British Airways Seat Selection Policy

As per the policy for British Airways seat selection, the airline has varying classes. A passenger can get differing facilities and services with a class. As per the selection, a fee can be applicable. For inferring the classes and the facilities available with the seats, the policy can be read in detail. In addition to this, when you have to book, upgrade, or seek a refund for an option, these details can be useful.

Airline Seating PolicyDifferent Classes to Reserve Seats on British Airways Flights

The British Airways seat selection policy facilitates the passengers to book as per their budget. For this, there are four primary seating options provided by the airline. The seats in each of these extend different levels of comfort and benefits. Hence, travelers can reserve a seat after analyzing the price structure of these options.

The following are the types of seats available on British Airlines flights:

  • Economy Seats: These seats can be available at the most reasonable prices starting from about $99. The features offered in this cabin are quite decent and conventional. British Airways Economy standard seats allocate considerable space for legroom. When on-board, travelers here can enjoy TV and entertainment services. However, Wi-Fi services may not be available. Basic food menus are provided here with no complimentary drinks. To avail of the British Airways standard seat selection feature, passengers may be needed to pay the required charges. Overall, flying in the Economy class can be a comfortable experience at affordable prices.
  • Premium Economy Seats: An upgrade from Economy is the Premium Economy class. Passengers here can enjoy more legroom and wider seat space for stretching and relaxing. In terms of in-flight services, they can have access to personal entertainment amenities including TV services and noise collection headphones. Meals with bar service can be provided in this cabin. Extra baggage allowance and priority boarding are the additional advantages. Depending on the travel destination, British Airways Premium Economy seat selection may or may not cost extra charges. Hence, for travelers wanting to experience a convenient flight journey with a few added amenities, this class can be recommended.
  • Business Class Seats: The main feature of the British Airways Business class seat assignments is the provision of additional personal space. These seats, though available at relatively higher prices, offer a series of benefits. Special menus with authentic British cuisines along with complimentary beverages and alcoholic drinks can be enjoyed. One cabin bag, one personal bag, and two checked bags can be allowed in this class. Early boarding and fast track facilities are also provided. Passengers can also relax in the lounge area. Flying in the Business class can be preferred for long-distance journeys.
  • First-Class Seats: The most lavish British Airways seats are in the First-class. This is a more advanced version of the Business class. In this cabin, the comfort of the flyers becomes the priority. Private suites can be offered where the passengers can work, relax or take a nap. Snacks, cocktails, treats, wine, and champagne can be included in the menu. In certain aircraft, specifically designed seats can be available that allow the flyers to enjoy luxurious seating space. The Concorde Room is the exclusive lounge available only for use by First-class flyers. Keeping in mind the fare of this ticket, this cabin can be most suitable for entrepreneurs or professionals.

Note: British Airways seat selection charges may not be imposed in the case of Business and First-class cabins as they are included in the price of the ticket itself.

In addition to the seat selection service, the airline also has a British Airways Low Fare Calendar. While the former service helps you choose the best seat, the calendar enables you in picking the cheapest flights.

Airline Seating PolicyHow Do I Select My Seat on British Airways?

To select a specific seating position, you can follow the directions given under the British Airways seat selection policy. You can either pick it at the time of your reservation or during check-in. The selection charges may be as mentioned above.

To easily choose your seats on British Airways, you can follow the steps given here:

  • Go to the main website of this airline by keying in “” on your browser.
  • On reaching this site, you can scroll past the booking box to find the tab “Manage My Booking”.
  • Here, give the required information like “Booking Reference” and “Last Name”.
  • You can view the details of your reservation. To select the preferred British Airways seats, click on the “Seating” tab.
  • Now, you can tap on the option “Choose Seats for this Flight”.
  • Next, by following the on-screen instructions, you can pick the seat you want based on its availability and fare.
  • After selecting your seat, you can continue with the payment procedure in the case of British Airways Economy seat selection. The other options usually do not charge a selection fee.
  • Upon completion of the payment process, verify your positions to finish the selection process.

Note: If you decide to choose it during check-in, then you can avoid the payment of the British Airways seat selection fee.

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Use British Airways Seat Online Option?

Passengers may require to change their seating position due to comfort, access, and change in plans. The British Airways change seat assignment allows the customers to switch as they need. In case you want to upgrade your seating position to a high-priced seat, you will be required to pay the difference amount.

  • Open your browser and type “British Airways change seat”.
  • Click on the first link in the search results which will redirect you to the seating page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the option “Seating Changes and Refunds”. You may click on this tab.
  • Here, under the “Changing Your Seat” section, you can select the “Manage My Booking” option.
  • You can log in to the booking by providing:
    • “Last Name of the Passenger”
    • “Booking Reference”
  • Continue to change your seats to the new positions once you view your reservation.
  • Pay the change charges if required.

Note: Under the British Airways seat allocation policy, passengers can apply for refunds. The amount can be claimed when the seats are already paid for but unavailable.

Flying can be made convenient with British Airways. The options offered under the British Airways seat selection policy make it easier for the flyers to choose. The various services and features offered also add to the benefits. This airline allows travelers across the world to travel to their dream destinations at reasonable prices with comfort.

Airline Seating PolicyBritish Airways Seat selection FAQs

1. How much is British Airways seat selection charge?

The cost of selecting on British Airways varies depending on the kind of seat and cabin selected. You may not be required to pay for your seat with premium fare tickets. However, the passenger will need to pay seat selection charges with basic fare tickets.

2. How to see available seats on British Airways?

You can check the availability of seats by visiting the official website of this airline. Navigate to the “Manage My Booking” page. In the “Your Booking Details” column, enter the flight number. You may now check seat availability under the “View or Change Seats for this Flight” option.

3. How to get seat assignments on British Airways?

You may reserve a seat by marking your selection on the “Manage My Booking” page. Use your booking credentials to receive your trip and then follow the on-screen instructions to secure your seat. If your booking does not qualify for a free seat, then you may be required to pay some costs.

4. How to get free seat selection on British Airways?

Booking premium fare tickets will get you a free seat. Tickets with Economy or hand luggage only are not eligible for free selection. It can be selected up to 24 hours prior to the departure with valid tickets.

5. Why does British Airways charge for seat selection?

British Airways imposes seat selection fees to mitigate the loss incurred by providing a low-cost travel package. It aids the airline in boosting customer service and guaranteeing the carrier’s seamless functioning. However, the charges are not high. Hence, you can easily pay them.

6. How much does British Airways charge for seat selection?

This carrier usually doesn’t charge a fee for seat selection. However, you may be charged an additional fee with other relevant charges. This is when you select a seat with Economy/hand luggage only tickets. You can be in touch with the customer service team for further details on the charges.

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