Delta Airlines Seating Policy

Delta is known to provide its customers with a comfortable seating arrangement. It also allows its passengers to choose their desired seats. Hence, travelers need to know the aspects of the Delta Airlines seating policy before booking their flight tickets. This knowledge can assist the customers to determine the best seating position and, thus, pick their seats.

Airline Seating Policy Seats Offered Under the Delta Seating Policy

Delta Airlines goes the extra mile to provide its customers with the utmost comfort. To sustain the needs of the different types of customers, this airline offers five categories of seats. The price range of the various types of seats differs based on their host class and cabin.

Under the newest terms of the Delta seat assignment policy, the following are the main divisions for seats:

  • Delta One: Delta One seats are the most luxurious seating option. They are usually offered on international flights. This cabin service is equipped with recline seats, a flatbed, and a pillow. With in-cabin flight services and upgraded boarding facilities, they form the most expensive seating arrangement. However, the cost of these seats can vary depending on your travel destination. The Delta One seating chart on the official website of the airline can provide the accurate pricing structure of these seats.
  • Delta Premium Select: These seats are available on select route flights for international destinations. Increased legroom and extra recline are the main beneficial features of these seats. The passengers in these seats can also enjoy improved food and beverage services. Hence, this cabin type can be most suitable for businessmen going on international work trips.
  • First Class Seats: First class seats can be available on both domestic and international flights. These seats in Delta Airlines can allow the passengers to enjoy traditional benefits like personal service and amenities. With these seats, travelers can avail the merits of spacious arrangements and privacy. The food service in this cabin can also be up to the mark with freshly made delicacies. Hence, travelers wanting deluxe travel can choose First class seats.
  • Delta Comfort Seats: As the name suggests, Delta Comfort seats can make the journey more pleasant to the customers. Under the Delta Airlines seating policy, they offer additional legroom for the flyers to stretch out. They also allocate space for overhead bins. To facilitate this, they can be located mainly near the exit end of the main cabin. These seats allow the flyers to access commodious seating arrangements at reasonable prices.
  • Main Cabin Seats: The last type of seats identified by the Delta seat locator are the main cabin seats. These are the economy seats accessible to most of the flyers traveling on a budget. They can be situated near the backend of the plane, as found through the locator. The passengers of these seats can avail themselves of the basic flight services like beverages and quick snacks. These seats can be preferred when traveling with a large group of people.

Note: The selection fee of the different types of Delta Air seats depends on the route type and can usually start at $10.

Airline Seating Policy Delta Online Seat Selection Procedure

The Delta seat selection policy allows travelers to pick their seats seven days before the departure of the reserved flight. The passengers become eligible to choose their seats on the payment of a fee during the selection procedure.

The main page of Delta Airlines can be visited for the Delta online seat selection. Following a series of simple steps, customers can select the seats preferred by them:

  • Open your browser.
  • Type in “” to open the official page of the airline.
  • In the access bar of the home page, you can find the tab titled “My Trips”. Click on it.
  • Now, fill in the required details like:
    • “Confirmation Number”
    • “First Name”
    • “Last Name”
  • You can now continue by clicking on the red arrow icon provided to your right.
  • Upon the visibility of the flight booked by you, click on the “Select Seat” option.
  • You may now go through the list of the available seats that are vacant for selection.
  • Continue by picking the seat that complies with all your specifications and requirements.
  • Complete the selection process by submitting payment of the necessary selection fee. For this, you can follow the directions mentioned on the site.

Under the Delta seat selection policy, travelers who do not select seats can be assigned a free one at any location as per their ticket fare. Usually, this is carried out at the time of check-in at the airport.

Note: Delta passenger seat availability determines the selection. Travelers will have to change their seat choice if the said seat is already allocated to another traveler.

Airline Seating Policy How to Change Your Seats on Delta Airlines?

Any changes in the travel plan of the flyers can call for change in the seat positions. Similarly, seat upgradation may also require a change in the seating assignment. To facilitate this, Delta allows easy switching of positions. You can change your seats online through the main page of the Delta website.

Given below is how to change seat assignment on Delta Airlines:

  • Go to the site “”.
  • On the homepage, go to the section “My Trips”.
  • The information regarding your “Booking Number”, “First Name”, and “Last Name” needs to be filled.
  • From the flights given, go to the one reserved by you. You can now select the seat that you want to change.
  • Continue by clicking on the tab “Modify Seat or Flight”.
  • You can now look for the vacant options that you can switch your seat with.
  • After the selection, click on the option “Start Seat Modification” to finish up the changing process.
  • To complete the payment procedure, provide your credit card details if any additional charges need to be paid for the seat change.
  • You can now switch your seats by clicking on the “Enter” button.

Note: To successfully change seats on Delta Airlines, it is recommended that the passengers initiate this process at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight.

The Delta Airlines seating policy provides the users with a variety of options. The seat selection process of the airline is simple and easily comprehensible, which is a major advantage. Hence, travelers can choose to fly with it for a trouble-free journey. This airline ensures to accommodate the requirements of different travelers across the world.

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