Alaska Airlines Seat Selection

As you travel with the American carrier, the Alaska Airlines seat selection service can come to use. An important part of this service/policy is its chart. The Alaska Airlines seating chart helps you get an overview of the options. It aids you to easily identify a suitable position to sit and go ahead with this booking. In instances wherein you would like to shift your seat, the policy can again be referred to for knowing the available options.

Airline Seating PolicyTypes of Seats as per Alaska Airlines Seating Chart

Upon viewing the Alaska Airlines seat chart or map, you will be able to find different options. The availability of the variety of seats gives a choice to the passengers to select the cabin most preferred by them. This can be a great benefit to the travelers as it allows them to reserve seats within their price range.

The various categories of Alaska Air seats are as follows:

  • Economy Seats: You can select either Main Cabin Economy seats or Basic Economy fares. Both are the branches of the same tree with slight differences of about $15 to $30. These seats are usually located at the back of the aircraft. They offer typical services and standard food menus. The passengers of the Economy cabin can be allowed to carry a personal item and a carry-on bag for free. However, charges may apply to the check-in bags. Alaska Airlines Basic Economy seat selection can be easily facilitated without the need for an extra payment. Hence, flying in these seats can be recommended for short journeys.
  • Premium Seats: About 30 Premium Alaska Airlines seats are offered by the standard aircraft of Alaska Airlines. They provide relatively broader services than the Economy seats. Increased legroom of about 4 inches can be ensured, thus, making the travel more comfortable. When it comes to food services, passengers in this cabin can enjoy free wine and cocktails. Concerning the in-flight amenities, travelers can avail themselves of entertainment services and Wi-Fi facilities. Under the Alaska Airlines seat assignment policy, Premium seat holders can board their flights early, thus, staying clear of the passenger rush. The seats can be reserved by customers looking for comfortable and flexible options.

This carrier can apply a fee when you pick certain options such as this one. When you find the charge to be high, you may expect to reduce it with the Alaska Airlines low fare calendar.

  • First-Class Seats: Known to have more legroom than any other U.S. domestic carrier, Alaska First-class seats are a luxurious option. About 12 recliner seats can be available in the Business class cabin. With the allowance of two checked bags, these Alaska Airline seats become the most convenient cabin. Passengers can also access the custom-designed options. The other services enjoyed here can include complimentary meals and free alcoholic drinks. Flyers can pre-book their meal menus. Additionally, specifically designed lounges can be provided to First-class passengers. Hence, those who are looking for leisure and spacious seating assignments can travel by Business or First-class.

Note: The number of each type of option offered can change with differences in the Alaska plane seating policy of different aircraft. However, the essentials of the chart may remain unchanged.

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Choose Your Seats on Alaska Airlines?

When travelers are not satisfied with the seat assigned to them, Alaska allows them to personally select the desired options. They can avail of this feature through the Alaska Airlines seat selection option. No charges may be applied on Economy seats, whereas the Premium cabin ones may be opted for by the payment of a certain fee.

To pick your Alaska Airlines seats, you can go through with the following steps:

  • Open “” through your browser.
  • On the first page of this site, you can find a box with the tab “Check-In”.
  • To check in to your reservation, you can be asked to provide your “Departure City” and “Reservation Option”. You can choose from the following three reservation options:
    • “Confirmation Code”
    • “e-Ticket Number”
    • “Mileage Plan Number”
  • You can now view your reservation.
  • Choose your preferred seats with the help of the Alaska seat selection option.
  • Once you are satisfied with the position, continue with the payment process. Pay the required cost through the various options available.
  • Complete the check-in process by confirming the choice of your seat.
  • Download your boarding pass to complete the process of seat selection.

Note: Passengers can check-in and select seats on Alaska Airlines up to 24 hours before the take-off of the scheduled flight. However, the success of seat selection at the last minute can depend on the availability of vacant seats.

Airline Seating PolicyAlaska Airlines Change Seats Feature

Travelers can be given the opportunity to change their Alaska Airlines seat assignment. This can prove to be a useful feature to those who want to upgrade. Switching your seat with a more comfortable option can ensure a smooth journey. A quick visit to the Alaska Airlines page can assist you in changing it.

The elaborate details of this process are mentioned here:

  • Visit the link that first appears by typing “Alaska Airlines” in your browser. This will land you on the homepage of the airline.
  • Find the tab “Manage Trip”. This tab can be used to switch, change, and cancel reservations.
  • To change seats, provide the following information:
    • “Passenger’s Last Name”
    • “Confirmation Code Number”/“e-Ticket Number”
  • Now, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Upon retrieving the booking, you can view the Alaska Airlines seat map/chart.
  • Follow the directions given on the page to pick the new option.
  • Make the payment for the change when it is needed.
  • Verify your details and complete switching the position via the Alaska Airlines seating chart.

Important: As per the Alaska Airline seat reservation policy, no charges have to be paid for the advance changing of seats in the First-class and main cabins. If you want to switch your seats on the same day as your flight’s departure, then you might be required to pay $25-$50, depending on the availability of vacancies.

Flying can be rendered as a pleasant experience by one of the biggest airlines – Alaska Air Services. On traveling with it, passengers can be exposed to a variety of benefits starting from affordable seating options to quality on-board services. Additionally, the Alaska Airlines seating chart provides distinct price ranges and ticket fares to cater to the budget requirements of the customers. This airline provides good amenities irrespective of the passenger’s cabin and offers convenience at every stage. Hence, it can be prioritized to be your first choice of an air travel provider.

Airline Seating PolicyAlaska Airlines Seat Selection FAQs

1. How to choose seats on Alaska Airlines?

You have the option to select seats online. For this, open the airline’s official site and find the tab titled “Check-in”. You can now retrieve your booking by providing the details about the ticket number and confirmation code. Now, use the selection option to choose Alaska Airlines seats and pay the required fee.

2. When does Alaska Airlines release seats?

The airline may not release seats on a particular date. Before your flight leaves, you can find the seating options. From the available ones, you can choose the one that seems suitable to you.

3. Can you select seats on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, it is possible to select seats on Alaska Airlines. You can choose your favorite seating positions either at the time of booking or after the ticket reservation. By paying the required seat selection fee, you will be able to do so without much hassle.

4. Does Alaska Airlines charge for seat selection?

The carrier can add a fee on choosing a seat. The Alaska Airlines seat selection fee depends on your cabin class. In the case of Economy class, you can pick it for free. However, for choosing Premium seats, you will have to pay a fee of about $15. This fee may vary depending on the availability of options.

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