Korean Air Seat Selection

When deciding to fly, it is important to check the travel prices, availability of flights, and most importantly, the perfect seating options. You can truly cherish your flight journeys if you know this essential information. Hence, you can assess the Korean Air seats selection policy before you reserve your tickets. Accordingly, you can plan to select your option or upgrade the fares.

Airline Seating Policy Korean Air Seating Options

Flying may be associated with huge expenses and out-of-reach ticket fares. However, this stigma can be broken by the various affordable Korean Airlines seats and price options. This carrier allows you to choose your most preferred cabin class based on the budget range. Hence, you can enjoy your journey within your financial restrictions.

Given below are the three main categories of seats offered by Korean Air:

  • Economy Class: These are known to be the most affordable seating options on Korean Air. The services offered are up to the mark and are fairly standard. Free power supply facilities are provided allowing the passengers to charge their smartphones and other electronics. To help you relax, the lighting in this cabin goes through a gradual series of dimming and brightening, often referred to as “mood lighting”.

The passengers of the Korean Air Economy seats can enjoy fine dining services with a variety of options to choose from. Wines, beverages, and snacks are provided as well. Additionally, the baggage allowance is free in this cabin along with the provision of free luggage handling services. Usually, the seats in this class are divided into extra legroom, preferred and front row based upon their features. Overall, the Economy Class of Korean Air is known to be one of the best.

  • Prestige Class: These are an upgrade from the Economy Class, hence, cost comparatively higher. The seats in this class are wider with a seat pitch of 188 cm and a width of 51 cm. About 35 of these options are available on international aircraft. Premium services can be enjoyed by passengers starting with a complimentary welcome drink.
Korean Class Prestige Class Seat Selection

Exotic menus with world-class recipes can be served here. You can also opt for meal selection before boarding. Champagne, wine, soft drinks, refreshments, on-demand dining services can be offered. As per the Korean Airlines reservations policy, exclusive lounge services are provided to the flyers. Further, priority check-in is also facilitated which helps in saving time during boarding. You can prefer the Prestige seats when flying for long distances as they can help in making your journey more comfortable.

  • First-Class: The most expensive and luxurious are the First-Class seats. They are offered by businessmen or professionals traveling for work. They offer improved amenities. The seats in this cabin characterize a seat pitch of 211 cm. A First-Class lounge and Check-in lounge can both be assessed by the passengers.
Korean Airline First Class seat selection

This Korean Airline seating option offers special care services from the time of your check-in to the instance of your arrival. The in-flight services can include on-demand dining options where meals are served at your convenience. An amenity kit with toothbrushes, eye masks, perfumes, and skincare products is given to the passengers. Duvets and mattresses are provided for you to relax comfortably in the reclining seats. “Celestial Bar” is an in-flight bar feature that is available on the A380 aircraft. Hence, you can experience the finest quality services in the First-Class cabin.

Note: Passengers of all the mentioned cabins can be free to use the Korean Air seats selection feature.

If you want to access more such convenient options at reasonable prices, then you can check the KLM seat selection policy.

Airline Seating Policy Selecting Seats on Korean Air

Sometimes, traveling on a randomly assigned seat can be stressful and inconvenient. To avoid this, the airline gives you the option to pick your seating positions before departure. This Korean Air advance seat selection feature is extremely beneficial and comes in handy during long-distance flights. It allows you to enjoy flying in a seat you desire, be it an aisle or window option.

To select your seats through this airline’s website, you can go through this process:

  • First, open your browser and type the link “www.koreanair.com” to land on the official site of this airline.
  • You can press the “Book” option in the upper panel.
  • In the down list of columns, go to the “Plan Your Travel” section.
  • Here, locate the “Advanced Seat Selection” option given in the subsection and tap on it.
Korean Airline Seat Selection
  • You will now be redirected to the Korean Air seat selection page where you can find information about the eligibility and the availability of seats. On complying with the given conditions, you can continue by clicking on the “Reserve a Seat in Advance” button highlighted in blue.
Korean airline reservations
  • You will now have to log in by mentioning your “User ID” and “Password”
  • Go ahead by clicking on the “Log in” button.
  • Use the on-screen instructions to select your Korean Airlines seats.
  • Upon the completion of the selection procedure, pay the charges when involved.
  • Ensure that you have reserved the selected seats through an email at your registered address.

Note: Korean Airline seat selection can be free of cost or charged based on your ticket fares. In the case of paid selection, the fee may usually start from KRW 30,000 and go up to KRW 150,000.

Some airlines can offer free seat selection features that can be useful in case of financial restrictions. Iberia Airlines can be one such option.

Airline Seating Policy Changing Seats Reserved with Korean Air

Apart from seat selection, the option to upgrade is also facilitated by this airline. In case you want to change your reserved Korean Air seating assignment, you can do so by contacting the airport or online.

Additionally, these steps can be followed to change your seats online through the mobile app or the website of the airline:

  • On the airline’s site, in the “Book” tab, go to the “Quick Menu” section.
  • Here, click on the “Find Trips” option.
Korean air seating assignment
  • Fill in the following details:
    • “Booking Reference”
    • “Boarding Date”
    • “Full Name of Passenger”
  • Go further by clicking on the “Search” button.
Korean air advance seat selection
  • Upon finding your reservation, move to the Korean Air change seat option.
  • Pick the seats you want to change/upgrade and choose the new positions.
  • Any charges asked may have to be paid.

Note: You will be allowed to change your seats up to 48 hours before boarding the flight.

Korean Air is one of the few airlines that provides top-notch services without compromising the price allocations of its customers. It allows you to pick or change your seats without any hassle. The Korean Air seats selection policy is comprehensive and accommodates travelers’ needs. Hence, flying can be made accessible and enjoyable by this airline.

In addition to this carrier, you can find several airlines providing convenient ways to change and reserve seats. Air Canada is one of these. With other operators like Alaska Airlines, you can find seat upgrades to be more feasible.

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