KLM Seat Selection Policy

To effortlessly plan your travel with this airline, it is important to know the KLM seat selection policy. This can help you to understand the different types of available seats and, hence, pick the best one. This airline also allows its customers to pick the positions of their choice.

Additionally, they can change their options at their convenience before boarding. This carrier offers several cabins to cater to a variety of customers as well.

Selecting Seats on KLM Airlines

Under the KLM Airlines seat assignment policy, passengers are allowed to decide the positioning of their seats. In the beginning, you can visit its site. Under My Trips, you can start typing the details of the reservation. When you can see the booking, you can decide where to sit.

Note: This flexibility can be available for free before 30 hours of departure. However, when the selection fee is charged, it can depend on different factors.

  • First, you have to visit the main site of KLM Airlines. For this, you can open the link “www.klm.us” through your web browser.
  • On the home page, tap on the “My Trips” tab given on the upper panel.
klm airlines seat assignment
  • Now, to view your reservation, you will have to give the following information:
    • “Booking Code”
    • “Last Name”
  • Continue by clicking on the “Search” option given.
klm seating options with selection price
  • After viewing your booking, you can see the available seats.
  • Depending on the vacancies, you can select the KLM seats you desire by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Proceed with the settlement of the charges.
  • Your selected seats can be rendered reserved once you get the confirmation email.

Note: When the passengers are charged for this flexibility, some of them may find the amount to be high. To reduce the KLM seat selection fee, you can pick it well in advance. This also increases the range of your selection choice.

Top KLM Seating Options to Choose From

As per some factors, a wide variety of seating options are extended by this operator. Be it domestic or intercontinental travel, you can reserve seats on KLM Airlines based on your budget and travel time. You can choose from the following two cabins:

  • Economy class
  • Business class

The different seating options available in the Economy Cabin are as follows:

  • Standard Economy: They are the least priced seating options in the cabin. The KLM Economy seat selection policy allows the users to avail of these options through online reservation. Conventional legroom of 79 cm is offered by these seats. They can recline to about 12.5 cm. Various other in-flight entertainment services can be enjoyed by passengers. A personal screen of 9-11 inches is offered with a variety of shows and movies. The flyers in this cabin can access the in-seat power feature as well. On the whole, these seats can be reserved for short-distance travel.

Note: If you want to personally select the position of Standard Economy seats, then you may have to pay additional fees.

  • Economy Comfort Seats: These seats offer more services than the Standard ones, at slightly higher prices. The KLM seats usually form the initial rows of the Economy Comfort cabin, thus, allowing the passengers the benefits of a fast exit. They provide additional legroom of 10 cm compared to the basic fares. The seat recline is also increased by 4-5 cm. These KLM seating options offer onboard entertainment services similar to those of the Standard Economy seats. USB ports and power supply can also be provided to the passengers. These options to sit can be available on all the international planes of the airline. If you are looking to fly to international destinations at viable prices, then these seats can be your best bet.

Note: The selection fees may depend on the time of booking and the route of the aircraft.

  • Extra Legroom Seats: You can find these seats in the Emergency Exit Row of the Economy cabin. They offer spacious legroom of 61 cm more than the Standard seats. The seat recline is, however, standard at 12.5 cm. IFE screens are present near them. Due to this, the width of the seat may be shortened a little. These KLM flight seats are designed ergonomically keeping in view the different dimensions and the extra allocation for legroom. Other than this, the rest of the in-flight services are more or less similar to the Comfort and Standard options. Long-haul travel can be enjoyed when flying in them.
  • Front Section Seats: They are also referred to as the “Preferred Seats”. Situated behind the Economy Comfort in the first rows, these are some of the best KLM seating options that allow you to be the first ones to exit the aircraft upon landing. In some aircraft, the option to select two-in-a-row preferred seats can also be available. Hence, it can be an ideal option for passengers wanting to travel next to each other. On-board dining services, entertainment, and personal space can be enjoyed by travelers. Therefore, these seats can be recommended during quick trips and short getaways.

The Business Class seats of the airline of Netherlands are equipped with the following features:

  • Business Seats: The KLM seat reservation policy provides access to Business Class options on international flights. They are fully reclining with flat-bed services. This feature allows the passengers to relax or sleep. The options are mostly aisle or window positioned. A 16-18 inch TV screen, with different entertainment options, is available in this cabin. Additional space for storage is also allocated here. Passengers can enjoy increased privacy and freedom. Business Class seats can be the best option for travelers looking for personal space and advanced services.

This policy can be apt for choosing the most favorable seats. With the KLM low fare calendar, you can additionally get the best flights. When both are coupled, your overall experience can be great.

Upgrading KLM Flight Seats

Not only can you avail of the seat selection on KLM flights but also upgrade your options to Business Class. This up-gradation can be done after booking your seat. In the process, you can upgrade to the Business cabin from the Economy one by the payment of a certain fee.

Given below is the procedure to upgrade your KLM flight seats:

  • Visit the official site of the KLM carrier through your search engine.
  • Find the option “Check-in” on the first page of the site.
  • Here, enter the required details including “Last Name”, “Flight Number”, and “Booking Code”.
  • You can now go to the “Upgrade Reservation” option and change your booking.
  • The traveler will be required to pay an extra fee for completing the process.

Note: You can also upgrade the seats offline during check-in at the airport or by contacting customer care.

Flying with this carrier can be a great option owing to the easily comprehensible KLM seat selection policy. The option to select from the various available seats can be beneficial to different customers. It can also help them to plan their travel well in advance.

KLM Seat Selection FAQs

1. Can you choose your seats on KLM?

Yes, the KLM seat selection policy allows for the advance selection of seats. You can choose your seats by visiting the official site of KLM and going to the “My Trips” section. Here, provide your reservation details, retrieve your bookings, and select the desired seats. Payment of selection fees may be necessary to confirm your new seats.

2. What is a Preferred Seat on KLM?

Preferred Seats are one of the most economical among the various KLM seating options. These are the ones located near the first row behind the Economy Comfort options. Although they do not characterize any additional legroom, they offer the advantage of quicker disembarkment on arrival. They are also comfortable and suit the needs of short-haul passengers.

3. Does KLM charge for seat selection?

A selection fee of about USD 21 can be charged by KLM for the selection of Economy seats. This fee varies depending on the time of booking and the flight itinerary. However, if you wish to choose your seats for free, then you will have to do so at least 30 hours before the departure.

4. Does KLM have extra legroom?

KLM tries to better the flight experience of the travelers by providing Extra Legroom seats. They are situated in the Economy cabin near the exit row. They offer additional legroom of about 61 cm in excess of that of the standard seats. You can prefer to select them on long-distance journeys.

5. Are Economy Comfort seats on KLM worth it?

Owing to the various facilities extended by the Economy Comfort seats, they can help in improving your journey. They offer spacious legroom and an increased seat recline. On-board services like USB ports and power supply are also made available by these seats. Hence, it can be rightly said that these options justify your costs and time.

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