Qatar Airways Seat Selection

Qatar Airways Seat Selection

Qatar Airways is marked as the flag carrier of Qatar. As a step to increase user accessibility and affordability, Qatar Airlines offers a comprehensive seating assignment. The inclusive arrangement of this carrier, allows the passengers to enjoy a comfortable journey. To further simplify the reservation for it, the Qatar Airways seat selection policy has been explained by the carrier.

Airline Seating Policy Types of Seats Available Under Qatar Seating Arrangement

Qatar Airways offers different categories of seats under its seating policy. It mainly provides Economy and Business class seats. The Economy seats are further differentiated into various types according to their respective benefits.

The following Economy options can be availed under the Qatar Airways flight seat selection arrangement:

  • Standard Economy Seats: These are the seats available at conventional prices. Standard economy seats offer simple yet congenial in-flight services. Considerable space for legroom can be allocated in this cabin. Food and entertainment services can also be enjoyed by the passengers of this class. The aisle and the normal window options come under this category. The middle Qatar Airways seats, except for the front rows, can also be included here. Qatar Airways’ economy seat selection can be availed of without any extra payment. Being available at reasonable prices, the Standard Economy seats can be most beneficial to those traveling on a budget.
  • Preferred Seats: The seat mapping near the front of the Economy cabin shows the preferred options. The upper and lower decks of the front rows can also include them. The prices of these seats are more or less similar to those of the Standard Economy options. Qatar preferred seating assignment can offer quality onboard services and amenities. The selection of seats in this cabin can cost a certain fee in the case of Economic Class and Convenience fare tickets. However, passengers can access free selection in the case of Economy Comfort Fares. Price refundable features can also be available for Preferred Seats.
  • Extra Legroom Seats: if you are traveling with a large group of people, Qatar Airways’ Extra Legroom seats might be a great option for you. They are usually located near the exit rows and at the bulkheads. They offer spacious legroom for the passengers to stretch and relax. Travelers can enjoy their journey without any restrictions on comfort and space. The travelers wanting to pick the legroom seats may be required to pay the selection fee for Classic and Lite fares. These Qatar Airways seats may be especially advantageous to families with infants and children or seniors. The extra legroom seats can be available at economical prices.
  • Economy Reserve Seats: Qatar Airlines goes further in ensuring passenger comfort with the provision of Reserve Seats. Their special feature is that travelers can reserve the seats adjacent to them. This allows the passengers to enjoy more room and also provides privacy. This allocation can be extremely useful in long journeys. The reserve seats of Qatar Airways can be booked after checking in at the airport. Online booking facilities for these seats can also be available. With them, travelers can fly without any potential disturbance from the passengers of the adjacent seats.

In the Business class, travelers can book premium seats such as:

  • First-Class Seats: The highest in the hierarchy of the Qatar seat assignment policy are the First-class options. A wide range of luxuries and amenities can be available to the passengers. They can be given the option to choose personal cuisines and menus. On-demand services like double beds, flat-screen TVs, and entertainment services can be enjoyed in this class. For the Qatar Airways Business class seat selection, no fee is to be paid by the passengers, in the case of Elite and Comfort tickets. Travelers looking to fly First-class have to book their flights at least 30 days before the flight departure.

Note: The Qatar seating arrangement and the exact positions can change with different types of aircraft.

Airline Seating Policy How Do I Reserve My Seat on Qatar Airlines?

Travelers are free to select the seats they prefer on their flights. The availability of vacancies can affect the passengers’ choice. Qatar Airways seat selection price can also differ based on the class of your travel, as mentioned above. To select the desired options, you can log in on the Qatar website, give your details, and choose the seats best suitable for you.

The following details can help you in making reservations:

  • Initially, visit the link “”.
  • On the homepage of the site, find the section “My Trips”. Click on it.
  • Next, in the section “Manage Your Upcoming Trip”, you can retrieve your reservation. For this mention your “Booking Reference” and “Last Name”.
  • Upon retrieving your booking, go for the “Select Seats” option.
  • Choose the seat according to your preference.
  • You may be required to pay the selection fee on certain cabins while the Standard Economy selection can be carried out for free. Hence, make the payment as required.
  • Confirm this Qatar seat selection process after finishing up with your payment.

Note: You can also pick your seats at the time of reservation itself. This can be possible through the Qatar Airlines online check-in seat selection option available during check-in.

Airline Seating Policy How can I Change My Seat on Qatar Airlines?

If you want to shift from the middle to the aisle options and vice versa or make any other changes, the Qatar Airways change seat selection option can be used. This option can be found on the Qatar homepage through the Check-in section.

These steps can be followed to change Qatar Airways seats:

  • Open the Qatar website through your browser.
  • Scroll a little to find the section “Check-in” on the first page of the site.
  • Here, you might need to provide details like:
    • “Passenger’s Last Name”
    • “Booking Reference”
  • Continue the seat changing process by clicking on “Check-in” highlighted on the right.
  • After viewing your flight, you can click on the “Modify Seat Selection” option. Here, select the seats for switching up, based on the availability of the options.
  • You can finish this after the payment of the required fee. Some cabins might be excluded from the Qatar Airways change seat fee.

Note: To change seats on Qatar Airways, passengers will have to check-in 72 hours before boarding the scheduled flight.

Travelers around the world can use the affordable air services of Qatar Airways to fly to numerous destinations. They can be offered many merits including the option of choosing their desired seats. The Qatar Airways seat selection policy provides for their easy accessibility. Moreover, the different options highlighted in this guide can facilitate the needs of passengers. Hence, Qatar can be a viable choice of air transport in terms of usability and can also ensure comfort.

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