10 years after entering an EU country and / or Schengen country.

NOTE – The guidelines and travel requirements for minor traveling alone may differ. Refer RyanAir unaccompanied minor policy for more details.

What is RyanAir Check in Time Specific Facilities?

Check in time for ryanair flights may vary while purchasing seats at the time of check in. The airline offers free check in online facility up to 2 hours before flight departure. The other check in services are discussed below –

What is Early Check in Ryanair Facility? 

People who purchase their seat assignments in advance have the chance to complete this process 60 days prior to the take-off date. Also –

  • Travelers who purchase Flexi Plus fare also have access to this option.
  • All the flights in the itinerary must be scheduled to depart 60 days from booking.
  • Group reservations can use the ryanair early check in option by selecting seats together.
  • It includes outbound and return flights scheduled within 60 days after flight departure.

How to request Check-in within 24 hours? 

For those, who did not make the seat purchase, can mark their arrival online as indicated below –

  • The check in window opens 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.
  • Such travelers are allotted seats for free. Refer RyanAir seat selection policy for more details.
  • The outbound and return flights must be scheduled within 60 days from the day of departure to avail free random seating.
  • This window is open up to two hours before the scheduled departure.

How to request check in for Booking by Third-Party Intermediaries?

The bookings processed by third-party travel agents or agencies may be blocked by the airline due to a lack of partnership between the two. The airline verifies the identity of the passengers to initiate the check in. Add to that –

  • The check in verification and request processing must be initiated by the passengers themselves to access full booking details.
  • It can also be issued by individuals with adequate knowledge on the contents of the luggage to complete check in and provide necessary details to the airline representative.
  • It is utilized to confirm the passengers on the booking, their items, follow health and safety protocols, and comply with security regulations like the ICAO Technical Instructions Regulation.

What are the Verification Options Available for RyanAir Check in?

Verification is mandatory to gain full access to the booking and access feature like Ryan flight change, check in, and boarding passes. There are two types of verification choices available –

  • Standard Verification – The verification with this method is conducted as follows –
  • Uses passengers’s signature for verification.
    • Copy of passengers ID, documents, and camera device required.
    • No charge applicable.
    • Verification completed within 7 days.
  • Express Verification – The details on express verification are discussed below –
  • Uses facial recognition technology for verification.
    • Copy of passengers’ government issued documents, ID, and camera device required.
    • Charge up to 0.65 USD (Approximate value) applicable due to the charges of facial recognition tools.
    • Verification completion in two minutes approximately.

How to request check in by RyanAir?

RyanAir has streamline the booking and check in mechanisms via RyanAir manage booking, mobile, and  offline methods like airport check in. Choose the methods that simplify the process and make the journey convenient.

Some of the popular check in methods are discussed below –

How Do You Check-in Online for Ryanair Flights?

You can access RyanAir official website to complete ryanair web check in online as follows –

  • From the action bar at the top of the page, tap on “My Bookings”.
Ryanair- Manage Booking
The main website of Ryan air’s is utilized for this screenshot.
  • You will be directed to the “Self Service Hub” page for check in ryanair online service. 
  • Login in to your account via Google, Facebook, PayPal, or other email address and password.
Ryanair manage booking details
The original source of this screenshot is Ryanair’s website.
  • You can also use the option of “Use Booking Reservation Number” to retrieve the flight booking.
  • Enter the “reservation number” and the registered email address and click “Retrieve Your Booking”.
  • Carefully add the required documents and you can also buy any “Check-In Extras”, like:
    • Insurance
  • Following this, you can view and use Ryanair online check in print boarding pass option.

NOTE – Keep note that the airline offers ryanair check in online free.

How to request Ryan Check in via Mobile App?

The mobile app – Ryanair – can be installed on both “iOS” and “Android” smartphones. After its installation and initial setup, these steps can be useful in ryanair check in app:

  • Head to the main page of the application and choose “Check in” for check in Ryanair app.
  • Retrieve the reservation details and enter the six digit reservation number and the email address.
  • Enter the personal details with the travel documents.
  • Request services like meals, sitting arrangement etc.
  • Now, the process will be complete and you can access the boarding pass on the screen.
  • Save the boarding pass on the mobile/ tablet and use it directly to board the flight.

How to complete RyanAir check in at the airport counter?

Travelers who are unable to use the online feature in advance can opt for the airport check in by Ryanair. Reach the airport ticket counter to initiate the ryanair airport check in request as follows –

  • Head to the ticket counter and request “Check in”.
  • Provide the flight details like the booking confirmation code, travel details, and passenger’s name to access the flight details.
  • Once the representative has access to the flight details, share the details of the individuals in the booking, share travel documents, etc.
  • Add inputs like meals, and preferable sitting arrangement on the aircraft.
  • Once completed, the airline staff will require an ryanair check in airport fee to process the request.
  • Pay the applicable fee based on the fare type.
  • Once the check in is complete, head to the boarding departure gate area to board the flight.

What are the applicable Airport Check-in Charges?

