Southwest Seat Selection Policy

The airline having headquarters in Texas has made a Southwest seat selection policy. Its main benefit is that it makes the selection of options convenient. It mainly comprises three options. Their locations and relevant features can be outlined with the policy. The greater use of the service can be seen with insights into the particulars of the options. When you have understood the options and the facilities featured by them, you may not have to face any inconvenience on the plane.

Options Available Under Southwest Seating Chart 

The policy works through a seating chart. It mainly offers 3 types of ticket fares to its customers with variations in each of their benefits. It features a division which makes it easier for travelers to comprehend the options. With Southwest seating chart, you can find options such as Business Select, Wanna Get Away, etc.

  • Business Select: Under the Southwest seating policy’s chart, these seats cost the highest in the hierarchy of the arrangement. They are known to be the most comfortable option for long journeys. Passengers can be the first ones to get through the boarding process and reserve their seats. Regarding the in-flight services, they can enjoy free entertainment, live TV, movies, and messaging services. Passengers can also be offered a complimentary drink and standard food services. This option can be the best for travelers to relax and stretch out owing to spacious legroom. Business Select seats on Southwest can be refunded in case of cancelations. Additionally, there might be no charges applied for last-minute changes. 
  • Anytime Seats: As the name suggests, these seats can be changed anytime with zero extra charges. The most prominent feature of this fare type is refundability. Moreover, the Southwest seat assignment policy allows the users to gain 10 “Rapid Reward” points per dollar spent on the seats. These points can be beneficial in getting discounts for future purchases. The other benefits that the passengers can avail of here include onboard TV services, meal menus, and no restrictions on in-flight messaging. Hence, these seats can be the most suitable for vacationers and hobby travelers. 
  • Wanna Get Away Seats: If you are looking for an affordable yet fine-graded Southwest plane seating option, then Wanna Get Away might be perfect for you. These seats typically fall within the pricing structure of the better-known Economy seats. They offer conventional amenities in terms of legroom, food, and beverages. Entertainment facilities can also be availed of in this class. However, passengers have to note that these options are not refundable unlike the other two. They can save costs on Southwest Wanna Get Away seat selection due to their free policy. Hence, customers with a limited budget can prefer this choice. 

Note: As per the Southwest Airlines seating policy, a certain fee may be levied in case of changes on the same day. You can check the official site of the Airline for further information in this regard. 

How does Southwest Airlines Seating Work? 

Unlike certain airlines in the US, Southwest may not assign seats in advance to its passengers. The Southwest Airlines seating policy allows the flyers to select the seats upon boarding the airplane. They can fix themselves an aisle or a middle seat depending on the vacancy. Hence, passengers who are the first ones to get on the plane can have the advantage of choosing the seat they prefer. The boarding process of the airline determines the order in which different passengers can be allowed on the aircraft. 

This boarding process divides the flyers into different groups namely A, B, and C. Each group has about 60 members. The members of the first set are allowed to board the plane first, subject to a few conditions. This process is continued until all the flyers can pick their preferred seating groups. Being in the first group can benefit the customers as they can be open to a variety of seating options. 

Note: The mentioned Southwest Airlines seating arrangements policy may be updated regularly by the airline. Hence, travelers are recommended to frequently check the official site at for these updates. 

Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Southwest primarily follows a seating policy that allows the passengers to select their seats once they board the plane. However, you can be allowed to reserve your position upon the payment of a certain fee. The Southwest seat assignment policy may require the passengers to pay an additional $30 to $40 for selection. Usually, the Rapid Reward members and the A-List ticket holders can be given this opportunity. Additionally, Wanna Get Away ticket fares may also allow their passengers to pick the seats they desire. However, the position may largely depend on the boarding group you are put in. 

Note: To guarantee yourself an A group boarding option under the Southwest seating policy, you can opt for a business select fare. This can help you in swiftly boarding the plane and choosing your best seat. 

A handful of passengers may find the total cost of the trip to rise due to the seat-related charges. For them, the Southwest Airlines low fare calendar can be excellent. This is another helpful service by the carrier to reduce the fare of the flight ticket.

How Do I Get the Best Seats on Southwest Airlines? 

Though Southwest Airlines does not assign seats in advance, it does allow using some tips to board the plane first. Utilizing the Southwest seating chart, Passengers may get to fly in their desired seat if they follow a few techniques during the check-in process. 

Picking seats on Southwest can be made simpler if you follow the given directions: 

  • Checking in 24 hours before the departure of your flight can help you in getting into the A group. 
  • You can try to reserve your seats well in advance, preferably the first flight on that day. 
  • Early-Bird Check-in and Upgraded Boarding are some features that can assist you in getting the best seat possible. 
  • Members of the Elite Status or the A-List Prefered Status can be allowed in the A group irrespective of their boarding positions. 
  • Becoming a member of Southwest by being a regular flier of this airline can be a positive push in getting a good seat. 
  • Avoid being late to the gate at the time of departure. This might cause you to be put in the last boarding group. 

Tip: It can be useful for travelers to view the Southwest Air seating chart and check how full the aircraft is before boarding. 


Southwest Airlines, with its unique seating policy, allows the passengers to sit at the most comfortable options on-board. Additionally, the Southwest seating chart can prove to be time-efficient. The seating policy can help in avoiding the hassle of pre-booking seats and changing seats. Thus, this carrier offers the overall benefits of reasonable prices, simple seating options, and easy accessibility. Therefore, this airline can be the perfect choice for most flyers.

Southwest Airlines Seating Policy FAQs

1. Does Southwest have assigned seats?

As per the Southwest seat assignment policy, this carrier may not have an assigned option. This is to say that the passengers can sit anywhere they prefer upon boarding the plane. However, if you do want to select a seat in advance, then you can do so by paying a certain fee.

2. How does Southwest seating work?

On the airline, the seat policy works to help you find an ideal option to sit. This is possible when you book it in advance. Otherwise, the airline may assign the seat on its own. Thus, the seating policy can work in these 2 ways.

3. How can you pick seats on Southwest?

Under the Southwest seating policy, you can pick the seats you like after getting on the aircraft. Hence, the ready selection of the seats depends on the boarding group you are assigned. To opt for an advance reservation, you can visit the airline’s website or contact them through call.

4. Can you pre-select a seat on Southwest?

The feature to reserve seat positions in advance on Southwest is restricted to only certain types of flyers. They include the members of the Rapid Reward program or A-List passengers. In case of special needs to pre-select seats, you may contact the airline’s help desk or customer service.

5. What does open seating mean on Southwest?

The open seating policy enables the flyers to sit wherever they like on the plane. It means that the passengers do not have to select a seat in advance and can simply choose it upon boarding. Thus, under the Southwest open seating policy, you will not be assigned any seats in advance by this airline.

6. How to get a window seat on Southwest?

Due to the open seating policy of this airline, the position mainly depends on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, for you to get a window seat on this airline, you will have to be among the first ones to board the plane. Otherwise, you can select a Business class fare to guarantee seating positions.

7. When can I pick my seat on Southwest Airlines?

You may pick your seats on Southwest once you get on your flight. To be sure of the availability of the seats you desire, you may request a pre-boarding. This is subject to various conditions, hence, the best time to select them is after boarding.

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