Air Transat Seat Selection

Air Transat Airlines offers simple fares with a wide array of benefits. It gives its users the opportunity to select and change their seats in advance. This feature helps in making travel flexible. Further, it goes the extra mile by allowing refunds through the Air Transat seat selection refund policy. Thus, this can ensure reliability to the travelers for reservation as well as the cost invested. Finding out more about this policy can aid in a smooth journey when flying with Air Transat Airlines.

Airline Seating Policy Air Transat Plane Seats

To fly comfortably, it is essential to reserve seats that match your budget range and provide for your expectations. For this, you can avail yourself of the different options under the Air Transat seat assignment policy. Economy Class and Club Class are the two main types of cabins you can choose these options from.

Air Transat seating chart

The Economy Class is further divided into distinct categories:

  • Standard Seat: The lowest fare in the Economy cabin is for the Standard Seats. The services offered are basic and easily affordable. The seats are made purely of leather, thus, being extremely comfortable and cozy. As per the Air Transat seating chart, they are equipped with personal touch screens. You can access numerous shows and games through these screens. You may avail of these entertainment services on your mobiles too by connecting them to the screen. Additionally, USB ports to charge your electronic devices can be provided. Dining services include conventional options and occasional beverages. To sum up, flying in this cabin can be excellent for those passengers who wish to save travel costs.
  • Two by Two Seats: These are the seats that can be chosen while in pairs. Not only this, you can book Two by Two seats on Air Transat if you are looking for extra space as well. The seat space is a little over 31 inches, hence, giving the passengers sufficient room to stretch. You can be guaranteed privacy in this cabin. The on-board entertainment facilities may include the provision of private screens. Music, entertaining shows, and games can be accessed here. If you want to work or charge your devices, you can use the USB ports. These seats relatively offer more features than the Standard Economy ones.
  • Front Cabin Seats: As the name suggests, these are the seats located near the front/exit of the aircraft. They allow the passengers to disembark the plane sooner upon departure. They can prove to have time-efficient features in this sense. Owing to their location, travelers can enjoy low engine noise. This can reduce the disturbance caused and help you to relax or concentrate on your work. A free power supply is provided along with charging spots. Meal services in this cabin are faster and include snacks and beverages. Air Transat seat selection feature can be availed by the payment of extra costs. Overall, these options can be suitable for passengers flying with children and for those traveling for short trips.
  • Extra Legroom Seats: The availability of additional leg space can be extremely advantageous when flying long-haul. If you are looking for such an option, then the Extra Legroom seats can be the perfect fit for you. They offer more room than the Standard Seats. In addition, a comfort kit is given to the flyers in this class. In-flight services can include custom wood earbuds, USB ports, and other amenities. The option to select your meals from the menu is allowed in this cabin. Along with this, the Air Transat seat upgrade feature can be found. The seats can be classified as one of the best in the Economy Class as they offer a series of services at economical prices.

The Club Class offers the following features:

  • Club Class Seats: This is an exclusive class with advanced seats and improved facilities. The seats are reclinable and more luxurious. Club Class Seats are equipped with a six-way headrest and footrest allowing the passengers to relax in peace. This class provides an allowance for one carry-on bag and two checked bags as part of its baggage policy. Priority check-in and boarding are facilitated, allowing you to be the first ones to board the plane. Welcome cocktails can be served in this cabin. Food choices can include a selection from gourmet meals and exotic cuisines. Wine, beverages, and refreshments can further be asked for.
Air Transat plane seat configuration

Note: The Air Transat Airlines seat selection fee in the Club Class depends upon availability and travel destinations.

In case you want to fly to destinations not covered by this airline, you can explore Spirit Airlines, which may offer options similar to Air Transat.

Airline Seating Policy Air Transat Airlines Seat Selection

While looking for a way to make your journey enhanced, choosing your seats in advance can be helpful. This can allow you to fly closely with your partner and pay for desirable features. You can easily select your seats by following the Air Transat online seat selection procedure. It utilizes the Online Check-in option as a necessary requisite.

  • Open the main site of Air Transat – “”.
  • On the home page, tap on the “Travel Information” section.
  • Under the “Airports – Check-in” subsection, select the option “Online Check-in”
air transat online check in seat selection
  • You will now have to provide your identification details:
  • Complete name
  • “Confirmation Number”
  • “Departure Airport”
  • Go ahead by clicking on the “Continue” option.
Air Transat seat selection fee
  • View your reservation and the Air Transat seating chart.
  • Make your choice of seats as per their availability by following the directions given on your screen.
  • Pay the selection fee to reserve your seats.

Note: The Air Transat seat selection fee can start at $25 and range up to $55, based on various factors.

Airline Seating Policy Changing Seats on Air Transat

Any requirement for a different position at the last hour can be fulfilled by the Air Transat seat upgrade feature. Along with the position, you can change your ticket fares as well. Unlike reservation, this one involves a short process beginning via the Manage Booking option.

  • Log in to the main website of Air Transat.
  • Scroll down on the homepage to find the “Manage Booking” option. Tap on it.
  • Give your “Last Name”, “First Name”, “Confirmation Number” and “Departure Date”.
Manage my Booking for Air Transat seat selection
  • Upon retrieving your booking, select the seats that you want to change to.
  • Pay the Air Transat seat selection upgrade fee to save your new seating positions.

Note: Contacting the Air Transat customer service is another viable option to change/upgrade your seats offline. This has to be done at least 48 hours prior to the departure time.

Air Transat makes flying comfortable and accessible. The features offered by this airline can help plan your travel. Moreover, the simple Air Transat Canada seat selection policy can be all the more useful. Hence, whether for domestic or international travel, Air Transat can understand your priorities and accordingly provide you with the best options to sit on.

Knowing the seating options that other major airlines have can also be beneficial when planning international travel. For this, you can check the related policies of United Airlines as well as KLM Airlines.

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