Passengers who want to use this facility will have to pay a small fee. There is no free check in at the airport ryanair. The check-in fee at the airport is as follows:

Fare TypeRyanair Check in Fees
Flexi PlusFree
Plus (Purchased after December 11, 2019)Free
All other ticket categories60 USD (Spain:33 USD)

NOTE – Contact the airline for updated ryanair airport check in fee or whether ryanair free check in at airport applies.

How Do I Contact Ryanair to Address Check-in Doubts via Live Chat?

The chatbot’s assistance is available 24/7 to all customers. Hence, read the instructions below to chat:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Choose “Help” from the right hand corner of the main page.
  • You will be directed to a new page. Choose “General Help”.
  • You will be able to find the chat icon on this web page.

Ryanair’s website has been used to capture the screenshot.

  • Click that icon and begin the chat.
  • Enter the name, email, and the message.
  • The chatbot will provide all the necessary details and instructions.

How to connect with RyanAir via Social Media for Queries?

Before attempting Ryanair check in, travelers can also reach out to the carrier on the following platforms:

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Profile Links

What is the Eligibility for Mobile Boarding Pass?

Keep note that not all airports accept digital mobile boarding passes. Following countries allow ryanair check in boarding pass on phone-

  • The United Kingdom
  • European Union
  • European Economic Area

NOTE – These travelers must have a national ID or passport issued by the government of the United Kingdom or an EEA country.

What are the Digital Mobile Boarding Pass Restrictions in some airports? 

This digital boarding pass is not accepted at the airports of the following countries:

  • Turkey
  • Kefalonia
  • Israel
  • Morocco
  • Lebanon

Where Can I Obtain the Ryanair Boarding Pass?

The boarding card for each passenger can be obtained after online check in. He/she can either print the pass or access it on their smartphone.

How to Print Boarding Passes?

To take a printout of the ryanair online check in boarding pass:

  • Head to Ryanair’s website.
  • Check in on Ryanair online.
  • You will be eligible to view the boarding card.
  • Download the PDF file and take a printout.

What is the Boarding Card Reissue Fee? 

At times, the boarding card may be lost or not be available. For such situations:

  • The carrier’s agent at the airport can provide another one.
  • This is a chargeable service and the fee is 22 USD (Approximately).

What are the Boarding Deadlines for RyanAir?

The boarding deadlines allow passengers to secure a place at the boarding area and avoid “No Show” by arriving late at the airport.  Complete all the formalities in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Boarding Deadlines

Travelers must arrive on time, complete check-in, and pass through the security screening. The ryanair check in time before flight is mentioned below –

ConditionsCheck in Deadline
Arrival at the boarding gateA minimum of 30 minutes prior to the departure
Closing of the boarding process20 minutes prior to the take-off time

Boarding Groups for Ryan Air

RyanAir has a simple boarding mechanism with two boarding groups – Priority boarding and General Boarding. Here is a rundown of the two groups –

Boarding GroupsType of Passengers
Priority BoardingFlexi Plus members; Members who have purchased Priority boarding
General BoardingAll passengers who do not purchase Priority boarding

Fliers must abide by the check-in timelines to successfully complete the process. One must even keep tabs on the airport deadlines. This policy should work as a reference to understand such details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to check-in before a Ryanair flight?

Passengers must check in at least 2 hours before flight departure to board the flight to meet the domestic and Ryanair international flights check in time deadlines.

How do I check-in for a Ryanair flight?

You can check in online via website, mobile application, or complete check in at the airport counter.

Why can’t I check-in online with Ryanair?

Unaccompanied minors and passengers with disabilities may have to connect with the airline at the airport counter or over the phone to proceed with check in.

What happens if you don’t check-in with Ryanair?

If the passengers fail to complete check in with the airline, they will be denied boarding without the possibility of a ryanair check in fee refund.

How much is the fee for not checking in with Ryanair online?

Passengers who fail to check in online must pay 60 USD approximately to complete check in at the airport.

How many hours can you check-in online with Ryanair?

Passengers can check in between 24 hours up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

How do I check my boarding pass on Ryanair app?

Choose the “Boarding pass icon” at the bottom of the screen, choose the flight to check in. Once you complete check in. The boarding pass is ready to download and print.

Can you check in with Ryanair app?

Yes, you can check in via Ryanair application using the reservation code/booking reference number and the email address and print the boarding pass or use it digitally.

Do you have to print out your boarding passes or can you use the app Ryanair?

No, it is not compulsory to print the boarding passes in selected locations. Make sure to check the list of airport locations eligible for digital mobile boarding passes.

Do Ryanair accept mobile boarding passes?

Yes, airports in locations like the United Kingdom, European Union, and European Economic Area accept mobile boarding passes.

Can you use Ryanair boarding pass on phone?

Yes, you can use Ryanair boarding passes on the phone in selected locations.

How to get boarding pass on Ryanair app?

Head to the mobile app, complete the check in process, and receive the boarding pass in PDF format to print or use a digital copy of it.

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