EVA Seat Selection Policy

EVA Seat Selection Policy

Eva seat selection is a crucial feature of the air operator’s policy. The operator has numerous types of seats. The space available to sit and legroom can differ as per the seat you choose. On Eva Air, it is simple to make the selection by browsing such features in the seating policy. Furthermore, with its help, you can reserve a seat by visiting the airline’s website. For seat upgrades as well, the policy assists you. First, prior to making the reservation and upgrades, you should know the seats available in every cabin class.

Seat Selection on EVA Airways

Sometimes, you may have some extra requirements when you are not flying alone. You may require to book specific seats to suit your and the companion’s needs. In such a case, you can go for the EVA seat selection feature that allows you to pick the particular ones.

For the online seat choosing procedure, you can check the Taiwanese carrier’s website. You need to visit Manage and later find EVA Seat Selection. Understand its usage to proceed with the purpose.

  • Click on “www.evaair.com”.
  • Via the upper panel of the tabs displayed on the main page, hit the tab titled “Manage”.
  • In the subsection of items provided, you may find the “Manage Your Trip” section. Here, choose the option named “Seat Selection” which will open a new page.
seat selection on eva air
  • Scroll down and you will be required to fill in the “Mandatory Items” which can include:
    • “Booking Reference/Ticket Number”
    • “Last/Family Name”
    • “First Name”
eva air seating selection
  • Upon providing the details, move ahead by clicking on the “Log in” button highlighted in green.
  • You can now view the EVA Airlines seat map which can show the availability of options on your reserved flight.
  • Tap on the new seating positions.
  • Pay the selection fee in case it has been applied.

Note: Seat selection on EVA Air can either be accessed for free or may be charged a fee depending on the ticket fare and destination. Usually, the fee for short-haul travel can start at $50 and $160 for long-haul travel. Premium Economy seats can usually be selected for free.

EVA Air Cabin Types: Economy, Premium and Business Classes

EVA offers a range of seating options to its customers. You can base your choice about the cabin depending on the destination, distance, and budget. All the distinct categories of EVA Air seats can extend quality services. The types and features offered by the different cabins of this airline are:

EVA Airways Seat Map
  • Economy Class: If you are looking for affordable options, then EVA Air Economy seats can be the best. Quality services with comfortable amenities can be offered in this cabin. About 211 of these seats are open for reservation in the airplanes. The seat pitch can add up to 33 inches while the seat width is about 18.3 inches. The seats are equipped with cushions and ergonomic structures to suit the requirements of working passengers.

High-resolution touch screen devices that offer a range of movies, games, and music are provided to the passengers. The dining services can include top cuisines, especially from Taiwan. Healthy drinks, beverages, and complimentary snacks can be enjoyed as well. To summarize, these options can be the best suited for short-haul travel for quick trips.

  • Premium Economy Class: For a convenient long-distance journey at reasonable prices, you can reserve the EVA Air Premium Economy seats. These options are wider and larger than the Economy class options to ensure extra legroom.

The pitch of the seats is about 38 inches and their width can stand at 19.3 inches. You can also rest your back comfortably, owing to the recline of these seats. This cabin characterizes a mood lightning mechanism to help the flyers sleep peacefully.

The in-flight entertainment is provided through 11-inch personalized touch screens. A variety of shows in different languages with high-quality audio are offered. Delicious cuisines from all over the globe can be served to the flyers. The Premium Economy seats can ensure a fulfilling flight experience.

  • Premium Laurel Class/Business Class: Only second to the Royal Class, the Business cabin can give the most luxurious seating options. The width and pitch of this class have increased tremendously. The seats recline to a completely flat bed position, allowing the passengers to nap or relax without any trouble. To provide you with the utmost privacy, each seat can be equipped with retractable dividers.
eva air premium economy seats

Reading lamps and power outlets with a supply of 110 volts of energy can be found. The headrests and footrests are adjustable and are electrically controlled. EVA Business class seats offer on-demand audio and video entertainment services with a library of choices. Additionally, noise-canceling headphones can be accessed by passengers. Hence, these seats can be the best to enjoy leisure travel during work trips.

  • Royal Laurel Class: These seats can be undoubtedly the most spacious option on this airline. They come with elite services, ranging from entertainment to dining options. Comparatively wider seats with a larger recline can be seen. Blankets, pillows, and duvets are provided to the passengers of Royal Laurel.

Auxiliary outlets, USB ports, and private working tables can be open for use. These EVA Airlines seating options can further enhance your journey by enabling access to exclusive check-in and priority boarding features. You can enjoy the privilege of an extra baggage allowance. Moreover, your luggage can be personally dropped off by the airline upon prior request. Flying in the Royal Laurel class can enable the passengers to relish exclusive benefits.

Tip: To get discounts on the EVA Airways seats, you can book them in advance up to 3 or 4 months before your travel.

Upgrading Seats on EVA Airlines

A change in the number of passengers or your itinerary may demand an upgrade of your reservations. EVA Air seat assignment policy provides for both changes in seats and flights. For this, you will have to visit the official page of this airline. Go to View My Booking and make changes or updates.

  • Initially, go to the main site of this carrier.
  • Select the “Manage” option highlighted in the list of tabs.
  • You can find the “View My Booking” section under which you are required to click on the “Change Dates/Flights” option.
eva air premium economy seats
  • Now, mention the information asked.
  • Go ahead by selecting the “Log in” button.
  • Here, find the EVA Air change seat option and shift it by following the on-screen directions.
  • Pay the fee for changing your seats.

EVA Airlines tries to offer its customers an indelible experience through the provision of numerous services. The advanced features and improved amenities promise a liberating journey to the passengers. The accommodating EVA seat selection policy further augments the quality of air travel.

EVA Seat Selection FAQs

1. Can you choose seats on EVA Air?

By using the EVA seat selection option, you should be able to choose seats on this carrier. The airline understands that a passenger can have certain preferences. Hence, it provides this flexibility to them.

2. How much does it cost to select seats on EVA Air?

The selection fee depends on the type of your ticket and the travel destination. There is no additional amount charged for the selection of Premium Economy seats. However, for the other seats, the Eva Air seat selection fee can be between $15 and $160.

3. What is the Preferred Seat on EVA Air?

Preferred Seats are the ones situated closer to the front in the Economy Class of the aircraft. They are also placed near the end on the exit side. The main advantage they offer is quickly getting off of a plane. On EVA, you do have to pay an extra fee for the selection of these seats.

4. What is Premium Economy Class on EVA Air?

The EVA Airways Premium Economy seats offer extra legroom and a wider seating area. These are the seats most suitable for long-distance flights. Additionally, these options provide a comfortable recline. They are also equipped with various in-flight entertainment services including the availability of high-quality touch screens. Passengers of these seats can enjoy delicious cuisines as well.

5. When can I select seats on EVA Air?

A traveler will be permitted to select his/her seats at the time of booking. Or else, the airline also allows the option to do so after the reservation. However, you can only select seats up to 12 hours before the departure of your scheduled flight. Selections at the very last moment might not be possible.

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