JetBlue Seat Selection Policy

The JetBlue seat selection policy assists you in knowing about sitting options and their features. The air operator has as many as 5 types available with varying features. On comprehending the available ones, selecting a seat can be a simpler process. In certain instances, this policy can be useful when you want to change the seat assigned or previously chosen by you. For this as well, the information of these options should be apprehended.

Airline Seating PolicyTypes of Seats as Per JetBlue Seat Assignment Policy

You can avail of various types of JetBlue seats that meet your requirements. This feature of the JetBlue seat assignment policy can allocate a different budget for each category of seats. Each of them can extend distinct benefits that can be useful to a wide spectrum of flyers. Given below are the five main types of seats offered by the carrier:

JetBlue Seat Assignment Policy
  • Blue Basic Seats: These are the lowest-fare seats available on JetBlue Airways. They are most suitable for students or those traveling on a budget. Passengers of these seats can be allowed to carry one personal item but no checked luggage. The legroom of the Blue Basic is of standard measurements. Additionally, snacks and TV facilities can also be availed of.

JetBlue Blue Basic Seat selection fee can be charged in case of advanced selection. It can range anywhere between $5 to $25. These seats also give the option of same-day switches.

  • JetBlue Blue Seats: This type of seat is best for travelers going on trips or vacations. It allows one carry-on bag and one personal item at standard ticket fares. However, checked bags may only be allowed for flights to and fro from London. The major advantage of JetBlue airline seats of this type is that no fee is charged for cancelation or change. Similarly, passengers need not pay any extra charges for selection.
  • Blue Plus Seats: They can be mainly preferred by international travelers. These seats offer one checked bag and charge no fee for changes. However, under the JetBlue seat reservation policy, passengers might have to pay $75 if they want to switch on the same day of the flight departure. If you choose these seats, you can earn three TrueBlue points which can be useful in future reservations. Thus, Blue Plus seats can be a viable choice.

Tip: Avoiding any fee charged for choosing a seat can be possible with the JetBlue low fare calendar. Then, you will have to specifically visit the calendar and start the selection process via it.

  • Blue Extra Seats: These seats are the highest class of Economy. Though one carry-on and one personal item are included, checked bags are not allowed in this type. Same-day standby and advance selection are the main benefits offered by the JetBlue Blue Extra seats. Passengers can enjoy spacious legroom, free Wi-Fi, TV services, free drinks, and snacks. An early boarding facility is also available for the seats. You can book them online and avail yourself of a bonus of 3 TrueBlue points per $1.
  • Mint Seats: These are the premium seats offered by the carrier. Under JetBlue seat selection, Mint seats are more or less the First-class option. They offer a reclining option, flat-screen TVs, and great dining options. They allow the customers to carry 2 checked bags, one carry-on, and a personal bag each. Additionally, they extend early boarding services. Hence, JetBlue Mint seats can be the best seating option for businessmen and professionals traveling for work.

Note: The airline specializes in low-cost air travel. Therefore, JetBlue airplane seats are usually low-priced and affordable. Hence, Mint seats can also be available at fairly reduced costs even though they are premium.

For the successful booking and boarding of these seats, please reserve them under the correct passenger name. Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy a hassle-free experience, in accordance with the JetBlue name change policy.

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Select Seats on JetBlue Airlines?

Flying in your desired seat can surely be the best way to make your journey enjoyable. The most important feature of the JetBlue flight seat selection is that the passengers can pick in advance. From its website, you can view Manage Trips. Look for your flight and use Select Seats as the option to find it.

You can follow the steps given below to go further:

  • Open “”.
  • On the official site, you can find the option “Manage Trips” on the notification panel.
jetblue seat assignment
  • You can now be redirected to a page that will give you the option to find your flight. Here, the various reasons for finding it can be mentioned. Go with the “select seats” option.
  • To find your flight for JetBlue online seat selection, you have to provide your “Flight Confirmation Code” and “Last Name”.
jetblue seat selection fee
  • Continue by clicking on the “Find Flight” button provided below.
  • Upon viewing your reservation, select the seat you prefer by going through the JetBlue Airways seating chart.
  • Then complete the process by paying the mentioned JetBlue seat selection fee, if required.

Note: Travelers can also select their seats at the time of the reservation process of their flights. This can be made possible by the advanced seat selection JetBlue feature.

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Access JetBlue Change Seats Option?

Travelers might want to change their seating assignment due to a sudden change in the plan. The difference in preferences can also lead to the re-positioning of seating options. Flyers can easily switch them with the JetBlue Change Seat Selection option.

You can follow the given directions to use the option:

  • Firstly, you will have to visit the official page of JetBlue Airlines.
  • On the homepage, go to the “Manage Booking” section located on the main panel.
  • You can now view the option to find your flight.
  • Here, you can mention the purpose for finding your reservation, in our case, to “Change Seats”.
  • You might need to enter the following details to find your booking:
    • “Booking Confirmation Code”
    • “Passenger Last Name”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to select the seat you want to switch the current one with.
  • Under the JetBlue change seats option, confirm your change by giving the payment of the required charges, if necessary.

You can make the payment through various online portals and finally render your seat as changed.

Note: Passengers who find it difficult to change online or want to avoid JetBlue online seat selection can directly contact the airline through the toll-free number. Alternatively, they can also change their seats at the airport before the check-in process.

JetBlue Airlines caters to the wider part of the population by offering cheap and affordable flights. It, however, does not compromise on the quality and comfort of its services. To ensure this, it has made its seating assignment easy to access. The simple JetBlue seat selection policy can help its travelers in choosing the best flights at their convenience. Additionally, it also allows its customers to change them through a simple process. Hence, the airline can be a great choice for frequent flyers.

Airline Seating PolicyJetBlue Seat Selection FAQs

1. Does JetBlue charge for seat selection?

JetBlue does charge for the selection of seats. They are subjected to certain exclusions. The exemptions can include the passengers of high-class cabins like Mint and JetBlue Blue. The regular passengers in the Economy fares will have to pay the JetBlue seat selection fee.

2. How much does JetBlue charge for seat selection?

In the case of Blue Basic seats, the seat selection fee for advance booking can vary between $6 and $25. This is also based on the time of change. On Blue Plus seats, about $75 can be charged when chosen on the same day as the flight’s departure. No selection fee may be charged on JetBlue Blue seats.

3. How much is JetBlue seat selection?

The fee to be paid for seat selection depends on the cabin class and the flight itinerary. The starting value of the JetBlue seat assignment fee can be $5 and may go up to $75. The benefit of free selection is offered to passengers flying in Mint and Blue seats.

4. How to select seats on JetBlue?

To select seats on JetBlue, visit its main webpage at the official link. You can go to the “Manage Trips” section on this page. Find your flight by submitting the required information. You may then pick your seats by following the on-screen commands. Finally, the payment of the selection fee will be necessary in case of basic fares.

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