American Airlines Seat Selection

The American Airlines Seat Selection Policy comprises guidelines for choosing where you want to sit on the aircraft. Since the carrier has several types of classes, the rules for choosing a seat can vary. The policy has been formed to make you familiar with the same. You can also look at the prices for seat selection, when applicable, and reserve the place. A further understanding of the seating assignment can help passengers select the best seats and, hence, fly comfortably.

Airline Seating PolicyTypes Of Seats Offered Under The American Airlines Seating Chart

This carrier extends various options to its customers as per the American Airlines seating chart. The chart allocates different types of seats to suit the needs of different passengers. This helps the travelers in selecting options that match their budget. The chart may vary depending on the type of aircraft, nature of flight, and availability of seats. The number of each type of seat and the division of cabin classes is also decided by the airline’s seating chart.

According to the American Airlines seat assignment policy, the seats on its planes may be divided into the following 3 categories: 

  • Standard seats 
  • Preferred seats 
  • Main cabin extra seats 

The benefits offered by each of these seats are widely distinct. The prices of the AA preferred seats may differ from those of the standard and main cabin seats. The assignment policy and accessibility of these types may also vary. 

American Airlines seat selection arrangement details are explained below: 

  • Preferred seats refer to those seats in the Economy class that are near to the entry point, that is, the front of the plane. Although any extra legroom is not offered by these seats, they allow a traveler the advantage of quick boarding and easy entry. The American Airlines Preferred seats prices may vary depending on the type of fare ticket you purchase. However, there are certain merits exclusive for the elites of AA, known as the “AAdvantage Elite”.
  • Standard seats are the seats situated in the main cabin of the flight. They occur mostly at the rear end of the flight. American Airlines seating in case of standard does not have legroom in addition to the usual space allotted under the assignment policy. However, they can be best suitable for passengers traveling with children or infants as they are free from constant interference by co-passengers of AA. 
American airlines flight seats
  • American Airlines Main Cabin extra seats are concentrated in the principal spots of the main cabin on the flight. Their location mainly includes the bulkhead or the initial rows and the exit rows of the plane. The major advantage enjoyed by these seats’ passengers is the additional 3 to 6 inches of legroom. Thus, the selection of these AA seats can ensure a comfortable journey for the flyers while meeting their financial restrictions. 

Note: Complimentary but non-alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed by the passengers in the standard and preferred seats. Whereas, the flyers on the main cabin extra seats have the access to complimentary alcoholic drinks and unlimited beverages

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Choose or Select Seats on American Airlines?

The American airlines seat pick option allows flyers to choose the position of the seats most comfortable for them. You can select your desired seats either at the time of booking your flight or after the reservation. The travelers can be required to pay a particular fee for the favorite or preferred seats selection.

The steps involved in the selection of seats with American airlines are elaborated below:

  • Run the link “”.
  • Upon landing on the official site, you can scroll down to find the tab “My Trips”.
  • Using the tab to access your reservation, you may now be required to fill in the following details:
    • “Passenger First Name”
    • “Passenger Last Name”
    • “Booking Reference”

Note: See to it that details as crucial as the names are entered with the correct order of letters. Later on, when this order is found to be incorrect, you may face boarding-related problems. Nevertheless, the timely use of the American Airlines name change feature will come in handy.

  • Then press the tab “Find Reservation”.
American Airlines Seat Assignment
  • You can now view your booking. Continue by looking for any available AA seats that are eligible to be assigned to you.
  • After careful analysis, you can pick seats for American Airlines flights.
  • Now, by following the instructions mentioned on your screen, you can complete the process.

Note: While selecting the seats subsequent to your flight reservation process, you may avail of discounts. They can be available during the sale season.

Airline Seating PolicyAmerican Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Passengers can pick seats for American Airlines flights at their convenience. A seat selection fee can be charged for this. The price that is to be paid by the travelers can depend on a variety of factors. Some of them may include the following:

  • Date of booking
  • Date of departure
  • Type of ticket fare
  • Desired class of cabin
  • Desired AA seat and its position
  • The route taken by the flight
  • Time of selection

Price Range: There may be no fee charged for the AAdvantage Elite Members during the selection of seats. However, the usual price for American Airlines seat selection can start at $9-$10 for one-way. This price can vary by the effect of the various above-mentioned factors. The fee for the selection for main cabin extra seats may be higher than the others and can start from $10-$12. If the passengers do not opt for seat selection, then they are automatically assigned the available seats.

Note: According to the American Airlines seat policy, flyers can be entitled to select their seats 48 hours before boarding the flight. Doing so at the last minute can depend on the availability of the seats.

Tip: Some passengers can attempt to save the selection cost with the American Airlines low fare calendar. It is a feature that comes with benefits inclusive of this one.

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Change Seats on American Airlines?

Due to several reasons, a passenger may require a seat different from the chosen one. Health, spacing, or such issues can lead you to do so. The AA change seats option allows travelers to alter the position of their seats without much effort. The option can be availed of from the main site of the operator.

You can follow the given steps to easily switch the positions of your seats:

  • Type “” in your search engine.
  • After being redirected to the official page, you can find the “My Trips” tab by scrolling down on the home page. Click on it.
  • Entering the required details like “First Name” and “Last Name” is the third step.
  • Click on the “Find Reservation” button.
  • You will now be able to view your reservation. Select your flight and click on the “Change Seat” tab.

Note: American Airlines’ change seats option can also be accessed through the “Check-In” section located on the homepage of the main site.

  • This option will show you the series of the seats available. The prices of these seats may also be mentioned here.
  • Continue by selecting the seat that you desire to change your current seat with.
  • Pay the “upgrade” amount, if required.

Once the payment procedure is completed, a confirmation message can be sent to you within a few minutes. You can now render your seat position to be “changed”.

Booking flights with American Airlines can be rendered trouble-free when the flyers know the American Airlines seating policy. The services of this company aim to give comfort to travelers on the journey. Going a step further to complete the aim, seat selection has been aided by AA. With the utilization of the facility, passengers can expect a memorable experience with the airline.

Airline Seating PolicyAmerican Airlines Seating FAQs

1. Is American Airlines blocking middle seats?

Beginning July 1, 2020, American Airlines may not block the middle seats. The airline has abandoned the strategy and is now running flights at full capacity. As a result, your chances of being seated alongside your loved ones can increase.

2. What is Preferred Seating on American Airlines?

On American Airlines, Preferred Seats are those that are closer to the plane’s front. Thus, they allow the customers to board and depart more swiftly. They may not give you additional legroom but speed up the departure process. On this airline’s seat map, Preferred Seats are shown in green.

3. How to upgrade seats on American Airlines?

You can check the official website of AA to see whether your reservation qualifies for systemwide upgrades. Please examine your AAdvantage® account to determine the status. Accordingly, you can choose better seats. To upgrade them, you can also speak with a customer service representative. Most of the time, you may simply upgrade it by paying the relevant fees. However, this is entirely dependent on the availability and status of your reservation.

4. Does American Airlines charge for seat selection?

An advance seat reservation on this airline’s flight can be made 48 hours before check-in. It may cost USD 40 or more, plus any other applicable fees. You can choose the main cabin seats which have a few inches of additional legroom and pay a higher price than a regular seating option.

5. When can I select seats on American Airlines?

As of the same day of departure, American Airlines allows you to choose your seats. To be more specific, you can do so 2 hours before this process. To know more about this, you may see the latest information from the carrier.

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