Iberia Seat Selection and Reservation Policy

This airline is famous for its customer-friendly service including features like the low-cost calendar, reasonable prices, and an inclusive seating assignment. The Iberia seat selection policy is an important aspect of the accessibility of this airline. Understanding this policy can not only help you to make your travel simpler but also more comfortable. The various features of this policy enable the users to enjoy a cost-efficient journey.

Airline Seating Policy Different Types of Iberia Airlines Seats

This carrier offers a variety of seating options for both long-haul and short-period flights. These options can be suitable for either economical or luxurious travel. Iberia Airlines book seats option can allow the passengers to reserve different options according to their budget.

Iberia airlines book seats
  • Economy: These are the fare types specifically designed to meet the needs of the passengers with financial restrictions. The seats available on these types offer a fairly comfortable journey at reasonable prices. They offer about 77-81 cm of space between rows and the seat width is about 46 cm. The seats also recline to about 15 cm, thus, allowing the passengers to relax. Entertainment services with 9 to 10 inches of touch screen facilities can also be enjoyed by flyers. Adjustable headrest, provision of blanket and pillow, and reading lights are the other in-flight benefits of this class. Iberia Economy seat selection can be done free of charge until 24 before the flight’s departure. This may vary depending on the availability.
  • Premium Economy: These are an advanced version of the Economy seats. They can be suitable for long-distance travel. The space between rows in this cabin is increased to 94cm, thus, ensuring a convenient journey for the passengers. The seat width is also slightly more at 47 cm. An additional seat recline of 3 cm is offered. These Iberia Airlines seats are also equipped with changeable headrests and footrests. Extra space to store additional personal items can be allocated to passengers. On-board entertainment services include the availability of a 12-inch screen. Free Wi-Fi, headphones, power supply, etc., are the additional benefits of flying in the Premium Economy cabin.
  • Business Class Seats: Usually referred to as the “Bedroom in the Sky”, these seats are the most luxurious options available on Iberia Airlines. They offer the experience of a private jet with advanced services and features. In this cabin, travelers can comfortably rest on the 193 cm flatbed. The increased seat width of 58 cm provides privacy to the passengers. Personal double seats can additionally be available in this cabin. A private touch screen of 18.5 inches can be accessed. Also, a tactile screen of 4.2 inches equipped with remote control can be provided.

Note: The Iberia seat selection fee for Business Class can be free depending on the nature of your flight.

The other major benefits can include noise-canceling headphones, shoulder pillows with massage facilities, provision of duvets, and blankets. These seats also provide direct access to the aisle. Hence, entrepreneurs flying for work trips can choose this cabin.

Certain flyers may look for more seating options. With carriers like Hawaiian Airlines, a multitude of these can be found.

Note: As per the Iberia flight seat selection policy, XL seats, Front Seats, and Emergency Seats can be available in the Economy cabin in a few airplanes. You can visit the airline’s site for further information about these seats.

Airline Seating Policy Using the Iberia Airlines Seat Selection Option

Should you want to sit together with your family or friends, then you are advised to pick your seating positions in advance. You can also opt to select them beforehand if you have a preference for window or aisle seats. The Iberia select seats option can be accessed online by following a simple procedure. It can be initiated through the operator’s website.

  • Key in the link “www.iberia.com” in your browser to open the official site of this airline.
  • On the main page of this site, go to the “My Flights” section in the list of tabs.
  • Here, you can find the option “Check-in Online” under the subsection of “Online Check-in” highlighted in red. Tap on it.
Iberia Airlines check in without seat
  • Now, you will have to log in by providing the necessary details about your flight reservation. These may include:
    • “Passenger’s Surname”
    • “Booking Code”
  • Continue the Iberia seat selection process by clicking on the “Check-in” button.
Iberia basic economy seat selection
  • You can now find your reservation. Analyze the seat map to find vacancies and go to the Ïberia Pick Seats option.
  • You may now choose your preferred seats based on your requirements.
  • At last, confirm them by making the payment of the required amount, in the case of the “Economy Cabin”.
  • You may receive a confirmation email after selecting your new seats.

Note: In addition to the way you choose, how much does Iberia charge for seat selection should also be known. The selection costs can be free for Premium Economy and Business Class in most cases. Picking an Economy seat in advance can cost you about $5 and range to $15.

Airline Seating Policy Changing Seats on Iberia Airlines

The pre-reserved or selected seating positions can be changed to new options as per the passenger’s choice. Switching of the Iberia Airlines seats can be needed due to various reasons including the change in preference of the customer. Hence, this airline provides this feature which can be accessed through the following procedure:

  • You can first visit the main site of the Iberia Airlines webpage.
  • On the home screen, you may find the option “Your Flights” in the upper panel of the given tabs.
  • Go to the “Bookings” section of this tab.
  • Here, you can click on “Manage Your Booking” in the drop-down list.
  • Now, you will be asked to provide the information regarding your “Booking Code” and the “Surname of the Passenger”. Key in these details carefully.
  • Once you provide these details, click on the “manage my button” highlighted in red. This will allow you to view your reservation. Select the new seating positions that you want to shift to.
  • Carry on with the payment procedure (if required) by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Verify your new position through the reservation email.

Note: You can also change your seats during the process of Iberia check-in seat selection. Moreover, if you find it difficult to change them online, then you are free to contact the airline directly through their toll-free number given on the website.

This airline tries to offer its customers a variety of benefits ranging from various seating options to adequate in-flight services. The Iberia seat selection policy accommodates the needs of different kinds of passengers. It also takes into account the budget requirements of these travelers. You can choose the best option suitable for you and enjoy a convenient journey.

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