Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy

Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy

Lufthansa seat selection is one of the most beneficial features or policies offered by the airline. As you learn its functioning, you can find the details of the Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and seats of the other classes. The feature can be availed of by visiting the airline’s main website. In an event in which you would like to opt for a new seat, you can upgrade it using the seat selection feature itself.

Airline Seating PolicyAvailability Under Lufthansa Seat Reservation Policy

Passengers of the Germany-based airline can select their seats from a wide range of options. Ranging from Economy to First Class, the Lufthansa Airlines seat reservation policy caters to different types of flyers. The budget requirements of the travelers can also be met by this flexible seating assignment.

Given below are the four types to facilitate seat selection on Lufthansa:

  • Lufthansa Economy Seats: These are the lowest-priced seats available on the airline. A considerable amount of legroom is provided on them. On long-haul Economy seats, passengers can enjoy many in-flight services like TV entertainment, radio, and the latest programs. Standard food and drinks can be served in the class. The advanced Lufthansa Seat Selection (Economy) option allows travelers to select the position of their seats. Hence, they are widely accessible and can be suitable for short-distance travel.
  • Lufthansa Premium Economy Seats: An improved version of the Economy seats is the Premium Economy seating option. A relatively wider range of services can be availed by the passengers of the class. Comfortable seating with more legroom is the main feature of these seats. Two free items of baggage can be allowed to the passengers. Lufthansa’s Premium Economy seat selection fee can start from EUR 30 and go up to EUR 50. The fee depends on the journey time and the zone of travel. Hence, these seats can be preferred on long-haul journeys.
  • Lufthansa Business Class: Business class seats can give one of the most comfortable positions. Passengers of the class can enjoy lounge services and spa facilities at select airports. Pre-flight snacks and priority boarding can also be accessed. In-flight services of the Business class seats include a 12 inch flat TV, lie-down seats, Wi-Fi services, and cuisine dining options. The seats can allow the flyers to carry two checked bags for free along with 1 personal bag. Lufthansa’s Business class seat selection fee is not charged except on continental flights. Advanced reservation can help travelers in saving costs. Hence, this cabin can be chosen for quick and convenient travel.
  • First-Class Seats: These are the highest class of seats offered by Lufthansa Airlines. First-class seats are the most luxurious, equipped with the best amenities and services. Fully reclining seats measuring about 6.5 ft. and a fine-threaded mattress can be available in this cabin. Flat-screen TVs of about 15 inches with touch-sensor handset and headphones can be offered to the passengers. Full course meals with fine delicacies from all around the world, combined with Caviar, can be enjoyed by these flyers. Lufthansa’s seat selection price itinerary for First-class seats is the same as that of Business seats. Overall, they can offer the ultimate flight travel experience to travelers.

Note: The availability of the different seats can depend on the nature of the flight and the travel destination. Hence, there might be a slight change in the Lufthansa seat reservation policy when traveling to different regions.

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Pick Seats On Lufthansa Airlines?

The Lufthansa online seat selection policy allows travelers to select their preferred seat up to 52 hours before the flight departure. To conveniently pick, you can visit the Lufthansa website, view your booking and select the option you desire. The detailed seat selection process of Lufthansa is given below:

  • Type in the link “” in your search engine.
  • After being redirected to the Lufthansa website, you can scroll down to find the tab “Check-in”. Click on it.
  • Now, you may fill in the details asked in the drop-down box. These details include information about:
    • Passenger’s first and last name
    • “Booking Code” or “Ticket Number”
  • On providing all the necessary information, you can now be allowed to check-in.
  • Once you complete checking-in, you will be able to view your reservation. Here, continue by clicking on the option “Open Seat Map”.
  • From this seating map/chart, you can select the option you want from the available ones.
  • Now, finish selecting seats on Lufthansa by proceeding with the payment, if required.

Note: Lufthansa flight seat selection can also be done at the time of reservation. Additionally, travelers can also select them through an offline procedure by connecting with the customer service care of the carrier.

The utilization of the seats will work when you book and use them with the right name that matches your passport. On the contrary, by undergoing marriage or such instances, your last name may change. With the Lufthansa ticket name change service, you can make the necessary modification to avail of the seat benefit.

Airline Seating PolicyHow to Change Seats On Lufthansa?

Certain unexpected causes like changes in budget or preferences may cause passengers to want to switch the position of their seats. This requirement can be met easily, as travelers are free to change seats on Lufthansa Airlines. The following procedure can be followed to effortlessly alter the position of the reserved option:

Note: While you do this procedure, seating options’ availability can be seen. You can check the Lufthansa Airlines low fare calendar as well to find out the same.

  • First, open the website of Lufthansa.
  • On the main page, just beneath the reservation box, you can find the option “My Bookings”.
  • Now, to access your reserved flight, you can be asked to give information like “First-Name”, “Last-Name” and “Booking Code”. Carefully fill out these details.
  • Upon seeing your booking, select the option to change seats online.
  • The Lufthansa change seats online option can give you the details of the options ready to be switched.
  • After analyzing this information, you can select the option that you prefer.
  • To get done with the process, pay the required Lufthansa seat fees if mentioned by the airline.

A confirmation from the airline marks your seat as changed and assigns you the new one.

Note: With the Lufthansa seat reservation guidelines, passengers can be allowed to switch seats only with the new ones that cost the same or a lower price. Restrictions can be imposed on switching the reserved one to a particular cabin.

Lufthansa Airlines can be a great pick for all kinds of travelers. Its flexible policies and smooth operation make it easier for its customers to access it. Through the simple Lufthansa seat selection policy, travelers can enjoy quality flight services at reasonable prices. The various available seats can suit different circumstances and also offer the flyer a wide range of options to choose from. Hence, by understanding this seating assignment, it becomes simpler to avail of the extensive benefits of this carrier. All these features make flying with Lufthansa cost-efficient and convenient as well.

Airline Seating PolicyLufthansa Seat Selection FAQs

1. Does Lufthansa charge for seat selection?

In case of advance seat selection, a fee is charged by this airline. Only the passengers of the Business class can be exempted from paying this fee. The Lufthansa seat fees can be within the range of $14 to $42. These charges depend upon the availability of seats and can go higher during the holiday season.

2. How to get free seat selection on Lufthansa?

To be able to select your desired seats without paying an additional fee, you will have to wait till the check-in. This is because passengers can avail themselves of free seat selection only 23 hours before the scheduled departure of their flights. You can also avoid this fee if you are flying in the Business class.

3. How to reserve a seat on Lufthansa?

You can reserve a seat online through the official site of Lufthansa. To make a reservation, provide your arrival and departure destinations, date of travel, cabin class, and other necessary details. Going further, pay the required amount. You can later make changes to your reservations in the “My Trips” section.

4. When can I select seats on Lufthansa?

You can choose your seats either at the time of the initial booking or after the purchase of your ticket. To pick your seats after the reservation, open the Lufthansa site, go to the “My Trips” section, retrieve your booking, and select/change the options as per your requirements.

5. Why does Lufthansa charge for seat selection?

Seat selection on Lufthansa comes with a fee. This is because it guarantees the availability of seats to the customers. The fee can also help in ensuring the utmost convenience to the flyers in terms of the seating position. Hence, this fee is charged to facilitate all the mentioned benefits. Moreover, these fees are reasonable as well.

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